Semper Fidelis


Semper Fidelis

Los Angeles, California
The home of the gray operative, Roland Parker
Monday, November, 26, 2007

"Semper Fi (Always Faithful)" -Creed of the United States Marine Corps

"Action is eloquence" -William Shakespeare

Roland Parker was a different kind of target than Anthony Evans. Rather than secluding himself, in an apartment, inside a large otherwise vacant building, Parker lived in a busy family neighborhood.

He enjoyed a large house. He also appeared to have a family.

It was strange to invest in a family. That is, for someone actively and knowingly aiding in blowing up the world of humanity, in a few years.

Skynet would not have cared about the possible dangers from this kind of operation. However, the John that Cameron had known, in 2027, gravely disliked collateral damage.

At Two A.M., Cameron was forced to break into the house. She really needed a certain amount of information.

This was most likely place for Roland to have stored it, away from the prying eyes. It would have been much easier to invade his medical practice, off hours. Roland would know that.

The only thing going for Cameron right now is that the Parkers didn't own a dog. A barking animal would have woken up the house and disturbed the neighbors.

They had foolishly depended on an inferior electrical detection system. Once she disabled simplistic security, the study's window was willing enough to let her in.

Cameron started with the critical part first. As silently as possible, she booted up Roland's computer. The same series of Skynet codes protected his computer as had Anthony's. She took five minutes and set up the codes for remote monitoring.

She quickly checked the obvious files on the computer and found nothing out of the ordinary. It was time to check the rest.

Roland Parker had his identity crafted as a medical doctor. First, that meant he had to have enough knowledge of the subject to passably do the job. Second, it meant that most likely he had been a human replacement for whoever had first owned that name and those credentials. Compared to most of humanity, the medical community was tightly monitored. Complete forgeries were risky.

Even as a machine, Cameron knew that an assumed identity would be harder with a family. There were questions that could be asked, both by the family and society at large that would be more difficult to answer.

There were social complexities there. Things that an older John would know. It was something that Cameron could have used Sarah's advice on, but that wasn't possible.

Cameron would have to make do with physical clues. She'd also only be able to check certain places in house without risking a confrontation with innocents.

The study was filled with medical books, all outdated. Their display would just be for show.

There was a collection of cigars, animal trophies, and money from around the world. Nothing made an impression.

The living room was filled with pictures. They were family displays, almost too many family displays. There were no less than thirty six pictures of: Roland, his wife, and two children, all crammed into the furniture of an eight by twelve room. None of the pictures were separate. None of the photos were arranged in a way that was not posed, they were all professionally done.

Cameron memorized the photos and their placement. She moved onto the kitchen.

The kitchen wasn't anything out of the ordinary. The family ate a variety of things and it was messy.

She'd been inside for 30 minutes. She was beginning to push her luck.

Cameron took the step of bugging the study and stopped there. She exited the house after making sure she left no evidence behind.

She reactivated the alarm and moved on. She felt as if she was missing something. The experience with Evans had left her unsure that she was seeing all the clues.

Perhaps, if nothing turned up she'd have to break into Roland's practice another night. This was enough for now though.


An hour later at the new Connor residence, Cameron patrolled. Nothing had entered or disturbed the area in her absence.

Once satisfied about security, she went to other projects. Cameron entered work area where Sarah liked to punch her bag.

She sat very still. She stared at a small, black kitten. Cameron watched to see if he would take the food she offered.

Coltan just looked at her, then the food, and shivered. He had stayed in her presence longer, but after an hour, he simply ran off and hid.

Cameron noted the improved time and noted what hadn't worked. Speaking in the direction of the hiding cat, she simply offered, "Not Meow Mix".

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