Final Days Chapter 68

Authors Notes: Okay so I still think the song from Caprica goes perfectly with the opening to this chapter. I also found the theme song to F.E.A.R. and I believe that goes well also:



Catherine Weaver still in Cameron’s form continued to inch her way closer to John, who instantly took a half step back away from her upon seeing her transformation. John’s eyes narrowed slightly,

“What are you doing?” he growled. Catherine dropped her head slightly, while still continuing to look up at John with her now brown eyes. An extremely seductive look on her face, that perfectly emulated Cameron’s.

“Does she…pleasure you?” Catherine whispered. John continued to struggle to fight back his anger, he also at this point chose not to answer Catherine’s question. Upon seeing that John was not going to respond, Catherine tilted her head back up towards John while continuing to look at him.

“You know her series is defective don’t you?” Catherine asked a small amount of arrogance in her tone. John gave Catherine a confused look; but still did not respond. Upon seeing this, an evil smile began to grow upon Catherine’s face.

“She didn’t tell you...did she?”

“What are you talking about?” John asked with anger behind his voice. Catherine slowly tilted her head to the side, exactly mimicking Cameron’s mannerism. She then straightened her neck.

“I can not speak for other futures; but in this particular one Skynet has attempted to build Terminators exactly like your cyborg friend.” Catherine paused, continuing to stare at John with an arrogant and seductive look.

“Those units were prone to violent and uncontrollable actions. So much so that Skynet had all of them destroyed.” John felt a sickening feeling begin to fester within him. Catherine took another small step closer to him.

“I’m quite certain that the human template for Cameron did not survive her encounter with her.” Catherine paused then continued,

“In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Cameron herself, killed your friend Alison.” John instantly felt his heart sink upon hearing this. While deep down this was something that John already knew, he never allowed his mind to dwell on that particular scenario for any length of time. Catherine’s face then changed to one of almost innocent curiosity, although John was quite certain that there was nothing innocent about Catherine.

“How many times has tried to kill you?” Catherine asked now maintaining an certain twisted, yet innocent tone in her voice. John found that a revolting sensation came over him upon witnessing this particular act. Catherine moved herself even closer to John, now closing the distance between them to mere inches.

“More than once?” Catherine asked. John felt his body shaking slightly as he continued to hold back his anger.

“You know what the answer to that question is.” He snarled. Catherine smiled and slid herself closer to John, almost allowing the front of her chest to touch his body.

“Then why trust her?” Catherine whispered, as she ever so slightly began to move her hand up towards John’s face.

“I trust Cameron with my life.” John responded. Catherine’s hand was now gradually moving past John’s waist.

“Does she pleasure you?” Catherine asked again in her provocative tone. John’s facial expression changed to one of disgust as he continued to stare Catherine down. Nevertheless, he finally decided to answer that particular question, in order to try and put an end to the game that Catherine appeared to be playing.

“Yes…” John said in an angry whisper. Catherine who remained in Cameron’s form continued to stare at John with a sultry look in her eyes and slowly ran her tongue over her lips.

“You know…” Catherine paused and then smiled at John as her hand now moved up past John’s bicep.

“I can be A-N-Y-O-N-E you want.” She whispered, as her had moved past John’s shoulder. Seeing the movement out of the corner of his eye John quickly snapped his left hand up, catching Catherine’s right hand by the wrist. Fighting as hard as he could to keep Catherine’s fingertips from touching him, John felt his arm quaking as Catherine was easily able to overwhelm his muscles and allowed her hand to slowly inch closer towards his face. While John knew that Catherine could have quickly overpowered him, he also realized that for the moment Catherine appeared to be toying with him. John felt shooting pain traveling through his left shoulder as he struggled against Catherine. Upon experiencing the pain, John instantly experienced memories of how he received that particular war wound, so many years ago in the alternate future fighting along side Catherine. The same Catherine who was now attempting to seduce him in Cameron’s form.

As John’s left hand continued to struggle against Catherine’s, John slowly began to move his right hand up his hip and unsnapped the safety strap located over his sidearm. Upon hearing the “pop”, Catherine quickly reached out with her left hand and tightly pinned John’s right hand against his firearm and holster located on his hip. She then smiled at him again.

“You can’t kill me.” She whispered.

“I can try…” John responded angrily. Catherine’s fingertips were almost to his face now and John's arm continued to quiver as he struggled against her overwhelming power.

“A-n-y-o-n-e you want…” Catherine whispered as she began to slowly lean in towards John, who suddenly felt the front of Catherine’s chest gently press up against his as their lips grew closer. John clenched down hard on his jaw and looked at Catherine with hatred in his eyes,

“I WANT Cameron!” John almost barked this time when he spoke. At that moment the seductive look on Catherine’s face began to slowly fade away and John found that he was no longer struggling against her right hand, which was so close to his face. Upon feeling Catherine relax, John instantly pushed her hand away from his face. Catherine then released John’s right hand and took a step back away from him.

As she did this the T-1001's structure once against shifted back to the form that was Catherine Weaver. John stood silently as this occurred, still shaking slightly with rage. Catherine continued to stare at John not moving or saying anything; John returned her stare. After several seconds had gone by Catherine, finally spoke in a monotone voice.

“I’m glad you responded in such a way General Connor.” John was so overcome with emotions he almost did not hear what Catherine had just said to him. Catherine gave John a faint someone consolatory smile,

“After all, I had to make sure everything I had been told about you and your cyborg friend was indeed true.” John continued to remain motionless still staring at Catherine with hatred in his eyes.

“This was after all the most effective way I could ascertain, if you were indeed trustworthy.” Catherine then paused for a brief moment before speaking again,

“She really does love you General Connor.” John still did not respond. Another few seconds of silence blanketed the room before Catherine spoke again.

“I will take my leave of you now. Thank you for your time General Connor.” Catherine stated still in an emotionless voice as she turned away from John and began to walk out of the room. Even after hearing, the loud clank of the bulkhead door close John continued to remain motionless inside of the room, a flood of emotions still cascading over him. He felt his whole body shaking as he continued to struggle to hold back his feelings.


Over the next several days Catherine Weaver’s reprogrammed Terminators began to arrive at Serrano Point. During this time, John kept a far distance from the T-1001. Both Cameron and John Henry could indeed tell that something in particular was bothering John; but he chose not to tell either of them of the events that had so recently transpired. While John did in some ways understand why Catherine had done what she had chosen to do, for the second time in certain aspects; this understanding did little to quell the emotional upheaval that she had caused him.


John stood silently in the TDE control room looking through the glass window into the Time Displacement Room itself. The dull droning sound of the jet engines could easily be heard through the concrete wall, even though the engines were currently just idling. John had found that he always found a certain soothing quality about this particular room, although he was never able to describe exactly why that was. He watched as electrical energy arched outward from the center of the room where the Novikov Sphere would quickly begin to form and then would rapidly disappear. The rushing sound of air could also be heard as well.

“I'm glad you were able to come to terms with my actions.” Catherine said in an emotionless tone as she stood next to John looking over her shoulder at both he and Cameron. John glanced back at Catherine and then towards Cameron. While this had not been the first time Catherine had tested him in regards to his loyalty towards Cameron and his friendship with her, these facts did not make the experience any less taxing.

“I had to be sure I could trust the you.” Catherine continued. However, time time around her comment was directed more towards Cameron; but John did not notice this.

“I am pleased you responded in the way that you did.” John looked back over at Catherine, a slight bit of anger in his eyes.

“I’m glad we passed your little test.” He said in a low tone to which Catherine nodded her head. Cameron continued to stand motionless and completely silent next to John. John found it slightly perplexing that Cameron did not even appear to respond to Catherine’s statement; but he was also currently so distracted by his own aggravation towards Catherine that he did not dwell on this particular thought for any extended length of time.

While John continued to understand Catherine’s need to be sure, that she could indeed trust him, the fact that it appeared that Catherine had actually enjoyed every second of the experience, was what bothered him the most. While John knew that this was more than likely not possible and that it had only been part of Catherine’s interrogation programming, it still did not do much to make this particular experience any easier forget.

“It is time.” John Henry stated as he turned away from the TDE control panel and looked at John, Catherine and Cameron standing in the center of the room. Catherine Weaver nodded her head and then looked back at John,

“It was good to finally meet you General Connor…” She said flatly and then cracked a slight smile before continuing,

“It was indeed a unique experience on my part.” John was not sure if this was an actual emotional response from Catherine or just a mere preprogrammed response; but he nodded his head acknowledging her statement nonetheless. Catherine then shifted her eyes over to Cameron,

“Goodbye Cameron…” She said. The instant Catherine spoke to her, Cameron snapped her eyes over towards Catherine not exhibiting any emotion when she spoke,

“Goodbye Catherine.” she stated flatly. Catherine turned and began to walk towards John Henry and the entrance door to the TDE room. She then paused momentary after approaching John Henry, who looked at Catherine with the same childish look he had given her the first time he had encountered her.

“Goodbye Ms. Weaver…It was good to see you again.” John Henry stated. Catherine nodded her head,

“Goodbye John Henry.” She said as she shifted her look to Savannah Weaver who was standing next to John Henry. However, before Catherine could speak Savannah interrupted her,

“Do me a favor…” She said her voice beginning to change its pitch slightly as emotions crept up on her. Catherine cocked her head slightly to the side somewhat perplexed. Savannah stood silently for a moment, not quiet sure how to word her next sentence. It became somewhat obvious that Savannah was attempting to fight back her emotions, while still trying to maintain her usual machine like exterior. Finally, Savannah spoke,

“Before you carry out your…mission…tell my parents…” Savannah paused for a brief second fighting back the waves of emotions. Her voice cracked as she spoke once again. “Tell my parents I love them.” Catherine nodded her head once again,

“I will do that.” She replied her voice taking on eerily cryptic tone. Savannah found this strange; but chose to ignore it.
Catherine turned and began to walk away from Savannah and John Henry. She then proceeded to walk through the door of the TDE control room and into the Time Displace Room itself. The moment Catherine passed through the doorway her ragged clothes appeared to melt into her skin and she took on a completely nude appearance.

Making her way around the jet turbine engines, Catherine slowly walked to the center of the room. The wind that the TDE was creating allowed her hair to whip around and had she not been a machine it would have been almost impossible for her to hear anything but the jet engine noise itself. Once Catherine had made it to the depression in the center of the room, she knelt down her back to John, and Cameron, who were still watching through the window at the front of the TDE control room. Catherine then slowly looked back over her shoulder at John and nodded her head, signaling she was ready.

“Do it…” John said with no emotion in his voice, as he looked over at John Henry, who nodded his head and tapped a few keys on the laptop that was positioned in front of him. John heard the jet engines begin to roar to life and the sound became extremely loud, even though the large concrete wall separated them from the Time displacement equipment. John watched as Catherine’s red hair began to whip around even more as the wind grew more intense and a silver temporal sphere began to slowly form around her naked body. Electrical energy began to flash and arch about the room, becoming stronger by the second. The sound grew louder and louder until there was finally a deafening boom and a blinding flash as Catherine was transported across time.


Cameron stood quietly in the center of John’s room, completely motionless. The area itself was dead silent, until a screech was heard as John pulled open the bulkhead door located several feet away from Cameron. She looked up quickly as the door opened.

“Cameron…” John said in a slightly surprise tone. John made his way through the open doorway and closed the door behind him. “I thought you would still be working with John Henry.” John continued as he took a few steps closer to Cameron. To his surprise, Cameron took a half step away from him. John frowned slightly upon seeing this,

“What’s wrong?” He asked a slight bit of concern breaking through is voice. Cameron hesitated for a moment as if she were planning her next sentence.

“There is something you should know John.” Cameron said in a monotone voice. John raised his eyebrows, somewhat perplexed and feeling a slight bit of anxiety pull itself over him.

“What is it?” He asked.

“When I met with Catherine Weaver she informed me of something.” Cameron’s voice did not waver for the moment and she kept the same blank expression that she normally had.

“She informed me that in this future Skynet had also constructed a Terminator series with my exact programming code.” John nodded his head and took a slight step closer to Cameron, who responded by taking another step away from him. This was beginning to concern John greatly. It was not the fact that Skynet had created a duplicate series of Terminator like Cameron; but that Cameron seemed to be recoiling away from him.

“She and John Henry also informed me that these particular models were known to be violent, uncontrollable, and at times homicidal…towards Skynet units,” Cameron paused for a brief second and then continued, “…and especially towards humans.” John stood silently, still staring at Cameron, a seeming look of confusion on his face.

“These units became so unpredictable and dangerous that Skynet chose to destroy every one of them.” There was another momentary pause on Cameron’s part and then she continued.

“It seems that you have once again saved me." Silence yet again fell over the room before Cameron spoke again.

"However, due to this new information I began to become highly concerned that I may still be a threat to you.”

“But, you’re not…” John quickly retorted the concern growing more prevalent in his voice.

“I sought out John Henry for a possible answer to this particular question and to better determine if there would be an approximate length of time before I would once again turn on you.” John felt his heart pounding within his chest as he continued to look at Cameron. His anxiety seemed to be growing at an exponential level.

“John Henry informed me that I have been functioning longer than any of these other particular units.” At this point, John began to notice a certain sincerity behind Cameron’s voice.

“He also speculated that it is because of you, that I have not experienced this particular flaw.” Silence once again fell over the room as both John and Cameron continued to stare at each other.

“After being informed of all of this information, and taking all of these factors into consideration, I believed that the appropriate course of action was to tell you...everything. And I wanted to thank you for saving me…again.” Cameron’s voice grew slightly quieter and more earnest when she finished that particular sentence.

John nodded his head with a certain look of both relief and shock on his face, as he took another step closer to Cameron. This time however, Cameron did not back away from him, she continued to stand silently, staring at John with her brown eyes, as he looked back at her, now slowly making his way closer until he was finally able to reach out and put his hands on Cameron’s shoulders. The two remained motionless for several seconds until John finally leaned in and tenderly kissed Cameron’s lips.

The darkened room remained deathly silent as Cameron gradually stepped in closer to John. As she did this Cameron ran her hands around the back of, and then up John’s back as he slowly moved his hands down the sides of her body until he reached her waist. The two remained there gently kissing each other for several more seconds. Then John’s fingertips slowly made their way underneath the bottom of Cameron’s shirt and he gradually began to lift it off of her.

Raising her hands above her head allowing John to do this, a few strands of Cameron’s hair fell into her face and across her left eye when her shirt cleared her head. After this occurred, John gently brushed Cameron’s hair back behind her ear gently caressing her face when he did this. Slowly cupping his hand around the side of Cameron’s head, John once again leaned in and kissed her tenderly.

Several more seconds drifted on and then Cameron and John slowly began to make their way over to the bed. Upon reaching it, Cameron gently pushed John down into the seated position onto his bed in front of her. Now at her waist height John began to softly kiss Cameron’s bare stomach. While he was doing this Cameron gradually began to run her hands through his short hair and then down the sides of his face. With her fingers Cameron gently traced the scare across John's left eye. She then allowed her hands to run down the sides of John’s body and gradually lifted his shirt off of him as he continued to kiss her waist.

After Cameron had removed his shirt, John slowly began to unbutton her pants. Once loosened Cameron allowed them to slide off of her hips, away from her body, and onto the floor. Placing her hand against John’s nude chest Cameron, pushed him back down onto the bed, climbing on top of him as she did so.

However, after doing this Cameron hesitated for a moment. With her soft brown eyes she stared into John’s eyes and he stared back into hers. Cameron’s eyes glowed blue for a brief moment, before she allowed them to fade back to the original color of her brown irises. John brought his hands up around Cameron’s face and cupped them around her cheeks, pulling Cameron closer to him, and pressing his lips against hers. Cameron felt a flood of emotional sensations running over her as she lay there kissing John. The room itself remained silent and calm, for the moment nothing else in the world mattered, or even existed, for this moment there was just John and Cameron.


Authors Notes: Okay so I hope everyone liked that chapter. There are a couple of "lasts" here as we get closer to the conclusion (one of which being the last loop into the TSCC series...if anyone was worried no I will not be sending Cameron back in time). I'd also like to note that this was the 2nd time that Catherine tested John's love for Cameron (and vise versa). The 1st being at the very beginning of the fan fic. Anyways, hope everyone enjoyed it. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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