Final Days Chapter 63

Authors Notes: Okay so I still feel that "By Your Command" is a perfect theme song for Savannah Weaver.



Savannah Weaver shifted her weight slightly from her center over to her right hip as she looked at John with her icy greenish blue eyes. Cameron continued to stare Savannah down as she stood in front of both she and John. Savannah wore black boots that rose to her mid calf, tight dark grey BDU pants, and a dark green tank top that slightly exposed her mid drift. A black belt was looped through her pants with a holster attached to it containing a Smith and Wesson M&P 45. The holster itself hung low and was affixed to her right thigh. On Savannah’s left hip were a few magazine pouches and hanging slightly farther back from those was a canteen that hung from her belt as well. Overtop of the tank top she wore a faded black BDU jacket and had the sleeves rolled up to her mid forearm. Savannah also had her shoulder length red hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. John sat stunned for a moment. The beautiful young female in her mid twenties with a hardened battle look was indeed an extreme departure from the little girl he had once known. Yet, John found that Savannah still managed to display many soft features as well.
Savannah glanced over at Cameron and then back at John,

“Get dressed, we have much to do.” When Savannah spoke her voice still hinted at Catherine Weavers Scottish decent. Cameron looked back over at John who nodded his head at her trying to reassure Cameron that he did not believe that Savannah was currently a threat to either of them. Cameron stepped back over to John’s bed and reholstered the gun that she had in her hand. She then retrieved her clothing that was hung over a chair located next to a desk inside the room.

John also retrieved a pair of pants that were at the foot of his bed. He hesitated for a brief moment due to the fact that he was still naked; however seeing as how Savannah did not seem to care at all about both he Cameron’s lack of clothing; nor did it appear that she was willing to turn away he proceeded to dress himself. Numerous questions continued to flood through John’s mind as he did so. Finally, one broke through shortly after John had pulled a shirt on over his head.

“Where have you been?” John asked. Savannah slightly tilted her head to one side, instantly reminding John of Cameron’s similar attribute.

“I have been with John Henry.” Savannah responded, a certain off handed obviousness in the tone of her voice.

“Where has John Henry been?” John asked as he stood, and took a slight step closer to Savannah. Cameron was at John’s side by this point.

“He has been with me.” Savannah stated still with a certain smugness in her tone. “I realize you have many questions; but John Henry really should be the one to answer all of them.” Savannah paused for a brief second and then continued.

“He would like to speak with you as soon as possible.”

“John can’t leave Serrano…It’s too dangerous.” Cameron instantly stated, before John could respond. Savannah quickly snapped her head over to look at Cameron.

“John Henry suspected that this may be the case, which is why he is also prepared to speak with you.” Savannah slightly nodded her head forward towards Cameron when she said this. John instantly felt his heart rate jump slightly upon hearing this.

“I can arrange to have John Henry brought here.” John stated.

“It is a bit more complicated than that.” Savannah responded, “He is currently…not alone.” There was now a certain lack of emotion in Savannah’s voice when she spoke; it became readily apparent to John that she had indeed spent many years being raised by a machine.

“Not alone?” John responded. Savannah exhaled slightly,

“This is a very sensitive issue and I believe it would be best if handled in person.” Savannah looked over at Cameron.

“We should leave as soon as possible.”

“Where is John Henry?” John asked a certain determination in his voice signaling he was not about to let Cameron go somewhere if he was not sure of exactly where it was or how safe she would be.

“He is located on an oil platform approximately 183 miles from here.” Cameron cocked her head to the side realizing instantly that this was more than likely the exact same oil platform that she had, had her original meeting with the original T-1001 on. However, still suspicious Cameron spoke,

“How did you get here?” Savannah raised her right eyebrow slightly, a certain arrogant yet provocative look on her face,

“John Henry was able to provide me with the necessary information to make it in this far.” Cameron’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly, she found that her chip pushed slight sensations of aggravation over her due to Savannah’s arrogant demeanor.

“How does John Henry know about our defense grid?” John asked a minor hint of concern in his voice. Savannah looked back over at John and gave him another smile that appeared to be both sly and sexual at the same time,

“You forget that Catherine Weaver once owned this facility, John Henry is well versed in the inner workings of this establishment.” While John was certain that John Henry was not a threat, he still found this explanation to be somewhat unnerving.

“But, how did you get here?” Cameron asked once again. Savannah looked back over at Cameron,

“John Henry has access to many resources. It was relatively easy for him to procure a vehicle for me to make the journey here. However, I have been at Serrano for a short while now.” Savannah then turned and looked back over at John.

“I was highly impressed with how you handled you’re…” She hesitated for a moment “…situation, in regards to your friend here.” She then glanced back over at Cameron. After another momentary hesitation she looked back at John giving him a slight smirk. Cameron found that these actions seemed to disturb her to some extent; but, she continued to remain silent for the time being.

“After you handled that particular circumstance I felt the time was right to speak with you.” John looked at Savannah extremely confused and prepared to ask another question; but was cut off by her.

“Nevertheless, since you and Cameron have access to helicopters I believe that would help to expedite our trip back to speak with John Henry.” Cameron continued to stare at Savannah. She found it strange that a certain uneasiness came over her about Savannah. However, Cameron was quite unsure as to why this particularly unsettling emotion had broken through. The closest comparable experience that Cameron could compare it against was when John had begun to see Riley. Jealousy had never been a particularly pleasurable experience for Cameron; but it appeared that this particular emotion had once again begun to creep its way back into Cameron’s existence.

“Shall we go?” Savannah asked, still a certain obviousness in her tone as she looked over Cameron and spoke. The uneasiness once again pulled itself over John. While he attempted to hide his concern from Cameron, she instantly noticed the change in his demeanor. She took a step closer to Savannah; passing by John at the same time; as she did this Cameron gently brushed her hand up against John’s in an attempt to reassure him.

“Yes.” she said, an ever so slight hint of sadness in her voice when she spoke. While Cameron hated to be separated from John, she also knew that John Henry would be an invaluable asset to both John and the resistance. Savannah turned slightly, and as she did she held her hand out in front of her signaling for John and Cameron to lead the way, which they did. Savannah followed close behind them as the trio walked out of John‘s quarters.


The thudding blades of several helicopter rotors continued to echo across the tarmac of Serrano Point. Savannah Weaver walked slowly across the dimly lit concrete towards a Blackhawk Helicopter that sat idling between two Apache Gunships. Her faded black BDU jacket, which was currently unbuttoned, flapped in the wind along with her ponytail, as she continued to walk closer to the helicopter.

Lieutenant Matthew Spears stood with his arms crossed and slightly leaning up against the cockpit of the Blackhawk as Savannah approached. Due to the darkened night sky, he did not immediately get a good look at her until she was relatively close to him. Upon seeing her Spear’s jaw, nearly dropped open and he immediately pushed himself away from the helicopter attempting to straighten out his body as she approached. Matthew instantly found that Savannah was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. As Savannah walked past him, Spears attempted to subtly follow her with his eyes; but Savannah instantly noticed this. However, his actions did not concern her at all, Savannah knew that she had much more important things to think about, than a random soldier checking her out. She gave Spears a quick glance over her shoulder as she walked past him signaling that she had indeed caught him looking at her. She then proceeded to climb into the passenger compartment of the Blackhawk, still allowing Spears to enjoy the view.


John walked with Cameron towards the Blackhawk, the chopping sound of the helicopter blades reverberating throughout his body. Cameron’s hair whipped about in the wind as they walked. However, before they reached the helicopter John suddenly stopped. When he did this Cameron stopped as well. She turned and looked at him with a curious look on her face.

“Be careful.” John said in a slightly quiet voice; but still one that could be heard over the noise of the helicopters. However, if Cameron had not been who she was, she may not have actually been able to distinguish John’s words due to the noise and his hoarse voice as he fought desperately to hold back his emotions. Cameron stared into John’s eyes knowing that this would be the first time they had been separated for any extended length of time since Century Work Camp,

“I will...” She responded, with certain soothing yet unmistakably sad tone in her voice. The pair stared at each other for another moment. Cameron fought the urge not to leave John; but knowing the importance of this mission she knew she would have to. Cameron slowly turned and began to head back in the direction of the Blackhawk still followed by John. Upon reaching it, she slowly climbed into the passenger compartment. As Cameron did this John walked over to Spears who was still standing outside of the helicopter.

“Take care of her…“ His speech balked for a moment, “…of both of them.” John said as he looked at Spears.

“I will sir.” Spears responded. John nodded and Lieutenant Spears turned away from him and proceeded to climb into the cockpit of the helicopter. John took a few steps back away from the Blackhawk as he heard the engines begin to roar to life and the wind grew more intense around him. John looked through the window located on the side door of the helicopter to see Cameron still staring back at him. John found himself continuing to look into her eyes as the Blackhawk slowly began to lift off the ground. The pair kept eye contact for as long as possible until finally the helicopter’s fuselage turned and the pair lost sight of one another. As soon as the Blackhawk had cleared the tarmac the two remaining Apache’s also began to lift off, following after the Blackhawk Helicopter. John watched as the helicopters flew off into the distance, as this was occurring many troubling emotions began to sweep over him. The greatest of which was a fear that Cameron may never return. This horrifying thought was almost too much for John to bear and he pushed it to the back of his mind trying desperately to bury such premonitions. John stood out on the tarmac until he could no longer see the helicopters in the dark sky. He then waited until he could no longer hear them. Once out of earshot John continued to stand silently on the helipad. He felt almost afraid to move, afraid that if he did something may indeed happen to Cameron. Finally, after several minutes he turned and slowly walked back into Serrano Point. Many distressing emotions still sweeping over him as he did so.


Cameron sat motionless inside the passenger compartment of the Blackhawk Helicopter as it flew across the Pacific Ocean. The night sky was just beginning to give way to the morning sunrise and as it did so, the sunlight slowly began to illuminate the interior of the helicopter with its orangey glow. Across from Cameron sat Savannah who was almost as motionless as she was. Savannah sat with her head resting slightly up against the wall of the helicopter that her seat was attached to and she stared out the window watching the ocean go by. Since Savannah’s initial appearance Cameron had found her presence to be slightly unsettling; but not due to her threat level to John. While Cameron knew that Savannah was, by what humans standards would consider very beautiful, this was also not the reason for her apprehension.

One of the first observation that Cameron had made about Savannah was that she did not seem concerned at all with the fact that Cameron was a machine. While it appeared that nearly every human, outside of John of course, became slightly uneasy or at times downright nervous around cyborgs, this information seemed to be almost trivial to Savannah. Cameron credited this attribute to the fact that Savannah had been raised by machines for most of her life. Nevertheless, Cameron still found that there was more to it than just this. One thing in particular that seemed to find its way into Cameron’s thought process was that Savannah had been a part of John’s life relatively early on. Yes, John had been 16 by the time he had met Savannah; but that was still relatively young compared to what his life expectancy could be; yet, there appeared to still be something more than this.

Savannah was possibly the only one outside of Cameron herself that could truly understand where John had come from and what he was currently going through. Even if Alison Young were still present, she would not have been able to completely understand John as well as Savannah could. Due to all the experiences, that Savannah would have had, Cameron came to a disturbing hypothesis that Savannah may actually be able to “replace” her in several important aspects. This theory produced a very unsettling sensation within Cameron; one that she had never felt quite as strong before, not even with Riley. Cameron began to become aware of that fact that she believed she may indeed become “obsolete” or “useless”. This particular sensation continued to be deeper and more profound than ever before. While Cameron had viewed Riley as a threat and even though John had still chosen to be with her, Cameron was readily aware of the fact that Riley would never have actually been able to replace her in several key features; however many of these aspects now seemed possibly with Savannah. Another hypothesis that Cameron suddenly became aware of was that she was unsure if Savannah would actually attempt to garner John’s affection. This was indeed an unsettling sensation to Cameron who tilted her head to the side slightly as she continued to study Savannah pondering all these things. Just then, Savannah slowly turned her head and looked at Cameron,

“You wanna take a picture?” Cameron was highly confused by this response.

“Why would I want to take a picture?” She asked.

“Because you’ve been staring at me for the last 45 minutes.” Savannah retorted, a certain mechanical smugness in her tone.

“Oh.” Cameron responded, “Thank you for explaining.” Savannah then gave Cameron a small but consolatory smile, almost as if she was amused by her response. Cameron continued her inquisitor gaze then spoke,

“What did they tell you about me?” she asked. Savannah’s smile grew slightly larger into a smirk of sorts. She continued to look at Cameron as she spoke,

“They told me you were very…unique.” Savannah then hesitated for another moment as she thought. “The obvious was that you are a beautiful cyborg; but I was also told that you are willing to do ANYTHING to protect John. Even if it means sacrificing yourself.” Cameron continued to look at Savannah,

“I am willing to do that, yes.” She responded, however Cameron was also slightly confused by Savannah’s statement. She vividly remembered meeting Savannah many years ago, and to hear her talk in this way slightly perplexed to her. Savannah instantly noticed this,

“I was a child the last time I saw you…I knew there was something different about you; but I wasn’t sure if you were a machine or not.” Savannah then smiled,

“Which I guess is a credit to your infiltration skills.” A slight smirk danced across Cameron’s face when Savannah made this statement. “But we all felt it was necessary for me to learn a bit more about you before our encounter.” Savannah continued.

“Who is “We”?” Cameron asked. Savannah shifted her weight slightly in her seat and smiled again.

“Besides John Henry you mean?” She asked.

“Yes…” Cameron responded. Savannah raised her eyebrows slightly and maintained her smirk.

“You’ll see…” While Savannah was not being overtly arrogant towards her, and may have had very understandable reasons for her reactions, Cameron still found the game of cat and mouse they appeared to be playing with each other to be somewhat agitating.

“Five minutes ladies…” The voice of Lieutenant Spears was heard saying over the loudspeaker inside of the helicopter. Both Cameron and Savannah continued to stare at each other for another few minutes. Then out of the corner of Savannah’s eye, she saw the oil platform coming into view through the window of the Blackhawk. She turned her head away from Cameron and once again began to stare out of the window.


The Blackhawk Helicopter and its two escort Apaches slowly circled around the two enormous joined oil platforms, in order to check for possible threats. Both Cameron and Savannah continued to stare out the window as the helicopters did this. The two platforms themselves were massive, and had large metal drilling towers rising from them. Their large structures were supported by steal girders and a massive cylindrical concrete pillar was located in the center of both platforms that extended down into the ocean. Both platforms were also separated by about a quarter mile covered walkway. As the Blackhawk continued to circle, Cameron pulled images from her memory banks of her first experience on this oil platform. She remembered that it had not necessarily been a “pleasurable” situation for her.


After making, one more pass Lieutenant Spears gracefully piloted the Blackhawk to one of the landing pads located on the oil platform. There was a very slight jolt as the landing gear touched down onto the helipad. A few seconds after this he turned and looked back into the passenger compartment of the Blackhawk.

“We’re good…” He said, inadvertently making eye contact with Savannah and then immediately flicking his eyes away from her, slightly embarrassed that he had once again been caught looking at her.
Savannah unbuckled her safety belt and stood, as she did so she looked over at Cameron,

“Come with me.” She said with a certain lack of emotion in her voice as she pulled open the door of the Blackhawk. Cameron unbuckled her seat belt as well and followed Savannah out of the helicopter. When Cameron exited the aircraft, she was immediately met by a gust of wind both from the helicopter blades, which were still winding down and the ocean breeze. Both of which made her hair and the jacket she was wearing immediately blown back and away from her body. Cameron then proceeded to follow Savannah across the helipad to a bulkhead door. When Savannah reached it, she slowly spun the wheel in the center of the door and then pulled it open for Cameron. She then gave Cameron a sly smile and motioned with her hand for Cameron to walk through the door.

“I was told you would know the way.” Savannah said with an eerier confidence in her voice. Indeed Cameron knew exactly where to go to. She walked pasted Savannah and through the doorway.


Cameron made her way through the winding corridors recalling from her memory exactly where to go to. Eventually she and Savannah made their way into a large room that appeared to be used for mechanical repair. The area itself opened up into a large bay with several work stations positioned around the room. There were parts to the oil platform scattered about and a few florescent lights lit the room. Cameron instantly recalled that the last time she had been here the lighting had been much brighter. Cameron continued to walk further into the room looking around as she did so. Savannah however, remained at the doorway to the room and allowed Cameron to walk further away from her. Savannah watched as Cameron began to somewhat fade into the shadows of the room as she proceeded on.

Cameron continued to walk into the dimly lit room still scanning the area for threats. Suddenly, the silence inside the room was broken,

“Hello Cameron…It is good to see you again.” Cameron instantly recognized the voice and turned her head to where she had heard the sound come from. John Henry emerged from behind a workstation and began to walk towards Cameron.

“How are you today?” He asked still in his slightly childish tone.

“I am well…How are you?” Cameron responded.

“I am well. How is Mr. Connor?” John Henry asked, Cameron noticed an ever so slight hint of concern in John Henry’s voice as he spoke about John.

“Given the situation and pressure he is under, he is doing quite well.” Cameron responded.

“That is entirely understandable. I am glad you could come here to meet with me.” So far Cameron noticed that this encounter was proving to be a much more pleasant experience than her last visit to this particular oil platform. Cameron was just about to speak again when she suddenly heard a noise behind her. She spun around instantly to see what was there. Slowly rising out of the floor Cameron watched as a silver figure began to take form. She took a slight step back away from it, both for safety and due to the fact that Cameron was slightly confused by what she was currently witnessing. The silver liquid rose off the floor and slowly began to take form. However, the T-1001 did not take the form of Cameron or Alison this time; instead, it took the form of Catherine Weaver. Both Cameron and the T-1001 stood silently looking at each other for several seconds. The room itself grew deathly silent as both Terminators continued to stare each other down. Finally, the liquid metal Terminator spoke,

“I know you.” It said in an icy tone, Cameron tilted her head slightly to the side,

“And I know you.” She responded.


Authors Notes: Okay so hopefully everyone likes how I'm portraying Savannah Weaver. She was REALLY interesting to write for and I like what I have planned for in the future. Also, I think Catherine Weaver will become quite an interesting character as well. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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