Cameron inherited more from Allison than just memories. Can a terminator reconcile her machine programming with her newfound humanity? Will John accept her for what she is? Before Judgment day comes, John must make a terrible choice between the life he was destined for and the new one Cameron offers him.

John/Cameron centered with a couple of new characters.


Chapter 0: Prologue
Allison and her brother travel to the past to find John Connor and end the cycle.

Chapter 1: Flawed Creations
Cameron sneaks out of the house to advance her true mission. John and Cameron grow closer.

Chapter 2: Fallen
As Danny tries to infiltrate the T-900 stronghold, Cameron's memories of Allison haunt her; leading to a terrible accident.

Chapter 3: Captivity
The T-900 probes Cameron's neural net revealing her true nature while John must seek help to try and attempt a rescue mission.
Chapter 4: Precipice
Tensions reach a high point as Sarah wants to scrap Cameron.
Chapter 5: Lupine
John and Cameron escape together.
Chapter 6: Trust
In the future, the resistance is forced to trust the metal. In the present, the T-900 attacks and a terrible secret is revealed.
Chapter 7: Suspicion
Sarah and Derek struggle to accept John and Cameron's relationship. In the future, the war reaches a turning point.

Tentative Chapters:
Chapter 8: Alliance
Chapter 9: Infiltrators
Chapter 10: Progenitor