How I met hope- Introduction.

How I met hope

- Are you ready? I asked rhetorically knowing the machine is always ready, always there to protect me, to follow my orders without question...yet somehow, I couldn't just behave like it was JUST a tin can, she was so much very much more...

- Yes, she answered blankly, staring with those brown, innocent eyes at me, sending shivers down my spine as she always did ever since I met her.

- Open journal entry AF No. 01, auto-biography. A metallic voice confirmed: - Ready for inscription, waiting for input.

- My name is Andy Finn, I am 42 years old and I am one of the few who survived after the bombs fell, the uprising of the machines...I am part of the R&D division of Tech Com US Resistance Army. I helped develop a device that patched in on any Wi-Fi or wireless helped the Resistance a lot, we were able to detect metal before they were hiting us. It was a small device, very rudimentary designed, it's design not varrying so much from a normal Wi-Fi card yet it covered much greater distances.

I paused for a while, her eyes staring at me, silently asking me if everything is okay. She knew...she knew it was hard for me, I never liked to talk or even to remember my past for I've never had anything good in it besides her and the Connor's.

- I was 19 when I left my native country and changed my first name. I couldn't stay there anymore, I didn't had any friends or relatives. There was nothing left there for me anymore...the jobs I had were payed poorly and I could hardly find one.

- I packed everything I needed and went straight to the airport, I used some of my savings to buy a ticket for USA, my friends always kept telling me everything works out really easy there and they too would leave at the very first ocasion. After about 2 hours of waiting for the plane I managed to get into it and fly to Los Angeles. After about a day of flight I finally arrived in LA, setting for the first time my foot on other land than my country.

I walked out of the airport after comparing this one to the one back home. "Home". A word I sworn to myself to use as less as possible. I signaled a cab and asked the driver politely to take me somewhere. He asked me rather annoyed "Where?" I can still remember him looking at me through his rearview mirror like I was from some other planet. I spartanly commanded to him to take me everywhere, I was figuring to myself that cab money wouldn't be a problem, my savings were to help me find a place to stay and allow me to buy food for at least some weeks. He drove to the suburbs, on my journey there we passed a hardware store with something that seemed to be a "Hiring help" sign on the window. I asked the driver to stop and wait for me to come back from the store.

I walked into the store and saw a blonde figure with a slightly enlarged belly who was struggling with the box in which the TV she probably just bought was in. I rapidly walked to her trying to help, I carried the box to her car and smiled to her, I figured she wouldn't think I'm a freak trying to rob her or anything. She thanked me, with a curious look in her eyes. I responded in kind and she asked if I'm from around, after I stated the obvious and told her I just set my foot there she asked me if I have a place to stay.

I thought to myself that I'm really lucky to find a place so fast and probably a safe one too. She told me that her guests house is unoccupied and she would rent it to me till I'll find a real place to stay. Everything seemed too fast for me to digest, I barely knew her and she was offering me a bed to rest and a place to stay. I asked her this and she said that I look like a nice guy although I am kinda weird in my own European way. She had a good eye in judging people it seemed, probably her boyfriend which I later found out he was a cop had a role to play in her ability to read people. That's what policemen do, right? I tought to myself. She offered to drive me at the designated place but instead I just asked her to give me the adress since I already had a cab waiting for me a few meters ahead.

I finally got at Kacy's place and she gave me a slight smile when she saw me, something was wrong with her, something hurt her.

I decided not to ask for it wasn't my business and I didn't even knew her for so long. She walked me to the respective house, it was a small place, with two large windows and a wooden door in the middle, a small attic to which Kacy instructed me not to poke into, I just nodded and told her I usually don't poke or do anything else besides what I'm instructed to do. Again she gave me a faint smile and opened the front door, presenting the living room to the right and the kitchen to the left, we walked down the hallway and made a left and there was the bedroom, it was bigger then the living room but it didn't bother me at all, I even said to myself that I'm really lucky to find some place to stay so fast. She gave me the keys and let me tend to my things complaining her belly feels funny. She was in 5 months.

Later in the evening someone knocked at the door, I looked down the visor and I saw Kacy holding hands with a guy that looked Mexican or Cuban to me, I couldn't really tell the difference back then as I didn't actually saw none of those before in my country.

I slowly opened the door and Kacy gave me a beaming smile while holding the guy's hand to me. "Trevor." he said, studying me from head to toes. I reached my hand to him and presented myself as Andy, Andy Dumitrescu. I welcomed them both into the house and invited them in the living room. I served them with some of the tea my mom used to make for me every morning and excusing myself for being some of the little things I know how to cook or prepare. We sat at the table and talked about how I got my Green Card at the "Diversity Immigrant Visa - U.S. Green Card Lottery" program in my country and left without never looking back. Later finding out that Trevor is a detective in service of LAPD, I figured it wouldn't be so hard now to change my name and get all the paperwork required to make myself stable there.

- Close journal entry AF 01 auto-biography.

- Resuming normal functions. The metallic voice attentioned me.

- You think this should enough for today? I asked, losing myself in those blank yet so very innocent brown eyes of hers.

- I was about to suggest we should make a halt for today, there are other things you should attend to. She stared blankly and looking at me as if waiting for something.

- When we're in our quarters you should behave normally, no one else sees you here besides me and you know only John and Kate have acces to this room. You don't have to pretend you're nothing more then just a machine, you know that's very far from the truth.

- Thank you for explaining, her serene figure suddently changed from the cold and blank state to a beaming smile, the one she always reserved only for me and myself.

- I'll get my things and meet with Connor to revise some of the plans for the reconstruction. What are you planning on doing?

- I'll wait here for you and prepare some of your favorite tea, what do you say? She asked almost enthusiastically.

- You never forget do you? We should be careful with the reserve we have left, that's the last one that I managed to get from cryo.

- Just go and meet with Connor, let me take care of it. She reassured me with the same smile as before, just as she always did, always doing the best for me..and for this...I am grateful for she is the most beautiful and good thing that ever happened to me...

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