Final Days Chapter 6


A man in a Tech Com Captain’s uniform walked down a long hallway towards a large set of blast doors. The air raid sirens and explosions coming from the exterior of the base were somewhat muffled but he could still hear them. Warning lights flashed as he walked down the long hallway until he reached the door way. The two soldiers standing there saluted him then one asked,

“Sir, what can we do for you?”

“General Connor sent me, I need to start powering up the TDE we’re going to send some men back to stop this raid.” The soldier looked at the Captain confused.

“Uh, sir, during a lock down I’m not able to give anyone access to the TDE unless it’s General Connor himself.” The Captain slowly turned his head looking at both soldiers.

“That’s to bad…” Both of the captain’s arms suddenly turned into long metallic spears and shot out towards the two soldiers impaling their heads. The T-1000 then pulled the spears out of the soldier’s heads and they both dropped to the ground dead. He looked at them both for a moment then grabbed one soldier by the wrist and lifted up the soldier’s lifeless hand. The T-1000 placed his hand up against the soldiers hand and was instantly able to duplicate the dead soldier’s fingerprints. The T-1000 then walked over to a control panel and placed his hand on the palm reader. He saw a small laser begin to scan from the top of his fingers down to the bottom of his palm. The computer beeped and then a numeric display appeared on the touch panel. The T-1000 looked at it for a moment then entered the code “564283”. The computer beeped again and an alarm began to sound as the blast doors slowly started to open.


“He’s inside there Sir.” Lieutenant Spears stated as he pointed to one of the metal holding cell doors.

“Spears, you stay out here, Bob you come with me.” John said as he turned and opened the door walking into the holding cell. Bob followed closely behind him closing the door after he entered. John looked at the man sitting on the small cot in front of him. The man was somewhat thin, a bit shorter than John with black hair. It appeared that he hadn’t shaved in several days as well. The Corporals uniform that the man was wearing was a little to big for him. This wouldn’t have been a major concern to John except for he knew that more than likely the Corporal that this uniform did belong to was probably dead. The man smiled at John smugly. John felt the anger inside of him build at an exponential rate and he quickly walked over to the man and grabbed him by both sides of his shirt and lifted him off the cot. John then slammed him up against the wall of the cell,


This first question surprised both the man and John and even puzzled Bob. Everyone assumed that John’s initial question would be some sort of tactical question in order to ascertain why Skynet was here. The man again smiled smugly figuring out quickly that the capture of Alison had obviously hit one of very few nerves John had left. John regained his composure and then stepped away from the man.

“Why are you here?” John asked. “Is Skynet trying to recapture Serrano?” The man laughed,

“Capture it? Why would we need to capture it?” His response puzzled John. He knew that Skynet may have built another TDE but John had managed to keep Skynet’s resources spread thin enough that maintaining a working TDE would have been difficult. John assumed that Serrano Point would be a primary target for Skynet due to the tactical advantage of re-obtaining a fully functional TDE.

“Do you realize what you’re doing?” “You’re trying to wipe out your own species.” The man continued to smile a sly smile.

“Humanity deserves to be wiped out.” “Skynet is perfect, it’s the machines turn to rule the world.” “And if we need to, we’ll take it from you piece by piece.” Instantly thinking of Alison again, John balled his fist and struck the man across the face knocking him to the ground in front of Bob who looked down at him quickly. The man laughed again,

“There’s nothing you can do…It’s all over by now.” The door to the cell suddenly swung open revealing Lieutenant Spears.

“General! I just got word from Major Alexander that the TDE is being powered up.” John looked down at the man with hatred in his eyes.

“Skynet doesn’t need the base back it just wants to use the time machine one more time…And you’re just a distraction.” John turned and started to walk out of the cell.

“You’ll never see that little whore again! Skynet will see to that!” The man said as he began to laugh. John stopped dead in his tracks and turned around quickly. As he did he drew his side arm. He moved quickly back into the cell and placed the barrel of the gun up against the man’s head and pulled the trigger. The gunshot echoed throughout the cell and John’s ears began to ring slightly. He re-holstered his gun and walked out of the room.

“Lets go.” John, Spears and Bob ran down the corridor heading in the direction of the TDE.

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