(Set in an alternate timeline to the Cameron Trilogy)
Chapter One: Promises
Cameron tries to comfort a miserable John as fate delivers a new arrival from the future.
Chapter Two: Shadows
The stranger tries to understand who he is and turns to Cameron for help.
Chapter Three: Family
The stranger watches the lives of the Connors, the soldier, the cyborg, and the kid.
Chapter Four: Glitches
When Cameron suffers another glitch, she and John find themselves drawn closer together.
Chapter Five: Remembrance
Whilst John fixes Cameron's chip, the stranger experiences a startling revelation.
Chapter Six: One of Them
With his memories restored, the stranger sets out to do what he does best.
Chapter Seven: Lockdown
John interrogates the stranger about Cameron's origins.
Chapter Eight: Release
Cameron allows her emotions to get the better of her.
Chapter Nine: Choices
John struggles to deal with his loss, but an old friend tries to help him.
Chapter Ten: Survival
Cameron makes an emotional decision as John faces the stranger.
The story continues in Reversion...

Main Characters

  • John Connor - future leader of Mankind and the saviour of Humanity.
  • Cameron Phillips - self-aware Terminator programmed to mimic human behaviour.
  • The Stranger - a mysterious amnesiac from the future.
  • Sarah Connor - mother of John Connor.
  • Derek Reese - Resistance fighter and John's uncle.
  • The Kid - an 8 year-old boy whom the Connors have adopted.

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