Final Days Chapter 9

*Serrano Point 1 ½ Years Ago*

A lone woman walked down the dark corridors of Serrano Point. She wore a dark hooded jacket and kept it pulled up over her head to somewhat conceal her face. She made sure not to make eye contact with anyone that walked past her. She proceeded to go deeper into Serrano Point. The corridors were deserted at this time of night. Still a few people were up and about, possibly scavenging for food. She thought to herself as she walked,

“It was necessary to complete the mission. There was no other way, she had lied and put your existence in danger. She was the enemy…But she was just a girl, a scared girl.” As the female walked, she saw a large set of doors in front of her guarded by two Tech Com soldiers.

“No, dogs...” She thought as she continued to walk, “I should not be this conflicted, I am a machine.” As it approached the doors it made sure to keep its head tilted downward but still made sure to leave its wrist exposed. Attached to its wrist was a stainless steal bracelet. It stopped quietly standing before the two soldiers who looked down at her.

“What’s your name and ID number?” One of the soldiers asked…No response. The soldier looked at the metal bracelet,

“I said what’s your na…” Quickly the Terminator grabbed the soldier on its left by the throat with its left hand and slammed him up against the wall so that he could not move. It then struck the other soldier to its right in the face with its fist knocking him unconscious. The Terminator then began to apply pressure to the soldiers throat that it had pinned up against the wall so that he could not breath. The man attempted to free himself but his attempts were futile. The terminator stood there until the man lost consciousness, it then allowed the man to drop the ground.

“You should have killed them.” The Terminator thought to itself; but, then another thought followed, “There was no reason to expel the extra energy needed to kill them. Disabling them was effective enough.” The Terminator walked over to the control panel and looked down at it. It proceeded to punch through the glass touch screen exposing the wires beneath. The Terminator then reached in and began to splice wires together. At the same time it was scanning the area for any other threats. Finally it heard the computer beep and the blast doors began to open. The Terminator now had access to the secured interior of Serrano Point. It tugged against the front of its hood placing it further over its face and continued to walk down the corridors.

“Is this regret…guilt?” it thought to itself as it walked. “There is no reason for this. I am a machine I should be able to control these emotions.” The Terminator ground its teeth trying to focus on its mission as it finally saw the room it was looking for.

“The light is still on…This must be his room. The other human traitors said he has trouble sleeping.” The Terminator stood in the hallway for a moment observing the guard standing outside the door.

“I must kill him.” It thought, but as soon as this calculation came through another one replaced it, “Killing the guard may take unnecessary time.” “Disable him like the others.” The Terminator proceeded to walk closer to the guard and then it spoke,

“Sir, have you seen a puppy?” The guard looked over at the young girl approaching him puzzled for a moment by the question. In that split second the Terminator swiftly closed the distance between itself and the soldier and slammed the man’s head up against the side of the door frame with a loud “Thud!”. The Terminator cocked its head as it looked at the man on the ground and thought

“That was to loud, I must do it now.” The Terminator thought as it quickly drew the handgun that was hidden under its jacket and kicked the door to the room open just in time to see John picking up his plasma rifle from off the table in his room. The Terminator took aim and pointed its weapon at John’s head and John did the same to the Terminator. Both individuals pause though.

“Alison…” John whispered quietly. The Terminator cocked its head to the side again. In its heads up display it could see the world “TERMINATE” flashing but for some reason it just stood there. The room itself was dead silent neither subject seemed to hear anything except the others breathing, or the Terminators imitation of breathing. They both stood there with their guns drawn pointed at each other but neither firing. John was shocked, he was sure that he would be dead due to the fact that he had hesitated. Then John saw something that he never thought he would. He looked at the face of the Terminator and it looked scared; almost as if it was about to cry.

“Why haven’t you killed me?” John asked. The Terminator stood silently, it could now hear other soldiers running down the hall in the direction of John’s room. It thought to itself,

“You must complete your mission. Terminate John Connor.” The Terminator continued to stand there motionless. Finally the Terminator moved its thumb over the magazine release for the handgun and pressed it. The loaded magazine fell out of the bottom of the gun and to the floor with a metallic clank. It then took its left hand and pulled the slide back on the gun expelling the bullet from the chamber. John still stood there amazed. The Terminator slowly bent down and put the gun on the ground. It then stood back up and looked at John.

“I’m sorry…” It stated. Just then two Tech Com soldiers came bursting into John’s room.

“Terminator!!! Terminator!!” One of screamed as it raised its plasma rifle and prepared to fire.

“No wait!” John yelled as he held out his hand signaling the men to put there guns down. Both men stood at either side of the Terminator ready to fire their rifles as soon as John gave the word. John slowly approached the Terminator and looked at it. As he did he asked,

“What are you?” The Terminator looked at John but didn’t say anything. “Take it to the scrubbing room and secure it. I’ll figure out what to do with it from there.” Both men nodded and motioned for the Terminator to exit the room. Both soldiers kept their rifles trained on the Terminator's head as it exited the room. John stood in his room for a moment not quite sure what to do or say. A flood of emotions hit him as he stood there. He knew that the second Alison was taken she wouldn’t be coming back. However, seeing the Terminator confirmed what he already knew. Alison was dead.

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