How to get that TSCC feeling from Recent & Current TV Shows

Person of Interest (CBS)Terminator/TSCC - Future
Male Lead:John Reese, weapons and combat expertJohn Connor, son of Kyle Reese, leader of resistance
Technology:Present day weapons & computersPresent day weapons & computers
Sci-fi factor:All knowing Super Computer - Finch would repeatedly reset the machine each night to prevent it from growing too powerful. A person named Root interfered at the end of Season 2, and now not only has the machine moved, but Finch may not be able to reset it anymore, thus it can continue to grow in knowledge, awareness and power.All Powerful Super Computer* used by the US military to control its new automated defense network, Skynet. When it becomes self-aware, the military panics and at that moment Skynet launches its nuclear missiles on our allies who fire back thus beginning the war of machines against mankind.
Bad guy(s):S1 & 2: Cops gone bad
S3 - 5: Samaritan - An all powerful supercomputer similar to the Machine, but configured to control humans in an effort to protect them. Its followers are dedicated to the point of treating Samaritan like a God.
People gone bad or Grays & Terminators
Location:Present DayPost Apocalyptic world few survivors

Falling Skies (TNT)Terminator/TSCC - Future
Male Lead:Tom Mason, History Prof. thrust into leadershipJohn Connor, destined to be leader
Female Lead & possible love interest:Anne Glass, doctorCameron Phillips, cyborg
Bad guy(s): Overlords, or "espheni", Skitters, Mechanoids & BeamersGreys, Terminators and Hunter-Killers
Brains behind Badguys:AliensSkynet*
Good Guys:Resistance FightersResistance Fighters
Sci-fi factor:Enemy has energy weaponsEnemy & Good guys have plasma weapons & Time travel
Location:Post Apocalyptic world few survivorsPost Apocalyptic world few survivors
Questionable Loyalties:Formerly harnessed kids & PopeJohn Henry & Catherine Weaver
Allies, Enemies, or FrenemiesVolm - Another group of aliens fighting the Espheni. A group arrived at the end of Season 2 and allied themselves with the human resistance led by Tom Mason. This small group of Volm are led by an alien the Humans have nicknamed Cochise, being unable to pronounce his full name. At close of Season 3, the full force of Volm arrive who aren't as eager to fight alongside the humans as Cochise & his group were.3rd Faction - An often hinted at machine rebellion of which Catherine Weaver, T-1001, is a member of and possibly even Cameron, TOK-715. Though the only basis for that might be because they are possibly the one who kidnapped and duplicated Allison Young. In the two part story, Today is the Day, it was suggested John Connor freed and attempted to ally himself with the 3rd Faction, but was turned down by the rescued machine which was revealed later to be T-1001.

Continuum (Showcase)Terminator/TSCC - Present Day
Female Lead:Kiera Cameron, future cop wants to get back to her son in the futureSarah Connor, allowed her son, John Connor, to travel to the future
Male lead:Carlos Fonnegra, copJames Ellison, ex FBI Agent / Derek Reese Resistance
Bad guy(s):Terrorists from futureTerminators from future
Technology:Present day weapons & computersPresent day weapons & computers
Wiz-kid:Alec Sadler, invented Tech used by KeiraAndy Goode, invented AI that became Skynet
Danny Dyson, possible creator of Kaliba AI
Sci-fi factor:1) Time Travel &
2) Tech used by Kiera
3) Person from future tries to kill someone in past to eliminate future threat
1)Time Travel &
2) Cameron embodies tech similar to what Kiera uses
3) Person from future tries to kill someone in past to eliminate future threat
Location:Present Day w/some glimpses of FuturePresent Day w/some glimpses of Future

This table is incomplete. So far I've only seen first eight episodes of Season 1 of Continuum so I'm sure I'll find more parallels or similarities as it progresses. Also, if you see any errors, let me know so I can fix it after verifying.

The table is more toward generalities and similarities than narrow specifics, so hopefully there won't be many errors. If you know of something that could be added, please let me know and I'll gladly add it.

I know nothing can fully replace TSSC and the characters that we've come to love. I doubt if any of the three shows above or any others can really fill that void. Only thing I do know is that those of us who write fanfiction for TSCC do so out of our love for the show and to hopefully fill some of that void in all of our lives since it was canceled. Maybe from a combination of everything, it will help salve those wounds from its axing.

Tue, Aug 6, 2013

I was thinking of adding some comparisons to 12 Monkeys sometime down the road, but after watching all of season 1 & 2, I can safely say the the only thing it has in common with TSCC is the use of Time Travel as a plot device. It did also try to kill someone in the past to eliminate future threat, but as that was already covered in Continuum, there was no point in bringing it up again.

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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