Final Days Chapter 69


John continued to lie on the ground of the Time Displacement Room as memories continued to course through his mind. The roar of the jet engines had now become white noise to him and John found that it was almost as if he did not hear them, even though the sound was nearly deafening. After Catherine Weaver’s time displacement, John Henry had continued with his assistance towards both John and the resistance as a whole. The support that John Henry was able to provide became invaluable. Not only did he educate John and the resistance as to better ways of destroying Skynet units, he was also able to streamline the reprogramming process as a whole. In addition to this John Henry was even able to network with Tech Com’s mainframe computer; however, even with all the advancements John Henry was able to bring to the table, he was never able to gain access to Skynet’s mainframe computer and cause any type of significant damage. Nevertheless, John Henry was able to greatly increase the efficiency of the resistance’s computer systems.

John found that as time progressed onward the uneasiness that had been created between humans and ally machines began to somewhat subside. While certain people had never been able to accept even the idea for the possible personal relationship John Connor had with Cameron, it became much easier to accept John Henry as a possible tactical asset to the resistance. Some people in fact even grew to view John Henry as the “Anti-Skynet” even referring to him by that particular name at times. While there was still a degree of mistrust between certain soldiers and the machines that they worked alongside, the raw hatred for them had begun to diminish.

Even though John was exhausted and felt as if his mind were being crushed by a vice, he began to struggle to get to his feet. First, he brought his hands up along side his body and pushed himself up off the ground and then slowly into the kneeling position. The second John placed weight upon his left arm he felt a sharp pain shoot through his shoulder. He instantly realized that the pain was from the remnants of his now old wound. Upon finally being able to right himself John felt a wave of dizziness come over him. As he struggled to maintain his balance, John glanced across the room, seeing Captain Spears still lying motionless on the ground. New recollections continued to flood into John’s memory as all this was occurring. A certain panicked sensation began to set in as John tried to remember what exactly it was that had happened to Cameron in the past several years.

John attempted to force himself to remember things faster; but this only increased the pain in his mind. The memories continued to flow; but John found that they came in chronological order. The fear that something had happened to Cameron in the past or in the most recent battle that John assumed was still occurring outside the walls of Serrano Point began to consume him. Grabbing his plasma rifle with his right hand John forced himself to his feet. Still feeling waves of dizziness wash over him John placed the barrel of his rifle against the ground and used it as a make shift cane, in order to steady himself for the moment.

John slowly turned and looked through the glass window that was in front of him and into the TDE control room that lay beyond it. When John did this, he felt his fear grow worse seeing that the door to the control room was currently open. His most recent memory of Cameron had been of her being sent back through time; however seeing as how he was currently having trouble remembering the last few years of his life and the fact that Cameron was no where to be seen John began to become greatly concerned that something may have indeed happened to her. Bracing himself against the butt of his rifle John began to stumble his way over towards the exit door of the Time Displacement Room. As he walked new memories from the past continued to force their way into his mind.

John quickly found that it felt as if each one of his legs had weights attached to them and he struggled to take each step as he progressed onward. The wind inside the TDE room continued to whip around and forced John’s eyes to water from the drying effect it caused. The jet engines howled and John forced himself to continue to walk closer towards the exit door. New battles, new strategies, and new experiences continued to course over John as he gradually made his way onward.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, John was able to limp his way over to the exit door. However, the moment he reached it, and almost as if in slow motion, John watched as the handle turned and the door itself began to open in front of him. John steadied himself momentarily and then began to bring up his plasma rifle. The weapon itself felt as if it weighed hundreds of pounds and it still appeared as if everything were happening in slow motion. The speed at which the door swung open seemed to match that of John raising his plasma rifle. The struggle to aim the weapon ensued until John was finally able to bring his rifle to the ready position and trained it on the center of the door preparing to fire at whatever may actually lie behind it. At last, the door opened and John placed his finger on the trigger and began to squeeze.

Upon seeing what was behind the door John felt his emotions come crashing down on him with an almost crushing force. John’s vision began to narrow into a tunnel as the blood began to drain from his head. He lost almost all feeling in his arms and legs and John suddenly felt his rifle drop away from him. The weapon impacted the ground with a metallic clanking sound.

Swaying back and forth slightly, still feeling new memories force their way into his mind John fought to stay on his feet. As he felt himself grow weaker by the second John finally managed to speak,

“Cameron…” He whispered. John suddenly felt his legs go limp and he began to quickly fall forwards.

Seeing John begin to drop forwards, Cameron quickly moved through the doorway catching John’s limp upper body in her arms. After doing this she slowly and gently lowered John to the ground turning him onto his back and cradling his torso slightly. As this was occurring John fought to keep his eyes open and fixed on Cameron. A look of shock remained on his face as Cameron carefully placed him on his back. Due to the combination of the Temporal Memory Shift, and the astoundment he was currently experiencing John lay speechless on the ground continuing to stare up at Cameron who knelt over him gazing down into his eyes. She slowly tilted her head to the side and then spoke in a monotone voice,

“John…Are you alright?” John remained speechless for the moment. After waiting for several seconds and not receiving a response, Cameron spoke again,

“John…” There was noticeable concern now attempting to be hidden behind her emotionless voice this time around.
“Are you alright?” She asked. Fighting back his own emotions John finally spoke,

“I thought I might have lost you…” He said in a raspy voice still struggling to maintain control. When John said this, a very faint smirk danced across Cameron’s face.

“I informed you that I would always be with you, and that you would never lose me.” She said still holding onto John’s upper body. Although to Cameron this statement had been made decades ago, she was still able to recall the memory of it as if it had occurred just minutes before, like it had for John. With utter amazement on his face, John continued to look up at Cameron as new memories continued to cascade over him. While the Temporal Memory Shift was nearing its completion it still took another minute or two before the effects finally subsided. Cameron did not leave John’s side as this occurred.


As John began to gain control of his mind and the Temporal Memory Shift slowly tapered off, John felt the pain in his head began to subside to a certain degree. While he still had a splitting headache, he no longer felt the crippling pain he had previously been experiencing.

“Are you alright?” Cameron asked once again. John slowly shook his head trying to clear his mind as he began to sit up. Cameron assisted him as he did so.

“Yeah, I’m fine…” He responded. A split second after making this statement John suddenly realized all that was now occurring. He looked over at Captain Spears who was still lying motionless on the ground and then back at Cameron. At a slightly quicker pace, John stood. Due to the fact that he was no longer experiencing the Temporal Memory Shift, the dizziness had all but ceased. John quickly turned from Cameron and made his way over to Spears who lay on the ground inside the TDE room. Cameron followed closely behind him as he did this.
Upon reaching him, John knelt down next to Matthew,

“Spears!!” John yelled over the sound of the jet engines that were now winding down. Visually inspecting Spears’s body John saw that the plasma wounds that Matthew had to his recollection, so recently received were now gone.

“Captain!” John said in a louder voice still trying to be heard over the jet engines. John shook Spears slightly in an attempt to wake him. Just then, Matthew’s eyes shot open. He looked around the room for a few seconds with a completely confused look on his face.

“What happened!?” He asked. The sound from the jet engines had now grown even quieter.

“I think you died…” John responded as he slowly began to sit Matthew Spears up. “But I’ll explain on the way. Right now we have to get to the War Room.” John continued to help Captain Spears to his feet. Once standing John and Cameron helped a still groggy Matthew out of the Time Displacement Room and into the control room itself.

“What's going on?” Spears asked once again, now able to stand on his own. John could not help but produce a small smile. He then glanced over at Cameron,

“She changed everything.” John said fighting to hide the slight amount of pride he had behind the tone of his voice. Still with a confused looked on his face Spears again asked,

“Changed everything?” John was slightly confused; he automatically assumed that Spears would have gone through the same Temporal Memory Shift that he had gone through. There was a momentary silence before Cameron looked over at John and spoke.

“If Captain Spears was killed before the changes in the timeline had taken effect, then he would not have experienced the Temporal Memory Shift like you did.”

“Killed?” Spears asked a slight bit of confusion and fear behind the tone of his voice. John looked back over at Spears.

“This is going to take a bit longer than I thought to explain. But, for now we have to get to the War Room and find out what is going on outside.” Still shaken Matthew nodded his head. John looked back over at Cameron,

“Let’s go.” He said in a slightly gentler voice. Even though he desperately wanted to spend more time with Cameron, John knew there was work to be done. He turned and began to head towards the exit door followed closely by Cameron and then Captain Spears.


“So the bottom line is she pretty much changed everything?” Captain Spears asked as he, John, and Cameron drew closer to the War Room.

“Pretty much, yes.” John remarked flicking his eyes back over at Cameron as they walked. Spears felt as if his head were spinning after hearing the both startling and rapid explanation of the events that had just transpired in the last twenty minutes or thirty years depending on whose point of view you were in. The last thing Spears remembered was seeing a bright flash and then waking up on the floor of the TDE room. Spears was able to ascertain that this must have been when the two timelines had finally intersected with each other, possibly molding back into one. Or at least that was the best explanation he could give to it. There was a metal clank as John opened the bulkhead door in front of them leading the way into the War Room. John entered the room first, still followed closely by Cameron and then Captain Spears.


“Hello General Connor…” John Henry remarked in his trademark monotone, yet slightly childish voice as John walked in. John nodded his head acknowledging his now long time Terminator friend, who was currently standing in front of the imaging table. John Henry was currently observing the multi colored holographic display in front of him of the battle which had just begun on the beach front.

Due to his recently acquired new memories, John was still slightly taken back when John Henry turned his head and John was able to see the long black cable which was connected to the back of John Henry’s head. The detachable cord itself ran down his back, across the floor, and into a large mainframe computer across the room. John glanced around the dimly lit War Room seeing numerous displays and computer terminals. In the center of the room was the holographic imaging table. About nine feet above the imaging table itself was what appeared to be a circular metal frame with several more sets of computer motors attached to it. All of them displayed the battle that was currently raging outside of Serrano Point.

Once John reached the imaging table both Cameron and Spears flanked him on either sides. Across the table from them was John Henry, Savannah Weaver, and General Perry.

“I have been able to intercept and decode several Skynet communications in the last several minutes.” John raised his eyebrows slightly as he looked at John Henry as he spoke.

“Due to Cameron’s foreknowledge of the impending nuclear attack on Point Mugu, Colonel Alexander was able to dispense with the bomber. This has forced Skynet to leave one of its Krakens behind at Point Mugu in order to continue to combat our forces there. However, two Krakens have recently surfaced off our shores and are proceeding with an attack.” While John already knew these facts due to his recently acquired new memories, he was glad to have some reassurance from John Henry that what he remembered was indeed correct.

John slowly ran his hands through his short hair, deep in thought for a moment. While the situation had certainly improved since the last time he had been here, or from the alternate timeline or future, John was not quite sure. The situation itself was still not optimal. John stared at the imaging table for a moment and then looked up preparing to speak; but was suddenly cut off by John Henry.

“General Connor, I believe our situation provides us with a unique opportunity.” John looked at John Henry slightly confused. “While your network does provide me with vast capabilities to monitor Skynet communications and other such activities it does have one flaw.” John Henry paused for a moment before continuing,

“I will never be able to gain access to Skynet’s mainframe from here.” John nodded his head.

“I thought we already knew that.” John Henry tilted his head to the side.

“Through my research I have been able to discover that the Kraken Undersea Vessel has a direct link to the Skynet mainframe.” John still looked slightly confused; but a certain sense of understanding began to grow within him.

“If I can gain access to the Kraken…” John cut John Henry off.

“You could hack into Skynet.” John could not help but fill his voice with a slight bit of hope.

“More than that General Connor…I may be able to shut Skynet down completely.” The room fell dead silent for a moment as John’s eyes widened slightly upon hearing this revelation.

“Shut Skynet down…completely?” John asked.

“In theory that is correct. However, I will need to be physically linked with the Kraken's computer network in order to gain access to Skynet’s systems. There is no possibility to remotely access the Kraken’s systems.”

“We could end this war today.” General Perry stated in a quiet yet shocked voice as he looked over at John Henry. John continued to look across the imaging table at the trio in front of him. General Perry stood speechless, with a look of awe on his face, John Henry still had his same blank expression; and Savannah had a nearly emotionless, almost numb look about her.

“We could end this war today.” John Henry stated as he looked across the table at John. Still in somewhat a state of shock John looked to his right at Captain Spears and then back over to his left at Cameron before finally fixing his eyes on the center of the imaging table examining the holographic battle going on before him.

“If we can push through the Skynet defenses and gain entry to the Kraken to the northwest we might be able to get you inside." John Henry stared at the imaging table for a moment, then spoke.

“I concur.”

“And I’m going with you.” John stated soon after John Henry had finished making his statement. Cameron along with Captain Spears, General Perry, and Savannah all snapped their heads over at John looking at him.

“John you can not…” John instantly cut Cameron off, “He’s going to need all the help he can get, to gain access to that Kraken…” John paused for a moment his look growing softer as he gazed at Cameron.

“I have to…” he said in a slightly more somber voice. Cameron nodded her head.

“I understand…” she responded. John looked back at the imaging table and at John Henry.

“I’ll have our scrubbed endo’s push ahead towards the Kraken, followed by the remaining M1 Abrams. We can take cover behind the tanks and hopefully the Apache Gunships and the few F-18’s we’ve managed to procure from Point Mugumay be able to give us enough air support so that we will be able to make it into the interior of the ship.” John Henry again nodded his head again.

“I agree.”

“Then let’s go…” John stated in a slightly more confident voice as he once again looked over at Cameron and then back to the exit door to the War Room.


Authors Notes: Okay so we've finally caught up to the "present" (as far as the fan fic is concerned). If anyone is wondering yes I purposefully switched General Perry out with Colonel Alexander (due to Cameron's time displacement we can assume she changed other things as well). Hope you guys enjoy it, and the main battle will be soon to come. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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