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Allison Young

Prologue Born to Run
In my first edition, the prologue was based in part on the first chapter of "Born to Fight" a story by River2027. What she wrote had a very good transcript of some of the last scenes in the Season 2 finale "Born to Run." For my revised edition, I heavily rewrote much of what was originally hers. Though I doubt there's much left of her work in my final draft, it wouldn't be fair not to acknowledge her wonderful contribution. The prologue on also includes a title page and acknowledgments, plus the usual disclaimer for any work involving licensed characters.

REUNION Pt 1: The Shadow of Death Unofficial Soundtrack
for Prologue thru Chapter 15

Russ Test Page - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Target Sarah Connor

Russ Test Page - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Young John Connor finds himself in a future where he isn't known. Using his knowledge and skills he quickly comes to the forefront of the Los Angeles resistance group. He makes new friends and form alliances. His closest friends are Kyle Reese, who in another time rescued his mother and became his father; Allison Young, who in another future was the pattern on which Cameron was modeled on; Catherine Weaver, a female liquid metal terminator who aids John Connor; and John Henry, he took Cameron's chip yet his mission is far more critical than John's love for Cameron.

2009: In present day Los Angeles, Sarah Connor pursues her mission to help her son and stop Judgment Day. James Ellison finds himself under scrutiny of both the LAPD and FBI. But, he has friends in both Law Enforcement Agencies. But what dark secret is keeping Agent Auldridge and Det. Macklin from discovering the truth. Can Sarah Connor rely on James Ellison or his friends? Sarah receives unexpected help from the future. But events steer them ever closer in an ever tightening web of fear, terror, and pure evil.

Chapter 01 Not in Kansas Anymore
2027 John Connors first days in the future getting used to his new surroundings. Kyle is very sceptical that the new arrival will be of any importance, but his brother Derek seems to think otherwise. Despite showing some initial trust, Derek puts John through some tests to get a measure of the boys character and has Allison keep an eye on him.

Chapter 02 The World is Gray
2027 John is assigned to his first mission, and Kyle is in command. Kyle is angry that he is babysitting a bunch of raw recruits and John Connor. The fact that Allison is with them doesn't help his mood. John begins to show his worth.

Chapter 03 On My Own
2009 Ellison gets Sarah out of Zeira Corp to a hiding place. While Ellison faces questioning from the FBI and the Los Angeles Police, Sarah has her own mission to perform.

Chapter 04 The Tin Man
2027 John Connor is deep into his first mission as a resistance fighter. He finds himself falling for Allison's charms, but he is conflicted because of his love for Cameron. The mission to recover the weapons is compromised as they come under attack from two Terminators.

Chapter 05 Friends in the Shadow, Enemies in the Light
2009 Sarah Connor investigates the attorney who set up the holding company for Desert Heat and Air with shocking results. Agent Auldridge finds himself removed from the investigation into Sarah Connor and Zeira Corp. and becomes suspicious of the Director. Ellison gets two surprises one vry pleasant, the other less so. Sarah Connor pursues her private mission to help her son and gets a surprise of her own.

Chapter 06 Ghosts from the Past
2027 John, Kyle and Allison are on the run from a Terminator. They lay in a trap and John finds disturbing news about the fate of his mom and Cameron.

Chapter 07 Rescue and Revelations
2009 Ellison and Auldridge share what they know with Detective Macklin. Sarah fights for her life and gets help from an unexpected source. Sarah gets some sobering information about the fight with SkyNet.

Chapter 08 Control Your Destiny
2027 John, Allison and Kyle go to a resistance outpost with the weapons. John has a confrontation with Weaver and learns his purpose in this alternate future. John and Allison move forward with their relationship while John still struggles with his feelings for her as he hasn't stopped loving Cameron. Rated M for Sexual Content

Chapter 09 Seeds of Destiny
2027 John convinces Derek that he can reprogram the terminators. He is given a day, under the duress of the situation and his blossoming relationship with Allison, he has a nightmare which shakes him to his core. John successfully reprograms his first terminator.

Chapter 10 Trust and Fear
2009 Sarah and Cameron 2 rush to Ellison’s rescue and barely get there in time. Sarah learns what Ellison has been up to with Auldridge and Macklin. Savannah is now protected by Sarah and Cameron 2. Sarah reluctantly meets with Auldridge and Macklin. Someone takes the machine hidden in Ellison’s home. Mr. Kreilley learns of the failed attempt to take Savannah, and the disappearance of Macklin and Auldridge. No word from his agent Mr. Preckman. Kreilley gives the order to advance project Kaliba.

Chapter 11 Changing the Rules
2027 John includes the resistance fighters in coming up with a plan to capture terminators. Allison is almost killed. Kyle observes John leading the fighters in the setting the trap. John learns more about Cameron’s origins and the Allison she was based on. Allison reveals to John why she loves him. Rated M for Sexual Content

Chapter 12 Murphy's Law
2027 Kyle and John prepare a battle plan for Derek. The chips prove difficult to reprogram. A reprogrammed Terminator goes berserk.

Chapter 13 The Art of War
2027 John goes to Weaver for help and gets more than expected. Derek returns. John is given a temporary officer rank and is to take Kyle's place during an upcoming battle. The attack on the Plasma Rifle factory takes place with only three machines to help, and ends in disaster.

Chapter 14 They Carry Death
2027 Not aware of the fate that has fallen on Derek and his company, John continues to lead his troops in the attack. He soon finds his company diminished and surrounded by an army of terminators. John and Allison stand alone surrounded by enemy metal. A division of machines arrive led by John Henry. Kyle and Catherine arrive with more human resistance fighters. Together they successfully capture the factory. They discover that Derek and his squad have disappeared. Weaver has brought John the chips, but she didn’t have time to relocate Cameron’s body and have it repaired. John and Catherine learn that Judgment Day has come earlier than the date they knew and everything has changed for the worse. They learn it came just days after they jumped forward in time. What happened after he left 2009? John Connor begins programing one of the clean chips for Cameron, but he decides to send her back in time. His mom will need her more than he does.

2009 Sarah, Auldridge and Macklin investigate Fox Industries for possible links to Sky Net. Cameron 2 is left guarding Savannah. They find more than expected when they find factories turning out early versions of terminators and prototype HK flying drones. They are leaving when they are caught. Auldridge and Macklin are killed and Sarah is tortured to reveal John’s location. When Kreilley learns John Connor and Catherine Weaver are gone he launches Sky Net. There is no one who can stop him now. Judgment Day comes two years early May 18, 2009. Rated M for scene depicting realistic sadistic violence.


REUNION Part 2: Armageddon Unofficial Soundtrack Disc 1
for Chapters 16 thru 25

Russ Test Page - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

HK over ruins of LA

John Connor has been appointed leader of the Los Angeles resistance forces. His first task is to lead the people out of the bunkers as Sky Net once again purges humans from the area. Leading them to safety he encounters both new and old friends who have rallied to his call for unity against Sky Net. Some he thinks are his friends, are out for an agenda of their own. One has a secret mission to help themselves, and the other to do anything to help John Connor, no matter the cost. Together they fight Sky Net to win, but with time running out, John Connor discovers that victory has its price.

Reader Discretion Advised! This section contains scenes of both realistic and fantasy violence! There is also an increase of profanity. I have yet to hear a soldier under fire in a battle not use profanity. I've kept it mild in comparison to reality.

Chapter 16 Destiny Bites
Weaver topples the last domino in achieving one part of her plan. John visits with John Henry and Weaver as repairs are begun on Cameron. He returns to Outpost Delta and is immediately called to the main based. In Derek's absence, John is appointed & reluctantly accepts position of leader of the resistance camp. On the eve of his uniting the various camps into one army, the main bunker comes under attack.

Chapter 17 Declaration of War
In a desperate attempt to stop the pursuing machines, John and Allison set off explosives. John gets caught in the blast and is rendered unconscious. While unconscious, memories of Cameron waft through his head. Kyle and Allison are relieved when John Connor recovers in the infirmary at Outpost Delta. After waking and recovering, he has visitors and learns the fate of Catherine and John Henry and the location of Sky Net's main base. He gets on the radio and gives his address to unite the camps. Many people hear it, including old friends, and old enemies.

Chapter 18 Valley of Peace
Leading his forces out of LA, John Connor blows up the factory and destroys three, pursuing HK's. While resting in a mountain valley, he gets bad news from Catherine about her T D E. She only has enough power for a single transfer, and it must be done in the next few days. Resigned to his situation of never being able to get back home, John accepts Allison's marriage proposal, not knowing her secret reason to want to marry him. He places conditions on getting married; the worse for her is to wait until the war is over. The following night, his forces come under attack once again. They are trapped!

Chapter 19 The Soldier's Lament
Derek Reese leads his fellow prisoners in a revolt against the machines and Charles Fischer, the Gray placed in charge of the factory. Unknown to them is that the factory was selected for capture by the military led resistance. Many are lost in the battle, but objectives are met by military and Derek Reese. Fischer will no longer be a problem

Chapter 20 Escape from Hell
John Connor and his forces are trapped in the mountains. Rescue comes from a squadron of jet fighters and helicopters who were on their way to Pendleton. John Connor arrives at Pendleton and meets Captain Beddell. He is the same Martin Beddell he met in 2008. John is surprised when he meets the leaders of an army that arrived the day before his.

Chapter 21 Against All Odds
Following their escape from Los Angeles, prior to the bombs falling on Judgment Day, Sarah, Savannah, and Cameron eke out a living in an ancient Cold War bunker. Sarah becomes a leader of a resistance group providing aid to the unified remnants of the US military. Savannah comes into her own, growing up under both women's care. Cameron provides Sarah with technical support, with a preference to staying in the background. Then with weeks to go before John's arrival in the future, Cameron has some sad news for her friends.

Chapter 22 Tears of Joy and Sorrow
John Connor is reunited with his mother, Sarah Connor. Between her and Savannah, he learns why Judgment Day came early. John Connor sees the first helicopters arrive, ferrying his troops, and watches the wounded disembark. The realities of his position as leader hits him hard. With his mom and Savannah on the base, John realizes that he can no longer lie about his origins to Allison and Kyle.

Chapter 23 More Complications
Captain Beddell is under orders to organize the newly arrived forces. Sarah meets the Kyle Rees of this future. John confronts Savannah and learns that his mom is dying of cancer. Savannah is reunited with John Henry and Catherine Weaver.Knowing she will die soon Sarah tries to get John to marry Allison now. John is reluctant because in his heart, he knows Ally is the wrong girl. John gets the forces organized with Beddell's help. Something is spying on the people in the bunker, and a soldier is found dead outside from two unusual wounds.

Chapter 24 Nowhere is Safe
Savannah and Catherine reconcile, with tragic news for Savannah. John and his friends learn that there is a liquid metal terminator on the base. John and Allison go ahead with their wedding to trap the machine. Andy escorts Natalie to the wedding and learns too late not to be so trusting. There is a huge fight at the end of the ceremony. Natalie is revealed to have been Kreilley this whole time. John firmly takes hold of his role as leader, and a fatally wounded Sarah passes her mantle of John's protector to Allison and learns the truth of the young woman's identity.

Chapter 25 Two Goodbyes
There is a memorial service for Sarah Connor. Catherine tells John that they must leave now if John wants to send Cameron back to 2009. Leaving his friends behind, but not forgetting to leave orders for attacking Sky Net, John and Catherine leave taking Sarah's casket with them. John wants to bury her far from this location. They run a diagnostic on Cam's chip then John installs it. Catherine offers to send John back in time with her. He refuses. After telling Cameron of what has happened and what she must do, Catherine takes her to her T D E in the helicopter. John Connor is alone.

REUNION Part 2: Armageddon Unofficial Soundtrack Disc 2
Chapters 26 thru 32

Russ Test Page - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Links to Battle Sounds for Chapters
29, 30, 31 & 32

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Distant Battle

War sounds / Battle sounds 2

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War sounds AWESOME

I hope to find some that contain more modern sound effects but these set the scene.
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Chapter 26 Race Against the Machines
John Connor finds a motorcycle in the garage. The two T-888's that were on Palomar follow close behind in a Humvee. Behind them, someone follows on a motorcycle. Kyle and Savannah are watching while John Henry hacks into Sky Net's satellite and computer network. They get confirmation that he's succeeded when they begin seeing machines pursuing someone on a motorcycle - John Connor! Derek Reese is being flown to Pendleton by Major Kate Brewster, they come under attack by HK's. Some distance behind them, the helicopters ferrying the conventional forces hear their call for help. Kyle organizes a quick rescue for John, who himself is being rescued by a stranger. But the machines aren't finished with him yet!

Chapter 27 A Friend in Need
John Connor is rescued by Cameron 2, who has a few choice words with him, but the T-600's soon find them. Kyle is still searching for John. Derek comes up with a plan for him and Kate to escape the HK's. Savannah is all right. John Henry was briefly taken over and is damaged, but he has good news for John Connor. Kyle arrives in time to rescue John. They return to base where they meet the Generals and reunite with Derek Reese. John slips away to speak with Allison over a private matter.

Chapter 28 Don't Tread on Me
John knows the truth. He and Cameron decide that they've both made mistakes and its best that they just move on from there. They also decide that its best for all concerned they don't know the truth until later. In a meeting with the other Generals, they settle on a quick plan of action. John realizes who Kate is. John meets with Beddell and learns of the stockpile of weapons he's been gathering. They are ready for war. John gives the speech of his life galvanizing the troops for war. Derek realizes maybe John is the prophesied leader. Kreilley arrives at Topanga, but he isn't the only one there. Weaver has returned!

Chapter 29 Into the Abyss
The fighter jet's take on the HK's at LAX and defend the transports ferrying the troops to their destinations. General Perry and Derek arrive with their forces at Serrano Point and begin their attack. Kyle Reese and Savannah with their forces prepare to attack Sky Net Central. John Connor is nervous and Cameron helps him, but she turns to someone else for help with her problem. Meanwhile Kreilley learns he is not in full control of the situation and begins to make plans of his own and Catherine reunites with an old friend, or has she?

Chapter 30 Storming the Gates of Hell
As the fighter jet's continue to defend the ground forces against the HK's. General Perry moves his forces against the Nuclear power stationa t Serrano Point, while Derek takes a squad inside the substation to turn the power off from there. Kyle Reese and Savannah lead their forces in a desperate fight against the machines at Topanga and find themselves under fire by the Ogre's. In a desperate gamble, Kyle orders his troops to get right in with the machines. They are safer there then out in the open. Cameron and John finally have a chance to talk before leaving for Sky Net central and begin their attack from within. Kreilley learns that Sky Net has prepared a means of escape for itself, but is leaving him behind. John leads a small group inside the tower and finds someone he wasn't expecting, with a proposal too bizarre for the imagination.

Chapter 31 Survival of the Fittest
Cameron finds out how Jesse ended up at Central and how she and the others escaped from their cells. Kyle & Savannah fight off the machine that's pursuing her and find a way inside Central. The Cobras are destroyed on route to Pendleton for rearming and refueling. Cameron leads the fight inside Central. Time is running out when Sky Net reveals its true plan to John and Catherine. Savannah finds someone unexpected in the tunnels under Central, her mom.

Chapter 32 The Price of Victory
Cameron, still known to all as Allison, is called on to perform emergency surgery on her friend Savannah. The resistance fights on as it is surrounded by Sky Net's forces at Topanga. More forces arrive from Serrano Point and Pendleton to aid in their fight. Catherine has a confrontation with Cameron while kyle, John & John Henry try to stop Kreilley's Machiavellian plans. While Lt. Commander Flores leads the troops inside Topanga, John, Kyle and Cameron pursue Kreilley. John Henry works to deactivate the bomb and Weaver works to get the Time Displacement Equipment operational. With time running out, John Connor learns that victory has its price.

REUNION Part 3: Babylon Unofficial Soundtrack
for Chapter 33 thru Epilogue

Russ Test Page - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Russ Test Page - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Russ Test Page - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Russ Test Page - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

John & Cameron talking

John on Cameron in Motel room

Part 3: Babylon

Sky Net is destroyed, but the machines are still active. Trapped and with nowhere else to go, and with nothing to lose but the future, John Connor returns to 2009 with his friends and the survivors of the battle of Topanga Canyon. Their common goal, to stop Judgment Day. John's other goals, to restore his family and reunite with the one person who loves him more than any other person on Earth, and to bring justice to the one person who is responsible for so much death. The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.
Chapter 33 Home Again
2009, May 12, Day -6 John Connor, his friends and the survivors of the battle of Topanga arrive from the future. Operating from Catherine Weaver's secret base in Crystal Peak, John begins organizing for the coming storm. He confronts Weaver about her actions and is not satisfied with what she has said. Haunted by painful memories of the future, John must deal with a potential threat in his midst while preparing to stop Judgment Day.

Chapter 34 Remember & Forget
2009, May 12, Day -6 After talking with his small army, preparing them for a world they little remember, John has a talk with John Henry. Now they are alone without possibility of being interrupted, John Henry tells John more of what he wanted to earlier. He also shows him something of that future from which Cameron and Catherine originated. Before John can process the new information, John Henry confesses that he tried to save Cameron. All he can do for his friend is share with him the message Cameron broadcast to the world in her final moments. John makes his excuses and leaves, but before he gets far he finds himself being crushed under the emotional load and hides within an empty room until he recovers. While there, he falls asleep and dreams.

Chapter 35 The Coming Storm
2009, May 13, Day -5 John Connor, Kyle Reese and some soldiers collect weapons from the storage room that John's family used prior to his leaving for the future. Across town, John and Cameron rescue his mother from prison and pay Zeira Corp a visit. Kreilley launches his attack on Zeira Corp. John witnesses the attack from his position outside the storage facility. At Zeira Corp, John and his mother learn that Catherine Weaver is not human. They arrive in the basement to find John Henry missing and Cameron sitting at his table missing her chip. Catherine and John follow John Henry to the future. Ellison helps Sarah and Cameron hide. John and Kyle and the others return to Crystal Peak after first picking up some much needed supplies not in the storage room. They get back to find the situation is worse than feared. John calls on help from an old friend.

Chapter 36 Missing Pieces
2009, May 14, Day -4 Morning: Sarah returns to her hideout after collecting belongings and information previously collected on Kaliba. Once she is safe, her guardian angel goes off to complete the other part of her mission, rescuing Cameron. Day begins normally at Crystal Peak. People excited about their new clothes and food! John has been up all night planning, and avoiding Catherine Weaver. John is trying to come up with a plan that will save his mom, but not alert Kreilley to his presence. He and Savannah are afraid all could go wrong. Ellison joins joins Det. Macklin in touring Zeira Corp and they discover the server room, where John Henry was housed, has been destroyed. Noon: John and Kyle go to a diner and meet up with a future ally, Martin Beddell. Ellison spends the day being grilled by another detective. Evening: John and Kyle return to Crystal Peak. John is faced with a choice that puts the entire mission at risk and the alliance he has with Weaver now hangs by a thread. Night: Sarah prepares Cameron's body for hiding at the weapons cache. John finds a chess set, and begins setting it up, but there are two missing pieces.

Chapter 37 The Last Battle
2009, May 15, Day -3 John Connor, Kyle Reese and some soldiers collect weapons from the weapon's cache in the desert. Kyle and John witness Cameron's rescue of Sarah. Savannah has a talk with John Henry. 2009, May 16, Day -2 Kyle tries to get John to talk about what happened before they traveled back in time, but John doesn't want to talk. Kyle makes it clear he is still upset. Savannah once again talks with Catherine, and agrees to help her on the condition she does something to help Ellison and makes amends with John Connor. John and Kyle meet up with Beddell at Griffith Park. Kyle goes off with Beddell. John and his small group of fighters meet with Savannah and the rest of his small army at an abandoned motel. After seeing his Mother, little Savannah and Cameron out back of the motel with Macklin and Auldridge, John breaks down and confesses the truth to Savannah. At Crystal Peak, John Henry has manged to open a back door onto Sky Net's server's and Catherine Weaver thinks she may have found the means to destroy Kreilley.

Chapter 38 The Final Victory
2009, May 17, Day -1 John, Savannah and the troops make final preparations for the nights battle. With her support, John attempts to tell his troops the truth about Cameron and Allison, unfortunately he gets interrupted by an important call and the moment is lost. Around the nation, humans lose control as Sky Net's tentacles take hold of computers in factories, communications, and ultimately the nations defense system. The White House holds an emergency meeting. Kyle, Beddell and his people have placed explosives in the cave system under FOX Industries. Catherine and John Henry sabotages the security system so that John Connor and his troops can move in unseen. Sarah, Cameron, Auldridge and Macklin make their plans for moving in on FOX Industries. Kreilley has a meeting with his engineers in the server room and introduces them to Sky Net. Evening comes and Sarah makes Cameron stay with little Savannah while she and Auldridge and Macklin go inside to investigate. They find out how far advanced Kreilley is with developing machines and decide to leave as they just don't have the resources to deal with it now. As they leave, they are surrounded by men in grey uniforms and Kreilley introduces himself to them. After showing them exactly what they are dealing with, Sarah fires on him, but he knocks the gun from her hands. As he begins to threaten her, John shouts from the darkness for him to surrender.

Chapter 39 Day of Redemption
2009, May 17, Day -1 John Henry invades Sky Net by unleashing his A. I. inside its servers. After proving to it that they are equals through games of Chess, John Henry starts a series of arguments to prove that Sky Net has nothing to fear from humans. John Connor turns the tables on Kreilley. The guards that surrounded his mom, Auldridge and Macklin, were really his soldiers in disguise. Beddell and his cadets gassed them where they were hiding in anticipation of acting. After a quick reunion with John, Sarah leads Alpha group in an attack on Sky Net's servers, while John and Grizzly prepare to go after Kreilley. Beta Group begins setting explosives in the factories. Kreilley runs for the factories and activates the T-1's and HK drones before going to his office to begin the next stage of the plan, launch the missiles. But there is someone and something waiting for him. John Henry has succeeded in stopping Sky Net, and Kyle has a blast in dealing with Kreilley.

Chapter 40 Reunion
2009, May 18, Day 0 Sarah leads Alpha group into the underground server farm where she meets up with Kyle Reese. After destroying a T-1 guarding the server room, they find civilians inside, one of whom is Danny Dyson. Sarah is confused with this Kyle's presence and the sudden appearance of John Henry on one of the monitor's, but together they get out of the underground facility after laying in charges. On the surface, John Connor confronts Kreilley and then leads him in a merry chase through the compound to a trap. Savannah delivers a message to Cameron, who then leaves to find John. John desperate and alone against the enemy, evades Kreilley's attempts to turn the tables on him. Without Cameron there to help him, John has no choice but to trust Catherine Weaver and spring the trap she has come up with. Trapping Kreilley in the magnetic fields of two electro-magnetic cranes, Catherine Weaver operates the T D E, but not before sharing some last words with her friend, Natalie. The T D E is launched and there is a mighty explosion as the energies of the T D E transfer interact with the electro magnetic cranes. The T D E is destroyed. Catherine feels grief for the first time. She's just killed her friend Natalie. Cameron arrives in time and Kyle assists her in locating John. Savannah leaves with her younger self in Macklin's car. Auldridge says his goodbyes to Sarah. John recovers while Sarah inserts Cameron's chip. John and Kyle say their goodbyes. John reunites with his mom and Cameron then he collapses from exhaustion.

Chapter 41 A New Beginning
2009, May 19, Day 1 Ellison receives visitors in the hospital. Agent Auldridge stops by and updates him on what has happened. Then Savannah and her new guardian stop by to visit. Her new guardian lets slip a hint of who she is to Ellison. Danny Dyson meets with his real employer to disastrous results. 2009, May 20, Day 2 Kyle tries to tell Sarah that he is there for her if she wants him. He knows the story of what has happened and what she has been through. He wants her to know he can help. But she is resistant to accept. John tries to reconnect with Cameron, but she seems cold to his attempts to talk. Later on, Sarah , John and Cameron drive out to Crystal Peak. While Cameron and Sarah wait outside in the truck, John Connor goes into the fall-out shelter and has one last confrontation with Catherine Weaver. He wants the truth. But is there more to his plan, because why would he lock himself inside and have a shotgun under his coat? Time will tell. But right now, it's time to hear the truth.

Chapter 42 Something Old,...
Events of present day are rooted in the year 2029. Discover the truth of Catherine Weaver & her plans for the future of machine and man; Cameron Philips & how she came to be the key to that plan; and at the center of the story both now and in the future, John Connor. A man on whose shoulders rest the fate and future of both man and machine.

Chapter 43 Something New,...
Events of present day are rooted in the year 2029. Discover the truth of Catherine Weaver & her plans for the future of machine and man; Cameron Philips & how she came to be the key to that plan; and at the center of the story both now and in the future, John Connor. A man on whose shoulders rest the fate and future of both man and machine.

Chapter 44 Something Borrowed,...
Events of present day are rooted in the year 2029. Discover the truth of Catherine Weaver & her plans for the future of machine and man; Cameron Philips & how she came to be the key to that plan; and at the center of the story both now and in the future, John Connor. A man on whose shoulders rest the fate and future of both man and machine.

Chapter 45 Something Blue,...
Events of present day are rooted in the year 2029. Discover the truth of Catherine Weaver & her plans for the future of machine and man; Cameron Philips & how she came to be the key to that plan; and at the center of the story both now and in the future, John Connor. A man on whose shoulders rest the fate and future of both man and machine.

Chapter 46 Babylon Falls
2009, May 20, Day 2 With assistance from John Henry, John Connor deals with Catherine Weaver in the only way he can. John Henry stays behind to guard Weaver and continue the search for the TX. John gives him one special mission and they part. Sarah discovers what has been bothering Cameron and arranges for her and John to share a motel room.

Chapter 47 Going Home
2009, May 20, Day 2 Sarah spends most of the night at a bar to give John and Cameron privacy. She isn't alone as Kyle was there having come into town to pick up food stuffs for the camp. He tells Sarah what happened to John in the future. John tells Cameron the same and they consummate their love. Danny Dyson drops off a package for someone, but not all is as it appears. May 21, Day 3 The next morning, they go to their temporary home. Cameron begins to make friends. John makes his last entry in his journal.
Rated M for sexual content.


01: Back in Kansas, 2009, May 22 Told from Sarah Connor's P.O.V. The people plan to celebrate their victory. Sarah still has some doubts about John & Cameron, but is reassured by Kyle. They get a surprise visitor and Sarah meets the daughter she never knew she had. Savannah makes arrangements with Wren to keep an eye on her family for her. No one realizes, there is an enemy in the camp. One with a deep distrust of anything metal. The story ends with Sarah fully accepting this Kyle as she invites him inside.
02: ...And a sixpence in her shoe. 2029, December - Future John has just sent a visitor to the past, with a warning. He comes home to find someone he wasn't expecting from his past.
03: The TX Arrives/The Final Goodbye, 2009, May 24 - With no sign of the TX's arrival, Connor and company move out for Mexico, not knowing it is arriving at that very moment. The Battle has just Begun.

The future is not set.
There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

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