Final Days Chapter 7


John, Lieutenant Spears, and Bob ran down the dark corridors of Serrano Point towards the TDE as fast as they could. They reached the blast doors of the TDE at roughly the same time as Major Alexander and two other Tech Com soldiers did. They could hear all the generators inside of the room straining to run at full power and massive electrical discharges which sounded like lighting that were all occurring inside. John immediately ran up to the scanner and placed his palm on the touch screen and allowed the computer to scan his finger and palm prints. He then entered the code “564283”. The alarm for the doors sounded as they slowly began to open.

“Come on, come on!” John said as he anxiously waited for the doors to open. Sudden a loud boom was heard just inside of the room much like an explosion. John managed to squeeze his way through the slowly opening doors just in time to see the temporal sphere with the T-1000 inside of it disappear.

“Damn it!!!” John yelled. As the doors finished opening the other men moved into the TDE room where John was standing but Bob stopped for a moment to study the bodies of the two dead soldiers at the door. As Lieutenant Spears approached John and asked,

“Where did it go?” John looked at Spears,

“The correct question is when.” Spears looked thoroughly confused.

“Okay, when did he go?” By this time Major Alexander had made it over to the control panel of the TDE. Hitting a few keys on the keyboard he spoke up,

“June 7th 1997!” John clenched his fist,

“They’re doing it again.” “They’re sending a Terminator back to try to kill me.”

“I don’t get it, if Skynet sent another terminator back in time to kill you and we haven’t sent anyone back to protect you then why are you still here?” “Why are any of us still here?” Spears asked still looking confused.

“The temporal bubble created by the TDE is still surrounding this immediate area due to the fact that the equipment is still powered up.” Bob stated as he walked into the room.

“We have to send someone back to stop him.” John said as he looked at the men. In any other situation John would have gone himself but to disappear from the present and leave the resistance without a leader would be disastrous.

“You must send me back.” Bob stated.

“Send you back?” Major Alexander said almost laughing. “Why can’t one of us go?” “After all, how do we know we can really trust you?” Bob looked back at Major Alexander with a slight look of distain,

“No human will be able to defend John from a T-1000.”

“A T-1000?” John asked.

“Yes a T-1000, it is an experimental liquid metal terminator that Skynet was attempting to develop while I was still located at the Skynet facility.” “Its metal is derived from a mimetic poly-alloy, and it is able to duplicate almost anything it comes into physical contact with.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” John asked somewhat angry.

“It was uncertain if the T-1000 would be put into development due to its unstable nature.” “Its advanced artificial intelligence gave Skynet far less control over it as apposed to the other Terminator units.” “Several initial models of the T-1000 had to be destroyed when they refused to follow some of Skynet’s commands.”

“Well it looks like Skynet found one it likes.” Alexander stated as he continued to work at the TDE control panel, he then looked back at John,

“Whatever you’re gonna do, you better do it fast I can only keep the TDE running for about another minute.” John glanced back at the men in the room then back at Bob.

“Alright go!” Bob nodded.

“You should be informed that you and possibly the rest of the men may experience some discomfort after I leave.”

“What?” John asked. Bob explained as he began to strip off his clothes to prepare for time travel.

“Depending on how much of the past I change and how much contact we have you may experience some additional memories.”

“Additional memories?” John asked. By this time Bob had finished disrobing.

“Temporal Memory Shift is far to complicated for me to explain in the limited time we have left.” “I will succeed in my mission General Connor.” With that Bob turned and began to walk down the long stainless steel walkway towards the center platform of the TDE. The other men watched somewhat mystified that a machine would be willing to sacrifice itself to save the leader of the human resistance. Bob reached the center platform and turned towards them and knelt down.

“I’m ready.” he stated. Major Alexander looked at John who nodded at him to activate the TDE. Alexander flipped a couple of switches and they heard the generators begin to power back up. The large spheres around Bob began to spin quickly as electricity arched between them. The spheres were creating a large amount of wind in the room as they continued to spin faster and faster. A silver looking sphere began to form around Bob as the Time Displacement Equipment reached full power. It flashed with electrical energy and then the sphere collapsed in on itself with a deafening boom that made all of the men jump and cover their ears as the sound echoed throughout the massive room. John’s ears were still ringing as he heard the generators begin to power down. Finally the room was quite. Spears looked over at John,

“I don’t get it, I thought he said….”

John fell to his knee’s holding his head screaming in pain as new memories began to flood into his head. Sudden John was there remembering it all. He was at the mall running from the unknown Police Officer who was chasing him down that hallway. He burst through the double doors and turned to his right and saw a Terminator walking towards him. He actually had time to see the roses fall from the box it was hiding the shotgun in and John heard them crunch beneath his feet as it walked. Terrified, John remembered turning around and running back down the hallway in the opposite direction and attempting to open a locked door. John then turned and saw the Terminator pointing the shotgun at him. John felt terrified. “Get down!” It stated. John ducked only to hear the loud blast from the shotgun ring out, John screamed in fear. The terminator grabbed John and pulled him away from the Police Officer as he began to fire at both of them. John heard the bullets clanking off the Terminator’s metal frame and he heard the maintenance man who was located between them and the Police Officer in the hallway scream as he was shot. The gunfire momentarily stopped and the Terminator broke open the door to John’s left and released him. John ran in fear.

The memories were coming more quickly now for John now. He saw and felt everything. He experienced freeing his mother from the mental hospital. Going to Miles Dyson’s house and speaking with him about Judgment Day. The destruction of Cyberdyne, and the endless pursuit of the T-1000. Vividly John then remembered Uncle Bob’s death and his finals words,

“I know now why you cry…But it’s something I can never do.” John could see Uncle Bob giving him one last thumbs up as he disappeared into the molten metal. John laid there on the floor for a moment on his side. He felt a tear roll down his cheek as he thought about his Uncle Bob’s death. The memories began to come a little slower now and were less overwhelming. John slowly got up off the floor and shook his head quickly from side to side in an attempt to try and clear his thoughts,

“He did it…” John said as he looked back up at the TDE.

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