General Mazaki's Fan Fiction

Sneak Preview to the upcoming fan fiction, REMNANT

The date is April 19th, 2011. The United States is nearing the completion of Skynet, the most advanced war computer ever built in the history of mankind. At the same time, a war rages on in the Middle East as US soldiers continue the fight for control, in their best efforts to prevent Iraq from falling to the hands of the terror cell known infamously as Al Quaeda. In the middle of it all is a young Captain by the name of Michael "Mazaki" Anderson, a member of the US Army's Special Forces. The same day his unit is assigned a critical infiltration mission - which may alter the course of the War on Terror, the Western world goes dark as Skynet launches a nuclear apocalypse, beginning it's campaign to extinguish mankind. As the world panics, Anderson and his men take refuge. When they emerge, the world has turned into a much more different place than it used to be. Now, follow the life of a soldier as he transforms from a dime-a-dozen Captain, to one of the most valuable Resistance leaders the world has ever known in the fight against Skynet.

This is his story. This is his legacy. This is his fight.

And he must win at any cost.

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