Reese Brothers Fan Fic

The Intro
The night was dark. The rain pelted the small figure walking down the street. It huddled against itself trying to stay warm as the pain in it’s stomach increased. The child could remember it’s last meal. It was yesterday morning, a few apples and bread found in an abandon car. The car gave some shelter for awhile. The small body shivered as a burst of wind hit the child. Then a voice said “You are so small, are you alone?” The child looked around terrified. A woman was in the doorway “My name is Sarah. Come with me I have a dry place to sleep and some soup.” The woman knelt down to be on the child’s level. “Did your parents….” she paused then continued “…. get hurt when the bombs fell?” The woman smiled. Just then a dog walked out from behind her. It sniffed at the woman’s hand, she petted it on the head. Then the dog went to the child and sat at it’s feet. The child realized that the dog liked the woman so she couldn’t be one of the mean ones and decided to answer the question. “My mother went to heaven last May. I do not know my father. I was in an orphanage when …..” The small voice trailed off. Sarah held out her hand “Come with me I will keep you safe.” The child hesitated then looked as the dog stood to follow the woman. The child reached out slowly and took the offered hand just as it’s stomach rumbled again. Sarah lead the way down the street to a small building she opened the door and let the child go in first. There was a small table set, a couch and recliner chair. A fire was going in the fire place. The child went to this first before seeing the small kitchen. Sarah went to get some food while talking to the child. “First some food then we will get you out of the wet things.” As Sarah placed the bowl on the hearth in front of the fire she asked the child “What is your name?” The child had been in the middle of eating but stopped and looked up at the woman. It lowered the hood of it’s sweater and long red hair spilled down it’s back. Finally it said “I am Kilee.” “Well Kilee finish eating I will go find some dry things for you.” Sarah walked into the small bedroom. When she came back Kilee was done eating and staring tiredly into the fire. “Here you go. You can go and change in the bathroom.” Sarah pointed out the door. The child nodded and left without a word. When she came out she sat again at the fire. Sarah could see how tired she was and fixed a bed for her on the couch. The next morning over breakfast Sarah managed to get the story out of the child. Some she had already known from meeting the adult Kilee. Kilee was four and lived in the orphanage since her mother’s death, she had been all alone since the bombs fell two weeks ago. Sarah was shocked by the little girls tale, and her matter of fact way she said everything. While listening to the girls story she couldn’t help but think about her own son. Was John alive, was he safe, was he even now fulfilling his destiny? She had been separated from him when the bombs fell and had not seen him since.
In the months to come Sarah taught the child to read. They had gone back to the orphanage and retrieved her records. Sarah had read to her what was in the file, but the young girl wanted to read it herself. They were Kilee’s most treasured position. She took to learning everything as if her life depended on knowing it all right now. They soon left the town behind moving always to find more humans that had survived, and food. Sarah was growing weaker and she knew that she needed to find someone to take care of the child soon. She couldn’t leave Kilee alone again.
About five months after finding Kilee, Sarah found the resistance camp hidden in the hills. She told them their story and how Kilee needed someone to look after her, because Sarah was dying from the radiation left by the bombs. She couldn’t help but ask if the had heard of John Connor. But no one here had. The leader of the group and older woman named Jessie assured Sarah that Kilee would be taken care of. Sarah said that the next day was Kilee’s birthday and she would be five. During the talk Kilee had been in an outer room reading a book. She could see Sarah and that was all that mattered to the child. Closer to Sarah sat a teenage boy playing a game with a younger boy. The younger one looked up at Sarah and said “Tomorrow is my birthday too. Sarah smiled at him and asked “What is your name?” The boy returned her smile and said “I am Kyle Reese and this is my brother Derek. He is cheating as usual.” He indicated the game they where playing as he said the last. Sarah did her best to hide the shock on her face and said to the boy “Well maybe you can help Kilee make some friends around here. For a birthday present.” The boy nodded eagerly.
The next day Sarah did everything to make Kilee’s birthday extra special. Someone found balloons and they made a cake and had decorations. Everyone joined in on the festivities. But the young Kyle Reese was no where near Kilee during any of it. His brother was keeping him close by. Sarah frowned but saw no way to get the two together yet. Kilee received some clothes and toys from different people but it was the books she liked the most. Sarah was exhausted when it was over and went to bed early. Kilee again taken care of her when she got to tired. Kilee had been doing this a lot over the last few months.
The next day Derek was walking down the corridor when he saw the young Kilee sitting in the hall with silent tears running down her face. She looked miserable, not really liking kids he also knew that he could not leave her alone like this. He walked over to her “Hi!” She did not even look up so he bent down to her “Where is Sarah?” he tried again. This time the child looked at him with red swollen eyes and said matter of factly “In Heaven” Derek was shocked and hurried into the room to see the body of Sarah Connor laying on the bed not moving. He rushed out and ran to get the doctor. During all the commotion Kilee was shunted aside. She sat where she could see Sarah and what they were doing but remained alone. Until the youngest Reese boy came to her. “Hey I have some books you might like to read. Ever hear of baseball?” Kilee shook her head. He placed his arm around her shoulder and lead her away “Well it is the greatest sport ever.. Or was before…” He smiled and continued talking to her. He kept her busy the rest of the day not letting her be alone again. He felt sorry for her. She had no one now. He told her about his parents and how they were dead, but was thinking at least he had Derek He told her about their birthday’s being on the same day, and everything else he could think off just to keep her mind off of what was happening in the medical wing. When night came Derek returned to find the two child curled up in Kyle’s bed asleep.

Part II The Future War