Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

by Trigger_Happy_14


What is a shipper?
  • A shipper is a person who wants two characters to be romantically involved. These usually have "shipper names" that squish together the names of the two people (or robots!) involved. For T:SCC we have these names:

    • Jameron - John/Cameron
    • Jiley - John/Riley
    • Sarek or Serek - Sarah/Derek
    • Camerah - Cameron/Sarah (well, not really romantical here...)
  • There are probably others, but these are the most commonly accepted ones at the moment.
How do I post "clickable" links?
  • You can't. Sadly, only links that connect directly to this site are "clickable" when you post them.
What's this "do you find this valuable?" thing under all the posts?
  • If you think someone's comment is helpful say "yes" and the post will say "1/1 found this valuable." This is a way for the Wiki and other people to keep tabs on helpful comments and also help people weed out the incorrect or idiotic ones. If you have a significant number of positive points, consider it a compliment! :P If you get a lot of negative points, try to look over your post and see why people may be marking it down.
Is there an EDIT button?
  • YES! After a very long fight and pleeding with Wetpaint Central, we finally got one! No more typo shame.

What is a troll?
  • A troll is a person who posts nonsensical comments that usually anger members of a forum. They are stupid, they cannot be reasoned with, and they will not stop. EVER. UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD. Signs of a troll usually equate to terrible spelling/grammar, swearing, bashing, personal attacks etc. They hate it when they are ignored.


Why is Cameron so human-like in the Pilot, but seemingly reverts to a clueless robot in Gnothi Seauton?
  • There are actually two answers to this. If you are willing to take it in the context of the Pilot, the OFFICIAL ANSWER straight from the mouth of Josh Friedman himself is that Cameron had a specific mission in the Pilot; get close to John. So after her identity was compromised by Cromartie's attack, there was no reason to pretend to be a human anymore.

  • The second answer has to do with the tweaking of the writing after the Pilot. Apparently, Cameron's character was changed a bit after that, hence the change in character. Actually, the Gnothi Seauton episode was filmed months after the Pilot and it's pretty common in TV when Pilot episodes are very different than what the rest of the show is.

How did Cromartie's head follow the Connors through the time displacement field if it didn't have any flesh?
  • Another annoying nitpick that has been answered directly by the writers/producers. The head actually had flesh around it as it went through, it just "burned off." The SFX crew had to "censor" it in a way so that this wasn't visible on screen, as it is somewhat gratuitous.

What happened to the high school plot? The paintings on the walls? Cheri and Morris? THE PROM?
  • Two words: Writer’s Strike. Yup, due to the shortened first season (9 episodes which should have been 13) they had to cut high school out completely after S2 was confirmed, thus eliminating any plotlines from John and Cam’s small time in high school. So, we’ll never know what the heck was up with Cheri, what was going on with the guidance counselor and the paintings, and we’ll never get to see Cameron go to the Prom with Morris.

Why did Cromartie let Ellison live?
  • Confirmed in S2, Cromartie let Ellison live as he believed that he would lead him to the Connors.

Isn’t this show supposed to lead to T3? Why should I even watch it if I already know what’s gonna happen at the end?
  • T:SCC has NO RELATION TO T3! 0. NONE. ZIP. This is an alternate timeline in the Terminator universe and you can either chose to blatantly ignore the craptastic T3 (as most fans do) or just accept that T3 and T:SCC just don’t share the same timeline.

How come Sarah’s hand didn’t really hurt after she “slapped” Cameron in Gnothi Seauton?
  • Sarah actually pistol whipped Cam… so… hand had no contact with endoskeleton which = no hurting. ^^

How is John able to have the same blood type as Derek when Sarah has O-? How is it possible that he has AB-?
  • Plothole! Scientific error on the writer’s part. It has been acknowledged so don’t be too bugged about it.

How do you take down a Terminator?
  • Shock them with some high voltage electricity and they have to go into reboot mode for exactly 120 seconds. This is a MAJOR rule in T:SCC.

Why doesn’t Cameron listen to orders from Sarah or even John?
  • Simply, she isn’t programmed to directly answer to Sarah or younger John. She apparently has set orders from Future!John that remain relatively unknown. So, yeah, the Connor Crew can’t order her around like Little!John did with Uncle Bob in T2.


Why exactly did that blast bust up Cameron’s chip?

  • While there is not an OFFICIAL answer to this, most people accept that the force of the blast was enough to launch the schrapnel into her skull at a high enough velocity to penetrate to her chip. This isn’t too hard to believe if you think about it. Metal at a high velocity can penetrate even the toughest armors. (Armor piercing bullets for example.) This was a HUGE chunk of metal and Cameron’s chip is located in a place that could be effected by it.
How come Cromartie took so much damage just from Cameron's shotgun?
OFFICIAL answer from Josh and writers, the rounds in the shotgun were not your standard bullets. They were uranium laced bullets (nuclear material in the bullets) and were thus able to cause more damage.

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