Final Days Chapter 60


Derek lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling. His right hand was slightly draped across his forehead as he lay motionless and pondering a great many things. The recent attack by the defective T-888 had shaken Derek quite a bit. Especially due to the fact that General Connor had chosen to allow himself to become so close with yet another machine. The thought of what those two could be doing or may have already done sent a cold shiver down Derek’s spine. Just then, the light that was coming in through Derek’s door was blocked by a figure. Derek sat up quickly looking over to his left to see “that thing” as he often described it standing in the doorway.

“John wants to see you.” Cameron stated in an emotionless voice. Derek felt another cold shiver run down his spine as he stared at the machine as it turned and walked away from him, assuming Derek would follow.


Cameron stepped up to a computer control panel located on the right side of a steel door. When she did so, a red laser beam projected from the bottom of the control console scanning her eyes. After it had done so, there was a faint beep and then a click as the door in front of them unlocked. Cameron stepped slightly to her left and opened the door for Derek. The moment the she did this Derek could instantly hear the sound of what he could only assume were jet engines. Also, the very distinct smell of jet fuel instantly came wafting out of the room. Cameron slowly looked back at Derek obviously wanting him to walk through the door.

Slightly bewildered by what he saw Derek stepped into the room slowly, the noise from the jet engines grew louder as he did so. Derek was astonished by what he saw through the medium sized glass window in front of him. He wasn’t even sure exactly what he was currently looking at; but it was still an impressive sight none the less. Through the window Derek could see the jet engines, they appeared to be idling. Electrical energy arched about inside the room itself and a faint silverish sphere would begin to form in the center of the room and then would quickly disappear. Derek continued to stand quietly in the room, still amazed by what he was looking at. He had never seen anything quite like it before in his life.

“Derek…” A voice said from behind him. Derek quickly spun around to see John Connor standing behind him.

“General…” Derek said, for a moment hesitating to salute due to the state of shock he was currently in. After shaking himself from his momentary stupor, Derek began to raise his hand in order to salute.

“At ease…” John quickly responded, as he walked past Derek who turned back towards the interior of the room looking at the computer control console that John was now headed towards. After taking a few more steps away from Derek, John stopped and turned to face him.

“What do you think?” John asked, as he glanced over at the TDE.

“What is it?” Derek asked.

“Time Displacement Equipment.” John responded, Derek was surprised to hear the lack of emotion in John's voice as he described what could only be an impressive piece of equipment,

“Or TDE for short.” John added.

“Time Displacement Equipment?” Derek asked with the surprise apparent in his voice.

“Yes…” John responded, “It allows us to travel through time.” There was still little emotion in John’s voice as he spoke. This continued to startle Derek given the gravity of the situation. However, it also concerned him at the same time.

“He‘s acting just like a machine.” Derek thought to himself, he then quickly gathered his thoughts before asking yet another question.

“How?” Derek asked. John hesitated for a moment before responding,

“The actual technical details are not important; but suffice it to say it creates a temporal wormhole that allows someone to travel either forwards or backwards in time.” John’s voice continued to be cold and did not waver as he spoke.

“Has this always been here?” Derek asked.

“Yes it has…However, we have just recently managed to get it operation, due to some newly acquired material from the Skynet base located at Topanga Canyon.” Derek felt a pang of anger shoot through him upon hearing John’s mention of the battle at Topanga Canyon. He still did not know what had happened to Kyle, and Connor’s seeming lack of emotion about the topic only angered Derek further. He continued to find that General Connor appeared to be acting more like the machine that followed him everywhere, rather than a human. After a few seconds of silence Derek finally spoke again,

“What are you going to do with it?” He asked. There was a momentary pause on John’s part, who continued to stand silently staring at Derek.

“I read your report on your interrogation.” he said. Derek instantly felt his anxiety level rise as thoughts about the incident flooded his memory. John took another step closer to the window located inside the room, so as to better see the Time Displacement Equipment.

“So it was just a voice that interrogated you?” John asked. Derek continued to hedge upon hearing the question. He felt anger; fear, guilt, shame, and paranoia pull itself over him as he stood silently not wanting to answer that particular question. Derek cleared his throat trying to fight back the emotions that were building inside of him as every second passed,

“Just a voice…” Derek responded quietly. “The endo’s would come into the room and shoot me up with some kind of drug; but, it was just a voice that talked to me the entire time.” Derek continued to feel his anxiety grow worse as he continued to lie. He felt as if he were beginning to relive the entire situation in his mind. Derek found that he was quite unsure as to exactly why he was lying about what had actually occurred. He believed that any sane person would have told Connor exactly what it was that he had reprogrammed and was now working so closely with; but for some reason Derek found himself unable to do so. In a dark corner of Derek’s mind he truly believed that no matter what he told Connor about that thing, it would never cause him to separate himself from it. So what was the point in even informing him? For reasons unknown to Derek the General appeared to trust that thing with everything he had.

“What did the voice ask you?” This inquiry pulled Derek from his momentary daze and at the same moment he also found that this question slightly angered him. Derek had already taken the time to write out in his report all that he remembered, or wanted to remember that is. And now it appeared to Derek that Connor not only wanted him to relive the moments again; but at the same time may not have trusted what he wrote down, even though some of it was indeed a lie.

“Lots of things.” Derek finally responded in a slightly gravelly voice.

“Did you tell them anything?” John asked, still staring through the window at the TDE.

“Nothing important.” Derek responded his voice a little quieter, as he tried to fight back the shame of possibly cracking under the interrogation. John’s eyebrows raised slightly when he heard this; but due to the fact that his back was currently to Derek, he was unable to notice this response. There was another moment of silence between the two men. This allowed Derek to think of a great many things about his time in that horrible place. There was still a large amount of confusion in Derek’s mind as to why he had not told the General of exactly what had happened. He had never lied to any superior officer before nor did he ever want to. Derek just knew that he never wanted to talk to ANYONE about it, or even think about that thing, or what had happened in that basement ever again. While it had only been a relatively short amount of time since Derek had returned from his stint with Skynet; whenever he heard the subject of Cameron, being brought up he made it a point not to listen or to completely avoid the people that were talking about it. Derek continued to feel the guilt grow within him until he felt as if he could no longer contain it. Then John spoke breaking the silence of the room and Derek‘s chain of thought.

“I want to send you back.” John stated. If Derek had been paying more attention he would have noticed the slight bit of sadness in John’s voice as he spoke those words.

“Back?” Derek asked.

“Back in time.” John responded.

“To do what?”

“To change…” John paused, “Everything that you can change...To fix some of the mistakes that have been made.” John's voice trailed off slightly as he continued to fight to conceal his emotions from his uncle.

“Do you think it’ll work?” Derek asked. John turned and faced Derek.

“I know you’ll make a difference. You’ll be able to change things.” John’s voice had turned ever so slightly softer but Derek still had not noticed it.

“I can stop Skynet?” Derek asked with a slight bit of apprehension in his voice. John cleared his throat fighting back the soreness that was beginning to form there.

“That is a possibility.” John responded, his voice somewhat solemn.

“Am I the only one going back?” Derek asked

“No, you’ll have three other men with you.”

“Who?” Derek asked.

“I'm going to ask Sumner, Timms, and Sayles to accompany you as well.” John took a breath and then sighed, “This is not an order Derek, this is strictly a voluntary mission.” John paused for a moment, “There’s no coming back from this one…Once you go…You’re gone for good.” John continued to struggle to conceal his emotions. As this occurred numerous thoughts began to race through Derek’s mind. While he would jump at any chance he could to stop Skynet, knowing that he would never again return was quite unsettling to him. While the world he lived in was not a pleasant one, he still had obligations to his friends, fellow soldiers, to Jesse, and to Kyle. Suddenly, Derek snapped his eyes back to John as he had once again found himself staring at the TDE.

“What happened to my brother?” Derek asked a slight big of anger apparent in his voice. John stood silently for a moment. Derek’s words cut deep into his heart; however, he continued to fight and to show no emotions.

“I’m sorry Derek.” John stated, “I can’t give you any information on your brother.” Derek clenched his jaw as he stood before John fighting to hold back his anger. While John was readily aware that his past self would inform Derek of what had truly happened to Kyle, for everyone’s safety John knew that Derek could currently know nothing.
There was another several seconds of silence between the two men as they stood staring at each, the only sound in the room was that of the jet engines. Derek felt his anger continue to boil within him, while at the same time John felt his sorrow growing worse, almost as if it were about to spiral out of control.

“I’ll do it.” Derek finally responded in a low, quiet voice that was still filled with hate. John was surprised to find that a part of him was slightly disappointed. There was indeed a side of John that had been secretly hoping that Derek would refuse. At this moment John also felt that if he were to speak his emotions would take control so instead he just nodded his head silently at Derek. There was another moment of silence before Derek spoke again,

“When do I leave?” He asked. John struggled but managed to speak,

“1900 hours.” There was a momentary hesitation. “I wanted to give you the chance to say goodbye to…anyone you needed to.” While Derek was still infuriated by John’s refusal to answer, his questions regarding his brother he still managed to feel an ever so slight bit of gratitude for this allowance. Nevertheless, the anger that continued to swell within him still reigned supreme over his emotional state.

“Is there anything else sir?” Derek asked hatred still filling his voice. John clenched down on his jaw as he pushed his emotions once again to the side.

“No, you are dismissed.” Derek turned quickly and began to walk out of the room. However, when he reached the doorway he abruptly stopped and turned back to face John.

“It’s only a matter of time.” He stated. John looked at Derek with a slight bit of confusion on his face. “It’s only a matter of time before she turns on you too.” Derek stated in a cold tone, still with apparent anger in the statement. John felt his legs begin to grow slightly weak from the emotional distress that came crashing down on him. In fact, if John had not been so upset by Derek’s words he would have noticed Derek’s use of the word “too” at the end of that particular sentence. While John knew the statement was completely untrue, there was nothing more unsettling that Derek could have said to him at that exact moment. Derek then quickly turned and walked out of the room leaving John completely alone.

The moment Derek was gone John turned away from the doorway and placed both hands against the concrete wall bracing himself. As he did this John’s breathing became labored and he continued to struggle to not burst into tears, as he tried to fight back his emotions. First, his father, now his uncle, John could not help but nearly be consumed by the saddening fact that he always lost the ones he loved.

“John…” Cameron’s soothing voice broke through the emotional upheaval and unrest that was consuming John as he leaned up against the wall facing away from the door where Cameron now stood. She could easily see that John was visibly upset and she now knew the exact reason as to why. She began to walk closer to John and when she reached him, Cameron gently placed her hand in the small of Johns back.

“I’m sorry John.” She stated. While her voice was somewhat monotone it still contained a soothing element behind it. John turned to face her, as he did so Cameron moved her hand from his back to the side of his arm. John stared into Cameron’s brown eyes with his own blood shot, tear-filled eyes. Due to the situation surrounding Kyle’s time travel, John had not had much time to actually react emotionally to what was occurring.

However, with Derek, John had been able to absorb every second of it. And each second appeared to drag on endlessly for him. John not only felt as if he were losing his uncle; but due to the circumstances, he felt as if he were also losing his father all over again. John continued to stand silently not moving, still staring into Cameron’s eyes. He easily allowed himself to be lost in her brown irises. John found that it would have been impossible for him to explain to Cameron just how much of a comfort she was to him and how lonely he would be without her. John had come to the realization many years ago that he did not know what he would have done or would do without Cameron. While he knew deep down he could survive without her. He also knew it would be an extremely lonely existence. The pair continued to stand silently inside of the TDE control room staring into each other’s eyes, the droning noise of jet engines still swirling about them.


A male soldier slowly walked down a long darkened hallway. Each step he took felt as if it were a burden to him and the air he breathed appeared to be thick and unforgiving. After a short navigation through the dark corridors, he finally managed to find his way to one particular bulkhead door. He stopped in front of it and stood silently for several seconds, before finally reaching out and knocking on the door. After another moment, there was a clank and the door opened revealing Jonathan Parker standing in the doorway. His eyebrows raised slightly upon seeing the man standing in front of him.

“I’m in…” The man said in a low voice, which was almost a whisper. Parker stared at the man with a slightly confused look on his face.

“What changed your mind Ramirez?” Parker asked somewhat arrogantly. Ramirez paused for a moment with a heavily conflicted look on his face before speaking once again.

“The rogue T-888.” Ramirez stated with a slightly Hispanic accent. “It’s only a matter of time before she turns on all of us as well…And who knows what she’ll do to us when that happens.” Parker nodded his head.

“You made the right decision Ramirez.” he staid. Ramirez nodded his head trying to hid the sickening feeling that he currently making its way into his stomach.

“I’ll be in contact soon to inform you of when we’re going to make our move.” Parker stated. “Until then, just lay low and keep your eyes and ears open.” Ramirez nodded his head again. There was another moment of silence between the two before Ramirez spoke once again,

“I’ll see you around.” He said in a slightly angry voice as he turned away from Parker and proceeded to walk back down the hallway.


Derek, Sumner, Timms, and Sayles knelt naked in the center of the Time Displacement Room. The jet engines around them were roaring at full power, which created a nearly deafening sound inside of the room. The wind continued to whip around them quickly as this was occurring. Electrical energy arched throughout the room as a silverish temporal sphere began to form around the men. As all this was happening Derek found himself slowly turning and looking back over his shoulder and out of the glass window located at the front of the TDE room. By doing so he was ably to see into the TDE control room one last time. Staring back at him through the glass window was John Connor. Derek noticed that Connor had a strange look on his face. It appeared to almost be sadness. Derek was completely unsure as to why Connor was looking at him in this way. If he did not even care enough to inform Derek as to what had happened to Kyle, he found it surprising that Connor would seem to show any emotion upon his own departure. Still, Derek continued to see something strange in John Connor’s eyes as he continued to look into them. Another puzzle that Derek had been given was what Connor had told him to do soon after his time jump. After Derek had established a safe house, General Connor had instructed Derek to go to Griffin Park and to wait. As to what Derek was waiting for Connor had not informed him, he was just instructed to wait. The roar of the jet engines was almost overwhelming now and the electrical energy that arched around the men was becoming more intense.

John stared through the window at the group that was inside of the TDE room. He continued to feel a great sense of sadness wash over him due to the fact that he was sending yet another family member back to die. Worse yet, it had become readily apparent to John that Derek was extremely angry with him due to the events that surrounded Kyle’s mission, and John‘s inability to give Derek any information about it. Once again John felt that someone he loved would die with a great misunderstanding about him in their mind. Thoughts of both Sarah and Kyle began to fight their way into John’s consciousness. He felt the remorse grow worse as Derek’s departure grew closer. John wished so badly that he could allow his loved ones to be happy, if only for a little while. This was part of the reason why he had instructed Derek to wait in Griffin Park. It was to meet Jesse again. While John knew that the Jesse, Derek would meet would not be the Jesse that he currently knew, and the saddening fact was that, that particular Jesse would indeed betray Derek as well. John took comfort in the knowledge that he knew it would at least make Derek happy for a little while. And John believed that Derek deserved that much. John was also well aware of the fact that if it had not been for Derek he may not have actually been able to ascertain what Jesse’s full plan was in regards to Riley. There was a loud crackle as the temporal sphere began to form around Derek and his men. John watched as the electrical energy flashed frantically about the room and within a few seconds there was a deafening boom and a blinding white light as Derek, Sumner, Timms, and Sayles were transported across time.


Author's Notes: Okay so I hope you guys enjoyed the gap that I was able to fill in about Derek AND more importantly as to why he never actually found out about who it was that interrogated him. I truly believed that this was something Derek may have done (lied about parts of his interrogation), due to shame or whatever other reason he may have come up with. But I hope you guys enjoyed. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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