KrazyKaleb- Fan Fiction


Written By: Krazykaleb

Plot Summary: (Takes Place at the Beginning of Season 2 from a New Character Vantage Point!)

Who is David McFly? He is the average neighbor to John and Sarah Connor who lives right across the street. A young man who does volenteer work for his community. The neighbor who's world will turn upside down in a single day. Over a good deed he does for the Connors... And it all starts with a with a conversation with Cameron Baum (aka a terminator) and a Jeep explosion outside his house!!! This is his story.

Based on the most highly appraised Television Series on FOX: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Written by Superfan: Krazykaleb
Winning Tons of Praise and Compliments from the fans and moderators of Terminator: SCC.
This is Krazy Kalebs's most contraversial and suspenseful story ever!
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(PG)- Themematic Elements, Intense Stylized Violence, Mild Language.


This story may be a little disturbing for the casual reader due to the shocking twist(s).