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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Video Made by Fox012

Cool Music Video featuring the song "Already Over!"

"Die Another Day"-Madonna-

"What do I have to Do?"

"In The End" By Linkin Park

(submitted by Krazy Kaleb)

''Trance Remix''(Submitted By T100010)

''Stay'' Song is By -Shakespeare Sister (Submitted by T100010)

West Coast By: Coco Records-

Music Video by Drax

"It's My Life"

Fan Music Video

Sarah and John Video

Cameron "Woman of Steel"

"Everyday is Exactly the Same"

"Don't Hold Back"-Fan Video

(submitted by Finney23)

Love Scene-Fan Video

(submitted by Finney23)

Video Created By: Schmacky- Featureing the Song:

"Whatever it Takes"

Cool Terminator vs Robocop part I
Created by: AMD FILMS

Cool Terminator vs Robocop part II
Created by: AMD FILMS