Sarah Connor Chronicles: Superfan Hall of Fame

Congratulations, Sarah Connor Chronicles SuperFans!
You've made the Sarah Connor Chronicles Wiki one of the top sites in the world of Wetpaint! Together we've made this site grow by leaps and by bounds, with some truly outstanding contributions by some serious SuperFans! While it's just not possible to name every single one of you who have made this site so great, we'd certainly like to try! So stand up and shout (or at least leave a comment) for these outstanding
Sarah Connor Chronicles Super Contributors!!!

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Who Dunnit?
What Was Dun!


The question is...what hasn't he dun?! At 4,350+ contributions, which includes. 2,228 page edits. Superfan Kaleb gets big time kudos for site organization, awesome content additions, an amazing fan fiction, fan wallpapers, Super fan page, Blu-ray info and stuff too enormus to name!

Way to go, dude!!!

Also an all around type of fan, Cameron_TOK716 has passed 6,500+ contributions all over the board, which includes 3,875+ page contributions. Also, the soundtrack page! He's a creator of fan fiction extraordinaire and a real SCC diehard!!


LiquidMetal is smokin' hot! With more than 7,300+ contributions, which includes more than 4,300 page contributions.

Our own LM has put the Terminator Glossary on the map. LM is responsible for some pretty cool updates on the T4 movie page! Also, LM has contributed significantly to the Code of Conduct page, and is a Moderator.

Thanks to LM for getting the Terminator Ultimate Reference Guide pages up and running!

Thanks to LM for updating and revising the Terminator Movie pages.

Keep it comin' Bill!

Our resident graphics genius, Michelle has made over 1,350 site contributions! In particular, she's been keeping our photo galleries totally hot, by adding her own banners galore! However Michelle has been missing since May, 2008, we hope you come back soon!

You rock, Michelle!!


With just below 100 contributions under his belt, it's the quality that makes you stand out, Furcifier! Thanks to Furcifier for getting those Terminator Movie pages up and running--way to go!!
With just over 2,400 contributions under his belt, he is a brilliant member of the official Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Wiki and has done loads for the wiki pages including Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cast Interviews,Also Create The Widget Page, upload 1st
22 Pics of Season 2 ,Create & upload 43 GIF pics.
Big Fan of Sci-Fi Tv Shows,create recently Sci-Fi wall paper Album.
With over 100 contributions under his belt SgtSharp is brilliant he helped Finney23 do the soundtrack page which you can all listen to he has also updated the web links page which is brilliant way to go mate!!
Has got over 550 contributions to his name and he's a great TSCC fan, he has his name on a Fan-Fiction as well, all we can say is great job mate and keep up the excellent work like the rest of the fans of the show who contribute to the site in many more ways then one, great job!!!


Michael has done a great job updating the site where it needs it the most, he also contributes brilliantly with over 1,850!!! He's the main contributor of terms to the Superfan Terminator-ology, not to mention he is the resident troll hunter. Well done mate, keep up the great work!!!
With over 350 contributions for this wiki and with season 2 here, maybe we'll see a lot more of SusanWillows as the fantastic and fanatical fan of this wiki, great job on the site, susanwillow!!!!
AlanP117 has one of the Best Profiles and has many talents and he is specialist of GIF pictures
Animated and Web Design.
Sarah Connor Chronicles: Superfan Hall of Fame - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles AlanP GIF Man
A very good editor when it comes to gif images made most of the gifs that are on the wiki now. He is a very cool Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan, and a smart friend to have on the wiki. Cool!!

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