Season 2 DVD / Blu Ray Release [Season 3 Campaign]


Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 DVD & Blu Ray
Season 3 Campaign

With the amazing progress the billboard campaign is achieving (Current status: Vote on the actual design here) we should all remember what this is for. All attempts by fans that gain recognise for our cause (for a third season of this wonderful show) are worthwhile and appreciated by all. However, there is one way to talk to anybody involved with the production, distribution etc... (WB, FOX and any other relevant groups and people) which will get the appropriate attention and response we are all hoping for. That, is of course money.

Shows, especially ones as good as this don't come cheap. That's why you, your cat and anybody else you know should buy a copy of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 on DVD and Blu Ray. With enough sales we stand a good chance of getting another season of our show.

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- United States

30/11/09 - United Kingdom

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