Final Days Chapter 70


The air was thick with the stench of burning flesh, jet fuel, sulfur, and gunpowder. The smoke from the battle draped itself over the beachfront producing a haze and causing the now setting sun to turn an eerie crimson red, the same color as human blood. Apache Gunships, F-18 Hornets, and Aerial HK's streaked over the bloodstained sandy beach locked in a massive aerial battle. Beneath them also entrenched in battle against one another were resistance fighters, M1 Abrams tanks, T-888 endoskeletons, and massive ground HK's. The sounds of plasma rifle fire, explosions, jet engines, thudding helicopter blades, and soldiers screaming in pain enveloped the entire area. The battle had raged on for hours at the cost of many lives; but the resistance had managed to begin to push their way closer to the Kraken Undersea Vehicle positioned on the northwest shoreline.

The scrubbed endoskeleton units spearheaded the assault, and were then followed by M1 Abrams tanks. The human resistance forces took up position behind the tanks so as to provide themselves with some amount of cover from the enemy fire. John Connor, Cameron, Savannah Weaver, John Henry, Captain Spears and several other soldiers were located behind one particular tank near the front lines as the resistance continued to force their way closer to the Kraken.


Plasma fire streaked around John and the tank he, Cameron and the others were behind. The battle noise was to such an extreme that shouting was the only way one could be heard, even if you were standing right next to the person. Helicopters, F-18's, and Aerial HK's streaked over top of the group as they proceeded onwards. John was suddenly startled by a deafening boom as the M1 Abrams fired its 105mm gun at a nearby Ground HK. The entire tank shuddered when it fired its weapon and John felt the percussion of the round discharging travel throughout his body. The tanks armor-piercing round rocketed through the air and struck the Ground HK's left side turret. The explosion was massive as the high explosive, anti tank round nearly blew the left side turret completely off the HK.

John continued to take cover behind the M1 Abrams tank as it crept along, firing his plasma rifle whenever a T-888 would come into view. Cameron remained close by him, to his right side, also firing her plasma rifle from time to time. Opposite from John and Cameron on the left side of the tank was Captain Spears, Savannah Weaver and John Henry. They had taken up positions of cover behind the tank as well. A handful of other soldiers also made their way along behind this one particular tank. As John scanned the area around him, he noted that all of the resistance's remaining tanks had made up a loosely formed "V" formation as they pushed their way closer towards the Kraken. John's tank being the one that was at the tip of the "V". Just then, John heard his radio headset crackle and then General Perry's voice could be heard through the static.

"General Connor our airborne forces are reporting that the Kraken to the northwest is preparing to pull back into the water." John hesitated for a brief second before he depressed the talk button on the radio on his hip.

"I copy General…Are our forces in place?" John asked to which Perry quickly responded

"Affirmative sir." John glanced down at Cameron and gave her a slight smirk. To which she responded with a slight head tilt.


Sonar man second class Christopher Garvin stared at his sonar display. He quickly grabbed a cloth that was located next to him and wiped some of the condensation that had formed on the screen off of it. The interior cabin of the dimly lit USS Jimmy Carter was slightly humid and Garvin's nervousness was not helping.

"I don't think they know we're here yet Captain." He stated in an anxious tone.

"That is to be expected Mr. Garvin." Queeg responded in a monotone and emotionless voice. Queeg then remained silent for a moment before speaking once again in his cold manner,

"Chief of the boat, flood tubes one and two and plot a firing solution."

"Aye sir." Chief Hayes responded as he quickly moved over to the Raytheon MK2 Fire Control System and began to work away.

"Target their primary propeller." Queeg paused for another split second before speaking again, "Commander Flores…Prepare countermeasures."

"Aye Captain…" Jesse Flores stated as she rapidly moved across the bridge of the submarine to another control console.

"Torpedo's ready sir." Chief Hayes responded as he looked over at Queeg who was still seated at the controls to the submarine.

"Open our outer doors."

"Yes sir." Hayes stated as he flicked a few more switching on the fire control system. There was a moments delay before Chief Hayes spoke again,

"Outer doors open sir."

"Fire…" Queeg said flatly. Instantly there was a thudding sound that echoed throughout the entire submarine as both Mark 48 Torpedoes were launched. They streaked through the water towards their intended target, the Kraken, which was positioned along the northwest shoreline.

"Commander Flores, launch countermeasures." Queeg stated.

"Aye Captain." Jesse responded as she turned two dials which were then proceeded by a clanking sound, as two metallic cylinders dropped from the bottom of the Jimmy Carter's Signal Ejector tubes and began to spin and churn about in the water.

Queeg pushed the control yoke forwards and turned it slightly to his right as the lumbering submarine began to dive quickly. Jesse grabbed onto the railing that was located next to her, trying to steady herself as the sub pitched hard over.

"Sixty seconds to impact." Christopher Garvin stated as he held onto his sonar control console in front of him. Queeg continued to maintain both his dive and turn.

"Fifty seconds…" Garvin stated. Jesse flicked her hair out of her face as she nervously watched as the depth gauge in front of Queeg continued to show their rapid decent.

"Captain you're gonna bottom out the ship!…" Chief Hayes sated in an exasperated tone.

"Con, sonar, new contact, Torpedo in the water bearing 310!" Garvin shouted in an excited voice as he looked back over at Queeg. "Torpedo in the water and it is active…The Kraken has launched a torpedo at us." He continued.

"Forty seconds until impact?" Queeg asked in a flat tone, to which Garvin gave him a slightly confused look and then responded,

"Ye…yes sir…Forty seconds until impact." Jesse's look of concern continued to grow as the depth gauge continued to climb.

"Thirty seconds." Garvin stated, just as Queeg began to pull back on the yoke leveling out the submarines decent.
Outside of the ship, its massive hull skated just feet from the sandy bottom of the ocean, churning up the sand as it traveled along.


John glared out from behind the main body of the tank. Plasma fire still engulfed the area and the sounds of battle surrounded him. There was actually so much going on that if any one person were to have tried to pay attention to it all they would have experienced a sensory overload. The explosions, engine noise, plasma rifle fire, men screaming in pain, the sights, smells, and sounds all seemed to consume the beachfront.

Suddenly, there was a massive explosion from the aft section of the Kraken as both Mark 48 Torpedo's struck its main propeller. A wall of water came bursting upwards from the waterline, and the entire body of the Kraken shuddered and moaned as its gigantic frame lifted slightly out of the water and then came back to rest on the sandy bottomed ocean floor. While two torpedoes were not nearly enough to destroy the Kraken, they were enough to damage its primary propeller so that it would be unable to dislodge itself from its current position. For the time being at least, the Kraken was trapped on the shoreline.


The Kraken's torpedo streaked through the ocean headed towards the two GTE WLQ-4(V)1 electronic countermeasures. The two compact, white cylinders continued to churn the water and spin away as the Kraken's torpedo grew closer. Its sonar pinging, growing louder as it did so.

"Ten seconds until it reaches the countermeasures!" Christopher Garvin said as he stared at his sonar screen.

"Commander Flores, decrease speed to 20 knots." Queeg stated.

"Silent speed, aye Captain!" Jesse responded as she began to turn a dial in front of her towards the left.

"Five seconds…" Garvin stated his voice still emanating a great deal of anxiety as he closely held his head set to his ears.


The Kraken's torpedo streaked towards the two countermeasures as they continued to spin about in the water. The torpedo's sonar signal grew faster and louder as the distance between it and the countermeasures closed.
Finally, upon reaching the countermeasures the torpedo shot in between the two metallic cylinders, quickly pushing apart the bubbling water as it rocketed through the ocean and continued on its original trajectory.


"Torpedo has reached countermeasures and has lost contact." Garvin stated a slight bit of hope in his voice. He then paused for a moment before speaking again, as fear crept back into his tone.

"Torpedo has reacquired contact…reacquired contact and is homing." Queeg hesitated for a split second.

"Commander Flores prepare another spread of countermeasures and increase to flank speed." After Queeg said this, he began to pull back slightly on the control yoke decreasing the depth of the Jimmy Carter.

"Aye Captain." Jesse stated as she flipped a few switches in front of her and then quickly moved along to another control panel, holding onto the consol itself due to the submarines angle of accent.

"Time to torpedo impact Mr. Garvin?" Queeg asked still no emotion in his voice.

"Twenty seconds…" Garvin responded.

"That is unfortunate." Queeg stated, as he continued to pull back on the control yoke and turned it slightly to his left as well.

"Commander Flores release countermeasures." Queeg ordered.

"Yes sir!" Jesse responded, a few seconds later a clanking sound was heard as two more GTE WLQ-4(V)1 electronic countermeasures were launched from the Jimmy Carter's Signal Ejector tubes. There were several seconds of silence inside the Jimmy Carter as everyone anxiously waited to see what was going to happen. Finally, Garvin broke the silence.

"Its not going for the countermeasures, the torpedo…Its still locked on us." Anxiety was still readily apparent in Garvin's tone.

"Fifteen seconds until impact." He continued. Queeg pushed the control yoke forward and hard over to the left. The submarine was put into back into a steep dive as Queeg did this.

"Ten seconds." Garvin stated. Jesse gripped the control console in front of her as the ship pitched over and continued its dive. Once again Jesse's hair fell down into her face and she flicked her head back tossing her hair out of the way. The pinging of the Kraken's torpedo's sonar now began to echo inside the cabin of the Jimmy Carter. Queeg pushed the control yoke hard over to the right and pulled back on it once again, still attempting to elude the Kraken's torpedo.

"Five seconds!" Garvin shouted.

"All hands…brace for impact." Queeg stated flatly. A split second later alarms began to sound inside of the cabin of the Jimmy Carter. Jesse tightened her hold on the control console and cringed as she awaited the inevitable. She closed her eyes and could almost hear the world around her begin to drop away. The pinging sound of the torpedo's sonar fell into the distance, and everything appeared to grow somewhat quiet. She felt her eyes begin to fill with tears, and sadness fell upon her. Finally, she whispered,



The Kraken's torpedo struck the aft section of the Jimmy Carter. The combination of the explosion and the depth that the submarine were at nearly ripped the ship in half. The water pressure forced the Jimmy Carter's hull in on itself as the explosion pushed the bulkheads outward. A shockwave traveled throughout the water as massive air bubbles burst forth from the submarine and began to travel upwards.

The water at the surface above the Jimmy Carter suddenly erupted in massive explosion caused by both the pressure release of the Jimmy Carter's hull and the torpedo's explosion itself. The water burst skyward and then began to rain back down onto the surface. In the depths below, the wreckage of the Jimmy Carter slowly began to drift down into the ever-deepening ocean, the metal hull producing a cracking and popping sounds as the wreckage sunk deeper.


John could easily see that the battlefield was strewn with the bodies of both Terminators and humans, as his group made their way closer to the entrance of the gigantic Kraken Undersea Vessel. As John was doing this, his attention was instantly pulled towards a massive explosion that rang out approximately fifty yards away from him. A tank and the men who were located behind it, suddenly exploded into a incredible ball of fire from the impact of a missile that had been launched from one of the Kraken's missile turrets. John felt the heat wash over him as the fireball which used to be the tank, rose high into the sky.

The resistance was taking heavy casualties as they pushed ever closer to the Kraken; however, they still managed to make their way nearer as ever minute past by. John heard Cameron's plasma rifle discharge as she fired at a closing T-888, striking it in the head. Its upper torso instantly lurched back and then collapsed to the ground motionless. Watching as the plasma fire streaked around them John quickly looked out from behind the tank. He was able to quickly ascertain that they were roughly only one hundred and fifty feet away from the actual main drop plank of the Kraken.

To John's far left he heard another deafening shot from another tank ring out. He watched as an armor piercing round struck one of the pistons that would have raised the entrance plank into the Kraken. The metal splintered from the detonation of the shell, and the shock wave managed to knock down a few of the T-888's that were still attempting to emerge from the ship itself.

Just then, John heard a loud crack and sparks flew in his face as a plasma bolt ricocheted off of the reactive armor of the tank that he was taking cover behind. Surprised, he immediately jerked his head back. The second John did this he heard the vociferous boom of the tanks 105mm gun echo throughout the battlefield yet again. Moments after the shot rang out, John's ears began to ring due to the deafening sound of the tanks weapon.

"We're almost to the Kraken!" Cameron shouted to John as she fired off a few more rounds from her plasma rifle. John turned and looked around the beachfront. The battle was still raging on all fronts and was horrific, no matter which side you were on. At this point, John also noticed that he and his group of soldiers were the only ones currently close enough to launch any type of actual assault on the interior of the Kraken itself.


The battlefield was growing dark, due to the setting sun; but the constant weapons fire and explosions still managed to keep the beach completely lit up, illuminating the horrors of the battle. Scanning the area in front of him Captain Spears observed a T-888 endoskeleton emerging over one of the dunes just beyond the tank. He quickly raised his plasma rifle and fired, striking it in the shoulder. The Terminator's body lurched sideways; however, it managed to remain upright. A split second later, it began to spray Spears, Savannah and John Henry's area with plasma rounds.

The trio quickly returned fire and with repeated plasma bolts, struck the T-888 multiple times. It quickly fell to ground incapacitated. Spears immediately glanced over at Savannah attempting to check on her status and gave her a slight smile, in an attempt to reassure her. She looked up at him and was about to smile back when her face changed to one of horror.

"MATTHEW!!!" She screamed, as she quickly reached out and grabbed Spears by the back of his shoulder pulling him back further behind the tank's main body. If Captain Spears had been paying closer attention he would have noticed that this was in actuality the first time Savannah had actually called him by his first name.

Suddenly, a plasma round impacted with the side of the tank, exploding some of the refractive armor sending shards of metal everywhere. One particular piece of shrapnel streaked past Spears body and then struck Savannah. Her upper body jolted back almost colliding with John Henry who was standing close behind her. Savannah quickly lost her footing as she continued to stumbled backwards. Her body then came crashing down to the sandy beach impacting it with a thud.

"SAVANNAH!!!" Spears screamed, as he and John Henry moved over to her side.


Hearing both Savannah and Spears call to each other, John quickly looked over his shoulder just in time to see Savannah slowly falling to the ground. John instantly felt his heart sink upon seeing this occur. Grabbing his radio on his belt, John quickly changed channels on it in order to speak to the crew located inside of the tank in front of him. The second he did this John shouted into his radio headset.

"Bravo two five, Stop! Stop! Stop!" Moments later the tank in front of Him lurched to a sudden halt.


Both Captain Spears and John Henry quickly knelt down next to Savannah attempting to ascertain the severity of her wounds. Looking over her body Matthew observed a piece of tank armor approximately eight inches long impaling Savannah's left bicep. Savannah grimaced in pain as John Henry quickly scanned over her body attempting to see if she had any other injuries.

"Does it hurt anywhere but your arm?" John Henry asked somewhat flatly; but with an ever so slight hint of concern behind his tone.

"No…" Savannah stated, still struggling to fight back the pain.

"That is good." John Henry replied. He then paused for a moment. "I believe your humerus is fractured…This is going to hurt." He remarked still with little emotion in his voice, to which Savannah nodded her head. John Henry braced Savannah's left arm with his hand and then quickly yanked the piece of shrapnel from it. Savannah shrieked in pain when he did this. Instantly, a horrified and anxious look swept over Spears's face when he heard Savannah scream in pain.

"We can't stay here…" John Henry heard John shout as he quickly moved over to them. Cameron continued to remain at John's back firing her plasma rifle at the oncoming enemy T-888's. Unmistakable hissing sounds could be be heard as the plasma rounds continued to streak past them.

"I'll be okay…" Savannah remarked as John Henry had already begun to bandage her arm in an attempt to stop the flow of blood from her wound, which was now already beginning to drip down onto the sand below her body. At about this same time Spears raised his plasma rifle and began to fire over John Henry and Savannah's head, striking yet another T-888 that was emerging from behind the group.

"We gotta go…NOW!!" John called, as he reached for his radio. John Henry slowly began to assist Savannah to her feet, still keeping his plasma rifle raised as he did so. Spears also reached out with his left hand and helped with getting Savannah to her feet. When Matthew did this Savannah immediately noticed the completely obvious look of concern that remained on his face.

"Thank you…" Savannah remarked somewhat quietly. Spears was unsure at this time if she was speaking to John Henry, or to him or to both of them.


Battle noise continued envelop the area and plasma fire flew all around the tank that John and his group took cover behind. They continued to move their way closer to the Kraken as all of this occurred. The M1 Abrams that were spread out along the beachfront had begun to concentrate their fire on the gun turrets located atop the Kraken, so as to allow John and his soldiers the ability to gain access to the interior of the ship itself. John quickly realized that within minutes the tank he, Cameron, and his men were behind would be able to launch a full assault on the interior of the Kraken Undersea Vessel, and with any luck, Skynet itself.


Authors Notes: I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. To address the immediate question that I'm sure is on most people's minds, yes that was Jesse; however, it was not "our" (TSCC) Jesse, it was Derek's Jesse. I always believed that in "our" Derek's timeline/future Jesse was a good guy while in Cameron's timeline/future Jesse had been twisted into the bad guy. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this turn of events and the battle itself. However, I will say this is nothing compared to the chapter that is to come. REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!

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