Final Days Chapter 53


John crouched behind the wreckage of a destroyed ground HK, Cameron still close at his side and Kyle and a few others soldiers behind her as well. The battle continued to rage around them and the plasma fire was constantly streaking by their position. John leaned around the corner of the wreckage and fired his rifle a few times at one of the T-600's that was guarding the entrance to the Topanga Canyon Base. However, due to the great distance that was between he and the Terminator he was not able to strike it. At about this same moment a plasma round struck one of the treads of the destroyed ground HK that John and the others were behind. Sparks flew into John’s face and he quickly jerked his head back flinching slightly.

“John!” Cameron said, the concern in her voice was obvious to John who immediately looked back at her,

“I’m fine…” he said. No sooner had the words left his mouth then there was a deafening roar of a jet engine. The sound overwhelmed the area around them as an aerial HK slowly emerged overtop of the group. John and the others raised their plasma rifles and opened fire in an almost futile attempt to bring down the massive aircraft. John saw one of the plasma cannon turrets located on the HK turn in their direction preparing to fire. Instantly, a swell of emotions came over him; but the emotions did not consist of concern for himself. The thought of something happening to either Cameron or Kyle horrified John. A split second before the HK opened fire on John’s group it was struck in the tail by a stinger missile from one of the Apache’s flying overhead. The aerial HK spun in a circle firing its plasma cannon’s wildly. At this same moment, a group of soldiers that were several yards away from John fired another missile at the HK as well. The projectile streaked through the air and struck the aerial HK in the right engine. The aircraft arched over hard to its left and came crashing to the ground. John felt the heat from the explosion wash over him as the aerial HK was consumed in a massive fireball. John leaned out from behind his cover once more and looked towards the Skynet base. While the resistance was making progress, there were still hundreds of Terminators between them and their objective. There was also at least one large ground HK that was still blocking their path as well as well.

“General!” John heard Kyle yell as several rounds from a plasma rifle rang out. Both John and Cameron turned quickly to see a T-600’s chest explode as it had just begun to emerge from a hill that was located near them. John glanced back at Kyle who was now looking at him. The confusion and sadness still readily apparent in Kyle’s eyes. John felt the guilt and anxiety once again began to sweep over him as he stared at Kyle; the battle noises continued to drone on around them as the two soldiers looked at each other.

The incessant piano music continued to play on. Derek’s body ached and he still felt extremely cold, even though the drugs he had been given continued to send waves of heat throughout his entire body. He was also covered in a cold sweat that permeated the clothes he wore. However, all of this was now a distant second in Derek’s mind as he continued to stare straight ahead.

“Tell me about John Connor”, the feminine voice asked. Derek remained speechless; his thoughts were now a complete blur in his mind. At this point Derek was becoming unsure of what he was seeing or even thinking for that matter. The individual standing in front of Derek now walked closer to him and leaned over Derek ever so slightly. Its brown hair hung slightly down in its face.

“Tell me about Jesse…” It asked, their was a hint of seduction in its voice when it spoke this time. Derek almost could not believe what he had just heard or for that matter what he was seeing. He blinked his eyes trying to refocus them. Derek then glanced over at the dead girl who still lay on the table across the room from him. Her brown eyes remained transfixed on Derek and they still maintained their look of terror as he stared into them. Derek then glanced back up at the individual standing over him, then back at the dead girl. Derek came to the horrifying realization that they both looked exactly the same. Derek knew about infiltrator units and he was readily aware of the fact that the T-800 series was able to mimic humans; but this particular scenario coupled with the drugs was nearly to much for him to handle. The Terminator standing over him was an exact replica of the poor girl lying on the table across the room. Terror gripped Derek as he realized that this one particular Terminator would more than likely be able to get closer to John Connor than anyone else could. Still staring at him the Terminator spoke again.

“Tell me about her…” Derek blinked his eyes again somewhat gripping the table as the nausea and feelings of dizziness made him still feel as if the room were spinning.

“What?” he asked.

“Tell me about Jesse.” The Terminator asked still some seduction behind its voice.

“How do you know about Jesse?” Derek asked some fear present behind the tone of his own voice.

“You said her name while you were unconscious.” Derek felt fear continue to grip him. He wondered what else he could have said. “You also mentioned Kyle…” The Terminator continued. Derek rolled his head back on the table trying to fight back his tears.

“Tell me about her.” The Terminator asked. “Why is she so important to you?” Derek struggled not answer; but felt that it was almost a futile attempt seeing as how he was now completely unsure of what he had and had not already said.

“You are romantically involved with this person aren‘t you?” The Terminator asked in a sly tone. Derek did not answer. The Terminator moved slightly closer to him. When it did so, Derek noticed that its movements were almost feline in nature. The Terminator had a certain elegant almost sensual nature about it as it as it glided over to him. It then glanced over at the dead girl near the corner of the room.

“Do you know who that is?” It asked, as it motioned with its head towards the girls body. Derek fought hard not to respond. “That was John Connor’s best friend. Possibly even his lover.” The Terminator leaned closer to Derek now just inches away from his face and whispered,

“If we can get to her…We can get to anyone…” Fear gripped Derek. The Terminator pulled back away from Derek; but continued to stand over him.

“Are you involved with this Jesse?” It asked one more time. Finally, Derek broke and responded,


“Do you love her?”

“Yes…” Derek ground his teeth as he responded.

“And who is Kyle?” Derek swallowed a hard swallow.

“He’s my brother…” Derek felt a tear roll down the corner of his eye as he lay on the cold steel table.

“You and he work out of the same base in this area don’t you?”

“Yes…” Derek again responded instantly feeling the guilt grow worse.

“Why do you love Jesse?” It asked. Derek was slightly confused by this line of questioning.

“Why do I love her?” He asked.

“Yes.” It responded. Derek searched his thoughts. He could barely keep a fluidic thought in his mind at this point; but thoughts of Jesse seemed to be slightly clearer to him.

“I don’t know…” He responded quietly. The Terminator looked at him and slightly tilted its head to the side. “She was there when I needed her.” Derek continued.

“And what about Kyle?”

“He’s my brother. He’s all I’ve got.”

“Except for Jesse…” The Terminator responded. Derek found the insightfulness of that statement highly disturbing. “Where is Kyle now?” It asked.

“I don’t know.” Derek responded.

“Is he not at your base?” For the first time Derek was actually glad he did not know the whereabouts of his brother so that he would not be able to give away any further information.

“I don’t know.” Derek responded in a broken tone of voice. There was silence for a moment as the Terminator continued to stare at Derek. He found it horrifying how the Terminator’s eyes looked exactly like the dead girls eyes. Currently, the only sound in the room was the piano music. Derek loathed this song. He didn’t even know what song it was; but he knew he never wanted to hear it again. The Terminator continued to stare Derek down. He felt at this point as if the only thing in the room that was not actually moving was the Terminator itself and he was almost forced to look at it to keep from becoming sick. However, by looking at it an even sicker feeling crept over him. Derek grimaced and closed his eyes for a moment trying to regain his composure. He heard footsteps getting closer to him on his right side. He looked over and saw the Terminator standing next to him. It looked down at him,

“Tell me about John Connor.” It asked once again. Derek fought not to respond as he looked away from the Terminator. Then he felt the burning sensation begin to travel up his arm once again. He snapped his head back over to his right and observed the Terminator turning a dial on the computer controlled IV that was attached to his arm. It was pumping more drugs into his system. Derek’s vision grew blurry and the room began to spin and grow darker. His head rolled back over to his left and he saw the staring eyes of the dead girl looking at him once again before everything went black.

John crouched down in the small trench that he and the rest of his group were located in. He pressed the earpiece of his radio headset close to his ear in order for him to hear over the battle noises.

“Most of our scrubbed Terminators are destroyed; but we still have a few that are close to the main entrance!” General Perry yelled into the radio to John so as to be heard over the sounds of combat.

“Have them hold their position temporarily! I wanna get a bit closer before we have them go in any further! We’re gonna need their help to get into that place!”

“Yes Sir!” General Perry responded. After he finished speaking John glanced around for a moment. Cameron was still standing at his side firing her plasma rifle as was Kyle who was just a few feet away from her, along with two other soldiers as well. John felt an odd feeling of familiarity come over him; but he was not sure as to why for a moment. Then he instantly realized that this was the very same trench he and Kyle had been in together during their first battle at Topanga Canyon. The nostalgia did not last long however as John was instantly snapped out his momentary daze when a plasma round struck the top of the trench just in front of Cameron. The ground exploded spraying dirt into her face. However, Cameron did not flinch. Nevertheless, the thought that something was shooting at Cameron infuriated John. He clenched his jaw and leaned out of the small trench with his plasma rifle raised. He scanned the area in front of him; the battlefield was littered with the bodies of both humans and Terminators. A dense smoke was hanging in the area from all of the explosions and weapons fire. Even though it was daylight, John could still see the flashes of plasma rifle and plasma cannon fire flashing off the shadows on the interior walls of the canyon. A ground HK was still positioned relatively close to the front entrance of the Skynet base and aerial HK’s and Apache’s still flew overhead drowning the area in jet engine and helicopter blade noise.

John continued to look ahead and observed several T-600 units coming towards them. He took aim with his plasma rifle and fired off a few rounds striking one of the T-600’s in the shoulder. Its body lurched back; but it quickly recovered and returned fire at John who ducked behind the trench with Cameron just in time. John was about to stand to fire another volley when he was suddenly shoved hard to his left, the impact knocked him of his feet and to the ground. John was confused for all but a split second until he saw a plasma round strike the area he had just been kneeling in. He glanced behind the group to see another T-600 emerging from behind the trench where they were all located. After shoving John out of the way Cameron turned her body quickly around and aimed at the T-600 which was now about to drop down into the trench where they were. Just a moment before it did so John heard Cameron’s rifle discharge and the T-600 was struck in the chest. It lurched backwards upon being hit, and then lost its footing. The T-600’s feet slipped on the loose sand and it came crashing down onto its back and then slide into the trench falling in-between John and Cameron. Cameron quickly took aim at the T-600’s head and fired another round through the T-600’s skull before it was able to recover. She then glanced back up at John. Her hair was slightly disheveled from the constant movement of being in battle; her clothes were covered in dirt, and blood of other soldiers. Her face was also smeared with dirt and soot. John also noticed at this point that she was still amazingly beautiful to him.

“Thank you…” he replied, still in the seated position from where she had pushed him. Still keeping her head below the trench line Cameron stepped over the disabled Terminator’s body and held out her hand to help John up. As she did so, she gave him a slight smile.

“You’re welcome.” She replied. John quickly took her hand and she pulled him to his feet.

“General I think the they’re trying to outflank us.” Kyle called to John who then proceeded to glance out of the trench. Once again he saw a small group of T-600’s in the distance making their way around to the right side of the trench where they were all located. So far, they were well out of range of plasma rifle fire; but given their present speed, they would be able to outflank and overcome John’s group relatively soon. John quickly scanned the sky above him seeing that he had no air support; nor would he be able to call any Apaches in by the looks of things. He depressed the talk button on the radio on his hip, and began speaking into the microphone located on his headset.

“General Perry I’m about to get outflanked do you have anyone that can assist?” There was momentary silence where all John could hear was battle noise.

“I don’t think so Sir. We’re being pinned down by the ground HK. And the rest of our units are taking heavy fire from aerial HK’s or those damn T-600’s. I’ll try to get someone to you though; but, it may take some time.” John thought for a moment watching as the small group of T-600’s made their way closer to his squad. He glanced around the battlefield seeing that the majority of his army had come under heavy fire. Most of the soldiers had taken cover behind whatever they could find and it did not appear that any of them would be able to assist him anytime soon.

“John, I can get around them.” Cameron said, it was apparent at this point, that she had also been listening to John and Perry’s radio exchange. John hesitated for a moment. For the first time in battle, he felt sheer terror at the thought of sending someone on a mission. He had felt sadness, regret, remorse, and nervousness about missions before; but never anything like this. Conflicting emotions flooded over John as he continued to weigh the possibilities as the battle sounds continued to fill his ears. Seeing the obvious conflict going on within John, Cameron reached out and grabbed him by the hand.

“I will come back to you…I promise.” The instant Cameron touched John’s hand, he felt as if the battle noise dropped away and everything grew strangely quite and came into focus. When Cameron spoke the words “I promise”, he felt his anxiety level begin to subside slightly. She had never broken a promise to him before and he doubted if she would start now. John squeezed her hand.

“Go…” he said. Cameron nodded her head and then glanced above the trench they were in waiting for a momentary pause in the firefight. The second it occurred, she leapt out of the trench and ran across the battlefield. John watched as she did so. He felt as if his heart was in his throat as Cameron ran across the battlefield. It almost felt as if the entire scenario was playing out in slow motion before him as Cameron dodge from left to right avoiding the plasma rounds and explosions which blanketed the area.

“Please God let her come back to me…” John whispered as she ran.

Cameron ran as fast as she could across the sandy battlefield of Topanga Canyon. Plasma rounds streaking by her and explosions occurring all around her. She ran in a semi circular pattern around the small group of T-600’s that were attempting to outflank John’s squad.

“I have to do this.” She thought to herself, “I can’t let anything happen to him.” Suddenly, she heard a loud explosion and Cameron was violently knocked off her feet by the shockwave from the detonation of an enemy missile that had impacted the area near her. The heat from the explosion swept over her as she was knocked down. She hit the ground hard with a thud and she heard the metallic clank of her metal endoskeleton impact on some of the rocks that she had just landed on.

“Cameron!” John called when he saw her hit the ground. However, by this point, Cameron was such a distance away that she was not able to hear John call her name. What horrified John more was the fact that Cameron did not immediately get up. When this occurred, John started to climb out of the trench that he and his squad were in. He was suddenly grabbed from behind,

“General!!” Kyle called out as he pulled John back into the trench. “You’ll never make it.” John glanced over at Kyle with an angry look for a split second and then back out at Cameron who was still lying on the ground.

“Please…” John whispered as anxiety and fear for Cameron swept over him.

Cameron’s heads up display flickered momentarily with static and then cleared. She quickly looked over herself and ascertained that she had not taken any significant damage other than a few minor cuts which did not appear to have expose her endoskeleton. The momentary glitch in her display had been caused by her impact with the ground. After it cleared Cameron hastily got up, grabbed her rifle, and began to run across the battlefield once again. The Sounds of explosions and rifle fire still echoing off the canyon walls as she ran. At this point Cameron also made sure to avoid tripping over the bodies of both humans and Terminators that littered the ground in front of her as she navigated the battlefield. After a few more seconds Cameron had finally made it to the canyon wall opposite John’s squad and behind the small group of T-600’s that were now about to outflank them. She pressed herself up against the wall and prepared to fire.

John and Kyle ducked down into the trench they were in as plasma fire began to explode around them. Suddenly, one of the soldiers that was in John’s squad was struck in the head by a plasma round. Blood sprayed across John and Kyle as the man instantly fell to the ground dead. The remaining soldier instinctively ducked further below the trench when this occurred.
“We sure could use your girlfriends help about now!” Kyle yelled, a slight amount of sarcasm in the tone of his voice as he stood and fired off a few more rounds in the general direction of the oncoming T-600’s; however, he was not able to strike any of them.

Cameron leaned out from behind the small depression in the Canyon wall taking aim at one of the T-600’s that was now firing on the trench where John was located. Cameron was slightly surprised to find that at that specific moment she felt anger began to creep over her upon seeing the Terminators attempt to kill John. She focused in on the front site of her rifle as she aimed at one of the T-600’s. She then slowly squeezed the trigger and instantly felt the recoil in her shoulder as the rifle discharged. A plasma round streaked through the air and struck one of the T-600’s in the back of the head blowing out its metallic face instantly. It staggered for a brief second then collapsed to the ground. Before the rest of the T-600’s could react to the threat that was now behind them a second plasma round struck another one in the head. This time the high heat round tore out a chunk of the Terminators metallic skull. The T-600 twisted around from the impact and then proceeded to collapse to the ground on its back. The remaining three T-600’s quickly turned towards Cameron’s position and began to fire. She ducked behind the small alcove in the canyon wall as the plasma rounds began to explode all around of her. She pressed her body up against the wall trying to avoid being hit.

Noticing that the plasma fire around their position had suddenly ceased John, Kyle and the remaining soldier slowly glanced above the trench to survey their surrounds. John instantly noticed that Cameron was now taking heavy fire from the remaining three T-600’s. A torrent of rage flooded over him and before he even had a chance to think he raised his plasma rifle and fired. The plasma round streaked by the face of the solder standing next to Kyle just barely missing him.

“****!” The soldier said as he jerked his head back, nearly falling back into the trench. John’s round flew through the air and struck one of the T-600’s in the back knocking it forwards. As it began to turn, John fired a second round striking it in the upper shoulder. It again stumbled slightly before turning to face towards John and his squad while the other two T-600’s continued to fire on Cameron’s position. John fired a third, fourth, and fifth round striking the Terminator each time in the chest. It quickly collapsed to its knee’s and fell forwards. The soldier still standing next to Kyle still had a look of shock on his face after having a plasma round come so close to striking him.

“Parker, You alright?” John called out as he again took aim at another Terminator.

“Ye…Yes sir.” Parker said slightly stuttering from the surprise. As John continued to fire both Kyle and Parker also raised their rifles and began to fire on the two remaining T-600’s that still had their backs to the group.

Cameron tried to lean out and away from the canyon wall in order to shoot back; but every time she did so she was nearly struck by a plasma round. Bits and pieces of the rock wall exploded around her as she tried to remain behind cover. It quickly became apparent to her that she was now trapped and could very well be destroyed at any moment. While Cameron had faced destruction many times before she often found that at times such as these did occur her thoughts would often turn to John. These thoughts often brought a calming sensation to her. The noise of the battlefield seemed to become a distant second to Cameron even though the plasma fire seemed to be increasing around her as the T-600’s grew closer to her position. Cameron noticed that there was never any specific thought about John that would come to mind, it was more random thoughts of him. Cameron continued to press herself up against the Canyon wall hearing the plasma fire growing louder and louder as the canyon wall continued to be torn apart from the tiny explosions the plasma rounds were causing. Cameron estimated that she only had seconds before the T-600’s reached her and were able to get a clear shot. Thoughts of John still drifted through her memory, suddenly one particular thought shot through her memory and she heard John’s voice almost as if he were standing right next to her,

“I love you…” he whispered in her thoughts.

Kyle took aim focusing on one of the Terminators that was walking away from his trench and towards Cameron. While the distance was significant it was still within range. The plasma rifle fire echoed around him as he squinted down the barrel of his rifle. The distant body of the T-600 slightly blurred as his focus shifted to his front site. Kyle slowly pressed the trigger of his rifle and heard it discharge. The plasma round flew through the air and an instant later struck one of the T-600’s in the back. It lurched forward falling to the ground; but was able to catch itself with its hands before it fell flat. The second T-600 turned quickly back towards John and Kyle’s position and began to fire at the trench once again. At this same moment the downed T-600 slowly began to fight its way back to its feet. At this same time it also started to raise its rifle once again towards Cameron’s position.

Noticing the momentary break in the plasma fire Cameron leaned out from behind the small depression in the wall and saw that one of the T-600’s had now turned away from her position and was firing on John’s location once again. The second T-600 was on its hands and knees; but was fighting to stand and was raising its rifle towards her. Cameron quickly raised her rifle and fired off three rounds in quick succession striking the T-600 each time. It once again collapsed to the ground not rising this time. Cameron then quickly took aim at the last remaining T-600. She squeezed the trigger to her rifle and it fired. The plasma round tore through the air and struck the T-600 in the back. It’s chest exploded outwards in a display of sparks as its power source exploded. It dropped almost instantly to the ground completely disabled. Cameron scanned the trench that John was in, checking to see if he was injured. She quickly saw his face come up from behind the trench as he looked over at her. Even though she was quite a distance away from him and she was not completely sure he could see her facial expression she gave him a slight smile and winked at him almost as if saying, “Told you so.”.

Even though the area around John was still enveloped by plasma fire he, Kyle, and Parker were no longer in any immediate danger. As John looked over at Cameron he noticed her give him a smile and a wink. John suddenly had a flash of the first time she had ever done this. It was shortly after she had covered for him to his mother about Cromartie coming to his school looking for him. That moment seemed to almost be in another lifetime for John, had it not been for the fact that Cameron had been there with him.

“John, are you alright?” John suddenly heard Cameron’s voice crackle over the radio headset he was still wearing. He depressed the talk button on his belt,

“Yeah I’m fine.” There was a momentary pause in the radio traffic between John and Cameron as it appeared that neither of them knew exactly what to say to the other over a radio that potentially everyone else could be listening to. Finally, pulling himself back into the battle John spoke again.

“Cameron do you see that hill near the entrance to the base…It’s about 100 feet from here.” There was a pause.

“I see it.”

“Meet us there, we need to try and take out that ground HK that is pinning down Perry and his men so that we can gain access to the base.”

“I will be there.” Cameron responded, a certain sense of confidence in her voice. There was another momentary pause where John desperate wanted to say more; but did not. He then glanced over at Kyle and Parker.

“Lets go!” He yelled as he began to climb out of the trench.

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