Reversion - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
(Sequel to Revolution)
Chapter 01: The Cat and the Fiddle
Cameron discovers a potential threat to the Connors, but John convinces her to take a different approach.
Chapter 02: Mergence
Jason is drawn to an old Skynet safe-house where he makes an interesting discovery.
Chapter 03: Hand in Hand
In 2027; Jason struggles to understand why Cameron's assassination protocols are failing to activate.
Chapter 04: Mine Alone
Haunted by his feelings, John decides to test Cameron by taking her out on a date, unaware that Jason is on the prowl.
Chapter 05: Reversion
Jason spares Cameron, allowing her to return to John, but not before performing a few "modifications" to her software.
Chapter 06: Outdated
John finds a new ally, but trust between the two is scarce, especially when a decomissioned Terminator falls into their laps.
Chapter 07: Confliction
John is presented with a chance to right the mistakes of the past, but the means involve playing right into Jason's hands.
Chapter 08: Me, Myself, & John
Cameron attempts to repair the damage done to her, using memories of John to keep herself in control of her own inhibitions.
Chapter 09: Sand and Blood
Sensing that Cameron is slipping from his thrall, Jason arranges a final confrontation between himself and John.
Chapter 10: From Amongst The Ashes...
Having fallen neatly into Jason's trap, John and his new allies must work together to take down the I-950 and save Cameron.

The story continues in Harbinger...

Main Characters
  • John Connor - future leader of Mankind and saviour of Humanity.
  • Cameron Phillips - self-aware Terminator programmed to mimic human behaviour.
  • Jason Corvain - rogue Series 950 Infiltrator.
  • Sarah Connor - mother of John Connor.
  • Derek Reese - Resistance fighter and John's uncle.
  • Martin 'Marty' Bedell - an 8 year-old boy whom the Connor's have adopted.
  • Nathan - a Resistance programmed Series 999 Terminator.
  • Sophie - a Series 950 Infiltrator.
  • Cipher - a confused and quirky Series 700 Terminator.

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