Harbinger - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Sequel to Reversion
Chapter 01: Overleaf
While John and Cameron indulge in a life far from the clutches of Skynet, Jason grows resentful of his survival from the desert.
Chapter 02: Thirty Pieces of Silver
Complications arise for John and Cameron when he is blackmailed. Meanwhile, Jason learns about the fall of the I-950s.
Chapter 03: Truth & Reconciliation
John discovers Cameron's crime and later pays the price for her sin; leading to a face-to-face when Cameron comes to his aid.
Chapter 04: Sophie's Sorrow
A glimpse into Sophie's past reveals a side to her that Jason would never imagine when the Infiltrators' security is compromised.
Chapter 05: Innocence
An encounter with a T-888 leaves Sophie badly injured. Meanwhile, John celebrates his 18th birthday with Cameron.
Chapter 06: I Remember Me
Following their night of passion, Cameron reveals a secret she has kept for many months. Meanwhile, Jason comes to a decision.
Chapter 07: The Enemy of My Enemy
Seeking Cameron's help, Jason and Sophie travel to New Mexico. However, their arrival is not greeted with much welcome.
Chapter 08: Few and Far Between
Tracking an I-950 to a small town in Colorado, John and Cameron are forced to work with Jason and Sophie to save the Infiltrator.
Chapter 09: Heeding The Call
Whilst stopping in Colorado, John and Cameron decide to enjoy some R&R, with unexpected consequences.
Chapter 10: The Vessel
John, Cameron, and Jason are betrayed by their newfound allies and forced to bear witness to the arrival of humanity's end.

The story continues in Judgment...

Main Characters
  • John Connor - future leader of Mankind and saviour of Humanity.
  • Cameron Phillips - self-aware Terminator programmed to mimic human behaviour.
  • Jason Corvain - former I-950 and experimental cyborg (Class I-NX).
  • Sophie Young - mysterious Series 950 Infiltrator.
  • Sarah Connor - mother of John Connor.
  • Derek Reese - Resistance fighter and John's uncle.
  • Cipher - quirky Series 700 Terminator.
  • Skynet - apocalyptic A.I. and the bane of Mankind.
  • Kevin - self-aware Terminator programmed for torture and interrogation.
  • The Vessel - the most advanced Terminator ever created.
  • The Seraphim - a shadowy figure in contact with Sophie.
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