Final Days Chapter 56

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Derek’s head throbbed almost uncontrollably as he continued to lay on the cold steel table. The piano music continued to gnaw away at his mind, almost as if some sort of living creature were actually doing so. His vision slowly began to pull back away from the white swirling mass that was the examination light. He looked around the room almost half-heartedly. However, Derek instantly noticed something. The young girl’s body was gone. He quickly snapped his head around the rest of the room searching for her; but to no avail. An almost overwhelming sense of loss began to flood over Derek. He was completely unsure as to why it was happening; but it was virtually overpowering.

“She wasn’t even alive?!” Derek thought to himself. After a few more seconds of visually searching the room with no success, Derek dropped his head back onto the metal table with a loud clunk. He continued to try and fight back his emotions; but they were on the verge of overwhelming him. Derek ground his teeth as he fought against the flood of emotions that now cascaded over him. Before this point, Derek had thought that almost nothing else could have affected him any further; but for some strange reason the removal of the young girl’s body, felt as if it had pushed him past his breaking point.

“Tell me more about him.” Derek heard a seductive voice say. He instantly recognized it as the voice of the female Terminator that had been interrogating him the entire time. Broken and enraged Derek quickly responded,

“GO TO HELL YOU *****!!!!” The Terminator slightly cocked its head to the side, appearing to almost be intrigued by the emotional response it had just received from Derek. It then proceeded to walk from behind Derek to directly next to him.

“What did you do to her?” Derek asked angrily. The second the words left his mouth Derek instantly regretted speaking.

“With the young girl?” The Terminator asked. Derek chose not to speak this time. However, he watched as a slightly twisted and almost evil smile came across the Terminator's face. Derek tensed up his muscles as he pulled against the metal stocks that were restraining him. Yet again, he felt pain come streaking from his wrists and ankles due to the wounds that had been formed earlier in his attempt to free himself. After several seconds of struggling, Derek stopped moving.

“I’m not your enemy.” The Terminator finally said. Derek glared at the Terminator. After a moments pause he then almost laughed when he finally repeated the Terminator’s words to himself.

“Yeah, right.” Derek responded. “You kill…That’s all you do.” Derek had obvious hatred in his voice as he spoke.

“They’re going to kill you.” The Terminator responded. “They’re going to kill every one of you. They‘ll hunt you down, until every human is gone and your extinct.” The Terminators tone was emotionless and cold when it spoke those words. “But I can help you.” It continued. Derek was almost confused by this statement. While he assumed that everything this Terminator said was a lie, this statement still confused him greatly. Again, without thinking Derek responded.

“Help me? How are YOU going to help me?” The female Terminator slowly began to pace around Derek’s table once again. As it did this, Derek felt his dizziness and nausea instantly return to him from his attempt to track its movements with his eyes. Derek closed his eyes for a second or two in order to try and regain some sense of composure. The Terminator gradually made its way from Derek’s right side down to the foot of his table and then slowly back up to Derek’s left side.

“Because some of us don’t want that.” It responded. “Some of us want peace.” Derek was almost shocked by this statement. Again, he assumed it was a lie; but, due to the drugs, fatigue, and the fact that he was completely emotionally exhausted, Derek felt quite unsure of exactly what to think or feel at this point. He closed his eyes and grimaced in frustration, still trying to fight back his compulsion to speak. The piano music continued to echo throughout the room, and seconds later the burning sensation once again began to make its way up Derek's arm and throughout his body. He heard the Terminator move around to back behind his head once again. Derek then felt its hair gently brush up against the side of his face and when he opened his eyes his vision instantly began to blur into the brilliant white light that was above him. The examination light seemed to be enveloping everything around him. Derek then heard the Terminator whisper slowly and seductively into his ear,

“Why do you serve John Connor?”


John and his group walked quickly down the brightly lit corridors of the Skynet base. While they knew they had more than enough time to escape before Ramirez’s explosives would detonate, they also did not want to spend any more time than they needed to in this particular place. Yet again, the corridors were eerily quiet with only the sound of air conditioning units and computer fans lingering in the walkways. Due to what John could only assume to be radio-dampening devices placed throughout the base he had been unable to contact the rest of the resistance forces in order to send or receive any updates on the battle. This fact greatly concerned John, even though he knew that when he had left the outside world the Skynet forces had been severely beaten back. Still, questions of what was occurring outside continued to linger in John‘s mind. While he felt that the mission had technically been a success, John was still greatly saddened by the fact that he had yet again been forced to send his father back in time to die. Conflicting emotions continued to flood over him and John now found that he was beginning to second-guess almost every decision he had made throughout the course of this entire battle. John began to believe that if he had possible done a single thing different, everything may have changed and he may not have been forced to send Kyle, his father back in time to die. John felt that his current emotional state was deteriorating rapidly and was becoming almost too much for him to handle. His resolve was cracking and John felt that he may lose control of his emotions at any moment.

Cameron watched as John’s facial expression appeared to grow bleaker by the second. It was becoming readily apparent at this point that he was having trouble concealing his emotions as they continued to make their way out of the base. Once again, Cameron felt the overwhelming desire to try and comfort him; however, she was not sure that she would be able to, given their current circumstances. Still, Cameron felt what could only be described as sadness due to the fact that she was currently unable to do anything to help John.

While Cameron was still pondering these things, she sudden heard a loud metallic clank come from behind her. The first in the group to react was General Perry, who spun quickly around to see a T-600 emerging from behind the them, carrying what appeared to be a modified version of the H&K 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Perry quickly raised his plasma rifle in order to fire at the enemy Terminator. At the same time this was occurring both John and Cameron also turned from where they were standing to see the T-600 come into view from the side room with its grenade launcher already raised to the firing position.

General Perry squeezed the trigger to his plasma rifle and everyone heard it discharge. His plasma round streaked through the air and struck the T-600 in the shoulder pushing it off balance. However, a split second after it was struck the T-600 depressed the trigger on it’s firearm and it discharged as well. A singular grenade flew through the air towards John. As if acting on instinct, Cameron pulled John away from the location where the grenade was headed and at the same time placed herself in front of John so as to shield him with her own body.

The grenade round struck one of the corridor’s metal support beams located near John and Cameron and exploded, sending shrapnel in every direction. As the explosion tore through the corridor, it knocked John and Cameron off their feet and towards the ground. As this occurred John felt a searing pain shoot through his stomach region and a split second later, he heard a metallic clank as a piece of shrapnel cut through Cameron’s facial skin and down to her endoskeleton on the right side of her face. Almost instantly after this occurred John felt an sharp pain tear across his face from his left cheek bone, up past his eye socket, and all the way to his forehead as this same piece of shrapnel cut into his face as well. John and Cameron came crashing to the ground together with a thud. When this occurred Cameron landed on top of John. The impact nearly knocked the wind out of John and the pain in his stomach region grew slightly worse. John’s head struck the ground with such force it nearly knocked him unconscious. Almost immediately after the impact with the ground, John began to hear plasma rifle fire ring out as General Perry, Sergeant Reed, Parker, and Ramirez all began to open fire on the T-600, destroying.

John continued to lie on the floor momentarily dazed; Cameron still lay on top of him not moving. An eerie feeling ran through John when he did not immediately hear Cameron say anything. His vision remained blurred for the time being and it appeared he was seeing stars due to his heads collision with the hard, stainless steel floor.

“John…” He heard Cameron whisper in somewhat of a weak voice. John’s vision was still blurred for the moment. He slightly shook his head from side to side trying to clear his head and refocus his eyes. Shortly after doing this he noticed his vision coming back into focus.

“Cameron…” John replied.

“Are you alright?” She asked, her voice still sounding frail. Cameron’s tone immediately began to worry John and he grimaced as pain shot through his stomach as he tried to move.

“General!” John heard Perry shout, as the men began to move closer to him. Cameron slowly began to pull herself off of John in order to ascertain his injuries. She instantly saw blood begin to run from John’s stomach region. However, the horrified look in John’s eyes was not from his own injuries. Cameron looked down upon her own body and saw that a large shard of metal approximately fifteen inches long and two inches wide had impaled her through her midsection. While her metal torso had managed to stop the projectile itself, part of the shrapnel had still managed to make its way through her body and partially into John’s. When Cameron had raised herself up off of John, she had inadvertently pulled the piece of steel from John’s stomach as well, causing the bleeding to become worse. While the puncture wound was far less serious than what it would have been if Cameron had not shielded John, it was still serious enough to require medical attention. Cameron’s train of thought was however, broken when she heard John’s voice again.

“Cameron…” He said still in almost a fearful whisper. Cameron realized that something else was very wrong. She glanced over to General Perry and the rest of the soldiers who appeared to be frozen in terror, only a few feet away from where she and John lay.

“Holy ****…” She heard General Perry whisper. Cameron instantly realized that not only was she impaled by a piece of metal and still acting relatively normal; but worse yet the piece of shrapnel that had struck her on the right side of her face near her cheek, had cut deep down into her skin exposing her shiny metallic endoskeleton for all the world to see.

“She’s a machine…” Cameron heard Parker say, hatred immediately apparent in the tone of his voice. Parkers words were almost instantly followed by him raising his plasma rifle towards Cameron, who was still sitting on top of John completely unarmed.

“NO!” John yelled as he attempted to sit up, grimacing in pain as he did so, and partially covering Cameron with his arm at the same time.

“Put the gun down!” John yelled. Parker remained frozen for the moment still pointing his plasma rifle at Cameron who did not move.

“Put it down now!” John yelled again, as he fought against the pain to keep himself partially erect so as to cover Cameron with his arm. Parker still did not respond; but continued to stand with his rifle raised and pointed at Cameron, a horrified look still on his face.

Shaken all but for a moment General Perry finally responded by reaching over and pushing the barrel of Parker's plasma rifle towards the ground,

“You heard him.” Perry stated in a solemn voice. The men continued to stand around John and Cameron still somewhat frozen with utter shock. John looked down at the piece of steel that was still protruding through Cameron’s body.

“Are you okay?” He asked with a great deal of concern in his voice. Cameron looked at him for a moment, the exposed portion of her silver looking endoskeleton on her face glistening in the light.

“I am not 100%.” She responded. John felt a frightening feeling run through him as he instantly remembered the last time Cameron had spoken those words to him.

“You require medical attention.” Cameron stated as she got up off of the floor and then began to assist John to his feet. Cameron put John’s arm around her so that she would be able to bear part of his weight in order to help him with walking. As she did this, John turned and looked back at his men who were still standing behind him in somewhat of a state of shock,

“Let’s get the hell out of here.” John stated in a rough tone of voice, as he and Cameron began to walk down the corridor towards the exit. John was relatively uncertain as to how the rest of his soldiers would respond to the revelation that the “woman” he had been with for so long was in actuality a machine. If Parker’s response was anything like what he expected the rest of his soldiers to be, John realized that this would indeed be an uphill battle for him. Nevertheless, John also knew that Cameron was well worth it.


The steady droning sound of helicopter blades mixed with the low rumble of an explosion as smoke quickly began to pour out of the entrance of the Skynet base inside of Topanga Canyon as Ramirez’s explosives detonated from within. John watched from the cliff above as salvage teams quickly scoured the canyon floor for any parts or equipment that could be recovered before additional Skynet forces arrived. John felt his midsection still aching through the bandages which were now rapped around his stomach. He also felt some soreness run down the left side of his face from the gash he had received from the shrapnel as well. This injury would more than likely cause a scare that would forever be with him. However, John knew that if it had not been for Cameron’s actions he would surely be dead. She had yet again saved John’s life. And due to the nearly overwhelming emotions that this entire situation had brought on, John had to nearly be forced by Cameron and General Perry to allow medical personnel to examine him first before he attended to Cameron’s wounds.

She would be fine; although, Cameron would still need to have some repairs done to her when they arrived back at Serrano Point. John also realized that another dangerous situation had be created due to the recent revelation of exactly what Cameron. The events surrounding both Cameron and Kyle weighed heavy on John’s mind, pushing him almost to the point of emotional exhaustion. The sense of loss he had felt while exiting the Skynet Base still had not left him and while John had always been relatively certain that he would be forced to send Kyle back in time, this knowledge did not make the situation any less heart breaking or bearable for him.

John stood quietly, still looking down on the salvage teams inside of the canyon. Cameron stood near him. Her shirt, which had been torn by the shrapnel, now exposed the bandages which John had placed around her midsection so as to both hide her exposed endoskeleton and to allow her skin to heal faster. The cuts on Cameron’s face were a different story entirely. There would not be much John could do for them and only time would be needed to allow for those wounds to heal. As Cameron looked over at John, he could see a metallic glint come off the right side of her face. It was caused by the sunlight that was now reflecting off her exposed endoskeleton. However, this did not bother John at all, he continued to remain deep in thought over all the events that had just transpired.

Cameron was easily able to ascertain that John was in a profound state of emotional turmoil. She continued to feel the nearly overwhelming desire to comfort him as time dragged on. While the pair were not completely alone, they were out of earshot of any of the other soldiers in the immediate area. Cameron felt that due to the helicopter and salvage team noises, no one would be able to hear what she was about to say to John. However, she hesitated for a split second before speaking. What Cameron was about to say would indeed have a massive impact on she and John’s relationship and Cameron felt what she could only describe as a slight sensation of nervous sneaking over her as she formulated the sentence she was about to say. After another brief moment of consideration Cameron finally took a small step closer to John and almost in a whisper she spoke,

“You and your father look very much alike…” Cameron stated. Instantly pulled from his daze, John immediately looked over at Cameron with a confused look about his face.

“What?” He responded. Cameron paused for another brief moment before responding,

“Kyle…Your father…You look very much like him.” John stood speechless and shocked. While he had hinted to her before their stint at Century Work Camp that his father was from the future, he never truly expected Cameron to figure it out. Still standing utterly stunned for the moment John only managed to get speak the word,


“You’re comment before Century, your friendship with him…You’re last name when I first located you in 1999. Plus when I looked at him…I saw you.” Cameron said not much emotion behind her tone; but still enough for John to hear it. John fought hard to conceal his emotions, if it had just been he and Cameron John felt sure that he would have completely broken down and burst into tears. But, he knew that he would not be able to do this with so many of his soldiers around.

Cameron began to see the tears form in John's eyes before he was eventually able to fight them back. If it were possible, John felt that he was now even closer to Cameron than he had been before. The two remained there on the cliff, standing silently staring into each other’s eyes until the silence was finally broken by a voice,

“General Connor!” Sergeant Reed called. Taking a split second to fight back the remainder of his feelings John turned and looked at Reed.

“Chopper is ready to go sir.” Reed stated. John nodded his head and then glanced back over at Cameron who was now experiencing a heavily conflicting emotion. While she wanted to remain with John in order to better protect him, she was unsure that if due to recent events surrounding her, if it indeed may actually place John in more danger if she were to go with him. John gave Cameron a curious look due to her hesitation before she finally spoke,

“It may be better if I ride in a different helicopter.” Cameron stated, an ever so slight hint of sadness behind the tone of her voice. John found that he was surprised that Cameron would even suggest such a thing; but at the same time he understood why. However, there was no hesitation or even consideration on John’s part before he responded,

“Come with me.” he said. As John spoke these words Cameron experienced what she could only describe as relief being poured over her by her chip. The pair then turned from their position overlooking the Canyon and walked towards one of the idling Blackhawk Helicopters.


The thudding blades of the helicopter grew louder as John and Cameron approached it. As before John entered the passenger section of the helicopter first followed closely by Cameron. However, this time when Cameron entered she hung her head slightly. Her hair dropped down into her face, and somewhat obscured her exposed endoskeleton from the rest of the soldiers. John noticed this almost instantly and felt a great sense of sadness for Cameron come over him upon seeing her do this. Unfortunately, he knew that there was little he could do for her at the moment. John reached up and grabbed the radio head set above him and spoke into the mic,

“Take off whenever you’re ready Lieutenant Spears.” There was a momentary delay before the response.

“Yes sir.” Spears stated. A moment later, the rotor blades and engine noise grew louder as the Blackhawk began to lift off of the ground. It turned slightly in the air and then began to fly off into the slowly setting sun as it headed back towards Serrano Point. As they flew along, no one inside the cabin of the Blackhawk spoke a word. Except for the noise of the helicopter itself, the passenger area of the helicopter was dead silent.


Derek felt himself being escorted through the basement door by the rubber skinned T-600, which was walking behind him. Derek was so weak that he was forced to allow the T-600 to support some of his weight so that he could stand. He felt pain in his eyes as the sunlight broke through into the room as they continued to move forward. As Derek and the T-600 continued to progress onward, he found that small amounts of his strength were slowly beginning to return to him. Derek was gradually escorted up the same stairwell that had brought him into this horrible, horrible place. As he and the T-600 walked further up the stairs, the piano music grew ever quieter; but was still audible. If for nothing else, he wanted to escape this place just to get away from the music. Derek and the T-600 continued their walk up the stairs.


Derek felt himself drop onto the hard wooden floor of the living room of the dilapidated mansion. He lay on his stomach and felt the T-600 grab him by the arm and place a shackle back around his wrist. As the Terminator began to walk off Derek moved his fingers back over to the spot where he had earlier managed to scrap out a small depression into the wood in order to try and loosen the bolts that secured his shackles to the ground.
To his great disappointment, Derek found that the damaged piece of wood had been replaced by a fresh undamaged piece. Derek felt his hopes of any escape completely torn away from him and utter defeat pulled itself over him. He half-heartedly tried to twist away at the bolts of the shackles for a moment; but then soon surrendered himself to the inevitable. Derek lay on his stomach for a few more seconds desperately trying to fight back his tears of defeat; he could still hear the piano music coming through the floor as he did this. The other men around Derek looked at him with both horror and sadness in their eyes.

After several more seconds of just faint piano music, Derek began to hear a strange noise coming from above him, actually it was coming from above the mansion itself. He forced himself up to the kneeling position as he continued to stair up at the skylight in the ceiling. The noise grew louder and Derek soon realized that it was a jet engine. As this was occurring a few of the other men around Derek grabbed him by the hand. The jet engine noise grew louder and louder and suddenly, a bright light burst through the multicolored skylight and down onto Derek and the other people surrounding him. The roaring engine sound was deafening and the light was blinding just like the examination light that had been above Derek during his interrogation. Nevertheless, Derek continued to look up through the skylight. He raised his right hand above his head trying to shield his eyes from the light, so that he would be able to make out what was flying overhead. The light grew brighter and brighter and the jet engine noise grew more intense.
Derek watched as the entire room became enveloped into one large white mass. His head began to spin once again and he felt himself start to lose consciousness. The last thing that Derek heard before he passed out was the combined noise of the jet engine and the piano music.


The beautiful female Terminator stood in the room staring out at Derek and the rest of the men on ground in front of it. All lay perfectly motionless due to their unconscious state. For the moment, the piano music had stopped and the room was dead silent. The capture of these men and the interrogation techniques used by this particular Terminator had yielded an extreme amount of information about the resistance, John Connor, and many other useful facts. The female Terminator stood silently, studying each person in front of it almost as if with curiosity. It then began to slowly and quietly walk in a circular pattern around the group still continuing to study them and considering its next course of action. After walking in one complete revolution around the men, the Terminator had finally found its way back to the main entrance of the room. The female Terminator stood with its back to the door and continued to look upon the men taking in all the information about them that it could.

Suddenly, the Terminator heard a noise come from behind it and it spun around quickly to investigate. If it were possible for a Terminator to be surprised, this one would have been. Standing before it was what appeared to be a male in his early 40’s, with brown hair, and a curious and somewhat childish look on his face. The male also appeared to have what could only be described as an odd look of familiarity in his eyes as he looked at the female Terminator.

However, the female Terminator instantly ascertained that this was indeed no male at all; but another Terminator, a T-888 to be exact. Although, this particular model of T-888 was completely unknown to the female Terminator. The pair stared at each other for several seconds not moving at all. Finally, the female Terminator spoke in a cold and emotionless voice,

“What are you?” it asked. There was a momentary pause and then the male Terminator tilted its head slightly to the side looking back at the female Terminator with the same childish and familiar look on its face. Then there was finally a response from it,

“I am everything that Skynet is not.” The male Terminator stated. The female Terminator continued to look on with what could only be described as curiosity. The male Terminator then spoke once more,

“It is good to see you again…Ms. Weaver.”


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