Final Days Chapter 62

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Cameron's eyes remained closed as images of John continued to rapidly play through her memory. In the mere seconds that she had left, Cameron attempted to view as many memories of John as she could. She found that each one managed to cause its own unique emotional response as it was processed.

“Kill it.” Cameron heard Parker say in a disgusted tone. While she had been certain since the day of her activation that there would come a point in time when her existence would indeed come to an end, Cameron found that she was able to garner a certain sense of comfort due to the fact that she believed her death may indeed help to preserve John’s life, and possible assist in bringing the resistance back together. Nevertheless, Cameron felt an overwhelming sense of sadness flood over her upon the realization that she would never again see John. She then heard the plasma rifle discharge.


The tarmac outside of Serrano Point was dead silent. That particular moment in time had almost seemed to freeze once the rifle blast had been heard. Everyone appeared to be frozen, to terrified to move, or even breathe as they all stood quietly waiting for something to happen. While the group that had gathered around Parker and his men vastly outnumbered them, no one did anything to stop the course of events that had played out before their eyes. While most people did not necessarily agree with Parker or his methods, they were also not quite sure how they felt about Cameron as well. And no one seemed to know exactly what to do in that particular moment. The silence dragged on for what seemed to be an eternity, and then it was finally broken. Sergeant Lewis dropped to his knees with a thud. Upon hearing this, Cameron turned quickly to look at him. The moment she did so, she observed a large bloodstain beginning to form on the Sergeant’s chest. He looked up at Cameron with both a look of shock and hatred on his face. He then slowly fell over onto his side dead.


After hearing the rifle discharge, Jonathan Parker immediately spun around towards the direction that he had heard the shot come from. The instant he did so, he felt both fear and anger sweep over him. Standing just outside the exit door of Serrano Point with his rifle still raised and a spent shell casing at his feet was John Connor. The anger continued to course through Parker, as he stood motionless for the time being. The realization that Connor was willing to kill one of his own soldiers to save a machine was almost beyond comprehension and was nearly to much for Parker to stand. The fury within him continued to grown at an exponential rate.


John took measured heavy breaths, trying to slow his respiration and heart rate after his marathon sprint from deep within the interior of Serrano Point. He watched as Sergeant Lewis dropped to his knees. There was a momentary pause after this occurred where Lewis did not immediately move. John found himself beginning to squeeze the trigger to his rifle a second time in order to assure that Lewis was indeed dead. However, before John had time to complete this act, he saw Lewis fall over onto his side. For a brief moment the immediate threat to Cameron had been neutralized. John then shifted his attention to Jonathan Parker who was standing a few feet to Cameron’s right. John took a slight step forwards still focusing primarily on the front site of his rifle, which was now aimed at Parker. John felt the anger and rage flooding over him upon looking at Parker and he fought the nearly uncontrollable urge to execute him immediately for what he had tried to do. However, before the internal conflict within John could be resolved he watched as if almost in slow motion, Parker began to raise his rifle towards him. Out of John’s peripheral vision he saw Cameron instantly begin to shift to her right towards Parker in order to stop him; but before Cameron was able to gain any ground on Parker, John squeezed the trigger on his rifle a second time and heard it discharge. He felt the immediately recoil from the rifle travel through his shoulder as his plasma round streaked across the concrete tarmac towards John‘s intended target. Before Parker could even bring his rifle past his waist level he heard and felt a loud crack reverberate throughout his body and felt his head jerk back instantly. Then everything went dark.


Jose Ramirez watched as Jonathan Parker’s head jerked back and nearly exploded from the impact of the plasma round. Blood burst out of the back of Park’s head as the plasma round tore through his skull and made its exit wound. Almost instantly Jonathan Parker’s body went limp and he collapsed to the ground in a bloody heap. Ramirez looked over to see John Connor now bring the rifle to bear on him. Connor walked slowly forwards towards Ramirez.

“Put the weapon down!” John shouted as he slowly made his way closer to Ramirez who stood perfectly still, almost in a state of shock. He found that he was not exactly sure of what he should do or think at this point. Ramirez had found that Connor’s reaction had not so much surprised him as much as Cameron’s reaction had. She had reacted twice today to save Connor’s life. The first time was when they had come to take her away from John Connor and the second was just a few moments ago. Upon his initial encounter with her, Ramirez had half way expected Cameron to fight in order to preserve her own life. Surprisingly however, Jose had seen Cameron willingly turn herself over to Parker and his men in order to save Connor’s life. Now just seconds before, Ramirez had stood witness again as Cameron had attempted to stop Parker from killing John.

A horrible realization finally began to slip over Jose. He had been wrong about everything, and not just with Cameron; but with Parker and the entire rebellion. Ramirez had stood by while Parker had killed another soldier who was just trying to help resolve the situation, and then just moments earlier as Parker had attempted to kill John Connor, the very man they were “trying” to help by doing all this. While Ramirez did not necessarily agree with the way the situation surrounding Cameron had been dealt with, he now realized that Cameron truly did have John’s best intentions at heart. Ramirez found it strange that one particular thought suddenly streaked through his mind.
“Is it possible for that machine to really care about him?” He asked himself almost chuckling slightly. Ramirez felt the regret and self hatred for what he had done continued to grow within him, and he now realized that there was only one thing for him to do.


John slowly walked towards Jose Ramirez keeping his rifle raised,

“Put the weapon down!” he shouted. At about this same time John heard General Perry come running up alongside him. He too had his rifle raised and pointed at Ramirez. John and Perry slowly moved forward towards Ramirez still keeping their rifles at the ready. At this same moment John quickly flicked his eyes over towards Cameron making sure that she was still not in any immediate danger. He watched as Cameron slowly began to move towards Ramirez as well. John flicked his eyes between the two trying to ascertain what his next course of action should be. However, before John was able to decide he saw Ramirez’s rifle begin to move. But, Ramirez did not point the plasma rifle towards John, Perry, or even Cameron; Ramirez instead brought the muzzle of the rifle underneath his own jaw. John increased his speed towards Ramirez.

“NO!” he called out; but it was to late. An instant later John heard another shot ring out and Ramirez’s body came crashing to the ground.


Serrano Point’s tarmac once again became deathly silent. Three bodies lay on the ground, pools of blood collecting around each of them. John scanned the area with his eyes one more time and finally began to feel that it was somewhat secure for the moment. He then slowly began to lower his rifle and after doing so he immediately moved quickly over to Cameron. Upon reaching her, John felt the almost overwhelming desire to take Cameron into his arms and to hold her, and to never let go of her. It took every bit of strength that John had not to do this. The pair continued to stand silently staring into one others eyes for several seconds, not moving at all. Finally, John managed to break the silence,

“You…okay?” he asked quietly and with a great deal of concern in his voice.

“Yes…” Cameron responded quietly, “Are you?” She asked, her brown eyes gazing deep into John’s soul.

“I am now…” He responded his voice’s pitch wavering slightly as he fought back his emotions. There was another few seconds of silence between John and Cameron where everyone else standing out on the tarmac still appeared to be afraid to speak or even move. John then turned away from Cameron towards the crowd that was standing around them.

“This is EXACTLY what Skynet wants!!” He shouted. “Why does it even need to try to kill us, if we are willing to turn on one another and do the job for it!!” John paused for a split second glancing back at Cameron before he continued to speak. His voice was determined and filled with anger, frustration, and courage.

“How many times has SHE saved us?!!” He shouted as he point back at Cameron and continued to stare out into the group, a look of power in his eyes.

“How many times has SHE saved this resistance!!” John’s look of determination towards the group was unrelenting. He did his best to try and make eye contact with as many people as he could.

“Without her, I would not be here. And without her NONE of us would have survived this long!!!” There continued to be both anger and passion behind John’s voice as he spoke.

“If you’re against her…You’re against me!” John said as he continued to look out into the crowd. After he finished his statement there was dead silence once again. Everyone continued to remain perfectly still, to frightened to speak or move. John maintained his determined gaze out into the crowd, his look was that of a lion staring down a potential threat. He continued to prepare himself for a possible fight that may come at any moment. The silence continued on for another several seconds before John finally began to feel that no one else was preparing to challenge him. He once again looked over his shoulder at Cameron.

“Come with me.” He said in a much more calm and soothing voice than the one he had just been speaking in. As John, Cameron and General Perry began to walk back towards the entrance of Serrano Point the crowd parted like water in front of them. The area remained dead silent as the trio made their way back inside the base. No one dared say or do anything.


John gradually sat down on his bed, nearly white as a sheet. He felt his strength draining out of him as he did so. John slowly made tight fists with his hands in an attempt to stop them from shaking. He stared down at the ground almost completely lost in thought. The emotional impact of coming so close to both losing Cameron and the resistance in general was almost to much for him to bear. Still trying to fight back, hide, and control his emotions John continued to sit quietly on his bed.

“John…” The soothing voice of Cameron pulled him back slightly and he looked up to see her standing in front of him.

“Are you alright?” She asked. Even though her voice did not display an outpouring of emotions when she spoke, it was still readily apparent to John that hidden behind it all was a great deal of concern for him. John closed his eyes slowly still fighting for control of his feelings,

“I almost lost you.” he stated in a quiet voice and then dropped his head back down towards the ground. “I think I’m losing control of everything.” John continued the fear is his voice beginning to break through. Cameron hesitated for a moment and then knelt down in front of John. As she did so she cupped her hands around the sides of his face, lifting his head back up so that John would look at her.

“But you did not lose me…And you’re not losing control of your men. If you were, there would have been a very different outcome to today’s events.” John stared into Cameron’s eyes. He yet again felt that he could lose himself in her brown irises, and John desperately wanted to do so. He was so tired of fighting, so tired of the struggle, so tired of everything that he just wanted to lose himself completely in Cameron. As he stared into her eyes Cameron slowly slid her hands from his face and rapped her arms around him pulling John into a hug. When she did this, John sighed and gently rested his head up against the side of Cameron’s head. The two remained there holding each other for quite some time.


John lay naked in bed on his left side, asleep, his back was to the door. Cameron lay next to him completely nude with her arms wrapped around his bear chest; her body was also slightly curled around John’s body shielding it to some degree. While Cameron would have been more than willing to stand guard over John all night, he had yet again requested that she be in bed with him. Cameron found that there seemed to be a certain calm that came over John when she lay next to him. As if all the stress of his life seemed subside, if only for just a brief moment. While Cameron did not completely understand why this occurred, she did experience what could only be described as thankfulness that she was able to do this.

Also, due to all the time that Cameron had spent in bed with John she had discovered something quite unexplainable about herself as well. As she lay next to John listening to him breathe, she found that a soothing sensation would always pull itself over her as she listened to his rhythmic respiration. Cameron could not readily describe why this occurred; but she did find that it was a pleasurable experience nonetheless. Cameron had not immediately discovered this sensation the first time she had slept with John, it had been more of a gradual discovery on her part. Cameron found that yet again she had discovered something completely unique about herself all because of John. As she continued to lay next to him listening to John breath an ever so slight smile danced across her face. Suddenly, there was a sound that broke the silence of the room. Cameron heard a clank as the bulkhead door at the front of John’s quarters began to open. Anticipating the worst Cameron instantly leapt from the bed still naked. John had hung his gun belt with his side arm on one of the bed posts and Cameron quickly pulled the handgun from its holster and brought it to bear on the individual that was beginning to emerge from the door at the front of John‘s room.


While the noise of his door opening had not immediately woken John the moment Cameron had let go of him, his eyes had immediately shot open. However, before he was able to react Cameron had already done so. John quickly turned away from the wall that his bed was located next to only to see Cameron standing naked in the near center of his room with his gun pointed at the person emerging from the dimly lit doorway.

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Cameron slowly began to squeeze the trigger of the handgun. Even in the darkened room she was still able to see perfect. However, a split second before the gun discharged she released her finger from the trigger. Cameron tilted her head to the side slightly, almost as if confused for a brief moment. She then lowered the gun that was in her hand.

John observed Cameron’s reaction and while he was somewhat surprised by it, he was not worried due to his trust in Cameron. John then turned his attention to the individual standing in the doorway. While John’s room was not completely dark the light was dim enough to make an immediate facial recognition slightly more difficult for a human.
The person standing in the doorway stepped forward slightly, allowing her bright reddish orange hair and very fair-skinned face to be illuminated better by the ambient light that was in John’s quarters. John stared at the individual for a moment with a look of confusion about his face. While there was an air of familiarity about this person, John was not immediately able to recognize who it was. After a few moments John’s eyes widened slightly with surprise and his mouth nearly dropped open.

“Savannah…” He said with shock in his voice. Savannah Weaver took another step forward.

“Yes John, it is me.” she said, the Scottish accent of her mother still somewhat apparent in her own voice. Still slightly confused John spoke again.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I’m here with a message.” Savannah stated a certain lack of emotion in her tone. John crinkled his forehead in confusion, as Cameron also tilted her head to the side once again. Savannah gave John a slight almost seductive smile before taking another step closer to him. When she did this Cameron immediately stepped in-between she and John, slightly blocking Savannah’s path to him. Savannah stopped, she then proceeded to slowly look down and then back up at Cameron’s naked body, a cunning look on her face as she did so. Savannah raised her right eyebrow slightly with a certain look of intrigue on her face, she then looked into Cameron's eyes,

“It appears what they told me about you is true.” She said in an almost arrogant tone. Both Savannah’s reaction to Cameron stepping in-between she and John and her comment towards her confused Cameron slightly. After another split second Savannah once again looked away from Cameron and back over to John. She gave him another sly smile and spoke,

“John Henry would like to speak with you.”


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