Final Days Chapter 61


John heard the crackle of electricity inside of the TDE room located at Serrano Point as he continued to lie on the cold concrete floor. He found that the steady droning sound that the jet engines were making had almost become white noise to him. As new memories continued to flood over him, he watched, as the silver temporal sphere would begin to form in the center of the room and then quickly disappear. John found that the days and weeks after Derek’s departure were particular difficult for him. He felt a great sense of loss having to send his last remaining family member back to die. During this particularly hard time, John had taken solace in the arms of Cameron. His contact with people outside of his immediate command staff, such as General Perry was becoming more and more limited. John found that he was almost afraid to form bonds with other people due to the fear that he may one day be forced to lose them as well. However, John also found that due to his limited contact with humanity, it was becoming apparent to him that some of his own soldiers might very well be losing faith in him. As John lay on the floor watching these new events play out before his eyes it became obvious to him that the entire situation was reaching a breaking point. The drone of the jet engines lingered as John continued to remember past events.

Jonathan Parker, Sergeant Lewis, and two other soldiers walked briskly down the darkened corridors of Serrano Point. They all had their plasma rifles slung across their chest via three-point harnesses. Both Parker and Sergeant Lewis also had side arms strapped to their belts which ran around their waists. Ignoring nearly everything that was around them, they navigated their way quickly to a particular bulkhead door. Upon reaching the door, Parker hesitated for a moment and then knocked. There was a few seconds of delay and then the door opened revealing Jose Ramirez who looked almost startled upon seeing Parker, even though he was in actuality not startled at all.

“Get your weapon.” Parker stated, “It’s time.” His words were cold, with little emotion behind them; besides anger that is. Ramirez nodded his head stepping back into his room retrieving his plasma rifle from the freestanding locker located along the wall. When he emerged, he looked over the four men that were standing in front of him. Both Jonathan Parker and Sergeant Lewis had hate filled eyes with a nearly obsessive and crazed look about them. The two other men, Nathan Freeman a tall thin white male with black hair and green eyes and Randy Harris a very young white male who was possibly still in his teens, with hazel eyes, both appeared to be slightly less sure of themselves. However, they still managed to garner a look of determination in their eyes. It was readily apparent to Ramirez that both Parker and Lewis had somehow managed to infect the thinking of both Harris and Freeman with their own twisted sense of morality about this situation. While thoughts of what was about to occur disgusted Ramirez, he continued to feel that what they were about to do was indeed necessary. If for nothing else, the safety of the entire resistance may depend on them. This particular intuition of Ramirez’s had been further strengthened in the past several weeks as General Connor had become more secluded and was appearing to spend even more time with the machine. Nevertheless, Ramirez still found that he greatly trusted Connor; but desperately wanted things to return to the days when he appeared to be influenced by no one, especially metal. If there was one thing that Ramirez agreed with Parker on, it was that they were not going up against Connor, they were going after the machine.

“Let’s go.” Parker stated still in his icy tone, after which he quickly turned and began to walk down the corridor. The other four men followed suit. As they walked, Ramirez felt an eerie and surreal feeling slip over him. Indeed this would be a bleak time for him; but he hoped that there would somehow be a saving light at the end of this dark day. The five soldiers walked down the poorly lit hallways deeper into Serrano Point.


Zachary Wells stood speechless inside of the War Room still trying to take in all that John Connor had just told him.

“Why me?” he finally managed to ask in a somewhat shaking voice due to the state of shock that he was currently in.

“Because I know I can trust you.” John responded somewhat flatly. Wells looked at John with his icy green eyes, a look of slight confusion still on his face.

“So did another you already send me back in time once already?” Wells asked.

“That’s complicated.” John answered, “As far as we can tell the circumstances surrounding sending someone back can and do change; but many times they will still need to be sent back, unless something or someone in the timeline alters events to such a drastic degree that it basically overwrites the current future.” Wells continued to look confused.

“So another me from another timeline may have already been sent back once already?” He asked. John paused and thought for a moment.

“Don’t necessarily think of it as another timeline. More like an alternate future that keeps being reset whenever someone is sent back. That is why at certain times the same person will need to be sent back more than once, even though the circumstances surrounding their time travel may change.” John sighed ever so slightly, feeling sadness sweep over him. “The end result is…Some people will always need to be sent back and some events will continue to always happen, while others events will never happen again and certain people will never need to be sent back again.” Thoughts of Kyle began to sweep over John as he finished this statement. He hesitated for another moment as he fought back his emotions.

“However, there is also the possibility that people from alternate futures may travel back to the past; but will not have been sent back from this particular timeline.” Wells continued to look confused. “I’m not quite sure I understand it myself.” John stated. “But I do know that your mission is of such great importance that to risk not sending you back could drastically alter the events of both our futures.” John paused for another moment before getting a even more serious look on his face.

“And I believe to delay things could be…costly.” This latter statement puzzled Wells slightly; but he was already so confused he felt that inquiring any further would only cause greater bewilderment in his mind.

“Alright…” He finally stated. “When do I leave?” Wells asked.

“Right now.” John responded quickly.

“Now?” Wells asked slightly surprised.

“Yes, like I said, I believe a delay may be costly on both our parts.” John responded. This statement continued to trouble Wells; but he decided to overlook it trusting that John Connor knew what he was talking about.

“Come with me.” John stated as he turned away from Wells and walked over to one of the War Room's bulkhead doors.


The sound of jet engines and rushing air was heard the moment that John opened the metal door in front of Wells who walked slowly into the room in front of him. He was followed closely by John who closed the door behind them. Wells stood slightly stunned in the center of the room as he looked upon the Time Displacement Equipment.

“Is that it?” he asked, as John walked by him and over to one of the computer control consoles.

“Yes it is.” Cameron responded as she walked past John and over towards Wells. “You need to remove your clothes.” Cameron stated in a flat tone as she walked up to Wells who blinked his eyes somewhat surprised at Cameron’s statement.

“Only living organic material can go through the TDE.” Wells heard another voice say from behind him. He turned quickly to see General Perry walking by him and past Cameron over towards John Connor’s location. Wells felt as if his head were spinning from all the information that was being relayed to him; nevertheless he slowly began to remove his clothing still feeling slightly awkward doing so, seeing as how Cameron was still standing in front of him.

“Do you think it was wise not to tell anyone else?” General Perry asked John as he stood next to him near the TDE’s computer control console. John paused, momentary stopping his work on the laptop in front of him and then resumed.

“I have a bad feeling about this one. I think it’s best if we told as few people as possible.” John stated, to which Perry nodded his head slightly. While he was unsure of what John meant by this, Perry trusted him nonetheless. After John finished his sentence, the noise of the jet engines began to grow louder as Cameron showed Wells through the door that led into the actual Time Displacement Room itself.

“Kneel in the center of the room inside of that depression.” Cameron stated flatly as she pointed to the center of the room with her hand.

“Kneeling will make your arrival less…turbulent.” She remarked. Wells walked past Cameron completely naked, still feeling somewhat awkward as he did so. After he was inside of the room, Cameron closed the door behind him and it locked making a slight “clicking” sound as it rebolted. Cameron glanced around the TDE room quickly,

“John…” She said looking over at him. John glanced back over at her and hit a few more keys on the laptop that was in front of him. General Perry was becoming both apprehensive and confused at this moment. It appeared as if both John and Cameron were concerned about something; but he could not tell exactly what is was that was bothering them. The roar of the jet engines grew louder as the TDE powered up. Perry looked over through the window that was located in the wall at the center of the room and saw Wells kneeling in the middle of the TDE equipment. He was just moments away from being sent back.

Suddenly, there was loud boom and the door to the TDE control room was forced open from an explosion caused by a shape charge that had been positioned around its door handle. Seconds after this occurred Parker, Ramirez, Sergeant Lewis, Freeman and Harris burst into the room with their plasma rifles raised. Before General Perry could draw his sidearm, he was struck in the face by the butt of Parker’s rifle, who almost immediately afterwards had his weapon pointed at John. The moment he did this Cameron stepped in front of John shielding him with her own body; however, Parker did not immediately fire. The rest of the men in Parker’s group quickly positioned themselves all around the room. They all had their rifles trained on Perry, John, or Cameron.

“What the **** are you doing soldier?!” Perry shouted to Parker as he wiped some of the blood away from his mouth. The roar of the jet engines continued to grow louder as the TDE was almost too full power.

“Shut it down!!” Parker yelled to John still pointing his rifle at both he and Cameron.

“He can’t.” Cameron responded still in a monotone voice and doing her best to keep John shielded with her body as much as possible.

“Shut it down now!” Parker yelled as he glanced through the window into the TDE room seeing the silverish temporal sphere beginning to form around Wells.

“Screw this…” Sergeant Lewis stated as he walked quickly over to General Perry. When he reached him, Lewis pulled Perry’s side arm from its holster and pointed it at Wells through the window located in the center of the TDE control room.

“NO!” John yelled as he tried to step forward; but was instantly pushed back by Cameron who was still shielding him with her own body. A gunshot rang out and echoed off the walls inside of the room. Sergeant Lewis’s bullet burst through the glass window creating what almost appeared to be a spider web effect on the glass due to the cracks it instantly formed. The bullet traveled through the TDE room and pierced the temporal sphere that was forming around Wells. Almost the instant after it did this, there was a deafening boom and Wells was transported across time.

“What are you doing?!” John yelled as Cameron continued to hold him back still protecting him with her body.

“We’re not here for you General.” Parker responded in a cold voice, “We’re here for it.” Parker stated, then pointing the barrel of his plasma rifle towards Cameron. John felt the blood begin to drain out of his face as he grew pale out of fear for Cameron‘s safety.

“You’re…not…taking…her...anywhere.” John responded in a very slow and angry voice. Parker made eye contact with Cameron.

“If you don’t come with us, we will kill him. We have nothing against Connor, we‘re just here for you.” He said as he continued to point his plasma rifle at Cameron. There was a momentary hesitation on Cameron’s part as she continued to look at Parker.

“I won’t hurt Connor if you come with us…I promise” Parker stated. A great deal of conflicting sensations began to sweep over Cameron as she stood silently for the moment. While she never wanted to leave John’s side, she felt that she might now have to in order to save his life. Tactically Parker and his men had the upper hand and anything she tried to due may indeed cost John his life. Finally, Cameron nodded her head.

“Cameron…no you can’t…” John said his voice weak and cracking slightly due to his extreme emotional state. Cameron turned and looked into John’s eyes. Even though they both attempted to hide their emotions from everyone else, it was readily apparent to each other what the other was feeling.

“I‘m sorry John…I have to go away.” Cameron said her voice trailing off at the end in a tone of sadness as she began to step away from John who stood speechless.

“No…” John whispered, as he continued to look into Cameron’s eyes, which were now beginning to fill with tears.

“Freeman, Harris, stay here. If you don’t here back from us…Kill them both.” Parker said as he stepped away from Cameron as she slowly walked past him and towards the exit door of the TDE control room. General Perry stood stunned as Cameron gradually walked past him. She then paused momentary at the door of the TDE control room and looked back over her shoulder at John one last time.

"Goodbye..." Cameron said, she then slowly walked out of the room followed by Parker, Ramirez, and Sergeant Lewis. Both John and Perry stood silently inside the TDE control room listening to the sound of the jet engines wind down as both Harris and Freemen kept their rifles trained on both men. John felt as if all the life had begun to drain out of him the moment Cameron had stepped out of the room.


Cameron walked slowly through the corridors of Serrano Point. Parker walked a few steps behind her still keeping his rifle trained on her back. Sergeant Lewis and Jose Ramirez followed close behind him. Ramirez began to find that he was experiencing a great sense of conflict about what they were doing. He had been completely shocked by Cameron’s complete willingness to sacrifice herself for John Connor. He had been relatively certain that she would have put up some kind of a fight to survive; but she had not. This highly confused Ramirez; nevertheless he still continued to believe that all of this was necessary and for the time being the end would justify the means. As the group began to grow closer and closer to the exterior of Serrano Point, they began to encounter more and more people. While no one overtly seemed to completely agree with what Parker and his group were doing, they also did not try to stop them. Parker was pleased to find that there was still apparently a great deal of conflict circulating around the resistance about the situation involving Cameron.

Cameron continued to slowly walk forwards; while she was not necessarily concerned for her own life, she continued to feel a great deal of anxiety about John’s safety. While she knew, she could easily kill Parker and the two men that followed him she was completely unsure if these actions would result in harm coming to John. And this was not a risk she was willing to take. Cameron found that she was relatively certain that once these men had disposed of her, they may indeed turn control back over to John. And in the end that was her sole purpose, to ensure John’s safety no matter the cost. Even if it meant allowing herself to die at the hands of John’s own soldiers, that was what she was willing to do. However, Cameron also found that a great sadness continued to grow within her, not for the loss of her own life; but for the fact that she believed, she would never again see John again. Cameron continued to walk slowly down the corridor. She was almost to the exit of the Serrano Point.


John glanced around the TDE control room, his mind racing as he tried to think of something, of anything that he could do to save Cameron’s life. General Perry was about eight feet away from him and Nathan Freeman was standing in front of him with his plasma rifle still raised and pointed at Perry‘s chest. The other soldier standing in front of John was much younger. He too had his plasma rifle pointed at John’s chest. John took a breath and searched his mind for the young soldier’s name. He thought for a few moments before it finally came to him.

“It’s Harris right?” John asked in a calm voice while he looked at the young male who could not have been older than 20.

“Ye…Yes sir.” Harris responded obvious anxiety in his voice.

“I remember you.” John stated, still in a calm voice as he fought to conceal all of the other emotions that were currently attempting to force their way through.

“You were there at Topanga Canyon weren’t you?”

“Yes sir I was.” Harris responded again.

“You were in the group that made it to the entrance of the Skynet base correct?” John asked, as he ever so slowly began to step closer to Harris who was only about five feet away from him.

“Yes sir.” Harris responded again, the nervousness remained in his voice.

“You don’t have to do this, it's wrong and you know it.” John said, still maintaining his tranquil demeanor as he took another small step closer to Harris. At this point General Perry noticed John’s movements towards the young soldier.

“We can’t trust that thing sir.” Harris responded. “Parker said they can snap at any moment.” John took breath and paused for a moment seeing that the young male standing in front of him was truly experiencing conflicting emotions.

“Not her,” John responded, “She’s different. Cameron has saved all of our lives more than once.” Harris dropped the barrel of his rifle slightly as he thought for a moment, slightly confused by the General’s statement. John took this opportunity to take another step closer to Harris. However, Harris noticed this movement and quickly realized that John was now much closer to him than he had initially been. Harris quickly raised his riffle again pointing it back at John’s chest,

“Get back sir!” He yelled with fear in his voice. John took a half step back away from Harris raising his hands in a
“surrender” manner to show he had no weapons and was not intending to fight.

“Easy son…” John said still in a calm voice, “I’m not gonna hurt you.” John then took a quarter of a step back towards Harris.


David Jennings walked in through the entrance of Serrano Point. Completely exhausted after a long patrol all that he wanted to do was sleep. He walked down the corridor of Serrano Point with his rifle slung across his chest. As he did so, he began to hear a slight commotion coming his way. He looked up to see Cameron walking towards him. Slightly confused for the moment, he soon realized what was going on after seeing Parker, Ramirez and Sergeant Lewis walking behind Cameron with their rifles pointed at her. While Jennings was not necessarily thrilled to learn of the revelation about Cameron, he also knew that she had saved many peoples lives, including John Connor’s and his own on several occasions. David quickly stepped forward slightly blocking everyone’s path.

“Parker what are you doing?!” David asked, in a slightly elevated voice.

“Out of our way Jennings…This doesn’t concern you.” Parker responded in a cold and angry voice. David did not move however,

“Think about this Parker. She’s saved all our lives including Connor’s. You can’t do this.”

“I’m doing this for all of us!” Parker yelled with anger still in his voice. His men remained behind him still with their rifles raised. Sergeant Lewis was now slowing beginning to point the barrel of his rifle at David.

“Who knows when she’ll go bad.” Parker added as he flicked his eyes over towards Cameron.

“Connor needs her help.” David stated as he slowly began to bring his right hand up towards the grip of his rifle.

“No!! Connor needs to get his head in the game!” Parker barked. David continued to slowly move his hand up the side of his body towards his rifle’s pistol grip.

“Sergeant Jennings…please step aside.” Cameron stated in a monotone voice. For an unknown reason David found that there was a certain soothing quality to Cameron’s voice even though it was devoid of any emotion. David surmised that this may have been one of the many things that Connor liked about her.

“If Parker’s men do not hear back from him, they will kill John.” Cameron continued. David shot his eyes from Cameron back over to Parker.

“What are you doing man?!” He shouted. “This is crazy!” David continued to stand in the group’s way at the center of the corridor. Parker’s voice lowered slightly,

“Last chance Jennings. Get out of our way.” David hesitated for a moment not quite sure what to do. While he indeed new that Cameron was just a machine, he also knew that she was much more than that to Connor. He was relatively sure that if John Connor were to lose her there could very well be disastrous consequence for everyone. David’s hand was to his hip now only inches from his rifle.

“I’m going to count to three Jennings, and then I’m going to kill you.” Parker finally stated upon seeing that David still had not moved.

“One…” Parker said, as David prepared to grab his rifle,

“Sergeant…” Cameron stated again in an emotionless voice, that David still found to be soothing at the same time, which continued to surprise him. David also realized that if he were going to do something, he was going to have to do it now.

“Two!” Parker shouted. David moved his hand towards his rifle‘s pistol grip. Suddenly, the sound of a rifle discharging echoed off the walls of the interior corridor. Everyone froze for a moment and there appeared to be no sound at all for a split second. Then there was a faint metallic clanking sound, as the spent shell casing from Sergeant Lewis’s rifle impacted with the hard concrete floor. David Jennings slowly dropped to his knees. There was a momentary hesitation on his part where he looked into Cameron’s eyes and she back into his. Cameron saw a half smile develop on his face as he looked at her and then he collapsed back over onto his side.

“What are you doing!?” Ramirez shout at Sergeant Lewis.

“He was going to try to stop us.” Lewis responded with virtually no emotion in his voice.

“You didn’t have to kill him!” Ramirez shouted. Lewis paused for a moment then looked over at Ramirez with hatred in his eyes.

“Keep talking and I’ll do the same thing to you.” Ramirez balked for a moment not quite sure what to do or say. It had never been his intention to let another soldier die. He only wanted Cameron out of the way so that General Connor would be able to better focus on the tasks at hand. However, things seemed to be spiraling out of control.

“Lets go.” Parker stated in a flat voice as he motioned for Cameron to continue to walk forwards towards the exit that was now only about fifty feet away. Cameron began to walk forward glancing over at David’s Jennings lifeless body as she passed by it.


“I’m not gonna do anything soldier, I just wanna talk to you.” John said continuing his calm speech pattern, and keeping his hands raised slightly, to about his chest level.

“We’re doing this for your own good sir.” Harris commented.

“My own good?” John asked, taking another quarter of a step closer to Harris.

“Yes sir, we don’t have a problem with you reprogramming endo’s for battle; but she’s different.” John frowned slightly,

“I know she’s different, that’s why you can’t do this.” John said, still continuing to slowly inch his way closer to Harris.

“We have to sir, we’re doing this to protect the resistance.” John sighed a long heavy sigh,

“Last chance Harris…” He said, in a slightly sadder voice. Suddenly, Harris realized how much closer John Connor was standing to him. Instantly John moved his right hand across his body grabbing the barrel of the rifle and pushing it to his left. At this same time John twisted his upper body to the left and away from the barrel of the rifle. Harris squeezed the trigger of his rifle and a round discharged flying into the wall behind John.

Upon hearing the rifle discharge Freeman turned to see exactly what was going on behind him. In this moment of distraction, General Perry quickly moved towards him grabbing Freeman’s rifle with both hands and pushing the barrel up towards the ceiling. Freeman depressed the trigger of his rifle and it fired wildly into the ceiling, raining sparks down onto the two men as both Freeman and General Perry struggled for the weapon.

Still holding onto the rifle with his right hand and with his body twisted away from the barrel of Harris’s rifle, John quickly brought his left hand underneath his right and struck Harris in the throat with the section of his hand between his thumb and index finger. There was a pop as Harris’s trachea cracked from the impact. John then brought his left hand back over to the stock of the rifle grabbing it firmly. In one swift motion, he stripped the rifle away from Harris who quickly moved both his hands to his throat due to the fact that he was now choking. John then swiftly brought the butt of the rifle back up striking Harris in the face and knocking him to the floor in immense pain. After doing this John turned his attention to General Perry who was still struggling to gain control of Freeman’s rifle. Being that both men were so close to one other and moving around so much John realized that it would be far to risky to attempt to shoot Freeman. John shouldered the rifle he had just acquired and moved quickly across the room towards Perry and Freeman. As he did so, John bent down slightly drawing his bayonet from the sheath on his boot.

General Perry fought to gain control of Freeman’s rifle as both individuals continued their struggle inside of the TDE control room. Suddenly, Perry saw a quick metallic flash as a knife blade buried itself into the side of Freeman’s neck. There was a split second scream from Freeman before he fell to the ground gasping for breath as he began to choke on his own blood. The moment this occurred Perry observed John standing behind Freeman with a now bloody bayonet in his hand. Almost the second after this happened John sheathed his knife and turned, sprinting out of the room, leaving Perry alone with both individuals. Freeman was now dead and Harris was still lying on the ground across the room gasping for breath. Perry proceeded to walk over to Harris and stood over him for a moment before raising his rifle.

“I’m sorry...” Perry stated, and then squeezed the trigger of his rifle.


Cameron stepped out into the sunlight as she exited the interior of Serrano Point. As she did so, her hair was blown slightly back and away from her face due to the coastal wind that was now blowing through the area. She was followed closely by Parker, Sergeant Lewis and Ramirez.

The people who were working outside of Serrano Point instantly stopped what they were doing upon seeing Cameron being escorted out at gunpoint. Walking Cameron to the center of the large, flat, concrete tarmac Parker glanced around one more time seeing that he had quite a few people watching him now. There appeared to be great deal of uncertainty throughout the crowd as to exactly what they should do; however, no one attempted to stop the events that were playing out before them. This gave Parker even more confidence that what he was doing was right. He slowly lowered his rifle and turned to address the people.


“Out of my way!!" John yelled as he sprinted through a small crowd of soldiers located inside the darkened corridors of Serrano Point. Running a few yards behind him was General Perry. Several people stood in shock as they saw John run past them. Being that John had become so reclusive as of lately it was indeed a surprise to them to see the General running past them. Some knew exactly where he was running to, while others were slightly unsure. John’s lungs burned with both anxiety and exhaustion as he continued to sprint his way towards the exit of Serrano Point. He indeed knew that he would not be able to forgive himself if anything were to happen to Cameron. Fear continued to grip John as he ran towards the exit.


“I want everyone here to know that I am NOT against John Connor.” Parker stated in a loud and commanding voice as he looked around at the crowd that was forming around him.

“What I’m about to do, I do for the Generals own good. We have no idea how soon it will be before this machine turns on him or on us. We’ve seen it happen before and I know it is only a matter of time before it happens again. I understand that we need to reprogram certain machines for certain purposes. But, I do not believe that having a close relationship with them, like the one that General Connor has is appropriate. Nor is it safe for any of us.” Parker paused for a moment.

“I am doing this for the safety of the resistance.” A few people around Parker nodded there head in agreement and a few “Yeahs!…” were heard. Parker then looked back over at Cameron and spoke in a quieter voice to her,

“This is nothing personal against you or John.” He stated.

“Everything is personal with John.” Cameron retorted in a cold tone. Parker looked at her slightly confused by this statement; but then glanced back over at Sergeant Lewis who was standing behind her with his rifle still raised.

“Kill it.” Parker said to Lewis. Cameron closed her eyes and allowed images of John to play out in her memory. She then heard a rifle discharge.


Authors Notes: Okay so I hope everyone enjoyed the idea of how Wells was sent back and why he was shot when he arrived (This was from the opening of "Automatic For The People" if anyone forgot). And I hope my explanation of time travel also made sense. I'm basing this on a theory that we can have both alternate timelines and alternate futures. So while some people need to be sent back multiple times, others will only be sent back once and never again. I also hope everyone picked up on the carry over from T2 (when Cameron was saying her "goodbyes"). Anyways hope everyone enjoyed it. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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