How I met hope - Chapter 4

(Continued from Chapter 3)

John was sitting on the couch while I was in the kitchen, adding some lemon juice to our beers.

"When we got back home with Cameron that said we have a lot to talk about."

"Yes, we do. What the hell was that? What if a police patrol would have pased by, what would they have thought of us? Hm? I didn't traveled half the world to get arrested."

John didn't said anything, he knew it was wrong to stop...but it was also wrong to let Andy see what Cameron did to Jody.

"Oh, so that's what you think...yeah. Go on, have a beer."

"I'm 16."

"It's 10 PM, I don't really think you'll drive anywhere tonight. And I really need someone to talk to. Kacy had pains again and she's at the hospital for some days and your family doesn't quite like me, especially your uncle."

Curiosity took over John and he decided to interrogate me of my past.

"Why did you come here in the first place? In USA I mean."

"That's not why I asked you to come here, Baum."

"Yeah well I can see you're not in the mood for anything actually so I'll just leave this here and head for home."

He left his beer on the table in the living room and headed for the door. I thought to myself that one day I will have to tell someone of my past, so why wouldn't I start now? As he noticed I started to talk, he stepped back and headed for the couch.

"I was 14 when my parents died. They were coming from my grandmother's funeral...I was supposed to be with them...instead I was left at my brother-in-law's home along with my sister...the police managed to find us only in the morning. I was devastated, my mother meant everything for me...she was my only friend if I can say, I was pretty anti-social in my class and didn't had any friends. Dad was another story, he was the exact opposite of me, everytime he looked at me there was diasppointment in his look. With tear in my eyes I managed to get out of bed and listen to the kitchen door. The police-man was giving my sister the details of their accident, apparently they hit something on the road, the police said they found blood on the bonnet. The only difference being that the blood wasn't human...or any animal kind, it was some sort of synthtetic, it had no red blood cells."

As he heard the final words of my confession, John shifted uncomfortably where he was staying, as if I said something that bothered him.

"Hey listen, can we talk about this some other time? I don't like to dig up my past and apparently this type of conversation doesn't suit you."

He grabbed the remote and powered the TV, as he was switching the channels he decided to ask me about Cameron.

"So you like her?"



When he spelled out her name I almost jumped to my feet, I had to choose my words carefully from now on.

"Um...what do you mean like her?"

"Like...really like her."

"Like...a date? No, I had my share of girls before I left, they are all the same...I decided to stop dating for a while."

My words seem to calm him a bit but he insisted on pressing forward.

"She's different."


His browsing through the TV stations came to a halt as he stumbled upon a news channel.

"Several hours ago, eye witnesses reported that a sphere of blue light materialized in the dent that you can see behind me." The asphalt in the dent seemed to appear to be melt and smoke was still lifting from it. "Witnesses also related that a naked man got out of the sphere as if nothing happened and he headed for a clothing store." The image changed from the reporter to the earlier interviewed store manager. "He just entered my store and walked to the man's department as if no one was there to see him and took a pair of jeans, a white shirt and some shoes. He was about 6' 5" and very solid. The police has already informed me that an investigation is on the way and the thief will be caught. We will be back with details at tomorrow morning's news bulletin. This is Sandra Martinez, KZPZ news."

John was stunned at the news, as if all around him was crashing. I took the remote from the table and closed the TV.

"With about two days before my parents car crash, I saw something similar at the news...the only difference was that no one saw a man or anything else coming out from the light sphere."

John suddenly lifted his face to me. He was almost shocked about what I just said.

"Anyway, do you want to see what I've been working at ever since I got the job at the store?"

John simply nodded and followed me to my bedroom. I showed him the card I've been working at for a few weeks and informed him of what it is.

"It's a wireless LAN card. Only thing is, it can patch on any wireless Internet connection within a good hundreds of meters, not like the normal cards. I also modified a few lines in the driver's code, it creates an algorithm that can create a password if the network is protected with an account. Takes some time to get a password but it always works. Only let-down is that it runs only on XP, Vista just freezes when I run it."

As John was curiously studying the home-made, duct-taped device, a cracking sound came from down the hallway, someone was just breaking into the house. John didn't seem to be scared, instead he walked to see who forcing the door. I followed him and as we reached the living room, the door opened and a tall, solid man entered, he studied John, me and he approched us, he hurled John on the couch and started to walk towards me, I turned my back on him and ran for the back door. The solid man started to run after me too but he was too bulky and couldn't make a proper turn in the hallway. Instead he crashed into the bedroom wall, going through it at the same time. The back door was locked and my keys were on the small cupboard I had in the vestibule. I watched him as he was trying to get on his feet and come for me so I ran back for the front door and John was nowhere to be seen. The man finally got to his feet and approached me...I tried to run out of the house but suddenly John appeared with a pistol followed by Cameron holding a black shotgun. John shouted at me to get down and I felt as the tall thief grabbed my leg thus making me fall. I turned on my back and I was hitting his hand with my leg, trying in vain to get free...his grip was tightening with every moment and then, out of nowhere, seven or more gun shots were heard and hit the man's face...I was shocked when I saw that he wasn't dead. Instead, his skin was almost gone from his face and his chrome innards were revealed. I couldn't believe my own eyes, how could this happen? Seven or more bullets hit him and he was still alive?

I didn't even noticed he already let go of my leg and he walked over me, stepping on my right hand at the same time, making me scream of pain. I took chance of the ocasion and hid in the kitchen. Moments later, other five gun-shots were heard only this time they were coming from a shotgun. crashed on his back and he was twitching, his last gesture was to look at me with the only eye he had left, the right side of his face was destroyed, nothing could be recognized from before, only a shapeless form of metal. Cameron entered the house and turned her head on the right to scan the living room but I was nowhere to be seen, she finally turned her look at me and approached me...I decided to go from underneath the table in the corner, I was too scared to even think rationally. She reached her hand to me as if she were an angel, her innocent eyes not even being affected by the murder she just commited.

"Come with me if you want to live."

I didn't managed to give her my hand and I already fell unconscious, the pain from my attempt of getting up on my right arm proving to be more then I can endure.

"That's how...that is how she saved my life for the first time."

With my left hand I took the glass of water to my mouth so I can take a sip.

"It's sick."

"It's not sick...What defines a person isn't just bone and flesh"

As I was pointing my right index finger at my temple I continued my sentence.

"What makes us human is here. The ability to love, to confort someone...feelings is what makes us humans, persons."

Her voice became a shout as she stood up at me.

"You married metal!"

The glass of water I was holding in my left hand shattered as I crushed it with my fingers and stood up to confront her.

"SHE IS NOT METAL. She is a person, she feels...probably more then you do right now and ever will, the others like her already proved to us that we can live together."

As she turned her back on me, ready to leave, she told me the last words I could ever hear from her.

"Tell that to all of the innocent souls who died in 2011 and those who were butchered by them."

The young woman left the mess hall, her raven-hair being the last thing I ever saw from her. John approached me with caution as I was still standing upright trying to get out the small pieces of glass that still remained in my glove.

"What was all that about?"

Letting out a sigh, I turned to John.

"It was Jesse, she wanted to know how about Cameron....I started to tell her how you and her saved me from metal."

"And why did she left that way?

"Apparently some of our soldiers do not agree about me being together with Cameron...with metal, as she said."

John gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and whispered to me.

" know she's more then that...and that's all that ever matters..."

"If only everyone would share our view of the world..."

I slowly opened my eyes, my body felt a bit numb and the pain from my hand was gone. As I was looking at the wood-plated ceiling I finally realized I wasn't home...I had no idea where I was. A short haired man in his late-30's was watching over me, his medical bag and a first-aid kit were on the table next to him, he had his face buried in his hands, as if he was half-asleep.

"Where am I? Who are you?!"

As I tried to stand up on the couch, I placed my hand on the upper part of the couch, the pain from earlier hitting me as a train.

"It's okay, s'okay, I'm here to help"


Suddenly, Sarah and John emerged from the kitchen. Sarah was looking at me with a strange look that I never seen upon her face before, she was almost relieved to see me conscious. I finally figured out where I was, all my fears coming to an end.

"What the hell happened?"

"Someone tried to break into your house."

"That wasn't someONE, that was someTHING."

Sarah face suddenly darkened as she approached me in a threatening manner.

"You were hallucinating from the pain."

"No, I wasn't. Someone broke into my house okay? Someone else shot 7 rounds in his face and he didn't even twitched..who the hell can survive 7 rounds in the head and just stand up to walk over me?"

I heard some small footsteps coming down from the stairs behind was Cameron.

"Not who, what."

"Wait...what? You guys are the strangest family I have ever met, that's it, I'm gone, just tell Kacy I'm sorry for the wall."

As I was heading to the door to my right, Cameron rushed down the staris as if to stop me. I pressed on the door handle and opened it a bit only to be intrerupted by Sarah.

"I wouldn't walk through that door if I were you..."

Sarah couldn't finish her sentence as I felt someone grab my back and turn me to his was Cameron. She grabbed my throat...the innocence in her eyes was nowhere to be found, only a cold, blank look.

"You are to sit on the couch till further instructions."

Her words sent shivers down my spine, her cold touch pressing even harder on my neck. She walked back slowly and placed me on the couch before I could remain without air. She released the grip on my throat and took a few steps back, her eyes filling with innocence again and a small smirk in the corner of her mouth. I still couldn't figure out how can a petite, delicate little girl could have such strength and power over me.

"John, we need to talk."

Sarah commanded to John and they both headed for the kitchen. The short haired man that I assumed he bandaged my hand was as surprised as I was of Cameron's actions. As I turned my eyes to see Cameron she had her eyes locked onto me, not even blinking or moving...I couln't look anywhere else, even after what she did in the past few weeks and the murder she just probably comitted...she was the strangest girl I have ever met...perfect, beautiful, serene and as I just found out...deadly.


John suddenly shouted, his voice traveling through ever corridor of their house.

"Two days ago it was nowhere to be found, now it just showed up there."

"Mom, are you sure?"

"John, I am not crazy."

Sarah and John entered the living room and both looked at me as if they didn't even recognized me. Sarah sat by me and John was standing next to Cameron.

"Andy, do you know anything of Cyberdyne?"

"What's that?"

"Nevermind, have you ever worked with technology, advanced technology, robots, that sort of thing."


Sarah let out a sigh and John decided to continue, he was looking at me even more threatening then before.

"You said you like computers, right?"

"Yes, what does that have to do with anything?"

John didn't managed to open his mouth to speak as Cameron decided to finally speak before leaving and heading back upstairs.

"It has everything."

I couldn't understand anything anymore, frustration and rage taking control of me.


Sarah decided to finally inform me of the truth.

"In the near future, a defensive computer system becomes self-aware and decides to exterminate the human race. It sends machines back through time to kill anyone who is a threat to it. What is left after the nuclear holocaust is called the Resistance. They sent back a soldier, he knew where we live and came here, he had a gunshot wound and with his blood he wrote a target list on my basement wall. Your name appeared on that list today."

"You're crazy, YOU'RE ALL CRAZY, no wonder none of you has any friends and you look at people the way you do, good night."

Sarah reached her hand behind her belt and pulled out a black gun which was pointed at me a few moments before I could even reach the door handle.

"I'm sorry Andy but I cannot let you leave...Charley, you should leave now."

Sarah handed over the gun to John and went with Charley in the kitchen. I could still hear what they were saying, they were talking about Charley's wife and the way she was feeling. As John was pointing the Glock 17 at me, my thoughts drifted away as I was still trying to get past Sarah's words and to figure out why none of us except me was panicked by them. There has to be a seed of truth, there can't be that everyone in that house was crazy. After Charley went out through the kitchen's door, Sarah came back in the living room and took the weapon from John, holstering it behind her back again.

"You should come with me."

We climbed the stairs at our left and headed through a long hallway before reaching a door that was leading to another pair of wooden stairs...Sarah's Jeep and John's pick-up were parked outside a small garage. Sarah opened the door and the three of us entered..she pointed her flash-light at the wall on which was written with blood different names and numbers. On a third row on the right, my name was written...all my doubts about Sarah's words were gone. Shivers went down my back as petite fingers brushed the back of my neck and Cameron revealing herself a moment later, standing next to my right, looking at me with her brown childish eyes and gaving me a reassuring smile.

A young soldier came running to our table, barely breathing from all the running he had to endure throught the tunnels.

"Sir, SIR, someone just knocked out the bubble-tech and used the TDE without permission."

John suddenly stood up and didn't need any other words from the scout, we knew what just happened.

"Sir, we managed to get a look at the security feeds and the ones that used the TDE were a blonde girl and a black haired woman. We assumed the black-haired woman was Jesse, Derek Reese's girlfriend, we are still trying to figure out who the girl is."

"The history repeats itself." Were the only words that could leave John's mouth.

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