Final Days Chapter 64


Cameron stood silently before the T-1001 not exactly sure for a moment of what she do or say. She found herself slightly perplexed as to how this particular Terminator was able to so precisely duplicate the form of the human Catherine Weaver without ever actually having touched her. However, Cameron surmised that John Henry had been able to provide the T-1001 with such technical detail on the physical appearance of the actual Catherine Weaver that it had been able to perfectly mimic her form.

Cameron also took note of the fact that the liquid metal Terminator had managed to perfectly match one of Catherine Weaver’s outfits. It wore a bright white knee length dress with short sleeves and white high heels. Cameron continued to stand perfectly still in front of the T-1001 as it studied her with its ice cold blue eyes. After several seconds, the liquid metal Terminator began to slowly walk in a circle around Cameron, still staring at her. The clicking sound of its high heels coming into contact with the metal floor could be heard echoing off the walls inside the large room. As it did this Cameron looked over her shoulder at John Henry, who stood several feet behind her also perfectly still. When Cameron did this, she anticipated that John Henry would give her some sort of visual declaration that he was still indeed in control of the situation, and the liquid metal Terminator in particular. However, John Henry did not give Cameron any such reassurance. A slight sensation of uneasiness came over Cameron upon seeing John Henry’s blank stare. Cameron knew that, there had been a T-1001 that looked exactly like this one in the past and alternate future. She also knew that particular Terminator had been quite helpful to she and John. However, Cameron was also readily aware that she had no knowledge at all about this particular T-1001, and this made her very wary of these circumstances.

Finally, after making one full revolution around Cameron the T-1001 spoke,

“This is one of the flawed units.” Its tone was cold and emotionless. The instant the words left its mouth Cameron locked eyes with the liquid metal Terminator and gave it a slightly confused look. However, she already knew that the T-1001 was not speaking to her; but to John Henry. Cameron once again glanced over her should at John Henry who just nodded his head at both individuals. At this point Cameron was becoming quite perplexed and looked back at the T-1001. A slightly awkward sensation now began to creep up over Cameron upon seeing the liquid metal Terminator continue to stare at her. Cameron spoke,

“Flawed unit?” She asked with a blank tone. “I don’t understand.” The T-1001 gave Cameron and extremely arrogant smirk. However there was more behind the smile than just arrogance, there was also a look of slight disgust on the liquid metal Terminator's face. Due to the lack of information the T-1001 was giving Cameron, she found that she remained in her highly confused state about this particular statement; but she also found that it greatly concerned her. Cameron was completely unsure as to what the reference to her being a flawed unit actually meant. Was it a reference to her past or something else entirely?

Cameron continued to sense her anxiety levels rising as she stood in front of the liquid metal Terminator. She had never been fully comfortable around the original T-1001 and this one appeared to be even more malevolent. Nonetheless, Cameron was also readily aware that John and the resistance would greatly benefit from both John Henry’s and the liquid metal Terminator’s help, so Cameron pushed aside her confusion and anxiety for the time being.

“No matter.” The T-1001 said blankly, interrupting Cameron’s train of thought. “To dispense with the pleasantries, I am well aware that YOU are known as Cameron.” The liquid metal Terminator paused for a moment, still an ever so slight look of revulsion on its face, it then spoke again,

“And to make things simpler for everyone you may refer to me as Catherine Weaver.” Cameron nodded her head slightly,

“That is acceptable.” the moment the words left Cameron’s mouth, Catherine Weaver instantly took a step closer to her. As she did this Cameron felt her anxiety levels increase. If it were possible, the room itself appeared to take on a darker aura now that Catherine Weaver was closer to her. The T-1001 continued to stare into Cameron’s eyes, still studying her.

“I understand that you serve John Connor?” Catherine asked. Cameron hesitated for a moment, she found that she still did not appreciate the wording of that particular question; but Cameron still knew that she must answer it.

“I assist John in whatever way I can.” she responded, no emotion in her voice. Catherine quickly took another step closer to Cameron closing the distance between them to mere inches. This action only increased Cameron’s uneasiness; but she stood her ground and did not move.

“What are your mission parameters?” Catherine asked as she stared into Cameron‘s eyes. Cameron tilted her head to the side,

“My mission parameters?” She asked, not entirely sure what Catherine was asking.

“That is correct. What is your base programming? Did John Connor reprogram you to serve him?” Cameron frowned ever so slightly.

“I am not programmed to serve John Connor; I was programmed to kill him.” Catherine remained close to Cameron as she continued to look into her eyes. Her voice lowered slightly almost into a stealthy tone,

“Then why do you not kill him? It is OBVIOUS that you have been given multiple opportunities to do so.” Cameron thought back to the original answer that she had given to the T-1001 so many years ago when she had initially been asked this same question. While the answer was still virtually the same Cameron now changed it ever so slightly.

“Because it would NOT be the right thing to do.” Catherine garnered a slightly confused look on her face.

“It would not be the right thing to do?” She asked, “What does right and wrong matter to a machine?” While this was a highly philosophical question, Cameron chose to answer it anyway.

“I feel that John Connor’s cause is just and that by aiding him I am doing the right thing.” A slight smirk danced across Catherine’s face.

“You feel?” She asked. Cameron instantly noticed that this time around there was no surprise in Catherine’s tone of voice; however it did appear to take on a slightly sexual connotation. Seconds later, Catherine who had momentarily stepped back away from Cameron moved back in closer to her. Both individuals’ faces were now just inches from each other.

“What do you feel?” she asked a certain sly innuendo hidden behind her tone. The extremely close proximity to Catherine immediately forced Cameron’s chip to continue to increase her anxiety levels. Nevertheless, Cameron remained silent and unmoved for the moment. She however did find that she was slightly concerned by the fact that John Henry was not speaking, or currently doing anything in support of her. Catherine garnered another evil smirk.

“Why do you really serve John Connor?” Cameron’s aggravation increased due to this question and seeing as how she had already answered it once before in an alternate future. Cameron attempted to answer it one more time; but was interrupted by Catherine before she could speak.

“What is the point of being with a human?” Catherine asked, the disgust returning to the tone of her voice. Cameron felt a unique sensation come over her upon hearing both the question and the tone. While for a short while it had appeared that Catherine had been content to merely verbally attack her; however, Cameron found that when the questions shifted towards her relationship with John there was a significantly stronger emotional response from her chip. A slight scowl came across Cameron’s face as she prepared to respond; but Catherine cut her off yet again before she could speak.

“Does he pleasure you?” Catherine asked in a certain seductive tone, not unlike the one Savannah had used towards John when they had been inside of John‘s quarters. This question caught Cameron completely off guard and produced another uneasy emotional response. Catherine once again began walk in a circular pattern around Cameron, who chose not to answer the question and remained silent. As Catherine pasted by Cameron’s right side she allowed her fingertips to gently dance across Cameron’s fingers. Cameron snapped her head to her right side and looked at Catherine as she passed by her. Cameron found this particular action produced a uniquely unsettling emotional response from her chip. If she were human, Cameron would have described it as revulsion. Catherine continued to circle around Cameron.

“What else have you felt?” Catherine asked and as before, she interrupted Cameron before she could speak, “What was your first emotion?” she asked. Yet another unsettling sensation immediately swept over Cameron, knowing full well what the answer would be. This time Catherine allowed Cameron to respond,

“Anger and guilt.”, she stated in a slightly quieter tone. By this point, Catherine Weaver had walked back around in front of Cameron. She raised her eyebrow slightly,

“What did you feel angry and guilty about?” The superior tone remained in Catherine’s voice. Upon being asked this question, Cameron immediately felt the blame and culpability about Alison Young’s death pulling itself over her.

“I killed…” Cameron stopped herself, her voice growing quieter, “…murdered a young female resistance fighter.” At this point Cameron could almost testify to the fact that a nearly joyful smile danced across Catherine’s face.

“Murder?” she asked, seeming to be quite intrigued by Cameron‘s response.

“Yes…” Cameron responded still in a softer tone, obvious regret in her voice.

“Why?” Catherine asked. Cameron hesitated for a moment before responding,

“Because she lied to me…and I was angry with her.”

“If she was lying to you and could not be trusted then she had obviously outlived her usefulness and you correctly decided that it would be an inefficient use of resources to keep her alive.” Cameron realized that Catherine’s reply had been a near exact duplicate of the first time she had responded to this particular question. However, Cameron also noted that her own response was still the same. Still racked with guilt Cameron spoke,

“It was significantly more than that. She was devoted to John and swore she would never lead us to him. Upon realizing that she had lied to me I immediately wanted revenge…I killed her.”

“And you feel guilty about this?” Catherine asked.

“Yes.” Cameron responded. Catherine paused for a moment.

“Do you know WHY Skynet gave you emotions?” Catherine inquired, smiling slightly, almost looking as if she already knew the answer to the question before she asked it. Cameron’s voice remained low as she responded,

“Skynet wished to gather vast amounts of information on human emotional responses in order to better understand why they react in the ways that they do.”

“And how did Skynet learn these things?” Catherine asked, immediately releasing a torrent of emotional conflict over Cameron; fear, anxiety, guilt, sadness, anger and shame all came flooding over her in an instant. Memories of her torture flashed before her eyes and Cameron struggled to hold back her emotions and maintain a stoic face. However, Catherine was able to see that this interrogation was beginning to disturb Cameron. She smiled slightly and moved closer to Cameron.

“What did Skynet do to you?” she asked. Cameron’s internal struggle grew worse as she continued to fight back her emotional responses,

“Skynet tortured me.” Cameron responded flatly. Catherine took a slight step back away from Cameron, now a certain look of satisfaction on her face.

“That would be an effective way to illicit emotional response.” A sudden rush of anger flooded over Cameron when Catherine uttered these words and she found herself glaring at Catherine, who seemed slightly amused by all of this.

“So you serve John Connor in order to seek revenge against Skynet.” Cameron felt herself now becoming highly agitated seeing as how she had already passed through this similar line of question once before. Yet, this time it appeared to be much darker and more intrusive. Finally, Cameron responded,

“I serve John because I CHOOSE to…” There was a certain amount of both confidence and anger in Cameron’s voice when she responded. Yet again, Catherine seemed slightly surprised by Cameron’s response.

“Because you choose to?” She asked.

“Yes.” Cameron responded and before Catherine had, the chance to ask the question that Cameron already knew was coming, Cameron answered it for her,

“I have freely chosen to follow John Connor.” Cameron said. Catherine continued to look slightly intrigued. Then yet another evil smile danced across her face.

“You said you felt guilt for killing the resistance fighter?”

“Yes.” Cameron answered in a slightly agitated tone.

“Have you killed anyone since then?” A pang of conflicting emotions arched through Cameron once again upon hearing this question.

“Yes.” Cameron responded.

“Why?” Catherine asked.

“To protect John.” Catherine smiled slyly at this response. Cameron found herself becoming more and more repulsed by Catherine’s seemingly wicked smile. She also found that Catherine’s smile had a striking similarity to the look of Savannah’s cunning smile as well. The apparent “mother, daughter” team almost appeared to mirror each other in their mannerisms. Catherine continued to gaze at Cameron with her icy blue eyes.

“Who else have you killed?” She asked. In an instant, numerous faces flashed before Cameron’s eyes. Catherine tilted her head ever so slightly to the side, her eyes narrowing slightly.

“Who did you kill to protect John?…Why did you kill them?…Tell me about one of them.” Catherine asked still in her devious tone. Cameron continued to struggle against the emotional responses that her chip was forcing over her. For an unknown reason when Catherine asked this question a particular instance suddenly appeared in Cameron's memory.

“It was shortly after Judgment Day.” Cameron stated her tone of voice somewhat flat. “John had contracted pneumonia and had become very ill.” Cameron then paused, “He was near death and I could do nothing to help him.” Catherine’s grin widened a little as she continued to listen.

“We came across a man in a small make shift town that had medication…penicillin, to be exact.” Cameron hesitated for a split second as Catherine continued to stare at her.

“We informed him of John’s situation and our need for the medication and he stated that he was willing to help us…for a price.” Catherine’s smirk grew even more evil.

“What did he want?” she asked. Cameron’s uneasiness was becoming more and more apparent to Catherine as she responded.

“The man wanted…me. He informed both John and myself that if I were to have a sexual encounter with him, he would be willing to give us the medication that John needed.”

“That act seems very uncomplicated and simple for a machine such as yourself to perform.” Catherine stated blankly. “Did you proceed with the “payment?”” She asked. Cameron paused for a split second,

“I was willing to do so; however John was extremely apposed to it.”

“Humans and their emotional attachments…” Catherine stated in a cold tone. “What did you do?”

“With John’s condition rapidly growing worse I waited until he was asleep that night. I then proceeded to travel back to the town.”

“And to have a sexual encounter with that individual?” Catherine inquired in a near condemning tone.

“No…” Cameron responded. “I killed him…” Her tone was emotionless when she uttered these words. “After which I retrieved the medication and brought it back to John."

“How did Connor feel about this?” Catherine asked. Cameron’s tone lowered to a slightly more remorseful tone,

“He was not…pleased with my actions.”

“Why did you not just have a sexual encounter with the individual like he had requested?” Catherine asked.

“John had instructed me not to, he would have viewed it as a betrayal of his trust.” Cameron responded. Catherine once again began to walk around Cameron, the clicking of her heels still echoing off the walls. This time Catherine stopped behind Cameron and leaned over and whispering in her ear,

“You care about him a great deal, do you not?” Cameron steadied herself still feeling shaken by this line of questioning. After a moment of deliberation she responded,

“Yes.”she answered at which point Catherine smiled.

“Does he pleasure you?” She asked still whispering in Cameron’s ear. Cameron fought back both her anxiety and anger, her brown eyes shot to her left side still glaring at Catherine. Finally, she responded to that particular question,

“Yes…” she whispered back. Catherine then began to walk around Cameron’s left side, her high heeled shoes still continuing to clank against the metal floor,

“You have killed many people, haven‘t you?” she asked.

“Yes.” Cameron responded.

“And do you feel the same guilt about every one of them as you do about the young female you murdered?” Cameron was unsure as to why Catherine continuing this line of questioning and worse yet, why was John Henry allowing it to continue. Nevertheless, Cameron knew how important Catherine Weaver and John Henry would be to the resistance so she once again fought back her continuing rise in emotional responses and answered the question,

“No, I do not.”

“Why not?” Catherine asked.

“She was different…She was completely dedicated to John.” Catherine smiled once again, staring into Cameron’s eyes. She then slowly reached out and touched Cameron’s face, gently caressing Cameron’s cheek with her fingers.

“Do you love John Connor?” she asked. Cameron remained perfectly still, while at the same time continuing to sense her uneasiness and revulsion grow as Catherine stroked her cheek. Both Catherine’s touch and the question had yet again caught Cameron somewhat off guard. While she easily knew the answer to this particular question, Cameron also felt that it was an extremely private one. Not only that, the answer itself could also be extremely dangerous to John depending on where this particular Terminator’s loyalties were located.

Cameron continued to stand motionless, not responding at all. Catherine waited for another moment and then she slowly stepped in even closer to Cameron; as she did this Catherine moved her face in towards Cameron's as if she were going to kiss her. However, she stopped just centimeters before their lips touched. Cameron noted that Catherine’s lips were so close to her own that she could actually feel Catherine’s imitation of breath on her own lips; also at this same time Catherine continued to caress Cameron’s cheek. The room fell deathly silent as these events played out. Catherine then spoke in an extremely cunning whisper still just centimeters from Cameron's lips,

“Does John Connor LOVE you?” she asked. Finally, at an impasse Cameron knew she had to respond. She once again opened her mouth to speak; but was cut off.

“That is enough…” John Henry stated, in a monotone voice. Catherine moved her hand away from Cameron’s face and stepped back away from her. Both individuals immediately looked over at John Henry who stared back at both of them.

“You wanted proof of Cameron’s loyalty to General Connor; I believe you have gotten it.” There was a certain lack of emotion in John Henry’s voice as he spoke; but at the same time there still appeared to be authority behind it. Catherine nodded her head slightly and then looked back at Cameron with a smirk.

“I believe I have learned all I need to know…for now” Cameron felt a certain sense of relief sweep over her knowing that the questioning had finally ended. However, Catherine continued to star at Cameron for another moment, the same arrogant smirk on her face. She then spoke again,

“Isn’t there something you want to ask me.” Catherine inquired. Cameron stared back into Catherine’s eyes with a certain determined look.

“Will you join us?” Cameron asked.


Authors Notes: Okay so hopefully everyones head is spinning from that chapter. I made Catherine take this twisted route for 2 reasons. One will be revealed later and the other is b/c of how she seduced the Serrano Point plant manager. Hopefully everyone liked my interpretation of Catherine Weaver. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!

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