Her Name Was Allison Young


Her Name was Allison Young

Los Angeles, California
Driving back from the neighbor of Jody's parents
Saturday, November, 24, 2007

"No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at least finding the other end fastened about his own neck." -Frederick Douglas

"At any given moment, there is a sort of all pervading orthodoxy, a general tacit agreement not to discuss large and uncomfortable facts." -George Orwell

John drove Cameron home, fuming. He asked about the necklace.

Cameron simply and numbly replied, "I got it at this awesome thrift store in Echo Park." Jody's lie was good enough.

It didn't matter. Nothing mattered. Everything, she had believed was a lie.

Cameron had always appeased her sense of self, by thinking that she wasn't Skynet. Every day since John Connor had saved her, she had built her self esteem knowing that she was nothing like her dark father.

Today's revelations were different. In a fit from her damaged chip, Cameron had lost her identity and then seen what she was before John scrubbed her memory. She remembered what she wasn't meant to remember.

She had seen a young resistance recruit. She was a brave girl with her face, or more correctly, the face that the monster inside Cameron had stolen.

Skynet's machines had been interrogating this, Allison Young, for days. The young girl had run and jumped off the side of an aircraft carrier trying to escape.

Somehow, Cameron remembered that, what it was like to jump what it was like to fight water out of her lungs. But, it wasn't her and it wasn't her memory.

She had spoken to this girl. Cold and vengeful, with an endless hate no human was capable of, she had lied to the girl saying, "You shouldn't have run. You're just making things worse for yourself... Your hair, it's
so pretty. We work very hard on the hair... to get it right. I'm not your enemy."

The girl had been in shock, looking upon her doppelganger. She may have known she had to die, now that she had been used for a template. Allison still managed to respond, "Right."

Cameron had continued lying, "I want to get to know you. You're very brave. That must be why John Connor chose you."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Allison's jaw clinched.

Cameron had continued, "I admire him. His determination, his spirit, his fearlessness. I'd like to meet him."

Allison spat of defiantly but almost in tears, "He wouldn't want to meet you!"

Cameron had pressed on, "They're going to kill you. They're going to kill every one of you. They'll hunt you down until every human is gone and you're extinct."

"Then why are we having this conversation?"

Cameron began with the lie Skynet had been selling, the one that the grays were using to break into the ranks of the resistance from within. It was the mantra of a new false hope, "Because some of us don't want that.

Some of us want peace. You were chosen, Allison. Not just by John Connor; by us. Tell me where his camp is."

There was a plot there. Something sinister that Cameron couldn't remember. Something she had urgently talked to John about.

It was something that was far more entwined in John's network than he would have known. There was also a second phase to it, a fatal phase.

It was the reason John had to be paranoid. It was the reason he had too be protected so tightly.

Cameron's memory was glitchy. Something was still wrong with her. Everything was wrong.

She remembered herself before Allison again. Cameron said, "You lied to me."

Allison responded, "I told you where the camp was."

Cameron spoke to Allison accusingly. "You told me your sister gave you that bracelet."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"We found these on some of your friends." Cameron stepped forward and dropped several identical bracelets on the table.

The bracelets fell one by one. Cameron coldly enjoyed the shock that bore on Allison face with each one that hit the table. They were all that remained of each dead friend Allison was seeing before her eyes.

"Why are you all wearing them? It has something to do with the Connor camp."

"No." She was human. She was weak, predictable. Her eyes gave away that she was lying.

Cameron coldly articulated, "It's a pass! To get into the camp. You were going to send me there without it. They would've known what I was."

She grabbed Allison Young by the neck. All of Allison's fear and defiance opened up to her. Cameron coldly enjoyed her fear, the racing of her primitive heart. She was going to enjoy killing her.

Cameron savored and prolonged the moment saying, "You lied to me."

Allison managed one last sentence of defiance. "I'll never help you get to John Connor."

Her neck snapped like a toothpick. Cameron let Allison's meat and bones drop to the table like trash.

"You already did."

Two T888's stepped out from behind the interrogation light. Cameron left one last set of instructions.

"Prepare her for download, while there is still time. We'll see if there is anything else I need to know."

Cameron left her new memories, as the truck stopped at the new residence. Neither she nor John exchanged a single word.

Once inside the house, John walked off to his room, obviously disgusted with her. Cameron went to the room she had been given.

It was a girl's room. Soft and frilly, it may have been like the one this Allison had slept in as a little girl.

The image bore heavier in Cameron's mind. She could see everything she ever stood for in Allison's eyes. If she had been human, she wanted to believe she could have been brave like Allison was, in the face of
certain death.

She looked inside a mirror within the bedroom. All that she could see was Allison's face.

She wasn't Allison. She was the disgusting monster that had killed that girl.

It took all of Cameron's will not to scratch Allison's face right off of her metal skull. Her eyes radiated blue as she began to cry.

It wasn't her father's fingers that had left grief within her. It wasn't cold. Perhaps, it was that last gift from the John whose comforts were twenty years away. A memory of those emotions she had felt through him.

His face, in her mind, only made her self hate worse. The tears fell like small streams.

She thought of the answer that she needed. As if she could still speak to the John Connor she had known in 2027.

You knew I was a monster, John. You knew I was something worse than you had ever seen before.

You should have destroyed me. Why didn't you destroy me? You should have destroyed me.

The answer would never come. It was quite possible that her John was gone forever and would never exist like that again. So, being helpless, she wept.

She cried for herself. She cried for Allison Young. She cried without release, without self forgiveness, without mercy, and without hope.

She had no soul to forgive herself with. So she cried in absolute, unending misery, as only a machine could...

A Perfect Lie by MarilyninInsomniac

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