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A Perfect Lie by MarilyninInsomniac

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The story of a cyborg, a family named Connor, a past that is twenty years in the future, and a black kitten named Coltan. December 15, 2007


Second Chances

How it all began and yet, even two seasons in, the story we haven't been told. December 10th, 2027


Target: John Connor

The clock is ticking as Cameron attempts to find John. There is a gray matter as well. September 1, 1999


The Mother Of All Destiny

With the future in checkmate, Cameron decides to cheat using the greatest fighter she has ever known of. September 9, 1999


Through the Eyes of a Dark, Electric god

What would it be like to be Skynet? November 12, 2007


My Sins Whilst Sleeping

Cameron makes a confession on John's birthday that he'll never forget. November 14, 2007


What I Left Behind

How close was Cameron to John in the future? November 14, 2027


My Dark Father, My Personal Demon

TOK-715, model unique, Skynet activation date: September 2, 2027


Derek and the Church

Sensing weakness, Derek gets his two cents in and gets a bit more than he expected in return. November 15, 2007


The Battle of London

Allies in the UK have found a major Skynet node, the most massive and advanced hardware terminal system ever discovered. Can humanity mount a large enough force to take out this central hub? November 18, 2027


A Heart Strong Enough For Two

Returning home, Cameron tries to offer solice and ends up skating around her own worst fears. November 21, 2027


Darkness Rising

Seemingly isolated and alone, Cameron begins creating a new purpose for herself, the only way she truly knows how. November 17, 2007


Her Name Was Allison Young

Cameron's chip damage reveals something she was never meant to remember. November 24, 2007


For The Little Girls

Back on the hunt, Cameron learns there are some things not even a machine can tolerate. November 25, 2007


T Minus One Night

It was one night before John sent Cameron back in time. December 9, 2027


Semper Fidelis

Cameron is on the hunt for the gray operative, Roland Parker. November 26, 2007


For Hope's Sake

Roland Parker's investigation leads Cameron to discover a plot more dangerous than she ever would have guessed. Has Skynet already won? December 16, 2007



Cameron is reactivated. Date unknown


The Prodigal Daughter

Cameron is captured and brought before Skynet. Date unknown


Archenemy Mine

Cameron and Sarah go hunting for Skynet and end up hunted instead... December 17, 2007


A Promise Kept

Following orders from the John Connor of 2027, Cameron plays a critical debrief of the greater war for Sarah, Derek, and young John. December 17, 2007


Everything Burns

A simple run to the house, yeilds unexpected results for Sarah, Cameron and Derek. December 18, 2007



Sarah, John, Derek and Cameron embark on a rescue mission. December 27, 2007


In Memory Of A Machine

Sarah reviews Cameron's chip searching for answers and decides Cameron's fate. January 12, 2008


A Book Called, "The Wizard Of Oz"

Cameron is reactivated. January 14, 2008


No Fate But What You Make It

Cameron, Sarah, Derek, and Sarah act on a threat large enough to force the hand of the Resistance. March 16, 2009


My Brother's Keeper

Cameron tracks a mission for Derek that might change everything. May 12, 2009


Mirror, Mirror

Cameron continues pursuit of Louis Rhone. Date unknown


Through The Mirror Darkly

Cameron and Deuce struggle to reconnect with the Resistance. Date: March 15, 2009



Lost and without purpose, Cameron goes through unexpected changes. Date: April 12, 2009


The Protocols of Resistance

Cameron pursues Skynet. Date: April 19, 2009


The Ghost Of Archimedes

Cameron and Deuce continue to wage war on Skynet alone. Date: April 25, 2009


The Ruins Of Babylon

Cameron and Deuce attack a complex holding the remains of a battle between a gray company called Kailba and an unknown called ZeiraCorp. Date: April 28, 2009


Version 2.0

Cameron uploads the story of this timeline's Cameron and John Henry, learning something critical for every timeline. Date: April 28, 2009


One Giant Leap

Cameron and Deuce follow John Connor, John Henry, and Catherine Weaver into the future. Date: April 28, 2027


Question of Singularity

Cameron, Cameron's sister, Deuce, John Henry, and Catherine Weaver rebuild and prepare to make war on Skynet. Date: April 29, 2027


Humanity On The Brink

The AI resistance makes contact with the displaced remains of the human resistance under seige. Date: May 1, 2027


Camelot Rising

The AI resistance forms its first base with humanity at a nuclear power plant called Serrano Point. Date: May 2, 2027


A Man Named Derek Reese

Derek and Cameron go on a scouting mission and find something unexpected. Date: May 5, 2027


Slaughterhouse No More

The Resistance attempts to mobilize for the first time with several thousand lives at stake including one Savannah Weaver. Date: May 7, 2027


My Sister's John Connor

After the death of Savannah Weaver, Cameron decides to intervene with a situation that has gone on long enough. Date: May 10, 2027


The War For Hope

Cameron makes a desperate move to avert the potential death of humanity. Date: June 19, 2027


The Guinevere Factor

Cameron returns to attempt the rescue of Supreme Commander John Connor. Date: December 11, 2027


Of Arthur and Avalon

Cameron returns with Supreme Commander John Connor and Major General Justin Perry to a world in need of hope. Date: June 20, 2027


Major General Justin Perry

Cameron get her first chance to talk with Major General Justin Perry and learns more than she thought she would. Date: July 2, 2027


Pillow Talk

Cameron finishes up a search and rescue mission, then has her first chance to talk with Supreme Commander John Connor alone. Date: July 3, 2027


The Round Table

Supreme Commander John Connor gives a breifing on the war to come and finally confronts his younger self. Date: July 4, 2027


Gathering The Storm

Supreme Commander John Connor and Cameron start the process of rebuilding the worldwide Resistance. Date: July 14, 2027


The Shots Heard Round The World

Supreme Commander John Connor and Cameron launch the first attack of the Resistance. Date: March 15, 2028


Two Queens

Catherine Weaver approves of Supreme Commander John Connor's plan for Cameron. Date: March 25, 2028


Satan's Hands

Skynet begins revenge operations against one Supreme Commander John Connor. Date: March 28, 2028

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A Perfect Lie by MarilyninInsomniac

Nitpicker notes:

1: The actual date of entry for the Connors into 2007 is assumed to be 10 September 2007. FBI feed of the bank scene marked the date is 9-10-99. The jump scene from the pilot didn't show a change of month or day, only the year. This also corresponds with road sign that stated there would be construction from 09-03-07 to 09-24-07.

2: S1,E3 "The Turk" Tarissa Dyson states its the tenth anniversary of Miles Dysons death. The actual events of T2, originally figured to happen in the summer of 1995. Both T3 and TSCC change John's age at that time from 10 to 13, so a time adjustment would have to happen. S1,E3 resets the date to approximately 15 September 1997 and it is assumed to be such for this fiction.

3: S2,E2 "Automatic for the people" used a phone code that marked the date two days after John's Birthday as 16 November. That means the timeline used for the series has John's birthday as 14 November 1983. This removes certain continuity issues, such as Kyle Reese being sent back in 2007 rather than 2009 (as established by the first movie) and John's original birthday being February 28, 1985, which would have made him 14 at the time of the pilot. This fiction will use the timeline of 14 November 1983 as the date of John's Birthday.

4. S2,E2 "Automatic for the people" introduces the character Kacey Corbin who is 7 months along in her pregnancy on November 15, 2007. No show showing her as still pregnant will be dated further than January 15, 2008, or two weeks later if she has a late pregnancy.

5. The date of S2E4 Allison from Palmdale is assumed to be November 24, 2007.

6. As is being increasingly noted in the series, the timeline is shifting and events in the present are changing the future and sometimes the past. Here's a thread I attempted to explain this with for those curious few that would really wish to read it: http://terminatorwiki.fox.com/thread/1886266/Terminator+Temporal+Wars+101

7. Events do not perfectly match the last half of Season Two. As you might have guessed, this is a slightly different timeline.


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