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The reason why you love the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Wiki
Have any improvements that could make the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Wiki even better? Add them here!!

  • Love sci-fi.
  • I work on this site all the time (or as much as I can).
  • I love this show because of Drama/suspense/action is really good along with the time travel stuff.
  • Not to mention that the fans on this website show a great respect for this show by the way we talk/communicate.
  • Plus I got to talk to Josh Friedman on the Amazing fan chat day!
This site is always fantastic because we update it regularly. Hope this site continues to grow enormously and mature.
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is a fantastic edition to the Terminator franchise! Providing a great continuation to T2, and the further expansion of the terminator universe with new characters like Cameron and Cromartie.That is why I love TSCC!!
The Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles wiki is already a fantastic site! If I think of any improvements I'll try to implement them myself or work with other wiki members to better this site.
FrenchfanofTSCC PAGE 2
I'm big fan of Terminator Movies, so its logical that I like the TV show. It comes in the same way and bring a new touch and especially the relation Mother/Son, great effects and sounds and pictures!
The site have been improve recently and its great(Photo Gallery),always up to date everyday by the Wiki Fans. Will be nice to have Mail Option to mail all my Friends at once.
The community as grow to 4000 members now ! lets make a Big Move in the Fox TV Shows !
I love the show because it 's not all boom boom kill kill. There's actual drama and character development. Plus I love one dialogue like "I call shotgun." "I call 9 mm" Love it Love it Love it! Every time I think of something someone always beats me to it and fixes it! LOL
I like the wiki because something new always pops up on it, and what other people say about the show as well, I like the download sections as well as the news and rumors section as that always gets updated 10/10 for the wiki and 10/10 for the show great work to the people of the wiki as well as great work to the cast of the show

Also the new information about the Show and the Shows soundtrack which looks and sounds awesome!!!
I don't know really if anything pops up that needs doing i will make sure i put it on here so people will know, when they give the opinions on the wiki and the show
I love this site the people are really helpful and enjoy working together and they encourage creativity with the fan fiction there is always something new on here as well I can only agree with FFTSCC the only improvement would be the mail option. It is a great site!
Our community is amazing! The best around and I'm thrilled to be part of it! We need to keep on growing! New people, new ideas, never stop!
We have without a doubt, the friendliest community and most loved fan-fiction. I wouldn't change a thing.
It's a wonderful and most friendly community that flourishes by the readiness to help one and other. Can't really think of something, but if I do I'll add it here.
I love the website design and all the members who write fan fiction, ( I love to read the stories) and everywhere really know there terminator knowledge, and terminator scc, (pilot ) and terminator salvation are the best films so far I say. but everyone is so nice, and help full and creative. Better security.
Great community, everyone is super friendly! I felt welcome even before I signed up. Great place to find answers to all Terminator questions.
As for the show, its got me hooked.
Subtle changes to the look and feel.


Well its the best show on Earth...being able to talk to people worldwide bout the show is the best, this site just kicks ass and its good to be able to call you guys my friends.