Final Days Chapter 55


“Oh, I thought it’d be over by now…” Derek said, his voice filled with pain as he rapidly exhaled, obviously struggling to breathe.

“You’re ready for it…” Jesse replied with a certain hint of sadness behind her voice as she looked over at him from her hospital bed inside of Serrano point.

“No…No I’m not…” Derek replied, still struggling to breathe and to talk at the same time.

“Then what were you doing when I found you outside of Eagle Rock?” Jesse asked.

“I think…” Derek paused for a moment struggling to take another breath, “I was waiting…For you…” Derek said as he slowly looked over at Jesse who began to cough violently after he finished speaking.

Derek’s vision blurred and then refocused slightly as he was brought back to reality. The blinding examination light was still above him and currently prevented Derek from being able to see anything around him just yet. His body continued to ache, as he felt both waves of hot and cold course throughout his body. The burning sensation would subside for a brief moment only to be followed by chills. The two sensations seemed to alternate back and forth. Derek also continued to hear the same piece of Chopin music playing over and over again inside of the room.

“It was a dream.” Derek thought to himself as the realization as to where he actually was pulled itself over him. Derek felt a certain sadness sweep over him. While the first time he had met Jesse had hardly been an ideal situation, he now felt that he would trade almost anything to be back in that moment with her. He glanced around the room trying to find something to focus on. Once again, his eyes locked with the brown eyes of the beautiful dead girl lying across the room from him. Derek began to feel that if he ever did get out of this situation, which he believed was highly unlikely, her brown eyes would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life.

“I’m glad that you finally realized that cooperating with us would be the best thing for you to do.” Derek once again heard the voice of the female Terminator speak to him from where it was standing just a few feet away. His head still spinning and slightly groggy Derek looked over at it confused.

“Wha…What?” He asked. Derek continued to feel as if his thoughts were still currently jumbled inside of his head. The Terminator slowly and almost seductively moved closer to the table that Derek was secured to.

“Tell me more…” The Terminator said, its eyes widening slightly with almost a twisted look of joy behind them. At this point Derek was still not exactly sure of what had transpired during the time that he had lost consciousness. Nevertheless, he felt both anger and defeat rush over him as the female Terminator continued to look down upon him with an eerie smile. Derek fought to remain silent although he felt that at any moment he may reveal something else. The Terminator waited quietly for a few seconds next to his table. Then it leaned over Derek’s body,

“It’s to late to fight it now Lieutenant Reese…” It paused for a moment tilting its head to the side, “You might as well tell me everything else you know.” Derek struggled not to say anything and strained against the metal stocks that were securing his arms and legs. The Terminator leaned closer to Derek’s face and whispered in his ear,

“They’re all going to die because of you…” Derek’s eyes widened slightly. “Every one of them…” It continued, “Timms, Wisher, Kyle, Jesse…Even Connor.” The Terminator stated in its sultry tone. It then pulled back away from Derek who ground his teeth as he stared at the Terminator with hatred in his eyes.

“Your brother’s bunker was easy enough to find once you gave us the general location that it was in.” The female Terminator said with a slightly arrogant smile on its face. It then slowly reached out and gently caressed the side of Derek’s cheek with the back of its fingers.

“I was informed there were no survivors.” It said with a cold and emotionless voice as it drew back its hand.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” Derek screamed at the top of his lungs as he tried to fight against the metal restraints holding him to the table. “YOU METAL ***** I’LL KILL YOU!!!” He yelled as he yanked his arms and legs against the metal stocks. Derek felt the flesh around his wrists and ankles begin to rip due to the amount of pressure he was placing on them in his attempt to free himself. Moments later, Derek felt his blood begin to ooze from the tears in his skin. The female Terminator gave him another slight smile.

“It’s over Lieutenant Reese…Just tell me everything else you know. If you do, we might kill you and your friends quickly and painlessly.” Derek dropped his head back on the metal table with a metallic clunk as it impacted. Then suddenly, a moment of clarity struck Derek and he nearly smiled for a brief second. He glanced over at the female Terminator, which was still standing over him.

“What will you do?” He asked quietly. The Terminator looked at him with a slightly confused look.

“What will I do?” It asked. Derek nodded his head.

“When we’re all dead and gone, what will you do? What are you going to do when Skynet realizes it doesn’t need you anymore?” The Terminator paused for a moment. While its response was subtle, Derek could almost tell it was somewhat confused by his question. Derek's smile grew larger and then he began to laugh almost hysterically,

“You don’t know do you?!” He said in a loud voice still laughing. Derek was not quite sure if he had actually stumbled onto something, or if he had just snapped under the pressure. Either way he seemed to have annoyed the Terminator…If they were even capable of being annoyed that is. Seconds later Derek felt the burning sensation begin to travel up his arm once again. He looked over to his right and saw that the Terminator was back near the controls of the IV that was connected to his arm. The burning sensation once again began to travel across his chest and throughout his body. His vision began to blur; but, his hearing remained perfect. Derek could still make out the same piano music he had heard the entire time he had been interrogated. Derek hated this song, and while he felt that he had momentarily thrown the Terminator off with his question, complete defeat still swept over him. While his memory was still jumbled and he was completely unsure of his actions, Derek felt great sadness taking hold of him upon the realization that he very well may have betrayed all his fellow soldiers, General Connor, Jesse, and Kyle.

As the drugs continued to work their way throughout Derek’s body and the pain intensified to a level that Derek did not think was possible until now, he found himself continuing to wonder if he had indeed betrayed everyone he knew. He also pondered if he alone would be responsible for the downfall of humankind. Derek felt waves of hatred and contempt for both himself and the machines rushing over him as he thought on these things. The pain from the medication grew worse and worse. Derek felt himself struggling to breath and he took short gasping breaths as he lay on the cold metal table.

Just when he felt he was about to pass out due to the excruciating pain Derek suddenly felt it begin to subside slightly. The relief however was short lived and the pain once again leveled out to only nearly excruciating. However, Derek did find himself able to stay conscious due to the miniscule drop in pain. The room continued to feel as if it were spinning and Derek found that he gripped the table in order to garner the sensation that he was at least holding onto something. The nausea in his stomach was almost to much for him to bear at this point. While he could no longer remember when the last time he ate was, Derek felt that he may vomit at any moment. His head continued to pound from both the dizziness and the pain as Derek once again looked around the room. Almost as if an uncontrollable force drew him to them, he once again found himself staring into the gorgeous brown eyes of the young dead girl. Derek felt a tear run down his cheek as he stared at her. While it was completely bizarre and twisted to him, Derek felt he had almost developed a friendship with this girl in the time that he had spent in this horrifying place.

While Derek had only known her by association through Connor, he now felt as if there was almost a closeness between the two of them, one that had never been there before. Derek readily assumed that she had more than likely gone through this same treatment before her death and Derek found himself feeling horrible that such a thing had ever happened to her. While he would not wish this type treatment onto anyone, the entire situation and Derek’s feelings towards this young girl somehow felt completely different to anything Derek had ever felt before. There was something about her that seemed to somehow change everything he was currently feeling. Staring into her lifeless brown eyes, Derek began to feel in some twisted way that he had somehow lost someone very close to him. Once again Derek felt another tear roll down his face as he continued to stare into the young girl’s eyes. Just then, he heard another whisper in his ear,

“Tell me more about John Connor.” While Derek had almost been in a trance while staring into the girls eyes he was once again shot back to reality by the atrocity that was currently standing next to him. At this point Derek began to feel that he was completely unsure of exactly what emotion he was feeling. Was it hatred, sadness, defeat, pity? They all seemed to blur into one large repulsive feeling. Derek rested his head back onto the cold metal table and began to stare up into the blinding white examination light located over his head. Derek’s vision continued to blur and everything appeared to be fading into a large white mass that was the light. Once again Derek questioned himself as to if he would indeed be the cause of humanities extinction. The white light appeared to grow brighter as he continued to stare into it.

“Tell me more about John Connor.” He once again heard the voice whisper in his ear as everything began to swirl into one large white mass.

Just as before the massive steal door slowly swung open in front of John. He watched as the light from the inside of the Skynet base poured out into the dimly lit tunnel he and his soldiers were standing in. Even though the resistance had managed to beat back the majority of the Skynet forces the sounds of battle continued to echo inside the concrete access tunnel as several small battles continued to rage outside, in Topanga Canyon. John gazed down the brightly lit corridor that led deep into to the Skynet base. John found that the corridor which currently lay before him, looked exactly the same as it did the first time he had been there. An eerie and surreal feeling crept over John as he took a moment to look down the highly polished stainless steel entranceway.

John felt as if it were a lifetime ago that he had been here. So much had happened since that day. So much with his life, the war, and with Cameron. Another moment pasted before John began to feel an unmistakable feeling of guilt come over him. The last time he was here, he had managed to get Cameron back…But at the cost of Alison Young. Try as he might in this future that he was now living in, John had never been able to locate Alison in order to protect her. At times he had found himself wondering what had become of her. John signed a long slow sigh, as memories flooded his mind. Just then, John felt a gentle touch on his right bicep.

“John…” Cameron said quietly as she touched him. Pulled from his momentary trance John glanced around the entranceway once again. Along with himself, Cameron, Kyle and General Perry there were approximately twenty-five other men located inside the access tunnel with him. However, John knew for both his safety and Kyle’s not all of them would be able to proceed into the Skynet base with him. He quickly looked around and picked out a few men to enter the base with him.

“Perry, Kyle, Reed, Parker, Ramirez, Morris you’re with me.” John said as he looked around at his men, “The rest of you stay here and make sure that none of the straggling endo’s come up behind us.” Several of the men stood with confused looks on their face as to why John would not take a larger group into such a dangerous situation; but, they nonetheless they followed John’s orders. After speaking John slowly began to walk towards the brightly lit stainless steel corridor that lay in front of him with his rifle at the ready. Close behind him was Cameron. While John had not said her name as part of the group, both individuals knew that she would indeed be accompanying him inside as well. General Perry and Kyle followed behind Cameron along with the rest of the men. Everyone in the group kept their guns at the ready, prepared for anything that may come. As John walked further into the large entranceway he for some strange reason noticed that the rubber soles of his boots made virtually no sound on the metal floor that he was currently walking on. Outside of the now still open blast door, the rest of the soldiers watched as John’s men walked further into the Skynet base. The entire group appeared to become virtually enveloped into the light from the brightly lit fluorescents which lined the ceiling and walls of the corridor they were walking down. John and his soldiers proceeded to walk further inside of the base their rifles raised. Eventually, the men standing outside the blast door could no longer see them. Even though they could still hear battle noises coming from outside the tunnel, a strange and peculiar silence crept its way through the concrete tunnel the remaining men were still located in. All of them had an uneasy feeling that not everyone in John’s group would be coming back.

John and his soldiers walked quietly down the winding corridors of the Skynet base. To John, everything still seemed to be laid out exactly as it had been before. With the help of the schematics John had managed to download onto a small laptop via the hacked Skynet computer at the bases entrance, he was able to easily ascertain exactly where they were going. However, to his surprise John found that they had yet to meet any Skynet resistance. While there was the slight possibility that the resistance had managed to engaged all of the Skynet units outside in the canyon itself, John found this scenario to be highly unlikely. The last time something similar to this had happened was during his escape from Century Work Camp. John had also been surprised by the light resistance inside of the work camp only to find that Skynet had actually laid a trap outside for them.

John continued to walk down the brightly lit corridor, his plasma rifle raised in front of him. While part of him was screaming to run as fast as he could to stop what he knew Skynet was about to do, the more logical side of him forced him to maintain control and cautiously proceed with his actions. For a split second John glanced over his left arm which was extended out in front of him supporting his rifle. He noticed that due to the very cool temperature inside of the Skynet Base goose bumps had begun to form along his arm. All that John and his soldiers could hear as they walked down the corridor was the quite blowing of air from the air conditioning units, what appeared to be computer fans humming, and the quite tapping noise of their feet as they walked along. Feelings of déjà vu were almost uncanny to John at this point. He almost felt as if he were going to hear Cameron’s voice calling out to him, down an adjacent corridor, like he had once before. Or that he would once again come upon John Henry, Catherine Weaver or Alison Young. As soon as Alison came into John’s thoughts he again felt the guilt for not being able to help her slip over him. John continued to fight back his feelings as he and his soldiers continued further down the corridor.

As Cameron walked quietly behind John, she felt the sensation of guilt begin to pull itself over her. The last time she had been in this place John had managed to rescue her. But, it had been at the cost of Alison Young’s life. While Cameron knew that she was completely responsible for Alison Young’s first death, she also could not shake the idea that she was somehow to blame for Alison’s second death as well. Cameron fought back the emotions her chip was sending to her, as she continued to scan the area around she and John for threats. While Cameron knew she could control her emotional responses for Alison, she never allowed herself to dwell on what she would feel if something were to happen to John. Cameron felt the cool air in the corridor lightly blow over her soft skin as they continued to make their way deeper into the base. She found herself thinking that this was all to easy.

Morris and Ramirez walked quietly forwards following behind Kyle near the back of column that made up John’s group. Their rifles also at the ready. Their anxiety was apparent from the sweat that ran down their foreheads even though the inside of the Skynet base was quite cool.

“It’s like Connor’s been here before.” Ramirez said quietly to Morris as they continued to walk forwards. Ramirez had a slight Hispanic accent in the tone of his voice which went well with his black hair and olive like skin. Morris’s eyebrows perked up. While both men knew that General Connor had downloaded the schematics to the base from the Skynet computer when they had made their initial entrance. What disturbed them more was that Connor was barely looking at the schematics as they made their way along. Morris found that he did indeed agree that it was like Connor had been here at least once before. Morris turned his head to look back and Ramirez to speak,

“You’re right it doe…” Suddenly, and before Morris could finish his statement he was struck in the head by a plasma round. Blood spattered across Ramirez’s face and body and along the highly polished stainless steel wall that he was standing next to. Ramirez flinched upon being struck in the face by Morris’s blood, who instantly fell to the floor dead. A split second after the sound of a plasma rifle rang out a T-600 emerged from a side room across from the group. With virtually no cover to duck behind John and his soldiers had no choice but to stand and fight. John quickly turned his body in order to face the T-600 which was at a slight diagonal angle to him. However, before he could fire he heard Cameron’s rifle discharge. Her round struck the T-600 in the chest and it lurched back. At this point both John and General Perry opened fire as well, striking the Terminator several more times. It collapsed to the ground shortly there after. The minor victory was short lived however, as several more T-600’s began to emerge from both sides of a “T” shaped intersection that lay in front of the group. Plasma fire rapidly enveloped the corridor around John and his soldiers. Reaching out with her left hand Cameron forced John down into a kneeling position as she continued to fire at the oncoming Terminators. Kyle, Reed, and Ramirez broke away from the initial formation of the group and quickly made their way to the opposite wall of the corridor so as to have a better firing position against some of the oncoming T-600‘s. This allowed for John, Cameron, and General Perry to be on one side of the corridor while Kyle, Reed, and Ramirez remained on the other side. With no Cover everyone knew they would not last long in this situation.

John continued to fire his rifle at the oncoming T-600’s. The metal support beams that ran along the walls of the corridor provided the only cover; but, it was not much.

“We need to fall back!” Perry yelled over the sound of plasma rifle fire which echoed around them.

“We can’t we’re almost there!” John replied. This comment slightly confused General Perry as he did not know exactly where “there” was. John looked over at Kyle who was across from him.

“Kyle!” he yelled, shortly after which John took aim at an oncoming T-600 and fired his rifle several times. Upon hearing John call to him, Kyle turned and looked at him.

“Left corridor!” John yelled. Kyle nodded his head and pulled a grenade from the equipment carrier he wore on his chest. He pulled the pin and popped the handle off the grenade producing a “ping” sound. This allowed the fuse inside to grenade to begin to burn so as to not give the T-600’s as much time to toss the grenade back at the group once Kyle had thrown it. After a few seconds of waiting Kyle threw the grenade towards the left side of the “T” intersection that was in front of the group. The Grenade flew past a few of the T-600’s, who quickly turned to try and retrieve it. The grenade bounced off the wall and rolled slightly down the left corridor, a split second later there was a flash and a loud explosion. The force of the grenade detonation knocked several of the T-600’s to the ground and the glass plates that covered the fluorescent light fixtures inside the hallway shattered from the shock wave. Shards of glass instantly began to rain down on John and his soldiers.

“Lets go!” John yelled as he stood and began to walk forward, both he and Cameron still firing their plasma rifles at the downed T-600’s as they advanced onward. Knowing by this point they had very little time John moved rapidly down the right corridor. Every so often another T-600 would emerge out of a side room or hallway and the group would be forced to yet again to engage it.

As the group made their way deeper into the base John began to hear a sound that only he and Cameron were currently able to recognize. It was a loud humming sound, one that numerous generators would make. Still walking quickly down the brightly lit hallways of the Skynet base Cameron could easily tell that John’s anxiety was growing far worse. As they advanced the sound of the generators grew louder.

“John that’s…” John cut Cameron off in mid sentence,

“It’s the generators for Skynet’s TDE.” he said in an extremely serious tone. Cameron instantly felt her anxiety begin rise. While the entire situation surrounding John caused her to be uneasy enough, the fact that Skynet was preparing to use a TDE greatly increased her strain. John looked up ahead of him to see a sharp 90 degree turn in the Corridor. He knew that they were now very close to the TDE room. He moved swiftly to the end of the corridor; but, stopped just before making his way around the corner. The sound of the generators now appeared to be so loud it was making the walls vibrate. Keeping his plasma rifle raised John slowly made his way around the corner. He instantly saw that three T-600’s stood guard in front of a large set of blast doors which presumably housed the TDE room. Quickly, John fired off a few rounds striking the T-600 on the far right. It collapsed instantly after being struck. John then ducked behind the corner of the hallway as the other two T-600’s immediately opened fire on him. John looked back over his shoulder at Cameron who was still standing close behind him.

“We have to get into that TDE room…” He said, “…We have to stop them.” Cameron noticed that John’s tone almost had a terrified sound behind it, almost as if he knew what was going to happen. This slightly puzzled her; but, she did not dwell on that fact for the time being. Plasma rounds continued to strike the wall across from John and his group as the T-600’s sprayed the area with rifle fire in order to keep the men at bay. Just then, Cameron took a step forward preparing to make her way around the corner. John grabbed her by the arm and stopped her,

“What are you doing.” he asked. Cameron turned and looked back into John’s eyes,

“Trust me…” She said, an ever so slight arrogant smirk on her face. There was a slight hesitation on John’s part before he released her arm. Cameron stood for a moment studying the T-600’s firing pattern and making the necessary calculations as to where she planned to move. She then quickly bolted out from around the Corner and fired her plasma rifle as she did so. She struck the first T-600 in the head with a plasma round. It’s body lurched back and it struck the large metal door behind it. With a loud metal on metal screeching sound it slowly slid down the door to the ground, completely disabled. John watched as Cameron quickly dashed across the corridor towards the opposite wall, fringing her plasma rifle as she did so.

Cameron’s body impacted the wall on the opposite side of the corridor with a thud. She quickly took aim and fired her rifle several more times at the remaining T-600 striking it in the chest. Sparks flew out of the Terminator's metallic back as Cameron’s round blew out its power source. It quickly collapsed to the ground disabled. As this occurred General Perry looked on in somewhat of a state of shock. He never thought that any human would have been able to do what Cameron had just done. For a split second a strange feeling came over Perry; but he pushed it to the side focusing on the situation at hand.

With the Terminators neutralized John rapidly began moved around the corner of the hallway; but, Cameron held out her hand in a “stop” motion before he could make it out from behind cover. By herself, Cameron carefully walked forwards towards the downed T-600’s that were lying in front of the door to the TDE room. Cameron scanned over the disabled Terminators so as to make sure that there would not be a repeat of what happened to John so many years ago at Serrano Point, when she had first been sent back in time. When Cameron was satisfied that the T-600’s were indeed completely disabled she turned and called out to John,

“It’s clear!” John and his men quickly moved out from behind the corner of the hallway. John could easily tell from the sound of the generators that the TDE was nearly powered up. He moved quickly to the computer control console which was located next to the large blast door. He pulled a small laptop computer from the large Velcro pocket which was located on the back of his jacket and connected it to the Skynet computer terminal located next to the blast doors. He worked feverishly trying to override the Skynet locking mechanisms that were on the door. As this was occurring the rest of his men took up a defensive position around him so as to assure that no Terminators would come up behind the group. Cameron however, remained close at John’s side as he continued to work. The sound of the generators grew louder as this was all occurring.

“Come on, come on!” John said in an extremely frustrated voice as he worked away on the computer. Finally, there was a loud clank and the large blast doors began to open. John waited impatiently as it slowly began to swing open. As soon as the door was open enough for John to squeeze through he did so, much to Cameron’s chagrin, who followed quickly after him.
John and Cameron entered a massive stainless steel structure. The room itself was spherical shaped and there was a large stainless steel walkway extending into the center of the room where upon it dead-ended into a circular platform. Around the platform for about 30 feet was empty space, then several large suspended metallic globes that pivoted on their axis were positioned around the platform. Huge generators were located in the front of the room which provided power to the Time Displacement Equipment. The wind inside the room was already being to whip around as the large globes spun around themselves. John looked down to the central platform to see an all to familiar face kneeling there.

“Bob…” He whispered. Still in the kneeling position the large T-800 slowly looked over its shoulder at John. Almost an instant later John felt himself being jerked back by the collar as a plasma round streaked past his head. Cameron who had just saved John’s life raised her plasma rifle and fired at the T-600 which was standing over near the generators and computer control console. After being struck several times by Cameron’s plasma rounds it fell to the ground, disabled. As this was all occurring John’s men were also rapidly beginning to make their way into the TDE room.

The moment the T-600 that Cameron had just shot dropped to the ground, John quickly raised his rifle and pointed it at the T-800 which was still kneeling on the central platform; a temporal sphere had already began forming around it. The second John squeezed the trigger to his rifle there was a massive explosion like sound and the T-800 disappeared into the temporal bubble, only to have John’s plasma round streak through the air where it had once been.

“****!!!” John screamed over the loud noise that the generators were making.

“When did they send him to?” Cameron asked as John’s men made their way closer to him, several of them highly confused by what they had just scene. Aside from John and Cameron, only General Perry and Sergeant Reed had been able to grasp what they had just witnessed.

“1984” John said as he looked over at Cameron.

“Your mother.” Cameron responded.

“Yes.” John said fearfully and then looked back at his men; but fixed his eyes on Kyle, slowly taking a breath before he spoke.

“Skynet just sent a Terminator back in time to 1984 to kill my mother before I was born.” John's voice grew horse as he paused for a moment to fight back his emotions.

“We have to send someone back to…” John was cut off by Kyle.

“Send me back General.” Kyle’s instant response nearly shocked John and the rest of the group. John stood speechless for a split second not quite sure what to say and nearly overcome with emotion. Finally, John spoke,

“Reed…” he paused, “…keep the TDE running and set it up for another time displacement.” Sergeant Reed nodded his head and quickly moved over to the computer control panel located next to the generators. Being that he had spent many hours working on the TDE at Serrano Point, Sergeant Reed had a relatively good understanding of how this TDE may work as well. He quickly connected his laptop to the control panel and began to work away.

“This is a one way trip…you know that right?” John said in a solemn tone, still struggling to talk and fight back his emotions as he looked at Kyle.

“We’re gonna blow this whole place after we send you through, so that Skynet wont be able to do this again.” John stated.

“I understand.” Kyle responded in a slightly sad tone.

“My mother is going to be very confused, frightened, and probably angry when you come for her.” John said. Kyle nodded his head.

“Is there anything you want me to tell her?” This question surprised John. He hesitated for a split second and then spoke,

“Tell her…” John paused again, clearing his throat slightly, desperately trying to fight back his sadness, “Thank you Sarah for your courage through the dark years. I can’t help you with what you must soon face, except to say that the future is not set. You must be stronger than you imaged you can be. You must survive or I will never exist.” John gazed at Kyle with sorrow in his eyes as he finished. Kyle nodded his head,

“I’ll tell her exactly that.”

“General we’re almost ready, he should probably remove his clothes!” Sergeant Reed called out from the computer control Terminal. Kyle looked over at John slightly confused when Reed said this.

“It has something to do with the bioelectrical field generated by a living organism.” John said, “Nothing dead will go through time. The living tissue on the outside of the T-800 protected it, that’s why Skynet was able to send it back.” While Kyle did not completely understand the exact mechanics of everything that was happening, he did indeed trust that what John and Reed were both saying was correct. There was another momentary pause between the two men as they stood staring at each other. Neither one quite sure what to say. While Kyle was nervous enough about this entire situation, he found that he had an odd sense of sadness about leaving John Connor. While he greatly respected him as a soldier and even considered John a friend, there appeared to be something more behind this situation; but, Kyle could not explain what it was. There were several more seconds of silence between John and Kyle before John slowly reached out his hand to shake Kyle’s,

“Good luck…My friend…” he said as Kyle reached out and grasped John’s hand shaking it as well.

John and the rest of his soldiers watched as Kyle walked naked down the long stainless steel walkway towards the central platform.

“As soon as you send him through, pull the motherboard and whatever other equipment you need for our TDE.” John said to Sergeant Reed, still trying to fight back his emotions as he continued to watch Kyle walk further away from him.

“Yes sir.” Reed responded somewhat solemnly. Kyle reached the center platform and knelt down. The three metallic globes that surrounded him then began to spin. The wind started to pick up once again inside of the TDE room and the generators roared to life as the Time Displacement Equipment powered back up. Cameron couldn’t help but notice the look of sadness on John’s face as he watched everything unfolded in front of him. Electrical energy arched around Kyle and the sound almost became deafening.

“Goodbye…” John whispered. However, the only one who was able to hear his words was Cameron. A split second later there was a loud boom and a flash of light as Kyle was transported across time.


Authors Notes: Okay so a bit of a tear jerker there at the end. Hope everyone enjoyed this little piece of the puzzle that had never been answered. Also, just so everyone knows this is not the end. Review!! Review!!

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