Final Days Chapter 73



50 Years later

The years following the war with Skynet, or simply "The War" as it had become known were not necessarily uncomplicated. In the time following, the downfall of Skynet, John continued to lead what had been the resistance. While North America, Western Europe, Australia, Israel, Japan, and several other countries maintained their allegiance to this new "authority", several other factions quickly broke their commitments to John Connor and began to form their own governments and countries.


John spent approximately a year after the defeat of Skynet locating key remaining inactive Skynet bases in order to ensure that victory was indeed certain. After finally becoming assured that Skynet had truly been destroyed, John spent an additional 2 years of his life scouring the globe for any remaining Time Displacement Equipment that Skynet had scattered throughout the earth. After finding this equipment, John would immediately destroy it.

Finally, after at last locating and demolishing what was the last Skynet TDE, John returned to Serrano Point. Upon doing so, he removed the stolen Skynet motherboard from Serrano Point's TDE and in view of his command staff and several other onlookers, John destroyed the final remaining piece of Time Displacement Equipment. Due to the fact that no one had ever been able to ascertain exactly how Skynet was able to overcome several of the inherent problems with time travel, it could be truly said that time displacement had indeed come to an end that day, all be it in a somewhat of a melodramatic way. John also found that he was at last able to feel that he had been able to close the loop of time travel that seemed to constantly surround his life.


After destroying the TDE John attempted to, with the help of Cameron, General Perry, Captain Spears, and several other members of the resistance set up a government mirroring that of the United States. Once again, many other countries followed suit; but at the same time several more fragmented away from this newly formed republic and began to form their own variations of political rule; whether they be good or evil was to be quickly determined.

Soon after John's establishment of a Representative Democracy, he was quickly and in a landslide election, voted into the office of President. However, John found this new role to be even more taxing than that of a general. He soon realized that he was never meant to be a Politian. Military strategies, guerrilla warfare, weapons, and combat were things he understood. As the bureaucracy grew around him, John was thrust into a world that he never truly understood, nor wanted to be in.

Nevertheless, with the ever-present support of Cameron, John continued on as best as he could, and even though in actuality he was doing a more than satisfactory job of leading the fledgling democracy, John soon found his popularity slipping. And as has happened so many other times before in history, the public chose to forget, rather than remember. People longed to put the death, destruction and loss completely behind them. However, what became most distressing of all, was that people chose to ignore the sacrifices that had been made. It seemed that the world wanted to forget "The War" and everything about it. And eventually they were able to do so, and in turn, the world began to forget about John Connor as well.


After a four-year term as President, John was narrowly defeated in a follow up election. The man that succeeded him was charismatic and had little actual combat experience. He focused more of his efforts on public opinion, and increased governmental growth, rather than actual issues that were currently present in the world. While John was indeed disappointed by this turn of events, he also found a certain sense of relief about the situation. He no longer felt that he needed to shoulder the weight of the world. He could at last live his life.


Soon after stepping down as President John informed his support staff that he would be retreating to what had once been British Columbia and the Okanagan Mountain Range located in the Canadian Cascades. When asked as to why he had chosen this particular location to live in, John simply replied,

"Cameron has always wanted to see the snow…" This departure saddened many people and John was begged to stay in the Los Angeles area, and to possibly run for another term of President at a later date. However, John quickly refused. He finally had his own life, or more precisely, a life that he would be able to share with Cameron.


After John's departure from government, the world and its political arena and inherent problems continued to grow worse. More countries separated from the new republic, and war quickly broke out. Worse yet, was the reality that now that the secret of reprogramming Terminators was known, scrubbed units were rapidly utilized as weapons of war.

Reprogrammed Terminators fought along side human soldiers, against other reprogrammed Terminators and humans. Still, after all this time no one ever allowed these machines to grow much beyond their original programming. Possibly due impart to the fact that there was an ever present fear of another Skynet, Catherine Weaver, Cameron, or John Henry. In truth, Cameron had become the last of her kind. She and John watched quietly from their mountainous retreat as the world once again turned into what it had been before "The War". Humanity had at long last managed to accomplish what it had set out to do…It forgot…About everything.


An older model, black, four door Jeep Wrangler with oversized tires bounced along a rocky mountain roadway. The jeep itself had been built shortly before Judgment Day and had somehow managed to make it through all of these years. While the paint and metal body had seen better days, the engine still ran relatively well.

To the right side of the Jeep was a dense forest that gradually progressed upwards along the mountain's side. To the left side of the trail far fewer trees grew; and the landscape dropped off more sharply. One was able to easily look out and see the icy blue waters of the Okanagan Lake. A gentle snow fell from the sky and was just beginning to coat the roadway creating a whitish brown mix in the sand and mud that the four wheel drive Jeep drove through with ease.

Continuing further on its journey, the Wranger bounced along the rocky trail. It had left the asphalt roadway miles ago when it began its climb up this narrow mountain trail. After approximately thirty minutes of driving, the Jeep finally found its way into small, flat, clearing. As the vehicle slowed to a stop, its breaks squeaked slightly.


Set in the center of the clearing was a wooden cabin. Not very large, it was easy to ascertain that it would have only contained several medium sized rooms. Possibly a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and one maybe two bedrooms. The roof of the cabin was covered in fresh snow and a small bit of smoke ascended from the cabin's chimney. Set behind the cabin was a small shed where the humming sound of a generator could be heard. Parked next to the cabin was a dark blue older model Chevrolet Avalanche. This vehicle also appeared to have somehow managed to survive Judgment Day and the following years. The area itself was relatively flat all around for several hundred feet, however, trees and brush were dispersed throughout the majority of the space.


The door to the Jeep opened and an older white male, with a medium build, and shorter grey hair stepped out. He pulled his dark colored jacket around him trying to shield his body from the cold wind that was now blowing. The man stood next to his vehicle for a moment and looked out at the cold waters of the Okanagan Lake and then back at the cabin. The snowfall had begun to increase and the area was quickly becoming covered in a soft blanket of white snow. Many memories came to mind, as the male stood looking around at his surroundings. He then slowly began to make his way towards the cabin, the freshly laid snow crunching beneath his black boots as he made his way forwards. Upon making it to the front of the cabin the man walked up the few steps that were located in front of the structure and stood beneath a small wooden overhang that was placed over the front door. The man hesitated for a few seconds and then knocked on the door.

Several seconds went by before there was a response. A clicking of a latch being loosened and then the pop of a dead bolt being turned could be heard before the door gradually swung open. The male looked at the beautiful woman standing in the doorway. Her soft brown hair fell across her fair skin, and then down onto her shoulders. Continuing to stand in the doorway in a slight state of shock, the man stared into the soft brown eyes of the woman in front of him.

"Hello Captain Spears." Cameron finally said. Matthew did not immediately respond. He found that he still had some trouble with the fact that even though it had been over fifty years, Cameron still looked just as young as she had the first day he had met her. Finally, after his momentary hesitation Spears responded,

"Hello Cameron." He stated and then added "How are you?"

"I am well…You may come in if you'd like." Matthew nodded his head and then proceeded to wipe his feet, before stepping into the warm air of the cabin. Looking around the small kitchen area that he now stood in as he took off his jacket, Matthew was surprised to see that for a cabin set out in the virtual middle of nowhere, it did appear to have quite a few comforts of home. That is for a post apocalyptic world. A small stove, refrigerator and table were placed around the room itself.

"I assume you are here to see John?" Cameron asked in a slightly softer tone than Matthew originally remembered her speaking in.

"Yes…" Spears replied, but then smiled a little and added, "But, it's always nice to see you too." Cameron produced an ever so slight smirk

"Thank you." She responded somewhat flatly; but in a sincere tone none the less and then continued, "I will get John for you." Cameron turned and proceeded to walk out of the room leaving Matthew to take in the rest of the kitchen that he now stood in.


The countertop space was small; but well utilized. Matthew presumed that this was more than likely Cameron's doing. Two small windows were located along the wall. One looked out to the area where Spears's Jeep was now parked, and the other gave a very nice view of the lake that was set far below the mountainside. Matthew slowly walked over to the window and stared out at the large body of water. Snow continued to fall turning the tree line into a beautiful white scene.

"Hello Matthew…" Spears heard a voice from behind say to him. Matthew turned towards the direction of the voice.

"Hello General…" He stated as John Connor emerged through the shadows of the doorway which led into the adjacent room. John cracked a half smile on his wrinkled, war torn face. The old scare down his left eye was still readily apparent.

"Nobodies called me that for a long time." Matthew nodded his head in response,

"Old habits die hard." he then added.

"That they do." John proceeded to walk through the doorway and over to the kitchen table, pulling out one of the chairs with his right hand. Spears noticed that John kept his left hand close to him, obviously favoring it due to some pain.

"Please have a seat." John said, motioning towards the other chair. Matthew moved over towards the table taking a seat across from John.

"Would you like something to drink?" John asked.

"No, I'm fine, thank you sir." Spears responded. There was a few seconds of silence between the two men before Matthew finally spoke again,

"So how have you been General?" He asked. John smirked slightly again,

"It's just John now…" there was a certain remorse in John's tone as he made that statement. "And I've been well. How have you been?"

"Good…" Spears stated nodding his head.

"How's Savannah?" John asked.

"She's good...She sends her love." John smiled slightly.

"And Catherine?"

"Very good…" Spears added, "She turned twelve last week." John again smiled at Matthew's statement, to which Spears's chuckled slightly.

"Never thought I'd live to see the day that I had grandchildren."

"I don't think any of us thought we'd live to see our grandchildren." John remarked a certain mixed sense of happy and sadness in his tone. Silence fell over the two men once again before Matthew once again broke it,

"They'd both love to see you again." John nodded his head,

"I know."

"There are a lot of people that would like to see you again…" Spears's voice trailed off as John once again nodded his head.

"I know." He said still in a quiet voice. Matthew flicked his eyes around the room for a moment.

"So how are you and Cameron?" He asked. A smile immediately danced across John's face upon hearing Cameron's name.

"We're very good."

"She keep you busy?" Matthew chuckled slightly as he asked.

"That she does." John responded. Matthew then balked for a brief second before speaking once again.

"You miss it don't you?" he asked, "Being General, or President for that matter." John thought for several long seconds, rubbing his hand along his slightly unshaven face.

"I don't miss being President. I always hated politics and it was even worse when I had to be involved in them." John then paused for a moment.

"But being a general…Things were a lot less complicated back then. We knew who the enemy was and what we had to do." There was another moments hesitation before John continued,

"Don't get me wrong, I'd never want to go back to the way things were…I just miss the simplicity of the situation as a whole. There was only one primary goal…defeat Skynet." Spears leaned back in his chair and it creaked slightly as he did so,

"You're right…things were a lot simpler back then." He then smiled, "Course, there was a pretty good chance we'd be dead the next day; but why concern ourselves with trivial things such as that." John laughed quietly.


Time began to drift onwards quickly as the two old soldiers continued to talk, trading war stories, or tails of Matthew's children and grandchild. Finally, night began to fall. Matthew glanced out the kitchen window and at the darkening sky.

"Well, I should be going." He said. John paused for a moment before speaking,

"You're more than welcome to spend the night here if you'd like." Spears shook his head smiling,

"I better not…Savannah doesn't like it when I don't come home." He then smirked, "She might think I'm cheating on her." John laughed immediately at this statement. The two men stood from the table and John escorted Matthew over to the door. Turning and looking at John one last time as he put on his coat Matthew spoke,

"It was good to see you again…John." A smile came across John's face. There was another moments silence before John reached out and hugged Matthew, who while somewhat surprised, returned the hug.

"It was good to see you again…my friend." John said.
After the embrace, John proceeded to open the front door for Matthew.

"Tell Savannah and Catherine I said hello." John added as Spears walked in front of him.

"That I will." Matthew answered before stepping through the open door. John watched as Spears made his way back down the steps and out towards his Jeep. Once John saw that Matthew was inside of his vehicle and beginning to pull away he closed the door and locked it.


John slowly lay down in his bed, his eyes heavy with fatigue. The bed frame inside the medium sized room squeaked slightly upon receiving his weight. The sheets of the bed were warm, and the mattress was soft, something that would have been considered a luxury during "The War". The area itself was lit just barely enough so that John would be able to look around the room. Another old habit that had never seemed to fade from him. The only sound came from outside, a distant humming could be heard from the electrical generator.

John lay quietly on his right side, resting his head against the pillow. A few seconds of silence drifted by before the rustling of sheets could be heard as Cameron gracefully slipped into bed next to him. She curled her body around John's, the same way she did every night, her body protecting his. The silence continued on as John felt a calming sensation drape itself over him as Cameron slowly ran her hand over his shoulder and then down around his chest gently pulling him into an embrace. John gradually exhaled when this occurred, almost as if he were relieved to once again feel Cameron's touch.

John continued to feel the weariness growing as he lay in bed. The room remained calm and serine; but John found that for some reason, something was greatly vexing him tonight. At last breaking the still of the room, he spoke in an quiet voice,

"I'm sorry…" John whispered. A confused look instantly shot across Cameron's face and she slowly propped herself up on her right elbow.

"Sorry?" She replied tilting her head to the side, "I don't understand." Rolling onto his back so that he could look up into her eyes John opened his mouth to speak; but found that no words came out. For a moment, he felt rather foolish lying there with his mouth hanging open, not able to speak, all the while staring into Cameron's eyes. A few more seconds drifted on before John was able to pull himself from his haze. When he did speak, he did so in a sad voice,

"When I first met you…" John balked for a split second, "…I treated you very poorly…Before I knew…Before I admitted to…" John cut himself off feeling his throat tighten as his emotions grew more intense.

"I said, and did many things that I never should have and for that…I am sorry." Cameron gazed at John a certain soft expression on her face.

"Thank you…" She replied in tender voice. "You do not have to apologize though. I understand why you reacted in the ways that you did." There was a moments pause before Cameron continued,

"Your actions back then never changed my view or sentiment towards you." John sighed,

"But still…I feel like I wasted so much time." Cameron continued to stare into John's eyes with her own soft brown irises.

"No time with you was ever wasted." She replied gently. John smiled slightly, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

"You need rest…" Cameron stated. Another small smile danced across John's face,

"Thank you…Cameron" John replied in a still quiet voice, as he reached up caressing the side of Cameron's cheek with his hand. In response to this action, Cameron gradually leaned forwards and gently kissed John on the lips.


The hours drifted by as Cameron lay with John, her body still curled around his. The soft quiet of the room was now only broken by John's heartbeat, which Cameron listened to as she lay next to him. Cameron had always found that the slow rhythmic tone of John's pulse created a certain soothing sensation for her. While she had never quite been able to understand why this occurred, she found that this simple event was extremely unique. The room gradually began to grow quieter. Over the years, Cameron had experienced a great many things. Some were good while others were not. However, through it all her outlook towards John had remained constant. The quiet of the room grew. While Cameron had never been able to fully understand why or how certain emotions were able to form, she was nonetheless grateful that they had. Moreover, while Cameron knew that one day the inevitable would come, she had always resolved it within herself to never depart from John's side. The room grew ever quieter.


The complete silence seemed to envelope everything. There was no longer any sound coming from inside of the room, as Cameron sat, staring down at John's body. While she was familiar with loss, nothing could even remotely compare to this. Yet, at the same time, she experienced an unmistakable peace. Cameron realized that she had been able to complete her chosen course of action, and had ultimately never failed John. Nevertheless, this particular sensation was unable to fill the bitter emptiness that Cameron now felt.

Still staring down at John's body, a single tear slowly rolled down Cameron's cheek. The silence drifted on for another few seconds and then Cameron carefully lay down next to John, once again curling her body around his, and rapping her arms around John, holding him. As she did this images of John began to flash before Cameron's eyes. For the moment at least, time no longer appeared to carry any meaning for her.

Cameron's chip allowed her to view virtually every memory of John that she had. While she and John had indeed been able to experience both pleasurable and extremely unpleasant times, Cameron found herself truly grateful that she had been able to spend all of these moments with John. Finally, after lying quietly next to John for some time Cameron opened her mouth to speak,

"Thank you…" she whispered quietly and then after a brief hesitation added, "…for everything." As a final few images flashed through Cameron's thoughts, she continued to hold tightly onto John's body. Then suddenly, Cameron's eyes flashed a bright blue beneath her brown irises before Cameron slowly closed her eyes one last time.


John and Cameron's bodies lay quietly next to one another's on the bed inside of the cabin. The eerie still of the room never to be broken by either one of them again. Cameron's body remained curled around John's, a final testament of what was her never ending love towards and guard over him.

Cameron was the last of her kind, the final remnants of what now appeared to be a forgotten era. There would be no more like her. There would be no more time travel, no more battles for John Connor or Cameron to fight. This was the end. This was their final resting place. Both individuals could obtain the peace that they so rightly deserved. Cameron's selected objective was now complete. And in one final choice, Cameron chose to shut down, possibly granting herself the opportunity to once again reunite with John.

The room's silence was ever present as the lights continued to dim, due to the dying electrical generator. A small desk was positioned near the bed where John and Cameron lay. On it was a journal. The leather on the outside of the book was heavily worn, and the pages were yellowed and tattered. The journal itself remained opened, the last few pages still showing what were now the final thoughts of a once great leader.

November 2, 2079: If you would have asked me if there was ever a time that I thought I would be sitting here writing these particular words I would have told you "no". I never truly believed that I would have lived for as long as I have and I can only credit this to one person…Cameron. She is the true reason I have survived for as long as I have. Through the good times as few as they were at the beginning, and through all of the bad she was always there for me. She has saved my life more times than I can count and I owe her everything. It saddens me to think that I may never truly be able to thank her for all that she has done for me…I owe her everything. I still cringe when I think about the way I treated her so many years ago, when we first met. Back then, I never truly understood what it was that she had the potential to be, or would become. I don't think anyone did. But, at times, I still find myself wishing that I could back and change things. Change the way I treated her, or what I said to her. She was willing to give me everything, and I very nearly lost all of that. Nevertheless, I now know that I loved her from the very first time I saw her, even if I wasn't able to admit it to myself. Even before I knew what she was, I knew that there was something "special" about her. I tried to deny my feelings for so long, yet deep down I always knew the truth, no matter how much it terrified me, or how long I tried to ignore it. I now know that the best thing that ever happened to me was Cameron. She is the best part of me. The day she entered my life was the first day I truly started living. And I believe that once I am gone from this place, we will eventually be reunited once again. I love Cameron more than life itself and nothing will ever change that.

As I sit here writing these words, I realize that I am in the Final Days of my life; but I do not mind. I have been given more time than I ever thought imaginable. And even though I would have liked to share my life with more people, my mother, my father, my uncle…I view all of the years that I was given with any of them as a gift.

To whomever finds this journal, know that you are the final harbinger of my life's story. Know that there was a man named Kyle Reese, and that he was my father. He saved my mother, Sarah Connor's life, and in turn saved my life as well. My mother was the greatest soldier I ever knew. She taught me almost everything I know, and I will forever be in her debt. Know that I had an uncle named Derek Reese. He traveled across time, and in the end, sacrificed himself for me. Understand that there was a Terminator named Catherine Weaver, and that she created my friend, John Henry, who made a choice to surrender his own life in order to save humanity. Recognize that I had friends named, Savannah Weaver, Matthew Spears, and Justin Perry. And know that there was a Terminator named Cameron, who saved me in more ways than can ever be described. Understand that I love Cameron. And know, that I always will.



Authors Notes: So I would like to thank everyone for taking this journey with me. I never actually thought that it would go for this long, or become what it has. The original idea's for this story were much shorter, and I never believed it would have taken on this kind of life (585 pages, 196,469 words and 73 chapters).
Part of the reason why I wrote this story was because I wanted people to have something that would "complete" the entire Terminator story, from beginning to middle to end and I think that this does a pretty good job. I also wrote this fan fic because I wanted myself and others to have some sort of closure that was denied to us when TSCC was canceled.

I'd like to thank EVERYONE for reading my story. I truly enjoyed reading everyone's reviews every week and I am saddened that I will no longer be able to do that. I'd also like to thank a few people personally. I drew a great deal of inspiration seeing how well Talli's "I'll Always Find You" came together. Along with my talks with Orsino and Kaotic. Again thank you all for taking the time to read this story and I hope it gives you both closure and happiness by the end.

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