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Allison Young, a character in the show played by Summer Glau. Cameron was made in Allison's likeness.
Brian Austin Green, aka Brian "Awesome" Green. The actor who IS Derek Reese.
A lewd or promiscous female, who engages in sexual intercourse. In other words a prostitute.
In season one, Cameron learned this term from some snobish girls at her highschool. Later, not knowing what the term meant, she told John that she was a *****-*****.
It's the day a robot or cybernetic organism is completley constructed and functioning. For us humans this is our birthday: In the season one finale, Cameron asked John if she had a birthday, John replied, "maybe you have a builtday."
TSCC fan name for the infiltrator interrogating and then replacing Alison Young, a girl who we know the terminator Cameron replaced.
An uncovered combat chassis or endoskeleton of a terminator.
A Resistance slang term for a termiantor of any make or model, regardless of the female or male living tissue over it's metal endoskeleton.
Metal ***** Metal ***** A Resistance slang term for a terminator, of any make or model, that has female living tissue over its metal endoskeleton: in season one, episode five entitled "Queen's Gambit," Derek referred to Cameron as a "metal *****."
Raptor- Glare Raptor-Glare The creepy, glassy-eyed, emotionless stare performed by Cameron Phillips aka Cameron Baum.
Re-Animator Mode Re-Animator Mode When the head of a terminator becomes completely detached from the rest of the endoskeletion, the head has the ability to control the remainder of the endoskeleton via telecommunication, even over potentially wide distances. The head can also transmit its location to the rest of the endoskeletion so that it may be found and reattached. This re-animator mode is only known to apply to T-888 terminators.
In episode one, season one, Cromartie lost his head due to an undisclosed "future" weapon. In episode two, Cromartie was able to call the rest of his body to locate his head.
Scary robot A very scary robot A robot that either looks scary or one that can cause others to feel terror and fear.
In season one, Cameron was cutting off Vick's "skin" and Charlie walked in on her. When he asked why she was cutting up the man into chum, she replied, "he's not a man; he's a scary robot." Charlie replied in turn, "you're a very scary robot."
Slang for something 'cool', excellent, and/or pleasing.
Cameron has used this term constantly, by saying "that's tight." For example, in the season one finale, John told Cameron that he once recieved a bulletproof vest as a birthday present. Cameron replied "that's tight."
Two Minutes
the electrified safe
Two minutes, or one hundred twenty seconds, is how long it takes for a terminator's software to reboot following a high electrical shock.
In episode one, Cameron took some exposed wires and shocked Cromartie. In episode two, Cameron shocked herself by touching an electrified safe at the resistance safehouse, in both instances the terminator was knocked out for two minutes.
Jameron Jameron Name given to the endorsement of a romantic relationship between
John and Cameron
Staple diet of the Connor family, pioneered by matriarch Sarah Connor. Alternatively, the top, middle and bottom of the Connor food pyramid.
Pancake Mama
Affectionate term for Lena Headey; the etymology is her character Sarah Connor's obsession with pancakes. (See: Pancakes)

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