Sample Deluxe Profile Page

The Following is an example of the custom profile page layout created in the old days when this wiki was part of the show. The following is actually from wkdtdk profile page. He's made minimal alterations after joining and what is there can serve as an example of what to do.

Whether you are a new member who wants to use a fancier profile layout than the current default, or an existing member who'd like to restore the old profile layout after years of editing, then the following example is just for you.

Wikifoundry, and before that Wetpaint, set a webpage width of 1024 pixels. Even though modern monitors with larger resolutions will stretch out those 1024 pixels to fill the screen, for the sake of how Wikifoundry stores information on its server, its best to keep to that 1024 pixel width on your profile page. Also, on other pages and threads. Keep all images to under 800 pixels, and check your page on a monitor with a maximum width of 1024 pixels. Any distorted pages will mean changing image width or layout.

Please don't edit contents here. Wait until profile layout has been copied to your profile page.

To use the following layout.
First, open up your profile page in either a second browser window or another tab. Select [Easy Edit] Backup any content to a temporary page, then clear your profile page. Second, return to tab or window where this page is open. Select [Easy Edit] Highlight everything between the three plus signs, +++, above and below the profile sample. Do a Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy the sample. Close Easy Edit without saving.
Third, go back to your profile page open in another tab or browser, position your cursor at top of page, then do a Ctr+V to paste the sample onto your profile page.
Fourth click on [Save] to retain new addition. Now you can edit your new profile page layout to suit. That's it.

Good Luck!


TSCC FINALE TV PARTY - denkiva jyunbi



Favorite TSCC character:
Cameron, Alison, Derek, Sarah, John, John Henry, Chola...everyone!! :)

Why you love TSCC:
Summer Glau, incredible story,

Favorite Terminator movie:
T2 then T1. I'm afraid T3 and T4 are not even part of my vocabulary.

Motto:"Come with me if you want to live"

I joined this wiki because:I want to try and get a 3rd season...and a 4th and 5th!
tscc profile page - denkiva jyunbi
  • --TSCC (obviously)
  • --Firefly
  • --Grey's Anatomy
  • --The River Tam Sessions (not sure if that counts)
  • --Serenity
  • --Terminator 2 Judgement Day
  • --The Terminator
  • --Donnie Darko
  • --Play videogames
  • --Go on the internet
  • --Watch TV
  • --Hang out with friends

tscc profile page - denkiva jyunbi
tscc profile page - denkiva jyunbi
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