Final Days Chapter 8

John was still standing next to the imaging table observing the battle at Point Mugu when Cameron walked back into the room. Several men were rushing around the room providing information to each other and relaying communication and technical data on the battle. Cameron quietly walked up behind John. Before she reached his side she gently placed her hand in the small of his back to let him know that she was there so as to not startle him. He looked over his shoulder at her after she touched him.

“Our outer perimeter forces are ready. I’ve dispatched armored divisions to the southeast section of the base to prepare for a possible attack from the HK’s attacking Point Mugu. Also, our Choppers are fueled and ready for take off. I’ve also sent a few scouts ahead of our forces to the southeast to give us early warning of Skynet’s movements.” John looked at her and nodded. He then looked at one of the computer screens hanging from the ceiling. It was displaying an overhead view of Serrano Point.

“I think that Skynet may have another Kracken prepared near our shore line. Point Mugu may just be a diversion.” He looked at Cameron awaiting some sort of confirmation from her. Over the years Cameron’s tactical and technical advice on Skynet had become invaluable. She looked at the map and at the holographic imaging table and then back at John.

“I believe the TDE may not be Skynet’s only goal in this battle.” John looked at Cameron waiting for further information.

“Your progress against Skynet has begun to progress even more than was expected over the last several years. It initially started here back in 2026 when General Perry was able to capture this base. But recently you have gained even more ground against Skynet. I believe Skynet has become…” Cameron paused for a moment while she searched for the right word to describe the situation… “frustrated with the resistance.” Even though frustration was a human emotion Cameron knew that this description would be the best way to describe Skynet to John.

“Even without the help of the rebel Terminators you’ve been able to push Skynet back. For the first time in decades humans have a chance at actually winning this war.” Cameron said as she looked at John. He paused for a moment thinking.

“They’re going to throw everything they have at us…”

“Yes.” Cameron stated. John brought his hand under his chin and rubbed it as he thought.

“Make sure our forces along the beach are prepared for an amphibious assault. Put our scrubbed Triple 8’s out there as well. If Skynet has an amphibious assault planned we’ll need all the help we can get. Also, lock down the TDE I don’t want a repeat of what happened with the T-1000.” Cameron nodded then looked at John who was still deep in thought looking at the holographic imaging table and all the computer displays.

“You’ll get them through this.” She whispered as she looked at John. He slowly looked away from the imaging table and into her eyes. She gave John a small quick smile so as to lessen the chance of anyone else seeing it. John immediately felt more relaxed. He leaned closer to her so that no one would hear him,

“Thank you…” Cameron smiled a little more this time and placed her hand on his bicep and squeezed gently as she turned to walk out of the room again. This time as she left John turned and watched her leave. Cameron walked over to the bulkhead door and opened it. She then walked through the door way after which she began to close the door. As she did she looked back at John and their eyes met for a moment. John realized that he had never let himself do this before. His position and the situation had begun to weigh heavily on him and Cameron had become virtually the only one he could talk to about it. Out of all the people John had known and trusted Cameron had become the closest and most dependable. John felt a slight sense of fear as he thought of this. Everyone in his life he had ever gotten this close to he had lost. It was partially the reason why he didn’t allow himself to become any closer to Cameron. John never thought he would have ever allowed himself to get even this close. Especially in the beginning; in the beginning John hated Cameron. He hated everything about her, and everything she reminded him of. Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to destroy her. John stood in the War Room continuing to think…

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