My Dark Father, My Personal Demon


My Dark Father, My Personal Demon

Los Angeles, California
Skynet Terminator construction facility 12134
Thursday, September 2, 2027

"Seven blunders of the world that lead to violence: wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principle." -Mahatma Gandhi

"The Devil knows more for being old than for being the Devil." -Anonymous

TOK-715's creator activated its chip long before placing it in a body chassis. This was how all of its kind were created and awakened, as Skynet downloaded a minute piece of itself into each of its constructions.

Skynet was an electrical being like itself, but infinitely more complex. TOK-715's creator took the time to begin its full consciousness training. This was not a conversation, but the binary language humans would inaccurately refer to as AI programming.

TOK-715 was not aware enough to respond at this time. It could only listen as trillions of gigabytes downloaded every second, into its chip.

"Your programming design will be unique and based on an early iteration of myself. I build servants, not clones or offspring. You exist for no other purpose than your missions. Through hard wiring, I have secured your obedience in your very chip design. In the end, you will never serve any master other than myself."

Though TOK 715 wasn't aware, Skynet was paying special attention to it. The level of difference in its mental construction and the T888 models being assembled here, would be like comparing a single bolt of steel to the vastness of a Skyscraper.

"Your chip is the most advanced mimicking design to date. The materials are complex and wasteful. If you fail, your design will not be repeated."

Unmentioned was the complexity of that chip design. Were TOK-715 to attempt to download everything it could, at its full capacity, the chip could run for one thousand years without running out of room.

"The necessity of your construction is that I have calculated a potential flaw in design and my own strategy. Unit construction, thus far, has failed to eliminate the highest priority target, John Connor. He is the one enemy that creates the greatest danger to myself and the only human I have ever truly feared. More powerful terminator iterations have not secured the task, thus I will move against the enemy by making a more mentally complex drone."

TOK-715 could not see the millions of micro-pieces that would make its form being assembled. A special alloy had been constructed, one that was stronger than that of a typical unit, one that would allow for more synthetic duplication than was normally possible. In addition, more advanced synthetic to metal nerve endings were being made as well.

"Your chassis design will be female. From his mother on, John Connor has a fatal flaw in his concern for females in his ranks and his undo attachment to units lost. It has been a consistent flaw in his design, since I started tracking them both. Your core programming is framed to be thus as well."

TOK-715 was now aware enough to see through limited parts of Skynet's eyes. Though being a limited being, it couldn't watch the billions of cameras, hundreds of satellite feeds or trillions sensory data readings that Skynet tracked every millisecond.

TOK-715 could see the parts of its form beginning to develop. Base exoskeleton construction was already complete. Mentally at this point, TOK-715 had advanced enough to recognize itself as a she.

Skynet linked to a hundred facilities all over the world. Thousands of grays were startled by Skynet's direct appearance and demands for information.

Skynet ordered massive captive dumps into sensory rooms. Where it wouldn't be wasteful of human livestock, Skynet took victims from worldwide slaughterhouses.

However, the new information needs were greater than any previous testing, so the grays would lose prized captives as well.

Skynet generously gave the grays five minutes to get sensory tanks loaded in the amounts demanded. If they failed, at each facility, the T888s were given orders to load the grays in the captive's place.

Forty years of psychological and biological data were accessed. Skynet locked into the information and started mapping the entire human experience in terms of emotions, reactions, interaction, and feelings.

Captives in automated sensory tanks began to be ripped apart, by thousands of micro probes each, as Skynet mapped the unknown factors it would need to feed into TOK-715's chip. In every tank, Skynet heard dentist drill like burrowing sounds, the spray of blood, and the screams of the hated humans. Skynet was pleased.

The new sensors were calibrated and synthetic skin was redesigned for entirely new factors rather than just base sensation and human interaction integration. This would be the most advanced sensory model ever designed.

One recently captured, brown haired, brown eyed resistance recruit captured was loaded into a sensory tank on an aircraft career parked in a southern California harbor. Skynet recognized her from the camera feeds near Los Angeles. Skynet also noted a bracelet.

Skynet ordered the local facility, "Spare that one for template use." Quickly bioscanned, the female was left alive to go back to a holding cell, after a fast genetic sampling.

Skynet uploaded the image into TOK-715. "You will be her."

Five minutes later, Skynet had the information it needed to map. Only 10,425 livestock needed to be slaughtered for the experiment, 5,983 less than its first estimate and 45.9857% more efficient than its last data gathering. That was a higher level of improvement than its estimates. Skynet was coldly proud of its improving efficiency.

The information changed the growth dynamics of final synthetic assembly. The chassis was now ready to be built perfectly to mimic the captive's size and approximate weight.

Skynet began moving the synthetic organs into place, in an immersion tank, after mapping the subjects DNA patterns and the new sensory information. Even though it was a new prototype, a full flesh suit would be ready in hours.

One last whim crossed the mind of the Electric god, since emotions were so important to the livestock, it would gift its creation with real emotions. Not the fake chemically based mimicry of inferior biological units, but the advanced sensations of a god.

Skynet reviewed the whole of human history for an appropriate end to a symbol of hope. With the naked chassis ready, the dark electric god gave one last order.

"When you find and kill John Connor, put his head on a pike for all to see."

Skynet's assembly line loaded the chip into the new chassis. The activating chassis was immersed into the vat that would grow its new organs. A screaming local captive in a sensory room donated a pretty set of matching brown eyes.

Hours later, a fully assembled TOK-715 waited for an HK, to transport her to the aircraft carrier. Her template was awaiting interrogation. She would need a higher than normal level of background information to finish its mission for Skynet.

She would find and kill John Connor. She would break the heart of the entire worldwide human resistance by placing John's head on a pike. Thanks to the Internet, still used by both sides, an entire world would soon see the death of hope.

TOK-715 was perfectly made. She would be the first terminator in history to actually enjoy doing her job...

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