Stan Barrett records



Chapter 1: Mission: Revenge - Stan's introduction to this world and recall of minutes after his reprogramming.

Chapter 2: Years in solitude - Several missions and seeking the Connors in 2001-2007 period.

Chapter 3: Unsuspected ally - Stan's meeting with Cameron and recalls of pre-displacement period.

Chapter 4: Obsolete design... - Stan's fight with a triple-eight; a call for help from Cameron.

Chapter 5: The world's worst birthday... - Stan reveals his existance to the Connors when Cameron goes bad.

Chapter 6: Cameron's boyfriend?... - Two days of relative peace for the team and Stan's new cover (see the title).

Chapter 7: Jealous brother - Stan reaches John's emotions and helps him to get rid of his pain.

Chapter 8: Amnesia withdraws - A little rumble at school; Stan starts retrieving records erased during his reprogramming.

Chapter 9: Welcome to the world of the machines - Riley learns the truth about the world; Stan's emotions develop (so do Cameron's)

Chapter 10: Terminator terminated - Cromartie terminated; Stan learns more of his past (future).

Chapter 11: The Internal Battle - Stan's emotional crisis and... selfawareness.

Chapter 12: Si vis pacem, para bellum... - Stan leaves for his mission: to destroy Skynet, and leaves some presents for each of the Team.

Chapter 13: Zeira mayhem (Part 1) - Stan wreaks havoc on Zeira and the cops; the Team spectates it on TV.

Chapter 14: Zeira mayhem (Part 2) - Barrett vs. Weaver; Zeira goes boom; Cameron's emotional burst.

Chapter 15: What a hollow world... - Cameron's despair; Stan's return

Chapter 16: The Demon within... - All Stan's records retrieved; Ellison enters Stan's house looking for Sarah...

Chapter 17: The Gathering - Ellison's interrogation; the Team learn about 'the gathering'.

Chapter 18: The Battle for the Future - Stan, Cameron, Derek and the Connors vs. a hundred T-888s...

Chapter 19: Lost in the thoughts. - Stan's mental problems due to the chip damage.

Chapter 20: Vendetta - Riley's death and the horrible truth about the assassin's identity.

Chapter 21: The real commander - Stan's superior from the future reveals his presence; Stan learns of his mistake.