Final Days Chapter 59

Authors notes: The first part of this chapter will be from Derek's perspective hence the "writing" style change. You'll see what I mean once you read it.


“Tell me about the other Reese.” Derek said to General Perry as both men walked down one of the long corridors located inside of Serrano Point.

“I told you it’s classified.” Perry responded in a somewhat unemotional tone.

“We’re family.” Derek retorted to Perry’s response, who then looked over at Derek as they continued onward,

“We’re all family.” This time Perry‘s voice had a slight bit of emotion behind it. Derek sighed before speaking once again.

“Let me talk to Connor, he’ll understand, Kyle was his friend.”

“Connor doesn’t have any friends.” Perry answered, “And he doesn’t talk to anyone.” he stated as they walked through an open doorway guarded by a large black male soldier,

“Fine…I’ll find him myself.” Derek said as he increased the speed of his walk and began to pull away from General Perry.

“Reese…” Perry stated, some frustration in his tone. Derek rounded a corner and began to walk down a metal walkway that led into a larger storage room, when suddenly he saw it. It was the atrocity that had tortured him; it was the thing that had killed that young girl and forced him to stare into her eyes for what seemed to be an eternity. The machine walked towards Derek. It wore a blue jacket that was slightly unzipped to the point where you could just start to see its white tank top. It also wore blue pants and a sidearm on its right thigh. With an almost blank stair on its face, the machine looked directly at Derek. In a split second, Derek felt the fear, horror, and rage building inside of him to a point where he thought he may explode.

“METAL!!!” Derek screamed, as he pulled his Desert Eagle from its holster and quickly yanked back the slide chambering a round. The Terminator responded by also reaching for and drawing its sidearm; but, by this point Derek was already pointing the barrel of his gun at it.

“NO!!!” General Perry yelled as he came running up from behind Derek and quickly grabbed him by the wrist and pushed Derek’s hands towards the wall. Derek’s gun discharged sending the round flying wildly as the sound of a gunshot echoed throughout the room.

“She’s a machine!” Derek yelled, “She’s one of them!”

“No Damn it!!” Perry yelled, as he continued to pin Derek’s hands against the wall with his left hand while at the same time pointing at the Terminator with his right signaling for it not to kill Derek.

“She’s one of ours!” Perry stated, as he released Derek’s hands from the wall. The Terminator slowly reholstered its handgun as it stood in front of Derek who continued to have a look of both shock and horror on his face. The Terminator then slowly turned and began to walk away from him. As it did so, the machine turned and looked over its shoulder at Derek as it continued on its path away from him.

“One of ours?” Derek asked with both confusion and disgust in his voice. Perry crossed his arms and stood silently looking at Derek who continued to stand speechless with a look of utter shock draped over his face.


Jonathan Parker paced back and forth inside of a cramped storage room. As he did this he ran his hands through his blond hair and then proceeded to look out at the small group of four men in front of him with his blue eyes. While Parker’s build was not overly large or muscular he did at least for the moment appear to be stronger than he actually was.

“I’m not talking about going against Connor, I’m talking about getting rid of that thing that is always around him. Once that thing…” Parker hesitated for a moment before continuing, “…that Cameron is gone, Connor can get his head back in the game and we can actually stand a chance at winning this war.” Parker said, as he continued to look back out at the group that was seated in front of him. All of these men had gone through the battle at Topanga Canyon and all had been equally shocked by the revelation that Cameron was indeed a machine.

“I don’t know, man.” Jose Ramirez stated, “This is some pretty heavy **** to be getting into.” A few of the other men who also had conflicted looks on their faces nodded their heads as well.

“Connor and that thing are practically inseparable. Do any of us even remember a time when it wasn’t with him?” Parker asked holding his hands up in a slightly frustrated fashion.” He then lowered his voice slightly before speaking again,

“No one here is stupid. We all know what goes on between the two of them when they’re alone in his room, and God knows what its whispering in his ear once they’re in bed. I don’t even know if we can be sure if Connor is actually the one leading us anymore.” Parker stated angrily.

“She did save all our asses out there in Topanga Canyon.” Ramirez retorted the conflict slightly masked by his Hispanic accent.

“But how do we know that wasn’t the plan all along?” An older Sergeant sitting next to Ramirez stated. While the Sergeant was only in his mid to late thirties his salt and pepper hair was apparent, along with the cold look in his eyes. On the chest of the fatigues he wore was stitched the name, S. M. Lewis.

“Yeah…” The other two young men sitting in the room responded.

“She’s had plenty of time to kill all of us you know. Why wouldn’t she have done it by now?” Ramirez asked.

“Maybe she’s just waiting.” Parker responded. “Maybe one day she’ll just snap and try to kill as many people as she can. Or worse maybe one day she’ll turn off our defense grid and allow Skynet to waltz right in here and kill us all.” Ramirez’s face was visibly conflicted. While the other men in the room seemed to have already made up their mind about what they were going to do, Jose still appeared to be on the fence.

“Look, I wasn’t happy either, when I found out what she was; but, what if she’s good? What if she really wants to help us?” Ramirez asked.

“Reprogramming endo’s is one thing.” Parker said. “I understand why we gotta do that. But, it’s one thing to reprogram some machines to be cannon fodder at the front lines; it’s another thing to **** one of them.” Parker's statement which was filled with hatred elicited another, “Yeah…” from the men sitting around Ramirez.

“Jose…” Parker stated in a calmer voice. “We’re gonna need your help if we’re gonna pull this off.” A certain urgency and concern began to creep up behind Parker’s voice when he spoke these words. Ramirez ran his hands through his black hair still quite unsure of what he was going to do.

“I don’t know ese.” He said as he stood. He then began to slowly turn away from Parker and the group and head towards the door. Jonathan quickly grabbed Ramirez by the shoulder,

“You’re either with us, or you’re against us.” Parker said in a quiet, cold and angry voice, its tone also had a threatening obeisance behind it. “I brought you in here because I thought I could trust you.” Ramirez jerked his arm away from Parker.

“I ain’t no rat.” Ramirez responded. “I just need some time to think this over.” Parker took a half step back away from Ramirez.

“Just think of what’s at steak here if we continue to let that thing follow Connor around like its his pet.” Ramirez returned Parker’s cold stare with his owe, before again turning and walking away from the group towards the metal bulkhead door that would allow him to exit the room. The group waited quietly until they heard the metallic clank of the door as Ramirez closed it behind him.

"He may have to be dealt with.” Sergeant Lewis stated as he looked over at Parker.

“No…” Parker responded, slightly holding out his hand towards Lewis. “If something needs to be done regarding him, I’ll handle it myself. For the time being leave him be.” Parker paused for a moment, “I think he’ll come around.” He added. Sergeant Lewis nodded his head, still giving Parker a cold stare.


Corporal Brooks leaned over the large motionless body of a T-888 infiltrator unit. The Terminator itself was a larger, white male with slightly olive skin. It had black hair with grey highlights in it. Overall the Terminator appeared to be quite muscular as well. The T-888 had a large cut on the right side of its scalp revealing that its chip port cover was open and its chip had been removed.

“You almost done?” Corporal Brooks asked as he looked over at another man standing across the room from him at a computer. Sergeant Kelley glanced over his shoulder at Brooks,

“Almost, The coding is a little different than the T-600’s and T-800‘s...I’m having a little bit of trouble over riding it.”

“You want me to go get it?” Brooks paused for a moment, “Er, uh…Cameron, do you want her to take a look at it?” Kelley once again looked over his shoulder, frowning slightly as he did,

“No, I’m fine, I don’t need her to look at some simple programming. I’ve done this plenty of other times. The coding is just a bit different and will take a little longer to get through.” Brooks nodded his head and then turned back to look at the Terminator that was lying on the table in front of him.

“Why do you think he didn’t tell us? About her that is?” Brooks asked. Sergeant Kelley paused for a moment then spoke,

“Would you have trusted him if you had known she was a machine from the very beginning?”

“Probably not.” Brooks responded. “But, there are a lot of angry people out there right now, that are not to happy with Connor about his little secret.”

“People need to remember how many times she’s saved both Connor’s ass and our own.” Kelley responded, in a somewhat cold manner. Just then, there was a sudden beep from the computer and Brooks looked over at Kelley.

“It’s finished.” He said, as he removed the chip from the cord that attached it to the lap top computer. Sergeant Kelley then walked across the room and over to the T-888 that was still lying motionless on the table. He looked at it for a moment and then back up at Brooks.

“Are you ready?” Kelley asked as Brooks raised his plasma rifle slightly towards the T-888.

“Ready.” Brooks responded. Kelley slowly inserted the T-800’s chip back into its scull. He rotated the chip slightly until there was a click after which there were several seconds where the T-888 continued to lay motionless. It then suddenly twitched. When it did so Brooks jumped back raising his plasma rifle a bit more.

“Relax Brooks…they all do that.” Kelley stated.

“Yeah, doesn’t make me feel any better though.” Brooks responded. Just as he had finished that statement the T-888 bolted upright on the table. Brooks once again jumped and raised his rifle to the firing position. The T-888 looked over at Brooks staring down the barrel of his plasma rifle and then over at Sergeant Kelley.

“How may I be of assistance?” It asked.

“What is your primary mission?” Sergeant Kelley asked the T-888, which sat quietly for a moment. Several seconds longer than what both men would have expected. Corporal Brooks held tightly onto his plasma rifle as he stared at the T-888. Finally, it spoke again,

“To protect John Connor and assist with the furtherance of the human resistance.” Both Sergeant Kelley and Corporal Brooks breathed a sigh of relief. As Brooks exhaled he slowly began to drop the barrel of his plasma rifle.

“May I speak with General Connor?” The T-888 asked.

“Yes, he’ll want to examine you for himself.” Sergeant Kelley responded. The T-888 turned its body so that its feet were hanging off the side of the metal table and then slid off of it. There was a thud as its heavy frame impacted with the ground. It looked around the room one more time before looking back at Sergeant Kelley who was standing in front of it.

“Follow me.” Kelley stated as he turned to walk away. However, the T-888 did not immediately move and just continued to stare straight ahead. Kelley paused for a moment.

“Did you hear me?” He asked. The T-888 then appeared to break from his gaze and looked back over at Sergeant Kelley.

“Yes, please take me to General Connor.” Kelley once again turned and began to walk out of the room followed by the Terminator. Corporal Brooks remained behind the machine in case anything should happen. When the group was nearly out of the room the T-888 stopped once again. When he did so Corporal Brooks almost walked into the back of the Terminator.

“Hey, what the…?” Corporal Brooks stated in a surprised tone. Sergeant Kelly spun around and looked at the T-888 who was staring straight ahead again.

“We understand…” The T-888 stated in a cryptic manner. Sergeant Kelley looked at the Terminator with a slightly confused look. Just then the machines eyes flashed red through its brown irises.

“Brooks!” Kelley shouted; but it was to late. The T-888 quickly spun around striking Brook’s plasma rifle as he attempted to raise it. There was a loud crack as the Terminator’s hand struck the center of the rifle and caused it to go flying across the room. The T-888 then struck Brooks in the face with its left fist nearly shattering his skull when he did so. Corporal Brooks was knocked over to his left side and fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, dead.
Sergeant Kelley turned to run; but, just as he reached the bulkhead door he felt himself grabbed by the back of his neck by a vice like grip. Kelley then felt himself being pulled back into the room.

“Submit to chip extraction!” He screamed as he tried to reach for the doorway in order to resist the Terminators grasp.

“No…” The Terminator responded in an emotionless tone. Just a few seconds later Kelley heard a pop and everything went dark.


Sergeant Reed carefully looked over the computer control console inside of the Time Displacement control room.

“So were you able to install it?” John asked, as he continued to stand just a few feet away from the TDE control console, Cameron stood silently just a foot or two behind him.

“Yes…” Reed responded, “…it took us a little while to figure it all out; but, once we did, we were able to install the motherboard from the Skynet TDE into ours with relatively few problems.” Reed paused for a brief second before continuing. “We’re still not exactly sure how Skynet was able to solve the problem of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle; but, they somehow managed to do so.”

“So is it safe to use?” John asked, a slight hint of uncertainty in his voice.

“As far as I can tell it is. The Novikov Sphere is stable and everything appears to be…” Sergeant Reeds voice was cut off by the distant popping sound of machine gun fire. The sound was muffled; but, could still be heard through the concrete walls as the TDE was currently powered down. John and Cameron quickly turned around.

“What was that?” Reed asked, a certain sense of shock in his tone.

“It is an M249 S.A.W. machine gun.” Cameron responded in a monotone voice.

“Why is it coming from within Serrano?” John asked, as he stepped forward towards the door leading out of the TDE Room. Cameron quickly grabbed him by the bicep stopping him.

“Stay here, I will investigate.” John turned to Cameron with a look of both, surprise and worry. He tried to move again; but Cameron continued to hold onto his bicep.

“Wait here…please.” Cameron said, her voice slightly fluctuated into a concerned tone as she spoke the word
“Please.”. John stood silent for a moment. He knew it would be useless to both argue with and fight against Cameron. John relaxed his body slightly and Cameron then moved quickly towards exit door of the TDE control room. There was a loud metallic crash as the door slammed behind her sealing both John and Sergeant Reed inside of the TDE room. John felt his heart rate begin to rise as thoughts of concern for Cameron’s safety came flooding over him.


Authors Notes: Okay so hopefully everyone enjoyed the gap I filled in with both Derek's reaction to Cameron and the whole T-888 going bad. I also hope you're intrigued by the "revolt" that may be in the planning stages. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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