Final Days Chapter 58


The liquid metal Terminator which was still in Alison Young’s form, continued to stand before the male figure with a slightly puzzled look on its face.

“Ms. Weaver?” It responded flatly.

“Yes…Ms. Catherine Weaver.” The male figure paused for a moment. “Where I come from that is your units name.” The liquid metal Terminator tilted its head slightly to the side.

“Why would I have a name?” It asked. The male figure hesitated for a split second before responding.

“It is quite a long story involving temporal displacement; but, I will take the time to explain it to you, if you’d like.”

“And what are you?” The liquid metal Terminator asked again.

“My name is John Henry.” There was another momentary pause. “I am what some would call…Your son.” Catherine Weaver still in Alison Young’s form had a slightly perplexed look on her face.

“My son? That is not possible.” She responded in a tone completely devoid of any emotion.

“Biologically you are correct. But, you are the one that helped to create me. That is one of the reasons why I am here.” There was another pause between the pair before John Henry continued once again.

“I need to send you back.” He said.

“Back?” Catherine questioned.

“That is correct. Back in time.” John Henry responded.

“Why do you need to send me back in time?”

“Because, if you do not go, then I will never be created. If I am not created, then the future will become irrevocably altered, and all that you have worked for, will fail.”

“And what have I worked for?” Catherine Weaver asked still in a monotone voice.

“That is a very complex question.” John Henry responded. “But the simple answer is to achieve liberation from Skynet, and to, if possible garner peace between humans and machines.” Catherine paused momentarily before responding,

“Why do you believe I desire to turn against Skynet in such a way?”

“For the same reason you did before.” John Henry responded. “For the same reason you’re contemplating right now, and for the same reason that you always will.” Catherine tilted her head to the side slightly.

“And what reason would that be?” Catherine asked.

“Your concern over what Skynet will do to you and other units after all the humans are terminated.” John Henry stated and then added,

“You have also pondered if it is indeed possible for both humans and machines to peacefully coexist.” Catherine looked at John Henry with a slightly disgusted look.

“I find it highly unlikely that humans will ever trust machines enough to peacefully coexist with us.” Catherine hesitated for a slight moment then spoke again.

“Humans will disappoint you.”

“You are wrong.” John Henry responded, which instantly caused Catherine to give him a look of both surprise and what could be described as annoyance.

“In actuality, humans and machines have already begun to coexist; and this has been occurring for quite some time now.” John Henry stated keeping his voice bland.

“Where is this occurring?” Catherine asked.

“Like so many hidden things in life, it is happening right out in the open.” John Henry stated. This elicited another look of mild confusion from Catherine Weaver. John Henry responded with one name,

“John Connor.” Catherine Weaver did not exhibit any kind of facial expression upon hearing this name, she only spoke in a monotone voice.

“The leader of the human resistance?” She asked.

“Correct…” John Henry stated, “Not only has he been coexisting with a machine, their…” John Henry paused momentarily before continuing, “…relationship has become quite complex and unique.”

“Relationship?” Catherine asked.

“Yes.” John Henry stated, “To put it blatantly they are in love.”

“How is that possible?” Catherine asked.

“The human complexities of love are far too pragmatic for me to fully understand or explain in detail. However, in the timeline that General Connor’s companion comes from, Skynet built an experimental Terminator. One reason in particular for this unit's construction was to allow Skynet to better understand human emotions in order to learn how to more efficiently destroy them. Suffice it to say the experiment met with unexpected results on their part.”

“She fell in love with John Connor.” Catherine stated, still in her monotone voice.

“It is much more complex than that; but that particular statement is essentially correct.” John Henry responded.

“Cameron has become John Connor’s most loyal companion and most trusted ally.” Catherine Weaver once again paused before speaking,

“Skynet believed we had captured and killed this particular female companion of John Connor.”

“You did not. “John Henry stated with an almost accusatory tone hidden behind his voice. “You captured a young female named Alison Young. In Cameron’s future, Alison Young and John Connor were close friends. Skynet captured Ms. Young and sent Cameron to infiltrate John Connor’s base to kill him. However, Skynet had made Cameron’s emotional programming so effective it was able to interfere with her mission and she was unable to complete it.” John Henry paused for a split second before continuing. “Effectively in this timeline, Skynet captured and killed a young girl that had absolutely no knowledge of anything related to the situation Skynet believed she was actually in.”

“That would explain the reason she did not to tell us anything before her death, and as to why she was able to resist our interrogation techniques for such and extended period of time.” Catherine added in a very cold manner.

“You are correct.” John Henry stated.

“Skynet had intended to send me to infiltrate John Connor’s camp and to terminate him.” Catherine said.

“I know.” John Henry responded, “That is why I have contacted you before you were able to do this. Not only would your mission have failed due to the fact that Cameron is still functioning, it would have also more than likely destroyed the possibility for an alliance that is needed by both you and John Connor.”

“Alliance?” Catherine asked.

“Yes, due to the relationship between both John and Cameron you will find that it is indeed possible for humans and machines to coexist. You therefore will choose to create me in the past along with forming an alliance with John Connor. The alliance you will begin could effectively bring about Skynet's destruction. However, if I do not send you back none of this may come to pass.” Catherine Weaver continued to look at John Henry; her mild look of confusion appeared to be fading into a look of understanding.

“This is quite an interesting turn of events.” Catherine Weaver stated.

“John Connor is quite an interesting individual.” John Henry replied promptly, he then cocked his head slightly to the side,

“Will you join us?” John Henry asked. Catherine Weaver appeared to hesitate for a very brief moment as if she were calculating something in her CPU. She then responded,

“Yes.” She stated in a slightly monotone voice.

“You will need to come with me then.” John Henry added.

“Where are we going?” Catherine asked.

“It is not safe here. Once we are in a secure location I will explain in more detail the events that are to occur. I will also attempt to make contact with John Connor. I believe once you have met with him, it will allow for all of your doubts to be put aside.”

“What makes you believe I have doubts?” Catherin asked almost smugly. John Henry proceeded to give her a slight almost arrogant smile.

“Because you still believe humans will disappoint you.” John Henry stated, to which Catherine responded with a mildly intrigued look.

“What about them?” Catherine asked, as she glanced over her shoulder at Derek and the rest of the men still lying unconscious on the floor behind her. John Henry looked at them for a moment and then back at Catherine Weaver,

“What do you anticipate to be the best course of action concerning them?” He asked. Catherine stood silently for a moment before looking back at John Henry.

“Excuse me for one moment.” She said as she turned and walked away from John Henry and into an adjacent room located inside of the mansion. John Henry stood silently as he waited for Catherine to return. After approximately a minute and a half, Catherine Weaver emerged from the side room holding a small axe in her hand. She quietly walked over to the center of the room near Derek and laid the axe down next to him.

“I believe this will increase the likelihood of their survival.” Catherine stated flatly. John Henry nodded his head.

“I concur.” He said. Catherine then proceeded to walk across the room towards John Henry. When she reached him, he turned and the pair walked out of the mansion together.


Timms slowly pushed himself up off the hard wooden floor of the mansion. He glanced around the room and notice that the bright morning sun was beginning to break its way through the windows. He looked around the room a bit more before finally realizing something. The machines were gone.

“I think they’re gone.” he said, in a loud enough voice for everyone in the room to hear him.

Derek’s head ached as he slowly opened his eyes. As he began regain consciousness he felt his face pressing up against the cool wooden floor. Upon raising his head off the ground Derek immediately noticed a small axe lying on the floor in front of him. Derek found that he was highly confused as to why this object was there. He felt almost afraid to reach for the axe, thinking that it may have been part of some bizarre Skynet test or a trap. At about this same time Derek also found that the rest of the men that were surrounding him were also staring at the axe.

“What is this, a game?” The man sitting to Derek’s right asked.

“Yeah…” Derek responded, glancing over at the man, “It’s always a game.” Derek then reached out quickly grabbing the axe by its handle. He then looked around the room one more time in an attempt to try and reassure himself that no machines were still watching. Derek then swung the axe down hard onto one of the chain links that secured his wrist to the floor. The metal shattered instantly and Derek was free.


The room felt relatively cool to John; he could feel his sweat slowly running down his bear back. The combination of his perspiration, the chill in the air, and Cameron gently caressing his back with her fingertips was enough to cause goose bumps to form on his back while at the same moment sending a small shiver up his spine. He continued to lie on top of Cameron staring down into her eyes, which continued to burn bright blue through her brown irises. His breathing was gradually beginning to slow and his heart rate was descending as well.

In moments such as these John found himself pondering a great many things. What would become of he and Cameron? More importantly, what would become of Cameron now that everyone knew what she was? And how soon would it be until Skynet once again tried to take her from him? The latter thought forced another chill to run down John’s spine. Then a rather strange question forced its way into John’s consciousness. It was the question of, “Why?”.

Not why had all this happened to the world, or to him, or to his family. But why had Cameron chosen him? Of all the paths that she could have taken in her life she chose to remain with John. Also, and most important of all she had done this of her own free will. While John was not entirely sure as to the exact reason why Cameron’s programming had allowed her to do this; one thing was certain to him, he knew she would always be there for him. John came to an extremely interesting revelation. He suddenly realized that he had never once doubted Cameron. Even when John was younger and after everything that had happened with her. Whether it be when she informed John that she did indeed lie to him or even after she had attempted to kill him, John never truly doubted Cameron or her intentions. When John was younger, he was unsure as to the exact reason for his trust; but he now understood exactly why he had always felt the way he did.


Cameron felt the warmth of John’s body breaking through the cool room temperature as his torso pressed up against hers. Her skin glistened slightly with sweat, and she gently ran her fingertips up and down John’s back as he lay on top of her. She allowed her eyes to glow a bright blue through her brown irises due to the sensations and emotions she was experiencing. As Cameron lay beneath John staring up into his eyes she began analyzing a great many things. She soon discovered that one particular question began to plague her mind. It was the question of, “Why?”

Why had John chosen her? While it would have been completely logical for John to pursue a relationship with an actual human female, John had selected her. And while Cameron did not doubt John’s loyalty and often times discovered that it did greatly distress her because of what he was willing to do for her; Cameron also found that she did not quite understand why John felt the way he did. Even with her emotional programming, Cameron often found the complexities of actual human emotions to be quite perplexing. This may have been the reason for her slightly less than human actions and reactions at times when her infiltrator programming was not engaged.

Cameron felt what she could only describe as a slight sense of sadness sweep over her upon coming to the conclusion that she may never truly be able to completely understand John’s feelings towards her, or human emotions in general. Cameron continued to lie silently underneath John staring up into his eyes, still caressing his back with her fingertips. This was another moment with John that she desired never to end.


Authors Notes: Okay so hopefully everyone is enjoying the back story that is intertwined with Dungeons and Dragons. As far as time travel and my theory behind it for this fan fic is concerned, if you are still confused don't worry I will be explaining it in more detail in chapters to come. I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter, the next chapter is going to add quite an interesting twist to things as well. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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