Kilee and Cameron

The begining
They where back in the house that Sarah, John and Cameron first moved into when they came to this time. Kilee had healed over the last few weeks at Shangri La. She had been able to get to know her father Charlie Dixon better. He had started coming to the caves to spend time with her, all disquised as him being her doctor. She also had the best time of her life discovering her new love with Derek Reese. It was hard for her to believe that she was really with Kyle’s older brother. The three had grown up together. She often wondered what Kyle would say if he where her. (But that got her thinking about why he wasn’t here, so she tried to stay away from that.) They had all decided that it was for the best to continue life as before. The kids where to go back to the same school and everything would continue as it had before Linda. But now that Kilee was healed she had started taking long walks alone. Sometimes she would be gone all day with no explanation of where she had been. When she was around the others she was often quiet and would hardly follow the conversation. She would talk or answer people if they spoke directly to her, but if it was a general comment she wouldn’t bother with answering. She seemed more and more distracted. One day Kilee wasn’t around when the others got up for breakfast. “What is going on with her?” Sarah said. “She becoming so distracted and moody lately. It’s like she is not here even when she is physically. I thought this relationship between you two would improve things. You’re not fighting are you?” She said to Derek. Derek sat down his fork after eating the last bite of his pancakes that Sarah had made for breakfast. He took his time in answering but eventually said. “Their birthday is coming up and it will be only the second one since they met that they weren’t together for.” “They who?” John said looking between the sad look on Derek’s face and the shocked and flustered look on Sarah’s. “Kilee and Kyle’s” Derek said and then stood up and walked away from the table. John looked from one to the other again then said “When is it?” Derek answered “August 13” Derek then walked out of the room. Derek stayed away from Sarah until after lunch. Kilee still had not returned or called. This was unlike her and after lunch Her, John and Derek where outside on the porch. Sarah said “I am starting to worry about her.” Derek looked up at her. Then saw the kitchen clock through the window behind her head. He looked puzzled a moment then asked “What is today’s date?” The others exchanged looks and then John answered “It is Saturday August 1 why?” “Shit” Derek exclaimed. “She can’t be that stupid” “What are you talking about?” Sarah asked. “Today is the final game for the all star little league that Kyle is in.” He had all their attention now. “Today is the day that he hits his first home run. He told Kilee that story a million times. There is no way that she would forget the day or the time of the game. Which if any one was wondering starts in five minutes.” They were all motionless and starring at Derek so he added “She is missing him so she is going to go and see him any way she can” Sarah reacted first. “Get in the car now!” she said. John went and got Cameron first and the four of them hurried out to the car to head to the park. But they were already to late!

Part 2 Meet the Reese's