Final Days Chapter 54


Derek awoke to the same droning piece of piano music that had been playing the entire time that he had been captured. His body ached, and his right arm where the IV was located throbbed with pain. He was still extremely cold; yet, the burning sensations continued to travel throughout his body. Derek’s head pounded and he felt the cold sweat running down his forehead. He still felt dizzy and nauseated and the incessant music was not making the situation any better. Without looking around to ascertain who was currently in the room with him, Derek spoke,

“Don’t you machines know a different song?” There was a slight bit of annoyance hidden behind his tone.

“You do not like this song Lieutenant Reese?” The voice of the female Terminator was heard almost the second the words left Derek’s mouth. He cursed himself once again for speaking to it.

“It is Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp Minor.” The Terminator stated in a flat tone. It paused for a moment and then looked over at the dead girl’s body that was still located across the room.

“She told us that her mother was a music teacher and that she would sit and listen to Chopin for hours.” The Terminators tone was cold and emotionless when it spoke. Derek felt a shiver travel down his spine as he heard it speak those words. The Terminator slowly moved from where it was standing over to Derek’s table.

“She also told us her father was an architect…” It paused for a moment. “He taught her how to draw.” Derek felt his fear growing more intense as the Terminator drew closer to him.

“Her last birthday before Judgment Day was in Griffin Park. She told her father she wanted a Solar Mountain Bike.” It stated, still in its cold and callus tone as it leaned over Derek. The Terminator proceeded to lower its head down to mere inches from Derek’s face. As it did so the Terminator's hair fell down around its face, almost brushing up against Derek’s face as well. It stared into his eyes. As it did so, Derek felt his anxiety beginning to spiral out of control. The music, the drugs, the psychological chess match the Terminator was playing with him; it was all getting to him. The Terminator slowly tilted its head to one side as it looked at Derek; it then gradually tilted its head back to the other side. Its brown eyes continuing to stare deep into Derek’s soul. He felt his respiration and heart rate increase as the female Terminator loomed over him. Thought’s of what it might do flashed through his mind. Finally, the Terminator pulled back away from Derek; but continued to stand over him.

“Why did you choose Billy Wisher to die?” It asked still no emotion in its voice. Derek swallowed and fought hard not to answer the question. The Terminator once again tilted its head to the side.

“Do you know his name is not Billy Wisher?” Derek’s eyes widened, as a slightly arrogant smirk came across the Terminators face as it began to pace around Derek’s table in a circular pattern.

“His name is Andy Goode.” Derek ground his teeth in frustration and anger, completely unsure of what to think at this point. His head was still spinning, nausea gripped his stomach, he shivered from the cold, there did not appear to be a place on his body that was not in pain, and the piano music just would NOT stop.

“But, you already knew that didn’t you?” The Terminator said, its voice shifting to a more sly tone. It was now up by the head of the table near Derek’s head. It leaned over and whispered in Derek’s ear,

“Do you know what Andy Goode did?” It asked in almost a seductive tone.

“No…” Derek said in a painful voice, fighting for each thought that he had. The Terminator continued to whisper in Derek’s ear.

“He helped create Skynet.” Derek felt the fear rush over him again.

“He wasn’t lying.” Derek thought to himself. The Terminator pulled away from Derek and once again began to pace around his table.

“But, you already knew that too didn’t you?” It asked, as it turned and looked at him with another slightly arrogant smile. “That’s why you chose him to die isn’t it?” Derek struggled not to say anything as the drugs continued to wear away at his psyche. Now on his left side the Terminator again leaned closer to Derek and looked him in the eye.

“That’s the reason you chose him isn’t it Lieutenant Reese.” Derek ground his teeth still fighting not to say anything. The Terminator paused for a brief moment, then its eyes narrowed slightly as it continued to give Derek an arrogant smile.

“Does Jesse like Australia?” It whispered. Derek looked at the Terminator with horror in his eyes, and then he slipped,

“How…” He stopped himself before finishing the statement; but he already knew that he had given away the fact that the information the Terminator had was correct. The Terminator pulled back away from Derek again.

“You told us.” It said in another seductive tone. Derek felt a tear run down the side of his face. The Terminator continued to stare at him.

“I happen to know that Perth is lovely this time of year.” It said shifting to another sly tone. Finally, overcome with emotions Derek snapped. He jerked up against his metal restraints desperately trying to reach for Terminator.

“I’LL KILL YOU, YOU METAL *****!!!” He screamed as he attempted to free himself from his shackles. As he did so, he felt shooting pain travel throughout his entire body. The Terminator did not move; but continued to stare at him with the same arrogant smile. Derek strained against the metal stocks that were securing his arms and legs; but they did not move. After several seconds of struggling he collapsed back down onto the table. Derek began to feel his breathing become more erratic as he tried to fight back his tears. He could still hear the music echoing throughout the room as he lay on the cold metal table. Derek felt as if the music almost seemed to be growing louder as each second passed. The Terminator stepped closer to Derek once again.

“That’s the reason why you wanted your friend Billy Wisher to die isn’t it?” Still overcome with emotions and unable to control himself, Derek responded.

“YES DAMN IT!!! That’s why I wanted him to die!!! He created you and he should die because of it!!” Derek then began to cry. “He told me he did all of this…And if I could, I would kill him with my bear hands.” The female Terminator paused and then appeared to take a breath of air as it continued to stare down at him. Its shoulders rose slightly as its chest expanded outward from the breath it took.

“Good Lieutenant Reese.” It said. “You see it is much easier when you cooperate with us.” Derek glared at the Terminator with hatred in his eyes.

“I’m not your enemy.” It stated, “I want to get to know you.” Derek’s eyes then suddenly darted across the room, to the young girl’s dead body. Her brown eyes still appeared to stare deep into his soul. The Terminator glanced over at the girl’s body and then back at Derek.

“She was very beautiful wasn’t she?” The Terminator asked. Defeated Derek nodded his head. “How long had John Connor been with her?” Derek felt almost as if he didn’t care anymore.

“I don’t know.” He responded, “Years I think…For as long as I knew him, she was always there with him.” Derek continued to stare into the young girl’s eyes not paying attention to where the Terminator was located or what it was doing.

“Your brother and John Connor are close aren't they?” Derek snapped his eyes back over to the Terminator, which was now on his right side. It gave him another smirk.

“Your brother…Kyle.” It said. Derek closed his eyes cursing himself. He then once again heard the whisper from the Terminator in in his ear,

“Tell me about Kyle.”

Chief Warrant Officer Stephenson’s Apache shuttered as a rocket exploded in the sky next to his aircraft. He yanked the control stick hard over to his left and the Apache turned hard, throwing his gunner, Warrant Officer Miller into the right side of his seat. Stephenson glanced over his right shoulder as he brought the Apache down into a spiral pattern, diving closer to the ground. Missiles, rockets, and plasma rounds from both aerial HK’s and Skynet ground forces filled the air around them. The droning sound of the helicopter blades seemed to reverberate throughout Stephenson and Miller’s body as they continued their downward decent. Miller scanned the horizon trying to pick out a target as the earth rushed towards them. The ground that was below them appeared to swarming with T-600’s. Miller also saw that there were several ground HK’s dispersed throughout the canyon as well. As the Apache leveled out at approximately one hundred feet above the ground, Miller looked into his targeting scope attempting to pick out a suitable enemy target from his computer display. Stephenson continued to rock the Apache from side to side, as they flew ahead trying to avoid being struck by enemy fire as they made their way closer to the actual Skynet base.

As Stephenson flew the Apache low along the ground, he scanned the horizon at the same time. He immediately sited several ground troops that were about to be overtaken by a larger group of T-600’s. Stephenson pulled back on his control stick bring the nose of the Apache up slightly, slowing the helicopter‘s speed.

“To our right we’ve got a couple of ground units that could use our help.” Stephenson stated to Miller as he glanced over to his right side seeing a group of T-600’s that were about to overtake the small squad of resistance soldiers that were fighting furiously for their lives. Using a controller Miller swung the Target Acquisition and Designation System on the nose of the Apache over in the direction towards the T-600’s. The helicopter’s 30mm cannon followed the TAD’s system as well. Looking through the targeting display Miller was easily able to pick out several of the Terminators as targets. Within seconds, the steady drone of the 30mm cannon could be heard and Miller watched as the rounds tore through the T-600’s metal bodies. The depleted uranium rounds shattered the endoskeletons of the Terminators and they virtually exploded the instant they were struck. Within seconds the group of T-600’s had been significantly reduced in size and Stephenson allowed the Apache to fly further ahead into the battle.

Miller continued to survey his surrounding area as he observed a few rockets streak by the helicopter. Suddenly, alarms began to sound inside of the cockpit. Miller looked over his shoulder as this occurred.

“HK!!! HK!!!” Stephenson yelled, yanking back hard on the control stick putting the helicopter into a near vertical ascent trying to elude the aerial HK that had now taken up position behind them. Miller was thrust back into his seat as the Apache flew skywards. He could hear the jet turbine engines of the helicopter roar to life as they continued their rapid assent. After several seconds Stephenson allowed the helicopter to level out; but only momentarily before putting the Apache back into a sharp dive towards the ground and the HK that was now about to fly past them. Miller instinctively grabbed onto one of the handles inside of the cockpit as the aerial HK streaked past them firing its plasma cannons as it did so. The Apache shuddered as a few errant rounds struck the fuselage. They were however, not struck in any critical area’s.

“We’ve been hit.” Miller said.

“I know.” Stephenson responded in a bland tone, as he pulled back on the stick leveling the helicopter back out once again. As he did this, Stephenson swung the tail of the Apache around bringing the helicopter about, in order to try and face the aerial HK so as to get a clear shot. As he did this the much faster and more agile HK streaked by them once again. The aerial HK then dove down below their position.

“Come on!” Stephenson growled as he put the helicopter back into a dive trying to keep up with the HK. Miller watched as the Skynet aircraft leveled out once again, hovered momentarily, and then began to move away from their aircraft. Stephenson watched this as well, the aerial HK then began to move in a large circular pattern around their Apache.

“He’s coming around, he’s coming around!” Miller yelled as the HK began to creep back into position behind them. Stephenson pulled the control stick over to his right and the Apache pitched hard over as he tried to elude the aerial HK. At this same time, Stephenson allowed the Apache to continue on both its downward and slightly forward trajectory, creating another spiral pattern. The ground quickly grew closer as he did this. Miller saw walls of the Canyon rush past the cockpit windows as they continued to move rapidly towards the earth. Mere seconds before they collided with the ground, Stephenson yanked back hard on the controls leveling the helicopter out at approximately 20 feet from the ground. The sand kicked up all around the Apache from the massive amount of wind the rotor blades were producing. Pushing the controls hard over Stephenson quickly swung the tail of the helicopter around once again. The Apache was now facing the rapidly oncoming HK, which streaked through the Canyon towards them.

“Kill him now!” Miller yelled. As he had already begun to lock onto the aerial HK using his TAD's system. Stephenson depressed the trigger on his control stick and a stinger missile quickly streaked from the wing of the Apache and flew through the air and towards the HK. The missile streaked through the Canyon towards the aerial HK which quickly arched skyward momentarily avoiding contact with the projectile. As the HK continued to climb, Stephenson watched as the Singer missile changed course also arching skywards towards the aerial HK which continued the climb rapidly. The missile’s contrail could be seen behind it as it closed quickly on the HK which continued to fly erratically, desperately trying to avoid being hit. The missile moved closer and closer to the aerial HK as the aircraft quickly leveled out and then began to dive towards the ground once again. As it did so, the missile rapidly closed the distance between it and the HK, finally striking the aircraft in the support between the fuselage and the right engine. The explosion tore the right engine completely off and the aerial HK spun wildly towards the ground leaving a trail of smoke behind it as it did so. Soon after this happened Stephenson moved the Apache further away from the ground and back towards the frontlines of the battle.

John glanced over the small hill he, Cameron, Kyle, and Parker were couched behind. John estimated that they were now only one hundred yards from the entrance of the Topanga Canyon base. However, between them and the entrance were numerous T-600’s and one large ground HK. Also, just as before John noticed a small roadway running into the entrance of the base. On the other side of the road about one hundred and fifty yards away from his position John saw General Perry, his troops, and the last of the scrubbed Terminator units. They were all being pinned down by the ground HK. While General Perry and his forces were keeping the HK at bay and not allowing it or the Skynet units to overrun their position they were still not able to make any type of forward movement. The resistance had managed to beat back the majority of the Skynet forces all the way to the entrance of the base. And unlike in the alternate future timeline that John had once been a part of, this resistance was much more organized and methodical with its efforts. Nevertheless, there was still fighting going on throughout the canyon in certain areas. This was still a start contrast from the alternate future where the resistance had been scattered very haphazardly throughout the entire battlefield. However, unless something was done soon, it would only be a matter of time before Skynet would be able to reorganize and push the resistance back once again.

John looked around the battlefield. The smoke from fires and explosions was still trapped within the canyon walls and produced an almost fog like effect. Sounds of battle continued to echo off the rock walls making it even harder for John to hear any type of radio traffic that was coming through his headset. The plasma fire in the area was still almost constant around John‘s group as well. The Apaches above him were locked in a continuous dog fight with the aerial HK’s and would more than likely not be able to assist at all in the assault on the ground HK. John depressed the talk button on the radio on his hip,

“Any unit near the front lines with a Javelin?!” He shouted into his radio mic, so as to be heard over the sounds of the battle. At this same time he suddenly heard Cameron’s rifle begin to discharge as she had just taken aim at and fired upon an on coming T-600. Kyle and Parker soon followed suit. The distant T-600 collapsed to the ground after being struck multiple times. John began to feel the frustration rise within him, as he knew that Perry and his men would not be able to hold off the ground HK for much longer. Again he depressed the talk button on his radio.

“Any unit near the front lines with a Javelin!?” He shouted again. The radio cracked; but just as John heard a voice come over the radio there was a loud explosion from a grenade round just on the other side of the small hill he and his group were located behind. Sand flew into the air and came raining down onto John. He then observed Cameron bring herself up to the kneeling position and begin to fire over the hill at what was now several oncoming T-600’s. One of which had a grenade launcher in its hand. Still in the prone position Kyle and Parker also opened fire.

“Son of a *****…” John muttered. He depressed the talk button once again on his radio, “Last unit repeat your traffic!” There was a few seconds of static and then a voice broke through,

“This is Corporal Chambers General, I have a Javelin and I’m on my way to your position!” Both men continued to yell over the radio due to the sound of battle.

“Get up here ASAP; we need to take out that ground HK!” John responded.

“ETA 3 minutes…” Chambers stated. No sooner had chambers finished his sentence when John heard a plasma round rip through the air above his head. He rolled back over onto his stomach bringing up his plasma rifle in front of him and began to fire at the closest T-600.

Corporal Anthony Chambers and Private First Class Jamie Ryan ran across the battlefield. Chambers could feel the strap attached to the heavy Javelin Missile Launcher that was slung over his shoulder press into him as they ran. The weight of the weapon significantly reduced Chambers ability to sprint at any significant speed. Ryan remained near Chambers however; firing his plasma rifle every so often, picking off a random Terminator as they continued to make their way through the canyon. The deafening sound of helicopter blades and jet engines still surrounded them as aerial HK’s and Apaches flew overhead. The aerial aircraft remained locked in a viscous aerial battle with one another. Eventually Chambers and Ryan were able to make their way to a large boulder located along the side of the canyon wall and utilize it for cover.

“I see him!” Chambers yelled to Ryan as he scanned the area in front of them. As Chambers did this he motioned with his hand towards John Connor’s location behind a small hill across the canyon from them. John and his group were taking heavy fire from several oncoming T-600’s; but they were managing to keep the Skynet units at bay. Chambers also saw that approximately one hundred yards in front of John’s position was the large ground HK. Chambers depressed the talk button on his radio on his hip,

“General Connor this is Corporal Chambers…” Chambers watched as John slid back down behind the hill he was behind so that he would be able to better communicate with him.

“Go ahead Chambers.” John said,

“I’m about one hundred feet to your southeast, I’m gonna try and take out that ground HK from here.” Chambers saw John look over towards him from behind the hill he was currently located at. John nodded his head,

“Take’m out son!” He said. Chambers removed the cover from the front of the Javelin Missile launcher in preparation to fire it. At this same moment the open side of the boulder they were located behind suddenly began to explode from plasma fire. Chambers stepped back towards the canyon wall trying to duck behind cover once again. As this happened Ryan leaned out from behind the boulder and began to fire at the oncoming T-600‘s. Just then, a small portion of the boulder in front of Ryan’s head exploded from a plasma round. He was instantly struck in the face by shards of rock. Ryan fell backwards onto the ground grabbing his face and screaming in pain as the blood begin to run down his face.

“****!” Chambers yelled as he dropped the Javelin the ground and pulled his plasma rifle from his shoulder and leaned out from behind the rock and began to fire. When he did so he realized that there were now three T-600’s rapidly approaching their position. Chambers doubted that he would be able to hold all of them off and fire the Javelin missile at the same time.

John fired furiously at the oncoming T-600’s. His army’s forward advance was at a virtual standstill now and would continue to be until Chambers managed to destroy the ground HK. As John continued to fire Cameron glanced over her shoulder at Chambers and Ryan’s position. She quickly ascertained that they were about to be overrun by the three T-600’s that were closing on their position. Cameron slid down behind the small hill she was leaning up against and then proceeded to pull herself into a kneeling position and took aim. She rapidly calculated the exact distance and firing style so as to strike the T-600 that was closest to Chambers. Cameron then carefully focused in on her rifle’s sites and squeezed the trigger, she instantly heard the plasma rifle discharge. The round streaked through the air and struck one of the advancing T-600’s in the back of the head knocking it forwards and towards the ground, sparks flying from the hole in its skull as it fell. Before the other T-600’s could make any type of evasive action Cameron took aim at the second Terminator and fired once again. This round struck the T-600 square in the back tearing through its metal frame and ripping apart its power source. The T-600’s chest exploded outward and it collapsed to the ground in a crumpled heap almost instantly.

The third T-600 had now turned towards Cameron’s position and was preparing to fire. However, a split second before it was able to do so, it was struck in the side by two rounds from Chamber’s and Ryan’s plasma rifles. It stumbled over to its side nearly losing its footing. Cameron then pressed the trigger on her rifle once more. Her plasma round ripped through the air and struck the T-600 in the head. The Terminator's back arched and it collapsed to the earth. A few moments after this happened Cameron reached for the radio on her belt and pressed the talk button,

“You’re clear! Take the HK out now!” she stated. Cameron watched as Chambers came back around from behind the boulder with the large Javelin Missile Launcher. After taking a few seconds to properly site the launcher Cameron saw a quick flash as the missile was first ejected from the front of the launcher, a split second later the primary rocket booster engaged and the missile streaked skyward. It rose to an altitude of what Cameron estimated was three hundred and fifty feet. It then arched downwards quickly towards the position of the ground HK. A few seconds later the missile made contact with the top of its target. The entire upper section of the ground HK was instantly torn apart in a massive explosion. Seconds after this occurred the HK’s plasma cannons went silent. Chambers looked over at Cameron from the position where he was located, as he did this he pressed the talk button on his radio,

“Thank you…” He stated, knowing that more than likely Cameron had just saved his life along with Ryan‘s and possibly the entire resistance.

“You’re welcome…” Cameron responded, she then turned from looking at Chambers and began to fire once again at the T-600’s that were nearing she and John’s position.

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