Part I - Affinity

Written by jae_jin // 10.25.2008

// Posted 10.27.2008

In a small house lived a mother and her son. He had been watching them for hours, unable to stop even to rest. He picked up his binoculars again.

He was watching them even now as they were eating breakfast. The boy's mother had just placed a plate on the table, and the binoculars focused on it until the objects became clear.



"Why are you here?" Sarah demanded to know, her Beretta pointed straight at my head. "Why are you trying to kill my son?"

Terminators would never hear these words. They would never be interrogated. Everyone knew they were programmed to carry out a specific mission, programmed to follow orders. After all, they were just machines. They didn't need a reason to do what they did.

But I was not a Terminator.

"Answer me!" she screamed, before whipping me in the face with the base of her pistol.

For a split second, I had forgotten where I was. I had forgotten that I was tied to a chair in a small garage. The three figures standing in front of me began to fade away as I slowly closed my eyes.


I was so tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of running. I wanted nothing more than to just keep my eyes closed and pretend that the world around me no longer existed. But I knew that was going to happen soon enough. I would open my eyes to see the world for what it had become. A perpetual hell, and we were right in the middle of it all.

"Come on, let's go!" the Corporal tapped me hard on the shoulder, "Are we going to move or what? The Metal are almost on top of us."

"Let's move out," I ordered the rest of them. I slung my rifle around my back as we began to crawl out of the trench.

There were four men in my squad including myself - Lee, Johnson, and Lobero.

"Sir, we need to find cover and coordinate with the 132nd," suggested Lee, "They need to know our current position."

"We have no current position," I told him. "It's been compromised. They'd be going right into a kill zone."

My squad and I took cover behind what used to be a school bus.

"We're sitting ducks out here! We need to find hard shelter or those H-K's will take us out," Johnson pleaded.

He was right, I could see their searchlights forming random patterns in the field nearby. Only I knew they were not random. They were looking for us. Looking for survivors. Looking for anyone to terminate.

"There's a tunnel entrance half a click from here," said Lee, "I spotted it during my scout yesterday."

I was unaware of any tunnel systems that close to where we had set up our position, but I knew to trust my men. Besides, it wasn't like we had much of a choice at this point.

"Okay, you lead the way," I said to Lee, "We need to move fast."


Maybe I moved too fast.

"Answer me! she screamed, before whipping me in the face with the base of her pistol.

Then everything came back to me and I remembered where I was. More importantly, I remembered why I was here.

It had taken me over a year to finally track them down, and I wasted no time in moving in on them. I mean they were just civilians, right? Even if that were the case, it was out of character for me. I knew I had been trained better. I had become sloppy, impatient. A year away from the war and I had already become complacent. But despite the rushed attempt, I had still gotten within an effective range to take out John Connor.

My sights were lined up and I was ready to pull the trigger. That's when I saw those glowing blue eyes next to me.

"She" was the reason why I had failed, the reason why I was here now tied to this chair. During my original assessment of the location, I had only seen two targets: the primary - John Connor, and the secondary - his mother Sarah. I had no idea they had sent "her" back as well. No doubt to protect him.

That's when I realized that while all this time I had been watching them, she had been watching me.

I opened my eyes and looked right at Sarah, "It's already happened, and it's going to happen again. Everyone you love is going to die, and there's nothing you can do to stop it," I managed to say in an eerily calm tone.

I could taste the blood in my mouth from when she hit me, and I thought she would do it again. But she didn't.

Instead Sarah lowered her gun, and looked at me with a strange familiarity. Almost as if I had echoed words she had heard before.

"Judgment Day. He's from the future," John said, with little surprise.

"Yes," the female Terminator confirmed.

"Do you know him?" Sarah asked her.

"Yes, I've seen him before. He is a soldier in the Resistance."

Sarah looked back at me, "The Resistance? Who sent you back?" She grabbed my neck and squeezed, "Who sent you back?"

I looked straight into her eyes, but I was unable to answer. Not because it would have taken too long to explain to her my reasons for being here, and not because she wouldn't understand me. But because I knew she would. Looking into her eyes, I knew she would do anything for her son. She would do anything for the one she loved. And because of that, I knew we were the same.

The Terminator called them over to her. I could see them talking and occasionally looking back at me, but they were far enough away that I was unable to make out what they were saying. Only the last question from Sarah caught my attention.

"Cameron, are you sure about this?"

When the Terminator returned with them, I knew that my fate had been sealed.

"If he was sent here to kill John, then we need to get rid of him," Cameron suggested.

Sarah looked me over once more, then nodded to her, "Take him out back, make it quick."

Cameron approached me and made a fist.

"Not again," I mumbled to myself. There was a flash of white, then nothing.


"Right there," Lee said, pointing to the small metal grate on the ground several meters in front of us.

As we cautiously approached the entrance, I could see that there was indeed an underground tunnel system below.

"How the hell were you able to spot this, Lee?" quipped Johnson.

"Doesn't matter," I told them, "Pop it."

We lowered ourselves down one by one - Lee, Johnson, Lobero, and then myself.

There was no doubt in my mind that this was not a Resistance stronghold. From the lack of defenses in the surrounding area, I also knew this would not lead to any military camp. But it was refuge, and we had no choice but to make it our own. Unfortunately, we were not the first to do so. As we made our way through the tunnel and into an intersection, they came into view - civilians.

There must have been over a hundred. They lined the adjacent tunnels, wall-to-wall as far as I could see. Mostly women and children. Families.

I opened my mouth to speak, but my words had trouble coming out, "H-how? How did we not know about this place?"

"Sir, we need to let the 132nd know where we are," suggested Lee.

"No, stay off the comm," I ordered.

Johnson looked at me with a saddened expression on his face, "We have to help these people, we have to get them out of here."

"We can't help them now," I said uneasily.

"What do you mean we can't help them?" Johnson argued, "We have to!"

I grabbed Johnson by his collar before he could say anymore, "Listen to me Johnson, there's too many of them. The closest camp to here is almost five clicks away. If we march them over there, most of them won't make it. It would be suicide," I explained. I then looked over at Lee, "And if we call in our location now, we risk giving it away to the enemy. Is that what you want? Do you want these people to die?" I asked the both of them.

"No," said Johnson.

Lee and Lobero just looked away without saying a word, but they knew I was right.

I let go of Johnson's collar and immediately fixed it, "We'll come back for them," I assured him. But somehow I knew we wouldn't.

Eventually we all agreed that it would be best to get some rest before making our way back to camp. As much as I wanted to close my eyes and sleep, somehow it felt wrong. It was something about only the dead being able to sleep. I forgot where I had heard it from, but for some reason it stuck in my mind and it bothered me. I looked over at Lobero who was sitting across from me cleaning his rifle. He was a good soldier.

"You've been quiet," I said to him. He didn't reply, and I thought maybe he didn't hear me. "Hey, you okay?"

He pulled the charging handle back on his rifle to chamber a fresh round, and the distinct sound it made caused my heart to skip a beat.

Lobero looked up at me with an angry stare, "Do you have family?" he asked, catching me off guard.

I shook my head, "No- no I don't."

"Well I do," he reminded me.

"I know, you tell me about them all the time. Your wife and your daughter," I said. "How old is she now?" I tried to smile, but couldn't. I could see Lobero's eyes beginning to water.

"Three," he replied proudly.

"You'll see them soon," I leaned over to put my hand on his shoulder. "Lobero, you'll see them soon." He simply nodded.

Johnson approached from the adjacent tunnel, and I looked to see if Lee had followed. He hadn't.

"Johnson, where the hell is Lee?" I inquired, "I told you two to stick together."

"He's probably taking a leak back there somewhere," Johnson pointed with his thumb to where he had come from.

"Well go back there and make sure he's not doing anything stupid with the radio," I told him.

"Fine," replied Johnson. I could tell from the way Lobero and Johnson were conducting themselves that sleep deprivation was quickly taking its toll.

Suddenly, there was a loud pop and I knew immediately that a pistol had been fired. Lobero and I grabbed our rifles and immediately headed towards where Johnson had gone to look for Lee. Lobero took the lead. Just as he turned the corner, I heard another pop. This one was different however, as it seemed to echo as I watched Lobero fall to the ground.

I stopped to take in a deep breath before turning the corner myself, holding my rifle with a death grip.

It was Lee. I took aim at him, and could see the broken radio by his feet.

Lee looked at me with the pistol at his side, "Yes," he said simple and direct.

"Yes what?" I asked, now looking down at Johnson and Lobero's lifeless bodies.

"You asked me before if I want these people to die," he said, "My answer is- yes."

I could now see the red glow in his eyes, the red glow that were his eyes. It might have just been my imagination, or the fact that the adrenaline going into my brain was overloading my senses. But I could see them intensifying, glowing brighter and deeper until he looked right through me. I realized then what it was that could cause me to lose all hope in everything that I believed in. It was the look of hate.

He raised his pistol and took aim at me just as I began squeezing the trigger on my rifle. I didn't even have time to close my eyes.


I couldn't hear anything. It must have been my proximity to the explosion. The blast must have sent me flying into the backyard, and there was no sign of the Connors or Cameron anywhere. Then I realized what had happened. They never found the bomb. Even with a Terminator at their disposal, they had no idea I had a backup plan. I hadn't failed my mission after all.

The heat from the fire was intense, and I tried crawling away only to feel a sharp pain in my lower torso. That's when I saw her. Through the flames, like the Angel of Death, she marched towards me. Instead, I looked up to see the silhouette of my savior. She reached out to me with her open palm.


Angel of Death, Angel of Mercy.

I grabbed her hand, and with all of her strength she managed to pull me out from under the debris. I could see the remains of Lee, his endoskeleton now exposed and displaying his true nature. He had been disabled and pinned underneath a large slab of concrete.

"What happened?" I asked the girl, who was obviously still in shock and remained sitting on the ground.

"They're all dead," she replied sobbing, "They're all dead."

In what remained of the tunnels, there were bodies littered in every direction. I knew immediately that Skynet's attack was successful. Lee had led them right to their target. A bunker buster had done the rest. This poor girl was apparently the only survivor besides myself.

I leaned down to comfort her, "Shhh- shhh, it's okay. Hey, it's okay. Tell me your name," I pleaded.

She looked up at me with her tear-filled eyes, "Allison, Allison Young," she answered as a single tear broke free and streamed down her face.

I immediately removed my glove and wiped it away with my thumb, "Everything will be okay, Allison. Nothing will happen to you. I promise."

She began to cry some more and I leaned in to put my arms around her.

"I'll protect you."


Cameron pulled me along with her and aggressively shoved me into the passenger side of a pickup truck that had been parked across the street.

"Wait, it's over! John Connor is dead, you failed your mission," I yelled insultingly.

"No, it's not over. My mission parameter has simply been updated," she explained. "I'm proceeding with my secondary objective."

"Secondary?" I asked confused. "What secondary objective?"


// End Part I

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