Sequel to Harbinger
Chapter 01: Child Of My Makers
John faces his worst nightmare while Sophie tries to undo her mistakes, unaware of Sarah and Derek's impending arrival.
Chapter 02: Bred In Captivity
In 2030, Jason sows the seeds of the cyborg resistance. In the present, John and Cameron finally face off with Sarah and Derek.
Chapter 03: Anomalous Creations
An ally of Skynet returns to the past to help crack a particularly tough egg, while Sophie pressures Cameron to tell John the truth.
Chapter 04: Three of a Kind
When Sarah is captured by Kevin, John must rely on Cameron to lead him to his mother. Meanwhile, Jason crosses a threshold.
Chapter 05: Corruption
The Connors confront Kevin and succeed in rescuing Sarah and flee to a shelter, but another threat lurks in their shadow.
Chapter 06: Blood and Wires
Sophie is faced with a dangerous choice when Jason's life is placed in her hands, but is he the same Jason she knew?
Chapter 07: The Seraphim
Sophie introduces the team to Seraph, a rogue T-1000 and potential ally. Meanwhile, Kevin makes another attempt on John's life.
Chapter 08: Day Of...
The Vessel finally catches up with the Connors and a desperate struggle leads them into the bowels of Seranno Point.
Chapter 09: Judgment
Fate makes its final judgment as Skynet is forced to face its own mortality when it corners John.
Chapter 10: Union
The Connors settle into a new beginning as Cameron finally forces herself to tell John the truth about her condition.

Main Characters
  • John Connor - future leader of mankind and saviour of humanity.
  • Cameron Phillips - self-aware Terminator programmed to mimic human behaviour.
  • Jason Corvain - a damaged I-950 and leader of the Cyborg Resistance.
  • Sophie Young - an I-950 clone of Cameron Phillips.
  • Sarah Connor - mother of John Connor.
  • Derek Reese - uncle of John Connor and Resistance fighter.
  • Skynet - aka The Vessel; hyper-advanced AI encased within an extremely powerful Terminator.
  • Kevin - self-aware Terminator programmed for interrogation assignments.
  • The Seraphim - renegade T-1000 who turned against Skynet.
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