Final Days Chapter 52


The Blackhawk Helicopter slowly began to lift off the bombed out tarmac located at Point Mugu Naval Air Station. The thudding sound of its blades continued to reverberate throughout John’s entire body as it began to take flight. John glanced out the open door of the helicopter in order to watch as the ground slowly dropped away from them as the helicopter flew higher and higher. He once again felt his anxiety grown as they grew ever closer to Topanga Canyon and the impending battle. John believed that if he could somehow manage to stop Skynet from sending back the original Terminator, he may in turn save his father’s life. Sadly however, John found that he was quite unsure of this fact. He exhaled a slow heavy sigh as they continued to fly; as John did this Cameron glanced over at him. At about this same moment John also looked over at her. When he did so the bright light of the rising sun immediately shown in his eyes, silhouetting Cameron at the same time. The sunlight highlighted Cameron’s hair and face as John continued to look at her. She had an almost angelic appearance to John at this point. As he stared at Cameron, he felt his problems begin to fall away from him, if ever so slightly. John’s anxiety level drop and he was able to relax somewhat.

“Sir…General Perry is on Channel two for you.” Lieutenant Spears said through the crack of John’s headphones pulling him back into reality. However, upon hearing this John did not immediately break away from his gaze at Cameron. Nevertheless he did manage to do so before anyone else took any real notice of what he was doing. John flipped one of the dials on the radio above his head,

“This is Connor.” He responded,

“Sir, our scrubbed Terminator units are almost in position.” John instantly recognized General Perry’s voice over the radio.

“We should be arriving shortly General. Have our scrubbed units hold position until I give the go ahead.” John responded.

“Yes sir.” General Perry stated. John clicked the radio dial back to its original position and sat back in his seat. He glanced across the helicopter once again at Kyle, who still appeared to be lost in thought as he stared at the floor of the helicopter. John felt the sadness swell over him as he continued to look at his father as they flew closer to the Skynet base at Topanga Canyon and Kyle‘s impending death.

“You son of a *****…” Derek said in a horrified voice, as he jerked against the restraints on his arms. His eyes became slightly bloodshot from the overwhelming emotions that were now coursing through him.

“You see Lieutenant Reese…No one is safe from us.” The voice coldly responded. Derek continued to stare at the metal table that was across from him, the nausea in his stomach growing worse as he did so.

“It’s her…” Derek thought to himself. “I never thought Connor would ever let them get to her but they did.” Lying on a steel table across the room from him was the young girl that Derek had always seen with General Connor. Derek thought for a moment trying to recall the young girls name. He found that he was having trouble thinking due to the drugs that were now coursing through his system.

“Cameron…” He finally said to himself. “That was her name.” The girl that Connor had fought so hard to protect was now lying dead across the room from him. Her face was contorted into a look of excruciating pain, and her eyes, which were still open, appeared to be staring at Derek, almost as if they were looking directly into his soul. Horror gripped him as he continued to look at the young girl. Derek felt as if her eyes nearly overwhelmed him and he felt completely unable to break himself away from her cold stare. The room remained dead silent for several minutes and Derek felt that even if he could have moved he would not have been able to do so, due to the shock that was pulling itself over him.

“If we can get to her Lieutenant Reese, we can get to anyone.” The voice said in a very emotionless and calculating tone. One name streaked through Derek’s mind when he heard these words,

“Jesse…” He thought to himself, as he felt another burning sensation begin to travel up his arm and make its way across his chest. The room began to grow dark and Derek’s vision grew blurry. The piano music continued to echo in Derek’s ears and last thing he saw were the brown eyes of the young dead girl staring back at him.

The Blackhawk Helicopter descended rapidly towards the battlefield. As Lieutenant Spears allowed the helicopter to descend he desperately attempted to avoid being struck by antiaircraft fire. When the tail wheel of the Blackhawk struck the ground it sent a slight shudder throughout the helicopter’s fuselage. The front wheels then touched down and the Helicopter rolled forward slightly.

“You’re clear, go!” Lieutenant Spears yelled to the group that was inside of the helicopter. John leapt from his seat and stepped out the open door of the Blackhawk Helicopter onto the sandy ground. Cameron was close behind him. The area had become consumed with battle noises. The droning blades of the helicopter still reverberated through John’s body; but, now it was also accented with the sounds of explosions and plasma rifle fire. A haze of smoke hung in the air and the stench of burnt flesh and sulfur was rapidly beginning to form. John glanced around quickly seeing several other Blackhawk Helicopters landing near him in roughly the same manner that his had done. As they landed John observed soldiers begin to exit the helicopters. As soon as the men were out the Blackhawks once again began to lift off. At about this same moment several Apache Gunships streaked overhead, headed towards the Topanga Canyon base. Mixed with the sound of helicopter noise John also heard the noise of jet engines from the Skynet aerial HK’s begin to grow louder and louder as they approached. John gripped the pistol grip of his plasma rifle and glanced over his shoulder at Kyle.

“You’re with me!” he yelled, as he began to make his way closer to the actual battle that was raging. The entire scene had an eerie feeling of déjà vu to both John and Cameron. After all they had both been here once before, in an alternate future.

As John made his way up the battlefield with Cameron, Kyle and a few other soldiers the battle rapidly grew more intense. The group was constantly surrounded by plasma fire as they carefully moved from one position of cover to the next. Cameron felt her anxiety for John grow as each second passed. The danger surrounding him was excruciating to her.

Suddenly, she observed a T-600 standing in a clearing making its way towards them. Cameron raised her plasma rifle and fired several rounds striking it in the chest. The T-600 staggered forward a few steps and then collapsed to the ground incapacitated. Cameron was attempting to track as many threats to both she and John as possible; but with all that was going on around them it was nearly impossible for her to do so. She felt her concern for John grow worse as they continued to progress forwards. While she was able to track most of the danger in the immediate area, the Terminators and HK’s that were a greater distance away, were much harder for her to follow. Just then a plasma round streaked by Cameron striking the soldier to her left in the chest. The man dropped to the ground instantly. He was more than likely dead before he even knew what had happened. Cameron quickly scanned the area finding another T-600, which was making its way over the hilly terrain towards them. She raised her rifle; but before she was able to fire she heard Kyle’s plasma rifle discharge. The T-600 lurched to its right side as Kyle’s round had struck it in the shoulder. John’s rifle then discharged striking the T-600 in the chest. It collapsed to the ground incapacitated.

Cameron continued to scan the area ahead of them as the group moved forward, her anxiety for John‘s safety still ever present to her. Off in the distance she could already see the entrance to the Topanga Canyon Base. However, between her squad and the entrance were numerous Terminator units, aerial HK’s, and ground HK’s. The battleground flashed with plasma fire, and explosions. Apache Helicopters flew overhead as they engaged in a difficult aerial battle with the Skynet aerial HK’s. The ground forces remained locked in a deadly confrontation as well.
While Cameron had believed it would have been more prudent to wait to attack Topanga Canyon until Point Mugu had been fully repaired so as to utilize their F-18 squadrons, John had informed her that he believed that they could no longer wait to invade the Skynet base. However, the resistance had managed to obtain several Apache Gunship squadrons from Point Mugu and their assistance was proving to be invaluable at the moment. In addition to this John had also managed to put together several squads of soldiers with Javelin Missile Launchers in order to combat the ground HK’s that he was readily aware would be in the area.

“Have the scrubbed units push forward!” John yelled into his radio over the sounds of battle, as the group huddled behind a large boulder for cover.

“We need to get to that base entrance ASAP!” The second John finished speaking both he and Cameron simultaneously raised their plasma rifles and opened fire on an oncoming T-600. They struck the Terminator in the chest several times destroying its power source immediately. It quickly exploded into a display of sparks as it fell to the ground. John then moved from behind the boulder and began to make his way even closer to the frontlines of the battle. Cameron followed close behind, still trying to protect him as best as she could. She knew that this would only become more difficult as they made their way closer to the front lines and the entrance to the Skynet base.

Derek awoke to the blinding light of the examination light which was still positioned over him. His head throbbed and he continued to feel dizzy and nauseated. The same piece of piano music which he had heard the entire time still continued to drone on in the background. He glanced around the room, his pupils still hurting from the blinding light which remained above him. Once again his eyes made their way over to the young dead girl’s body which was still lying across the room from him. Derek’s eyes locked with hers the moment he saw them. He continued to feel that the girl's eyes somehow still managed to stare deep into his soul and he could not force himself to look away.

“Where are you from Lieutenant Reese?” The voice asked. Derek looked around, still seeing no one in the room. He felt as if the music was about to drive him mad.

“Why do you care?” Derek asked with a hint of confusion in his voice.

“Because we want to get to know you…Tell me about your life.” Derek was completely exhausted and he began to feel that he could no longer fight against answering the questions he was now being asked.

“Corona California…That’s where I’m from.” Derek said quietly, as he sighed and rested his head back on the metal table.

“Tell me more about John Connor.” The voice asked. Derek grimaced as the music continued to echo in his head and he fought the urge to speak.

“Tell us about who John Connor is...What is he like?” This question confused Derek slightly. He wondered why Skynet would care about what kind of man John Connor was.

“Why do you want to know who he is?” Derek asked, still overcome with guilt for even speaking to the machines.

“Because we admire him, his determination, his spirit, his fearlessness. We hope to meet him one day.” Derek ground his teeth, slightly confused as to why this voice was saying such things.

“I’m not going to help you find John Connor.” He responded angrily.

“You do not have to.” The voice retorted. “He will come to us.” Derek quickly glanced over at the dead girl still lying motionless across from him. They psychological effect of having a beautiful dead girl staring at him was beginning to take its toll on Derek at this point.

“Would John Connor indeed come to get her back?” He asked himself.

“Do you have any siblings?” The voice asked. Derek fought to answer the question. He knew that if he did speak he would more than likely answer truthfully due to the drugs and his sheer exhaustion. Derek chose to remain silent.

“If you choose not to answer our questions we will have no further use for you.” The voice stated in a flat tone. Derek sighed feeling almost completely beaten at this point.

“Good…” He responded. There was silence once again in the room. Only the music continued to play as Derek lay shivering on the cold steel table.

“Go ahead and kill me…” Derek said in a quiet voice, “I don’t give a damn anymore.”

“You should not respond in such a way Lieutenant Reese. You’re just making things worse for yourself.” Derek heard a different voice this time. The tone had changed and now the sound did not come from all around him, as it had before. The voice came from directly behind Derek. He then heard the sound of footsteps coming closer and closer to him.

“Tell me more about John Connor.” The feminine voice asked. Derek glanced over to his left and felt horror sweep over him at what he saw. He tried to speak; but words escaped him as he stared on in disbelief at what was standing before him.

“Tell me EVERYTHING you know about John Connor.” Derek was asked once again, as he continued to stare straight ahead as the shock swept over him.

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