Final Days Chapter 57

Authors Notes: Okay so this chapter is a bit of a dedication to Josh Friedman and a mirror of one particular scene from the series. You'll see what I'm talking about after reading it. ******************************************************************************************************************************


The roaring sound of jet engines echoed inside of John’s ears as he slowly looked up from the cold, concrete floor of Serrano Point‘s TDE room. John’s brain was still aching from the torrent of new memories that continued to force their way into his mind. He managed to glance around the room for a moment and saw that Captain Spears was still lying unconscious on the floor in front of him. Spears appeared to be the only other thing inside the room besides John himself, that continued to remain relatively unchanged. John glanced over at the blast doors and to his surprise saw that they were now undamaged. This was a complete departure from the damaged state they had been in before Cameron had traveled back in time. Another thing John noticed was that while before there had been a palm printer reader located next to the blast doors for access to and from the TDE room there was now a retinal scanner located in its place. John knew that these drastic changes had to be due to Cameron’s actions in the past. A feeling of exhaustion swept over John as he continued to experience new memories and emotions. He slowly closed his eyes as now what appeared to be nostalgic memories continued to come to him.


Cameron lay topless on top of an extremely cold steel table as John quietly stood over her. The room that John and Cameron were together in was extremely dark; except for the one bright examination light that was above the table Cameron was lying on. The medical bay itself was quite large, and had a surprisingly cool temperature. Rows of metal tables were dispersed throughout the room as well. There were also bits and pieces of endoskeletons scattered about the room along with bloodstains on the floor. Cameron was well aware of the fact that this area functioned as a medical bay, mortuary and was also used to examine captured Terminator units. However, this time around this particular room was far less disturbing to Cameron than it had been the first time she had experienced it.
John slowly cut the bloodstained bandages off of Cameron’s abdomen and then slid them away from her body revealing the puncher wound on Cameron’s right side. He could easily see the damage that Cameron’s endoskeleton had sustained while saving his life. John felt a surge of emotions run over him as he looked upon her wound. While John was indeed glad to be alive and was thankful that Cameron had saved his life, he was greatly saddened by the fact that she had yet again risked her own life to do so. He felt a swell of anger against Skynet come over him due to the fact that it had yet again nearly taken Cameron from him.

The room was eerily quiet except for two things: John’s breathing which appeared to grow slightly more anxious as he prepared to repair Cameron, and a slight humming sound coming from the bright bulb located inside the examination light. Cameron could easily see the apprehensive look in John’s eyes and watched as his body language began to change revealing his nervousness as he studied her wound. While Cameron’s wound was not life threatening it was serious, and John had found that he always became nervous whenever he performed any type of significant repair on Cameron.

John reached over to a small table next to him and picked up a pair of needle nose pliers. He then slowly moved his hand towards the gash in Cameron’s stomach. John found that his hand began to shake slightly as he moved it closer to Cameron’s wound. When his hand with the pliers finally found its way over the puncture in Cameron’s midsection John paused for a moment. He suddenly, and for an unknown reason became completely focused on the tremor in his hand. He clenched his jaw slightly trying to control his anxiety; but, for the moment, John’s efforts were in vain. He watched as his hand which was still hovering over Cameron’s stomach continue to tremble. Just then, Cameron’s soft fingers gently grasped his hand. John had been so focused on his own actions he nearly jumped when Cameron touched him. Broken from his daze John looked up at her. Cameron said nothing to him, she just stared at John with her brown eyes and a soft look on her face. John took a breath and then exhaled slowly. As he did this, he felt his anxiety begin to drop off significantly. Cameron slowly released his hand so as to allow him to work. John instantly noticed that his hand was no longer shaking.

There was an almost soothing sensation that came over Cameron as she watched John repair her. While Cameron had know for quite some time that she completely trusted John and he was the only person that she would ever permit to do anything like this; she always found that there was an odd sensation of closeness whenever she allowed herself to become so completely vulnerable to him. Her programming always demanded that she never willing allow either herself or John to be in any type of defenseless situation. However, Cameron found that by forcing herself to be virtually helpless in John’s hands, she experienced an almost liberating emotion.

The first time Cameron had ever experienced an inkling of this particular sensation was when she had permitted John to repair her damaged hand after he had discovered her attempting to perform self-repair in their garage. After allowing him to perform the repair, Cameron found herself to be quite confused as to the cause of, and reason for this particular sensation. However, this initial response was nothing compared to the experience of allowing John to examine her power source while they had been in a motel room together. While it was true that there had been a genuine and true need for the examination; Cameron found that there were also more subtle reasons as to why she allowed it to occur. One reason in particular was that she wanted to guarantee that John knew exactly what she was. Nevertheless, at that time, due to Cameron’s memory disablement she was unsure as to the exactly reason why she felt compelled to do this to John. She had discovered that she and John were continuing to grow closer and closer and while Cameron did not quite yet understand the emotions she was experiencing or the emotions John may be feelings towards her, she indeed wanted him to know exactly what she was. It was also in the hopes that he would still accept her, while at the same time preparing him for what she knew was going to happen and what he may be forced to do. However, the soothing and liberating experience that Cameron experienced while John examined her was indeed quite perplexing to her. Cameron knew that at any moment on that bed John could have very easily incapacitated or destroyed her. The fear she felt during the initial first few moments of the examination were quickly replaced by another feeling entirely. Cameron had been unable to describe it at that time; but, she now new exactly what it was. It was a combination of both trust and love on her part towards John. By forcing herself to become completely vulnerable to John and to trust in him completely Cameron felt a closeness with him that she never would have thought possible before she had actually experienced it.


John slowly looked up from his work on Cameron’s midsection with a puzzled look on his face.

“What does it feel like?” he asked, his voice somewhat quiet. Cameron tilted her head slightly to the side,

“What does what feel like?” John thought for a moment.

“Does it hurt when I do this?” John asked with a hint of shyness and nervousness behind his tone. While he knew that what he was doing to Cameron needed to be done, he also cringed at the idea of causing her pain.

“While I do not experience sensations in the same way you would, my sensors and programming do allow me to interpret stimuli in a similar fashion that your nervous system does for you.” John had a slightly confused look on his face when Cameron said this. She then continued,

“Your repairs produce a mixture of sensations, while some could be interpreted as pain, others could be interpreted as pleasure.” Before John could stop himself, he spoke,

“You experience pleasure?” John asked. The moment the words left his mouth John instantly felt that he wanted to bite his tongue. After all that he and Cameron had been through John found that he could not believe what he had just asked. While Cameron felt slightly put off by John’s question, she also understood exactly why he would ask such a thing.

“Like I explained before, while I do not experience sensations in the exact same way you do, my programming does allow for me to experience both positively and negatively sensations depending on the stimuli; whether it be physical, emotional or a combination there of.” Cameron paused for a moment and then spoke again in a slightly softer tone,

“If I have the ability to experience pain, would it not also stand to reason that I would be able to experience pleasure?” John was nearly blow away by this statement. While he had never allowed himself to dwell on this one particular thought for any length of time due to his own uncertainty about it, John found that Cameron’s explanation had a virtual brilliance to it and John felt almost ashamed for asking the question in the first place. John remained still for several seconds while he tried to absorb the near revelation that had just been explained to him. After several seconds of silence John spoke,

“That makes perfect sense Cameron.” he said in a quiet voice still trying to conceal his emotional state.


Cameron watched as John slowly and carefully replaced a few damaged pieces within her midsection. While Cameron certainly did experience discomfort due to the repair work that was being performed on her; she also continued to experience a cascade of soothing sensations washing over her. Nevertheless, after reflecting upon all the events that had recently transpired she once again began to experience what she could only describe as fear. Not because of what John was currently doing to her; but, for what he had done for her. Heavily conflicting emotions of trepidation and anxiety began to nearly overpower the soothing sensation that had been swept over Cameron as John repaired her. Breaking the silence she spoke in a slightly monotone voice,

“They won’t trust you anymore.” She said. As she spoke, John looked up at her, somewhat confused, “You have risked your life to save me…That could upset people.” After Cameron finished speaking John thought for a moment. While several conflicting emotions came over him, he found that anger seemed to be the predominant feeling. However, the anger was not directed towards Cameron at all. John slowly put the pair of pliers that he had in his hand down on the table and took a breath. A strangely serious expression came across his face as he did so. Cameron noticed that his facial expression was more determined than it normally was. Finally, John spoke,

“I’m not fighting this war for them.” He said, and then paused. “I’m fighting this war for you.” Cameron felt a certain sense of shock due to John’s statement. While her chip forced the emotions of love and closeness towards John over her, she also felt a horrifying sensation at the same time. It was fear for John’s safety.

“I do greatly care about humanity and I want to protect and preserver them. And while they may have been the predominant reason for my fight in one lifetime; they are not the sole reason anymore.” John stated. There was another pause as Cameron felt her anxiety continue to grow worse. If John felt this way about her, she began to wonder what he would be willing to do to protect her. This entire situation could indeed greatly jeopardize John’s life.

“The only way for you to be safe, is to defeat Skynet.” John stated his voice growing quieter as he concluded his explanation. Cameron lay quietly on the table, still unsure of what to say, her emotions were so strong and conflicting she felt tears forming in her eyes. John’s statement had nearly completely emotionally overpowered her. While his loyalty towards her was indeed astounding, she also felt an immense amount of trepidation for John’s safety at the same time. Cameron began to feel that she alone may be John’s greatest threat. She continued to fight to hold back her emotions and maintain her composure as she lay silently on the metal table. Cameron watched as John once again went back to work on her midsection. When he did so her feelings of fear were once again combated by the soothing sensation that washed over her as John continued his work.


Cameron sat completely still and with her back straight as John slowly rapped the bandages around her midsection concealing her wound once again. However, there was still the metallic glint that reflected off of Cameron’s endoskeleton due to the small exposed section on her face. John was standing extremely close to Cameron as he finished rapping her bandages.

“That should about do it.” John said, “Your skin should heal back up in a week or two. But, it might be a good idea if you stayed in my quarters until that happened. Less prying eyes that way.” Cameron nodded her head in agreement, as she continued to sit at the bottom edge of the metal table. She then glanced down at her arm and observed that the hairs on it were raised slightly due to the cold temperature of the room, she then looked back up at John. There was another moment of silence between John and Cameron as the pair quietly stared at each other. Other than the solitary examination light that was above Cameron’s head the room remained nearly pitch dark and also virtually dead silent.

John was still standing extremely close to Cameron and his hands rested just above her hips from where he had finished rapping her bandages. She continued to look up at him due to the fact that he was still standing over her. As she did this the exposed portion of her endoskeleton reflected the light back onto John’s face producing an almost multicolored prism effect on the gash that ran across the left side of John‘s cheek up to his forehead. At about this same moment John saw Cameron’s eyes begin to glow blue beneath her brown irises. He stared into her eyes quietly for another several seconds. Then he slowly leaned forward and kissed her gently. Cameron’s eyes continued to glow brightly as she kissed him back. She then slowly brought her hands up behind John’s back and pulled him closer to her, rapping her legs around him as she did so.

The couple’s kissing began to grow more and more intense. The room remained dead silent as John and Cameron continued to caress one other’s bodies. The only additional sound inside the room was the slight humming coming from the bulb of the examination light still positioned above the pair’s head. Cameron once again slowly allowed herself to lie back down onto the cold metal table. As she did this, Cameron pulled John down on top of her, still keeping her lips pressed against his.

As John lay on top of Cameron he gently began to kiss and lick his way down the side of her neck. As he did so she slowly pulled his shirt off of his body. When Cameron did this, it exposed the bandages that were still rapped around John’s midsection from the wound he had received earlier. After his shirt was off, John moved his head back up towards Cameron’s face and resumed kissing her lips. He gradually slid his hands down the sides of her soft body to her hips, and then around to her stomach. Once unbuttoned John slowly slid Cameron's pants off of her. As this was occurring Cameron continued to caress John’s exposed back, moving her hands lower as she felt her pants slipping from her waist. John and Cameron's actions grew more and more intense as they continued to run their hands over each other’s bodies. Cameron no longer felt the cool temperature of the medical bay or the steel table she was lying on, instead this sensation was replaced by the warmth of John’s body pressed against hers.


Authors Notes: Okay so I hope everyone enjoyed reading what I think is REALLY going on inside of John and Cameron's head and their feelings towards each other. This was a complete Jameron Chapter; but I felt it had to be done. I hope everyone enjoyed it. REVIEW!! REVIEW!!! AND REVIEW SOME MORE!!!!

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