Final Days Chapter 65


The dull and incessant sound of the helicopter blades echoed throughout the air as Cameron, John Henry, Savannah Weaver and Catherine Weaver walked across the metal grated surface towards the Blackhawk Helicopter, which sat idling on the heliport. Cameron scanned the morning sky above the awaiting Blackhawk and saw that the two Apaches that John had sent to escort them still remained. Both Gunships hovered above the oil platform, approximately three hundred feet away from each other, their rotor blades also adding to the dull sound which seemed to encompass the entire area. The wind whipped around on the heliport and in turn forced Cameron’s hair and clothing to do the same as she walked closer and closer to the awaiting helicopter.

As the group neared the helicopter, Lieutenant Spears look over at them from the cockpit and watched as they approach. Spears found that he was slightly surprised to see another woman who looked extremely similar to Savannah. While he knew that, he and his copilot would more than likely be bringing back extra passengers of either the human or Terminator variety he did not expect to see what he now saw. However, Matthew Spears tried to maintain a uniform appearance as Savannah and the group grew closer.

Cameron pulled the door of the helicopter open and motioned with her hand for John Henry, Savannah Weaver, and Catherine Weaver to enter, which they did. However, as Catherine past Cameron, she gave her another slightly arrogant smirk. The instant this occurred a slight sensation of uneasiness came over Cameron. She continued to find that Catherine Weaver was still able to provoke unpleasant emotional responses from her chip. Cameron also concluded that if she were not aware of the fact that Catherine Weaver was in actuality a machine, she would have come to the conclusion that Catherine actually enjoyed toying with her emotional responses. The uneasy sensation increased somewhat as Cameron entered into the helicopter with Catherine. While she had experienced apprehension on the helicopter trip to the oil platform with Savannah Weaver as a passenger, she ascertained that the trip back may be even more unpleasant.


Cameron sat back in one of the seats inside the Blackhawk across from Savannah, Catherine and John Henry. After doing this, she turned around towards the cockpit,

“We are ready to leave Lieutenant.” She stated to Spears in an blank emotionless tone.

“Yes Ma’am.” He responded. The roar of the helicopter engine began to grow louder as the Blackhawk slowly began to lift off the helipad. Cameron sat in her seat staring across the passenger area of the helicopter at the three other occupants. Savannah who was occasionally glancing out the window of the helicopter and then back at either John Henry, or Catherine continued to display same apathetic look and attitude towards Cameron. However, Cameron did notice that there was a slight change in Savannah’s facial expression whenever she looked at John Henry. While she could not be completely sure, the closest illustration that Cameron could compare the facial expression to was a look of sheer adoration. Cameron also took note of the fact that even though John Henry had made significant growth from what he had once been upon their initial meeting so many years ago in the basement of Zeira Corporation, he still managed to maintain an ever so slight bit of childish innocence about him. While Cameron was not at ease around either Catherine or Savannah she did find that John Henry’s presence produced what she could only describe as a nostalgic sensation from her chip. Next to John, Cameron felt that John Henry was the closest thing she may have to a friend.

Catherine on the other hand continued to fixate her cold emotionless stare straight ahead at Cameron. She did not move or even blink as she did this. It was almost as if Catherine were continuing to study Cameron, just as a scientist would study some sort of strange, yet insignificant creature they had just discovered. The distrust that Cameron already had for Catherine only appeared to be worsening as time went on. Cameron stared back coldly at Catherine not flinching or moving. Both machine’s eyes maintained a lock on each other as the helicopter flew onward.


John and a few other soldiers stood silently as they watched the Blackhawk Helicopter slowly touch down in front of them onto Serrano Point’s tarmac. Both of the Apache Gunships that had escorted it soon followed with their landings as well. John immediately fixated his gaze on the passenger door of the Blackhawk, waiting for it to open. While John already knew that the mission had been a success and that Cameron was safe, he still felt himself becoming slightly nervous as he anticipated seeing the door of the helicopter open and Cameron stepping out. After several seconds of waiting, he did indeed see just that.

The door to the Blackhawk was pulled open and Cameron slowly emerged from it. John felt as if his anxiety began to drop away the instant he saw with his own eyes that Cameron was indeed out of harm's way. He found himself fighting the almost uncontrollable urge to run to Cameron as he continued to stand waiting for her to walk across the tarmac to him. John also discovered that he slightly fidgeted with his hands as he kept them clasp behind his back.
At this point John was so fixated on Cameron that he did not immediately take note of the other faces that were among the group. While he was readily aware that Savannah Weaver and John Henry were with Cameron he did not initially notice the forth face that walked with them. John continued to stand silently until Cameron finally found her way over to him, she stopped just a few feet away from him and the pair quietly stared into each other’s eyes for a brief moment. John continued to fight the urge to rap his arms around her as they did so. Finally, he spoke,

“Hey…” he said to Cameron in a somewhat gentle voice. Cameron tilted her head ever so slightly to the side with an almost curious look on her face in response to John's overtly soft tone,

“Hello…” she responded. Cameron found that the anxiety which her chip had been forcing through her the entire trip, slowly began to waft away, now that she was again with John. Nevertheless, a small amount of uneasiness continued to remain. This was possibly due in part to Catherine’s continued presence and the unique way she seemed to be able to stimulate Cameron's emotional responses. However, Cameron did indeed feel a calming sensation sweep over her now that she was once again in John's presence.
John finally broke his gaze away from Cameron and then proceeded to look over at John Henry. There was a small look of amazement on John’s face upon seeing his old colleague and an ever so slight smile cracked John’s lip.

“Hello…” John Henry stated, still in his somewhat childish way.

“Hello.” John replied. Almost immediately, after speaking John observed another figure emerge from behind John Henry. John’s immediate thought was that it was Savannah Weaver; however, this thought was quickly dismissed from his mind upon the realization that Savannah was actually standing to Cameron’s right side. John’s eyes suddenly widened in utter shock,

“Catherine?!” John nearly shouted when he spoke. Catherine Weaver nodded her head slightly,

“Hello, General Connor.” She staid in a flat tone with no emotion. John continued to stare at her in somewhat of a state of disbelief for several seconds. Finally, he managed to get out the word,


“The T-1001 that we knew in the past as Catherine Weaver was created by Skynet in the future…which would now be our present.” John Henry replied and then continued, “This situation is not dissimilar to the situation where you were able to meet your friend Derek Reese in the alternate future, even though he had been killed in our past.” While John still felt shock sweeping over him from seeing Catherine Weaver, the mere mention of Derek’s name immediately inundated John with a flood of drastically different and much more saddening emotions. While it was not overtly apparent to the others, Cameron immediately noticed the ever so slight change in John’s facial expression. While she now knew the exact reason for John’s emotional change, she also knew there was little she could do for him at the time being. John hesitated for a moment as he fought back his emotions. John Henry found this sudden pause on John’s part to be slightly perplexing; however, he dismissed it to the possibility that Derek was John’s friend and humans did become emotional over the loss of a fallen comrade. After his short pause John spoke,

“Where have you been for the last sixteen years?” He asked John Henry.

“We have much to talk about General Connor. However, I believe it would be better for us to speak in a more secure location.” John Henry stated as he looked around the open-air tarmac and the numerous people that were walking about completing their daily tasks. John nodded his head,

“Agreed…” and then continued by stating, “Come with me.” as he turned away from the group. However, before John could complete this act he inadvertently shot his eyes over towards Cameron and looked into her brown eyes. Unfortunately for John everyone in the group noticed this act and Savanna Weaver watched as a minor look of what could only be described as annoyance arched across Catherine’s face upon seeing John display this type of sentiment, however minor it may have been, towards Cameron. While Savannah was not intimidated at all by Cameron, she found Catherine’s response to be slightly perplexing. However, no one else in the group noticed Catherin’s look and they proceeded to follow John as he turned and began to lead them into Serrano Point.


“Once I was aware that a T-Triple 8 was attempting to destroy me, I believed it would be best not to risk leading it to you or our prearranged location. I also knew that due to the delay it would cause in our rendezvous, Cameron would advise you to move on to a more secure location in order to better ensure your safety. Once that occurred I readily accepted the fact that I would have relatively no chance of finding either of you for quite some time.” John Henry stated in an emotionless tone as he looked at both John and Cameron who stood quietly inside the War Room across the imaging table from him. Catherine Weaver and Savannah Weaver stood silently, flanking John Henry on both his sides.

“Once Judgment Day occurred I believed it would be best to both focus my efforts on continuing to learn everything I could about my brother and to look after Savannah as well.” When John Henry had finished this statement Cameron watched as Savannah’s eyes flick over towards him, another look of adoration reappearing on her face upon hearing John Henry speak her name. Cameron continued to find Savannah’s look of overwhelming wonder slightly curious.

“After your escape from Century Work Camp, your elusive nature continued to make it difficult to track you.” John Henry paused for a brief moment,

“I however was relatively certain that you would eventually find yourself at Topanga Canyon due to Skynet’s experiments with their Time Displacement Equipment. Nevertheless, I felt there was a much more pressing matter for me to attend to at that time.” John wrinkled his forehead somewhat upon hearing John Henry say this. Cameron also titled her head to the side.

“More pressing matter?” John asked. Cameron watched as a slightly arrogant smirk danced across Catherine Weaver’s face upon hearing John ask this. John Henry continued,

“Skynet has become aware of your…” John Henry twitched his neck and head slightly as if he were searching for the right word to say,

“…association with Cameron. However, it was not aware of exactly WHAT Cameron was or even where she was.” John Henry hesitated for another moment before continuing to speak.

“I regret to inform you that Skynet was able to locate the young female that Cameron is based on.” John immediately felt the strength beginning to drain from his legs as the sadness and guilt took hold of him after hearing these words. He placed his hand on the imaging table to help maintain his balance. At this same moment, Cameron felt a sensation that she knew all to well being forced through her by her chip. Guilt quickly began to take hold of Cameron upon the realization that she had yet again been responsible for the death of Alison Young. John and Cameron both began to experience extremely different; but at the same time very similar emotions as they continued to listen.

“Shortly after the young female and several other soldier’s interrogation, Skynet had planned to send Ms. Weaver to infiltrate Serrano Point and kill you.” Due to his emotional state John did not hear the later half of John Henry’s statement about “other soldiers” he remained focused on the fact that he had yet again allowed Alison Young to die. Cameron also continued to experience a continuing sensation of guilt as memories from her own infiltration of Serrano Point flashed before her eyes. Cameron instantly came to the conclusion that no matter what she did, or where or when she went, death seemingly followed her everywhere. A sensation of extreme concern for John’s safety immediately began to course over her via her chip. John Henry however, broke both Cameron and John‘s train of thought as he continued speaking.

“I believed it was of the utmost importance to garner Ms. Weavers help before this incident occurred.” John Henry paused, “After all, without her help, I would not have been created.” John Henry’s facial expression then shifted to what Cameron could only describe as trepidation, “A secondary concern of mine was that I was unsure of how your soldiers would react to my assistance, seeing as how they were unaware of your level of comfort with machines. That is before the incident involving Cameron.” Cameron watched, as everyone in the room appeared to look at her for the moment.

“While it is unfortunate that it cost you the lives of several soldiers, I believe that you handled the situation in the best possible manner.” John Henry stated as he shifted his look from Cameron back over to John.

“That is also when I advised Savannah to make contact with you.” John looked over at Savannah who raised her eyebrows slightly, and then gave John a sultry look. John remained silent, somewhat shocked by all the revelations that had just been given to him. After several seconds of silence he opened his mouth to speak; but was instantly cut off by Catherine,

“I understand General Connor that your supply of reprogrammed Terminators has been greatly diminished due to resent events.”

“That is correct.” John responded not exactly sure, where Catherine was taking the conversation.

“I would be more than willing to allow you access to my own.” Catherine responded, a certain malevolent tone hidden behind her voice. John once again gave her a slightly confused look.

“You have your own Terminators?” John asked.

“I began to question my loyalty to Skynet quite some time ago. Upon this realization I believed it would be prudent for the Terminators under my control to be loyal to me and not to Skynet.” Catherine then smiled with what John could only describe as a wicked smile, “So I made certain…changes…to their programming. All that I needs to be done is to recall them to my base of operations for further instructions from myself.”

“How many do you have?” John asked.

“Not many...but enough.” Catherine Weaver stated a slight arrogance in her tone. John was not sure he liked this response; however, he also knew that reprogrammed Terminators continued to be an extremely valuable asset to the resistance.

“How do you plan on recalling them?” John asked, almost certain of the fact that their had to be a catch.

“Unfortunately I can not effectively communicate with them from here; however, my establishment which is relatively close to this location would allow me to communicate with all of my units.” Catherine paused and then looked over at Cameron.

“Being that any journey is dangerous, especially for humans, if you were to allow your cyborg friend to accompany me, I would greatly appreciate the help.” Catherine stated in a icy tone as she continued to stare at Cameron with an cold look in her eyes. Cameron stared back at Catherine with an equally harsh look. The idea of being alone with Catherine produced a rather unsettling emotional response within her. John looked over at Cameron. When she turned her head to look at him, Cameron noticed the obvious fear behind his eyes. While both individuals knew that it would indeed increase the likelihood of success for Catherine if Cameron were to accompany her; neither John nor Cameron took any type of pleasure in that particular idea. Both, John and Cameron stood staring at each other, a certain unnerving silence slipping over the room as Catherine and the rest of the group awaited John’s response.


Authors Notes: Okay so I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. It was meant primarily as a bridge for what is coming in the next chapter. Which I think will be quite "interesting" for everyone. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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