Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, Mirror

Dallas, Texas
An abandoned industrial complex
Date unknown

"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility." -Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), Former American First Lady

"Whom gods would destroy, first, they make Angry." -Ancient Greek Proverb

Energy coursed through Cameron's chip. She reactivated.

The ground was hot, but the air was cold. Cameron couldn't have cared less about her surroundings though.

In milliseconds, what was once TOK-715 reasserted it's cold, wrathful fury in Cameron. Rather than blue, her eyes glowed an unusual red.

From her default crouched position, the cyborg stood nude and ready. She was scanning the immediate area for Louis Rhone's position.

Also in the buff, Deuce stood up from his default crouched position right next to her. The T888, Model 101, had apparently decided to not let her risk crossing time alone.

The scan locked. Lacking any human qualities or normal compulsion to blend with humanity Cameron tore across the room faster than the fastest Olympic track star could.

She rapidly plowed through the corridors of the long abandoned facility. The wet, abandoned ground rapidly burning underneath her.

The T1001's infrared tracks were unusually heated. Rhone had apparently reactivated first and decided to run for his life.

Cameron followed the inherently faster being. She was furiously determined to chase him to the ends of the earth.

She passed through the wooden door that Rhone must have smashed open, while she was still inactive. She ran into the dark, Texas night, past the quiet state highway, and into the open sands.

Minutes passed. TOK-715 never slowed or reassessed. She methodically followed the hated tracks, pushing her cybernetic form as fast as her body would go.

Dirt kicked behind her. Endless tracks of land disappeared under her feet.

The only other thought that appeared to Cameron was disbelief as she saw the blue glow growing on the horizon. She willed her body faster, but she couldn't press out a single ounce of additional speed.

In the rapidly closing distance, she saw the bubble form. Rhone's smiling form growing larger, as she advanced, until he was encased in a bright light.

The bastard took a moment to wave, right before his form disappeared in the blinding, bluish eruption right before the artificial gravity well moved time.

In her helpless rage, Cameron screamed as she closed the distance. It was a piercing machine wail, with the pitch of nails against the chalkboard, with the piercing volume of a screeching fire engine's siren.

Her enemy had vanished. Only the scorched earth of the crater remained nearby. That and something scrawled in the dirt nearby.

It was minutes before Cameron had finished kicking the crater's dirt enough to calm down. Deuce arriving in those few moments baring witness to her Dark Father's rage within her, as if a mythical titan were striking the earth.

There came a point of calm. Cameron knew how Rhone did it.

He had carried one of those devices from the future inside his form. He'd passed into this timeline with a recall link, just like the one he had used to send her back to Skynet.

It had been a trap. Deuce had been right to advise waiting before entering the bubble.

Deuce stood there as the perfect machine and simply watched her behavior. Cameron looked at the scrawling on the earth and remembered the advice John Connor had given her about Skynet on the night he sent her into the past.

Her eyes grew blue as that different side of her surfaced. She thought of the dead John Connor that she had loved and failed.

Cameron then thought of the people John had sent her too. She thought of Derek. She thought of Sarah, the woman she had come to see not just as a hero, but as an adoptive mother. Most of all, she thought of the young John Connor she had grown to care for.

She wept in helpless fury. They were in danger. They could be dead and it would be her fault.

Deuce watched TOK-715's reaction, not knowing what to make of the infiltration machine's behavior or reactions. He looked at the destruction Cameron had made and the message in the sand. In the writing, he simply saw a word, without any great meaning.

It was just nine simple English letters. They spelled out, "Checkmate".

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