Final Days Chapter 66

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A lone Humvee rolled to a stop in front of a dilapidated mansion located in the middle of what could only be described as a twisted metal and concrete rubble wasteland. All around the vehicle was nothing but piles of debris from what was once a thriving metropolis. The mansion itself which had once been white, was now dulled to a dark grey, due to the shoot that had collected on its exterior. Four large pillars supported an overhanging section of the roof that led to the main entrance of the structure. Set behind the pillars themselves were four large bay windows, however, the glass was so caked with dirt and dust a person would have been completely unable to look directly through them. The entire mansion itself set forth an eerier and surreal aura.

Catherine Weaver slowly stepped out of the driver’s side of the Humvee. She paused for a moment and stared up at the mansion. As she did this Cameron exited out of the vehicle’s passenger’s side; the moment she did so the cool, night air immediately blew across her face. Cameron felt the hairs on her arms rise slightly and her pores constricted due to the chilly air. Cameron glanced over at Catherine who was still staring up at the mansion. If it were not for the fact that she knew better, Cameron would have described Catherine Weaver’s expression as nostalgic. After a moments pause Catherine looked across the hood of the Humvee at Cameron.

“Come with me.” She said in an emotionless and cold tone. After speaking, Catherine proceeded to walk towards the mansion. Cameron watched, a slight sensation of apprehension making its way over her as Catherine moved away from her and towards the decrepit structure. Despite her concerns, Cameron proceeded to follow Catherine into the building.


Cameron and Catherine walked down a dark staircase into what could only be the basement of the mansion. Although it was pitch dark inside the stairwell, both individuals were able to see quite well due to their enhanced visual spectrum. Except for the creaking of the wood on the stairs, the house itself was dead silent. When Catherine reached the base of the stairs, she turned to her left and began to walk down a short hallway. Cameron found that the basement itself was also dark; however a few broken slats in the walls allowed for an extremely minor amount of moonlight to be allowed in. Catherine continued to walk onwards in front of Cameron until finally reaching a door on their right. Upon doing so, she instantly reached for the door handle and opened it. The room in front of Catherine was devoid of any light. Without hesitation, Catherine walked in.

Both individuals made their way through what Cameron could only describe as a medical bay. There were several computer mainframes scattered throughout the circular room, along with quite a few stainless steel examination tables. The tables themselves had examination lights over them, all of which were off at this point. There were also smaller tables on wheels, which presumably could be used to hold medical utensils. Cameron also noticed that one examination table in particular had what appeared to be a computer controlled I.V. console next to it. The half empty bag that still hung from the device contained a brownish colored substance. Cameron assumed that Skynet must have been using this specific device on someone in particular; however she was unsure as to exactly who it was that this devilish machine had been used on.

A certain unsettling emotion began to pull itself over Cameron. She found that the room itself resembled the one she had been tortured in. Just then, Cameron heard a hiss and looked across the dark room at Catherine who stood in front of a computer controlled metal door that had just opened in front of her. Catherine turned towards Cameron when this occurred and motioned with her head for Cameron to follow her. Cameron carefully walked through the medical bay towards the door that Catherine had just walked through. However, she paused for a moment, before proceeding through the door. While Cameron could not describe why, something appeared to be “off” about this entire situation. Despite her concerns, Cameron proceeded through the open door. The moment she entered the room the metal door slammed behind her with a loud clank.


John walked down the darkened corridor of Serrano Point. The section of the base he was currently in housed few people. General Perry, Cameron, and a few other command staff members were the only ones allowed in this deep. After a several hour briefing with John Henry and General Perry, John had left to allow John Henry to continue his tactical analysis of Serrano Point, its computer systems and the resistance as a whole. Throughout the entire meeting, John had found it difficult to focus. His thoughts continuously drifted to Cameron and her safety. John felt almost as if a piece of him were missing, or at least the only part that had any meaning to him. John suspected that John Henry may have begun to notice his distraction as the briefing wore on, and even though John was still able to make intelligent decisions, this may have been the reason John Henry had chosen to give John a break from the day’s proceedings. John continued down the winding corridors until he finally reached one particular bulkhead door. He stood silently in front of the door for a moment, still lost in thought. Finally, after several seconds he knocked on the door creating a metallic clanking sound. A few seconds went by and then there was the screeching of metal as the door opened.

“John…?” Savannah said with an ever so slight hint of surprise in her voice.


Several sets of florescent lights sparked to life as soon as the door slammed behind Cameron revealing a large computer room in front of her. There were several large mainframe computers located next to the highly polished stainless steel walls. At what could only be the front of the room was a large display screen, which was currently off. In front of the display was what appeared to be a control panel. However, it was only bare sheet metal, no keyboards, switches or network ports of any kind were located on the panel. The only thing that broke the perfect symmetry of the flat metal sheet, were five holes spaced at similar intervals to where a human’s fingertips would have gone. Cameron tilted her head slightly to the side somewhat curious as to how Catherine was planning on interfacing with the network and her Terminators.

Catherine turned and glanced over her shoulder at Cameron, an ever so slight smug smile on her face upon seeing Cameron’s confusion. She then proceeded to walk across the nearly empty steel room and towards the display and the bare metal control panel. The boots that she had formed around her feet made no sound on the metal floor as she glided across it. Catherine’s outfit of a black trench coat, red and grey blouse, black pants and heavy black boots was an extreme departure from the usual pristine white dress and high heels she was normally adorned in.
When Catherine reached the center of the control panel she placed her fingertips over the five small holes. When she did so, she allowed her hand to dissolve into its liquid metal form and dive into the openings. Catherine stood motionless at the front of the room still attached to the control panel via her liquid metal hand. After thirty seconds, Catherine finally allowed her hand to reform. She then turned towards Cameron.

“It will take several minutes for all of my units to receive my signal.” Cameron nodded her head. The room once again fell into an eerie silence as the two machines stared at one another. Finally, Catherine broke the silence of the room.

“You know, Skynet was working on a program similar to yours in this timeline as well.” Cameron found this statement slightly curious; but also very suspicious. She found herself becoming even more skeptical of the entire situation and as to the exact reason why Catherine was now giving her this information. Cameron tilted her head slightly to the side awaiting further instruction. Then Catherine slowly began to walk across the room towards her. Cameron sensed her trepidation increasing with every step that Catherine took towards her. After closing the distance between the pair to mere feet, Catherine stopped. She then looked up and down Cameron's body, in an extremely similar fashion to the way Savannah Weaver had done. The same look of disgust Catherine had shown when she first met Cameron returned to her face.

“It was discovered that those units were prone to violent and uncontrollable behavior.” Extremely unsettling emotions began to creep over Cameron as images of her attempt on John’s life, and her reaction to Alison Young forced their way into her memory. Cameron could not help but begin to doubt herself and her future actions yet again. Catherine took a step closer to Cameron.

“He must give you a great deal of pleasure.” Catherine stated in a sultry tone. Still shaken by the prior statement Cameron gave Catherine a confused look.

“John Connor…” Catherine continued, “…he must be able to provide you with uniquely pleasurable experiences.”

“I don’t understand.” Cameron responded.

“If you are merely exploring your ability to experience physical sensations with him, he must be able to provide you with extremely unique and pleasurably sensations in order for you to stay with him for as long as you have.”

“I am not USING John for that purpose.” Cameron responded, a hint of annoyance behind her voice. Catherine took another step closer to Cameron now less then a foot away from her.

“Then he must find you quite pleasurable then.” Catherine said in a slightly seductive tone. Cameron felt her chip forcing anger throughout her and she struggled to conceal it. There was another several seconds of silence between the two before Catherine finally spoke again in a blank and emotionless tone.

“I imagine it was quite painful for them.” Cameron gave Catherine a perplexed look.

“Painful for whom?” Cameron asked. Catherine gave Cameron another arrogant and sly smile.

“Your Terminator counterparts in this timeline. Skynet would not have bothered to deactivate the ones that were already functioning. It would have merely destroyed them using the recycling units.” Cameron instantly sensed displeasure and anxiety as images of large machines with grinding teeth came into her memory.

“I believe it would have been excruciating for them.” Catherine said as she reached out towards Cameron’s face.

“Especially with your UNIQUE ability to…” Catherine’s fingertips touched Cameron’s cheek; however, the instant this occurred, everything changed. Catherine’s voice, the texture of her skin against Cameron’s, and most disturbingly the way she looked. Catherine’s features dissolved away into the silver liquid metal and the form of John Connor now emerged.

“…feel.” Catherine stated in an extremely sexual tone, now in John’s voice.


“Come in…” Savannah remarked as she held the door open for John, who hesitated for a moment and then walked in. John glanced around the small quarters that he had provided to Savannah. There was nothing special about them. A bed, a table, and a locker was about all that was housed inside the room.

“I just wanted to make sure that everything was satisfactory with your quarters and all.” Savannah raised her eyebrow slightly intrigued at John’s concern.

“Yes, everything’s fine.” she responded, no emotion in her voice as she spoke. John’s eyes wondered about the room and then something on Savannah’s bed instantly caught his attention. A small smile danced across his face before he spoke,

“You still have that thing?” John asked, slightly chuckling at this point. Savannah glanced over at her bed in order to ascertain what John was looking at. Lying on the bed was a small, somewhat dirty, and tattered stuffed animal, it resembled a giraffe; but not precisely. Then John saw something on Savannah’s face that he had not seen since she was a child…a smile. Not a sly, seductive, or arrogant smile like the ones she had been previously hiding behind. Savannah’s smile was almost child like in nature.

“You mean my girankey?” Savannah replied. John crinkled his forehead slightly confused.

“Your what?” he asked. Savannah continued with her childish smile.

“Girankey…it’s a cross between a giraffe and a donkey.” John smiled in response,

“You carried that thing everywhere when you were younger.” Savannah’s smile then faded into sadness.

“I think it’s the last thing I have left from my childhood.” There was a moments hesitation on Savannah's part before she continued speaking,

“My mother gave it to me…My real mother that is…Before Catherine killed her.” John’s eyes suddenly widened.

“What?!” He replied in a surprised tone. While John knew that John Henry had informed Savannah at a young age of what Catherine Weaver was, he had still been completely unaware as to the exact details of Savannah’s biological mother’s death. While he did suspect Catherine may have killed her, to hear Savannah speak these words still shocked him. Savannah nodded her head, now with an almost blank stare on her face.

“The liquid metal Terminator we know as Catherine Weaver killed my mother and father.” John was completely stunned to hear absolutely no emotion behind Savannah’s voice when she spoke of her parents death.

“John Henry informed me of this some time ago.” Savannah stated as John continued to stare at her in near disbelief. Then an extremely small smile cracked Savannah’s lips,

“If my parents had been allowed to live, they would have bought the computer you know as The Turk from Andy Goode and undoubtedly turned it into Skynet.” John’s mouth began to hang slightly open due to this revelation. There was a slight hesitation on his part before he finally spoke,

“I’m sorry…” John said. Savannah shook her head,

“It was necessary for them to die…” She paused, “At least it wasn’t a meaningless death and they are no longer responsible for the deaths of billions of lives.” John stood speechless. On the one hand, he agreed with Savannah; but he also found that memories of his own mother were beginning to flood into his mind. A certain sadness began to creep over John as he stood silently inside of Savannah’s quarters, not quite sure what to do or say at this point. At about this same time Savannah took a few steps closer to John closing the distance between them to just a few feet. The silence continued for another moment before Savannah finally spoke,

“You really do love her don’t you?” John opened his mouth to respond; but naturally balked due to concern for Cameron’s safety at this very sensitive topic.

“Most people wouldn’t risk their life for a machine.” Savannah continued.

“Cameron is so much more than a machine.” John responded in an extremely solemn tone.
“I know…” Savannah said a surprising amount of emotion behind her statement. “Neither one of them are machines to us anymore…they’re our…friends.”

“That they are.” John responded.

“And we would not be who we are without them.” Savannah stated still in a somber tone.

“I imagine that this most recent event wasn’t the first time people tried to pull you two apart?” Savannah asked. John responded by shaking his head,

“No…there was another time.” Savannah tilted her head to the side much the same way as John Henry and Cameron did when they were confused.

“It was many years ago. I was still young, sixteen maybe. A solider from another future came back in time and brought a young girl with her. She hoped that I would fall in love with this girl and that Cameron would kill her for eventually risking my safety. This soldier then in turn hoped that I would either destroy Cameron or send her away because of what she had done.” Savannah continued to stare at John with interest. “Once she saw that Cameron wasn’t going to kill Riley she did it herself in hopes that I would think that Cameron had done it.” John signed, still feeling the sadness of the situation hanging over him.

“After some digging, I figured out what really happened.”

“What did you do to that soldier?” Savannah asked. John thought for a moment, not exactly sure how to respond. He then found that a certain soothing sensation came over him about his response,

“I let her go.” While John was not exactly sure what Derek had done to Jesse, he was glad that his uncle had managed to give him some peace of mind about this particular situation. Out of all the hard decisions John had to make over the years, Derek had managed to save him from this particular one.

“Would it have worked?” Savannah asked, pulling John from his train of thought.

“If Cameron had killed Riley or if the soldier had managed to convince me that she had, would I have killed Cameron…or sent her away?” John asked.

“Yes…” Savannah responded. John shook his head.

“No…I wouldn’t have…” He then paused for another moment. “In hindsight there may have been one good thing that came out of that entire circumstance.” John added as Savannah looked at him awaiting further clarification. “That entire situation probably drove me closer to Cameron. In the end what that soldier did probably ended up having the exact opposite effect that she had planned.” John signed. “I knew after that happened, Cameron was the only one that would never let me down.” Savannah nodded her head.

“She drove you closer to her.”

“That she did.” John said as he looked around Savannah’s room one more time. “Well I should be going, I just wanted to check on you to make sure everything was okay.” Savannah nodded her head as she walked to the door and opened it for John,

“Thank you.” she replied just the slightest hint of appreciation hidden behind her tone. John nodded his head and slowly walked out of Savannah’s room.


Still in John Connor’s form, Catherine Weaver continued to run the tips of her fingers down the side of Cameron’s cheek. An extremely unsettling sensation came over Cameron, as Catherine did this. She knew that Catherine was faster and more powerful than she was and could do virtually whatever she wanted to her, there would be no way for Cameron to physically resist Catherine. In addition to this Cameron also knew that Catherine would be an extremely important asset to the resistance. However, this fact did nothing to curb the emotions that were now coursing over Cameron.

“Is it just a physical attraction?” Catherine asked as she continued to let her hand drift down the side of Cameron’s neck, “Is this all some type of experiment for you?” Catherine added remaining in her seductive tone as her hand now moved around the back of Cameron’s neck.

“No…” Cameron responded. She continued to fight back all of her emotional responses that her chip was now forcing over her. Catherine took another step closer to Cameron closing the distance between them to mere inches. Still staring into Cameron’s eyes in John Connor’s form Catherine spoke again.

“What is John Connor…an insignificant human….to you?” she asked a slight amount of disgust behind her voice. After a moments hesitation Cameron responded in a solemn tone,

“He’s my whole world.” Catherine stared into Cameron’s eyes,

“There is something more behind…your eyes.” she stated as she moved in even closer to Cameron and positioned her right hand around Cameron’s waist,

“Something…life…like.” Catherine said and then paused for another moment still holding onto Cameron. “You know, humans will disappoint you?” Catherine whispered as she began to move in towards Cameron’s lips.

“Not John…” Cameron quietly replied.

“Do you love John Connor?” Catherine asked as she pulled Cameron closer to her with her left hand, which was still cupped behind the back of Cameron’s neck. Cameron remained silent still concerned that her response may put John's life in danger. Catherine moved in to kiss Cameron and then stopped just centimeters before their lips touched.

“Does John Connor love you?” She whispered. Before Cameron could formulate a response Catherine pulled her in closer and kissed her. Cameron’s lips pressed up against Catherine who still remained in John’s form. Cameron was surprised to find at how exactly Catherine was able to mimic John’s lips. However, she also found the sensation she was experiencing to be quite disturbing and revolting at the same time. The emotional impact of the entire situation was becoming almost overpowering for Cameron and she fought the urge to at least try and kill Catherine for what she was doing. Seconds drifted on as Catherine continued to kiss Cameron. As this was occurring Catherine gently caressed the back of Cameron’s neck with her fingertips and forced her to remain close with her other hand that was still wrapped around Cameron‘s waist.

Finally, Catherine pulled back from Cameron still leaving only centimeters between their lips. The two remained silently locked in that position for several more seconds. Then Catherine began to pull Cameron in for another kiss. This time Cameron resisted. She struggled with every bit of strength she had against Catherine’s hand, which was still located on the back of her neck. Cameron strained not to kiss Catherine who continued to stare into Cameron’s eyes as she tried to force her forwards towards her own lips. As the fight continued Cameron finally whispered,

“I love John…” Catherine paused and then slowly smiled at Cameron and stepped back away from her. As she did this Catherine’s silver frame shifted and she once again assumed the form of Catherine Weaver.

“John Henry was correct.” She stated and then continued, “The complexities of your relationship certainly are unique.” Cameron stood silently glaring at Catherine, an array of emotional responses coursing over her. She remained perfectly still not exactly sure what to expect at this point. Catherine gave Cameron another arrogant smile and then turned away from her and walked back over to the control console. As she had done before she allowed her liquid metal hand to slide into the openings of the control panel. After standing there for several more seconds, she then allowed her hand to again reform. Catherine turned and faced Cameron.

“All of my units have responded. We may leave…unless you have something else you would prefer to discuss with me while we are still in private.” Catherine said, another sly innuendo hidden behind her voice. Cameron sensed anger pulling itself over her.

“No…” She responded a certain hint of resentment still behind her voice. Catherine nodded her head and proceeded to walk past Cameron towards one of the exits. Cameron reluctantly followed, still experiencing numerous unpleasant emotions.


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